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* IBM Ultimotion Video Decoder
* copyright (C) 2004 Konstantin Shishkov
* This file is part of FFmpeg.
* FFmpeg is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
* version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
* FFmpeg is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* Lesser General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License along with FFmpeg; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
static const unsigned char ulti_codebook[16384]={
0x00, 0x01, 0x01, 0x02,
0x00, 0x01, 0x02, 0x03,
0x00, 0x02, 0x03, 0x04,
0x00, 0x01, 0x03, 0x04,
0x00, 0x01, 0x02, 0x04,
0x00, 0x02, 0x03, 0x05,
0x00, 0x02, 0x04, 0x05,
0x00, 0x01, 0x04, 0x05,
0x00, 0x01, 0x03, 0x05,
0x00, 0x02, 0x04, 0x06,
0x00, 0x03, 0x05, 0x06,
0x00, 0x01, 0x05, 0x06,
0x00, 0x01, 0x03, 0x06,
0x00, 0x06, 0x06, 0x06,
0x00, 0x00, 0x06, 0x06,
0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x06,
0x00, 0x03, 0x04, 0x07,
0x00, 0x03, 0x06, 0x07,
0x00, 0x01, 0x06, 0x07,
0x00, 0x01, 0x04, 0x07,
0x00, 0x03, 0x05, 0x08,
0x00, 0x04, 0x06, 0x08,
0x00, 0x02, 0x06, 0x08,
0x00, 0x02, 0x04, 0x08,
0x00, 0x08, 0x08, 0x08,
0x00, 0x00, 0x08, 0x08,
0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x08,
0x00, 0x04, 0x07, 0x0B,
0x00, 0x05, 0x09, 0x0B,
0x00, 0x02, 0x09, 0x0B,
0x00, 0x02, 0x06, 0x0B,
0x00, 0x0B, 0x0B, 0x0B,
0x00, 0x00, 0x0B, 0x0B,
0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x0B,
0x00, 0x05, 0x09, 0x0E,
0x00, 0x07, 0x0B, 0x0E,
0x00, 0x03, 0x0B, 0x0E,
0x00, 0x03, 0x07, 0x0E,
0x00, 0x0E, 0x0E, 0x0E,
0x00, 0x00, 0x0E, 0x0E,
0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x0E,
0x00, 0x06, 0x0B, 0x11,
0x00, 0x08, 0x0D, 0x11,
0x00, 0x04, 0x0D, 0x11,
0x00, 0x04, 0x09, 0x11,
0x00, 0x11, 0x11, 0x11,
0x00, 0x00, 0x11, 0x11,
0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x11,
0x00, 0x07, 0x0D, 0x14,
0x00, 0x0A, 0x0F, 0x14,
0x00, 0x05, 0x0F, 0x14,
0x00, 0x05, 0x0A, 0x14,
0x00, 0x14, 0x14, 0x14,
0x00, 0x00, 0x14, 0x14,
0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x14,
0x00, 0x0B, 0x12, 0x17,
0x00, 0x05, 0x12, 0x17,
0x00, 0x05, 0x0C, 0x17,
0x00, 0x17, 0x17, 0x17,
0x00, 0x00, 0x17, 0x17,
0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x17,
0x00, 0x0D, 0x14, 0x1A,
0x00, 0x06, 0x14, 0x1A,
0x00, 0x06, 0x0D, 0x1A,
0x00, 0x1A, 0x1A, 0x1A,
0x00, 0x00, 0x1A, 0x1A,
0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x1A,
0x00, 0x0E, 0x16, 0x1D,
0x00, 0x07, 0x16, 0x1D,
0x00, 0x07, 0x0F, 0x1D,
0x00, 0x1D, 0x1D, 0x1D,
0x00, 0x00, 0x1D, 0x1D,
0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x1D,
0x00, 0x10, 0x18, 0x20,
0x00, 0x08, 0x18, 0x20,
0x00, 0x08, 0x10, 0x20,
0x00, 0x20, 0x20, 0x20,
0x00, 0x00, 0x20, 0x20,
0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x20,
0x00, 0x23, 0x23, 0x23,
0x00, 0x00, 0x23, 0x23,
0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x23,
0x00, 0x12, 0x1B, 0x24,
0x00, 0x09, 0x1B, 0x24,
0x00, 0x09, 0x12, 0x24,
0x00, 0x28, 0x28, 0x28,
0x00, 0x00, 0x28, 0x28,
0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x28,
0x00, 0x2E, 0x2E, 0x2E,
0x00, 0x00, 0x2E, 0x2E,
0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x2E,
0x01, 0x02, 0x02, 0x03,
0x01, 0x02, 0x03, 0x04,
0x01, 0x03, 0x04, 0x05,
0x01, 0x02, 0x04, 0x05,
0x01, 0x02, 0x03, 0x05,
0x01, 0x03, 0x04, 0x06,
0x01, 0x03, 0x05, 0x06,
0x01, 0x02, 0x05, 0x06,
0x01, 0x02, 0x04, 0x06,
0x01, 0x03, 0x05, 0x07,
0x01, 0x04, 0x06, 0x07,
0x01, 0x02, 0x06, 0x07,
0x01, 0x02, 0x04, 0x07,
0x01, 0x07, 0x07, 0x07,
0x01, 0x01, 0x07, 0x07,
0x01, 0x01, 0x01, 0x07,
0x01, 0x04, 0x05, 0x08,
0x01, 0x04, 0x07, 0x08,
0x01, 0x02, 0x07, 0x08,
0x01, 0x02, 0x05, 0x08,
0x01, 0x04, 0x06, 0x09,
0x01, 0x05, 0x07, 0x09,
0x01, 0x03, 0x07, 0x09,
0x01, 0x03, 0x05, 0x09,
0x01, 0x09, 0x09, 0x09,
0x01, 0x01, 0x09, 0x09,
0x01, 0x01, 0x01, 0x09,
0x01, 0x05, 0x08, 0x0C,
0x01, 0x06, 0x0A, 0x0C,
0x01, 0x03, 0x0A, 0x0C,
0x01, 0x03, 0x07, 0x0C,
0x01, 0x0C, 0x0C, 0x0C,
0x01, 0x01, 0x0C, 0x0C,
0x01, 0x01, 0x01, 0x0C,
0x01, 0x06, 0x0A, 0x0F,
0x01, 0x08, 0x0C, 0x0F,
0x01, 0x04, 0x0C, 0x0F,
0x01, 0x04, 0x08, 0x0F,
0x01, 0x0F, 0x0F, 0x0F,
0x01, 0x01, 0x0F, 0x0F,
0x01, 0x01, 0x01, 0x0F,
0x01, 0x07, 0x0C, 0x12,
0x01, 0x09, 0x0E, 0x12,
0x01, 0x05, 0x0E, 0x12,
0x01, 0x05, 0x0A, 0x12,
0x01, 0x12, 0x12, 0x12,
0x01, 0x01, 0x12, 0x12,
0x01, 0x01, 0x01, 0x12,
0x01, 0x08, 0x0E, 0x15,
0x01, 0x0B, 0x10, 0x15,
0x01, 0x06, 0x10, 0x15,
0x01, 0x06, 0x0B, 0x15,
0x01, 0x15, 0x15, 0x15,
0x01, 0x01, 0x15, 0x15,
0x01, 0x01, 0x01, 0x15,
0x01, 0x0C, 0x13, 0x18,
0x01, 0x06, 0x13, 0x18,
0x01, 0x06, 0x0D, 0x18,
0x01, 0x18, 0x18, 0x18,
0x01, 0x01, 0x18, 0x18,
0x01, 0x01, 0x01, 0x18,
0x01, 0x0E, 0x15, 0x1B,
0x01, 0x07, 0x15, 0x1B,
0x01, 0x07, 0x0E, 0x1B,
0x01, 0x1B, 0x1B, 0x1B,
0x01, 0x01, 0x1B, 0x1B,
0x01, 0x01, 0x01, 0x1B,
0x01, 0x0F, 0x17, 0x1E,
0x01, 0x08, 0x17, 0x1E,
0x01, 0x08, 0x10, 0x1E,
0x01, 0x1E, 0x1E, 0x1E,
0x01, 0x01, 0x1E, 0x1E,
0x01, 0x01, 0x01, 0x1E,
0x01, 0x11, 0x19, 0x21,
0x01, 0x09, 0x19, 0x21,
0x01, 0x09, 0x11, 0x21,
0x01, 0x21, 0x21, 0x21,
0x01, 0x01, 0x21, 0x21,
0x01, 0x01, 0x01, 0x21,
0x01, 0x24, 0x24, 0x24,
0x01, 0x01, 0x24, 0x24,
0x01, 0x01, 0x01, 0x24,
0x01, 0x13, 0x1C, 0x25,
0x01, 0x0A, 0x1C, 0x25,
0x01, 0x0A, 0x13, 0x25,
0x01, 0x29, 0x29, 0x29,
0x01, 0x01, 0x29, 0x29,
0x01, 0x01, 0x01, 0x29,
0x01, 0x2F, 0x2F, 0x2F,
0x01, 0x01, 0x2F, 0x2F,
0x01, 0x01, 0x01, 0x2F,
0x02, 0x03, 0x03, 0x04,
0x02, 0x03, 0x04, 0x05,
0x02, 0x04, 0x05, 0x06,
0x02, 0x03, 0x05, 0x06,
0x02, 0x03, 0x04, 0x06,
0x02, 0x04, 0x05, 0x07,
0x02, 0x04, 0x06, 0x07,
0x02, 0x03, 0x06, 0x07,
0x02, 0x03, 0x05, 0x07,
0x02, 0x04, 0x06, 0x08,
0x02, 0x05, 0x07, 0x08,
0x02, 0x03, 0x07, 0x08,
0x02, 0x03, 0x05, 0x08,
0x02, 0x08, 0x08, 0x08,
0x02, 0x02, 0x08, 0x08,
0x02, 0x02, 0x02, 0x08,
0x02, 0x05, 0x06, 0x09,
0x02, 0x05, 0x08, 0x09,
0x02, 0x03, 0x08, 0x09,
0x02, 0x03, 0x06, 0x09,
0x02, 0x05, 0x07, 0x0A,
0x02, 0x06, 0x08, 0x0A,
0x02, 0x04, 0x08, 0x0A,
0x02, 0x04, 0x06, 0x0A,
0x02, 0x0A, 0x0A, 0x0A,
0x02, 0x02, 0x0A, 0x0A,
0x02, 0x02, 0x02, 0x0A,
0x02, 0x06, 0x09, 0x0D,
0x02, 0x07, 0x0B, 0x0D,
0x02, 0x04, 0x0B, 0x0D,
0x02, 0x04, 0x08, 0x0D,
0x02, 0x0D, 0x0D, 0x0D,
0x02, 0x02, 0x0D, 0x0D,
0x02, 0x02, 0x02, 0x0D,
0x02, 0x07, 0x0B, 0x10,
0x02, 0x09, 0x0D, 0x10,
0x02, 0x05, 0x0D, 0x10,
0x02, 0x05, 0x09, 0x10,
0x02, 0x10, 0x10, 0x10,
0x02, 0x02, 0x10, 0x10,
0x02, 0x02, 0x02, 0x10,
0x02, 0x08, 0x0D, 0x13,
0x02, 0x0A, 0x0F, 0x13,
0x02, 0x06, 0x0F, 0x13,
0x02, 0x06, 0x0B, 0x13,
0x02, 0x13, 0x13, 0x13,
0x02, 0x02, 0x13, 0x13,
0x02, 0x02, 0x02, 0x13,
0x02, 0x09, 0x0F, 0x16,
0x02, 0x0C, 0x11, 0x16,
0x02, 0x07, 0x11, 0x16,
0x02, 0x07, 0x0C, 0x16,
0x02, 0x16, 0x16, 0x16,
0x02, 0x02, 0x16, 0x16,
0x02, 0x02, 0x02, 0x16,
0x02, 0x0D, 0x14, 0x19,
0x02, 0x07, 0x14, 0x19,
0x02, 0x07, 0x0E, 0x19,
0x02, 0x19, 0x19, 0x19,
0x02, 0x02, 0x19, 0x19,
0x02, 0x02, 0x02, 0x19,
0x02, 0x0F, 0x16, 0x1C,
0x02, 0x08, 0x16, 0x1C,
0x02, 0x08, 0x0F, 0x1C,
0x02, 0x1C, 0x1C, 0x1C,
0x02, 0x02, 0x1C, 0x1C,
0x02, 0x02, 0x02, 0x1C,
0x02, 0x10, 0x18, 0x1F,
0x02, 0x09, 0x18, 0x1F,
0x02, 0x09, 0x11, 0x1F,
0x02, 0x1F, 0x1F, 0x1F,
0x02, 0x02, 0x1F, 0x1F,
0x02, 0x02, 0x02, 0x1F,
0x02, 0x12, 0x1A, 0x22,
0x02, 0x0A, 0x1A, 0x22,
0x02, 0x0A, 0x12, 0x22,
0x02, 0x22, 0x22, 0x22,
0x02, 0x02, 0x22, 0x22,
0x02, 0x02, 0x02, 0x22,
0x02, 0x25, 0x25, 0x25,
0x02, 0x02, 0x25, 0x25,
0x02, 0x02, 0x02, 0x25,
0x02, 0x14, 0x1D, 0x26,
0x02, 0x0B, 0x1D, 0x26,
0x02, 0x0B, 0x14, 0x26,
0x02, 0x2A, 0x2A, 0x2A,
0x02, 0x02, 0x2A, 0x2A,
0x02, 0x02, 0x02, 0x2A,
0x02, 0x30, 0x30, 0x30,
0x02, 0x02, 0x30, 0x30,
0x02, 0x02, 0x02, 0x30,
0x03, 0x04, 0x04, 0x05,
0x03, 0x04, 0x05, 0x06,
0x03, 0x05, 0x06, 0x07,
0x03, 0x04, 0x06, 0x07,
0x03, 0x04, 0x05, 0x07,
0x03, 0x05, 0x06, 0x08,
0x03, 0x05, 0x07, 0x08,
0x03, 0x04, 0x07, 0x08,
0x03, 0x04, 0x06, 0x08,
0x03, 0x05, 0x07, 0x09,
0x03, 0x06, 0x08, 0x09,
0x03, 0x04, 0x08, 0x09,
0x03, 0x04, 0x06, 0x09,
0x03, 0x09, 0x09, 0x09,
0x03, 0x03, 0x09, 0x09,
0x03, 0x03, 0x03, 0x09,
0x03, 0x06, 0x07, 0x0A,
0x03, 0x06, 0x09, 0x0A,
0x03, 0x04, 0x09, 0x0A,
0x03, 0x04, 0x07, 0x0A,
0x03, 0x06, 0x08, 0x0B,
0x03, 0x07, 0x09, 0x0B,
0x03, 0x05, 0x09, 0x0B,
0x03, 0x05, 0x07, 0x0B,
0x03, 0x0B, 0x0B, 0x0B,
0x03, 0x03, 0x0B, 0x0B,
0x03, 0x03, 0x03, 0x0B,
0x03, 0x07, 0x0A, 0x0E,
0x03, 0x08, 0x0C, 0x0E,
0x03, 0x05, 0x0C, 0x0E,
0x03, 0x05, 0x09, 0x0E,
0x03, 0x0E, 0x0E, 0x0E,
0x03, 0x03, 0x0E, 0x0E,
0x03, 0x03, 0x03, 0x0E,
0x03, 0x08, 0x0C, 0x11,
0x03, 0x0A, 0x0E, 0x11,
0x03, 0x06, 0x0E, 0x11,
0x03, 0x06, 0x0A, 0x11,
0x03, 0x11, 0x11, 0x11,
0x03, 0x03, 0x11, 0x11,
0x03, 0x03, 0x03, 0x11,
0x03, 0x09, 0x0E, 0x14,
0x03, 0x0B, 0x10, 0x14,
0x03, 0x07, 0x10, 0x14,
0x03, 0x07, 0x0C, 0x14,
0x03, 0x14, 0x14, 0x14,
0x03, 0x03, 0x14, 0x14,
0x03, 0x03, 0x03, 0x14,
0x03, 0x0A, 0x10, 0x17,
0x03, 0x0D, 0x12, 0x17,
0x03, 0x08, 0x12, 0x17,
0x03, 0x08, 0x0D, 0x17,
0x03, 0x17, 0x17, 0x17,
0x03, 0x03, 0x17, 0x17,
0x03, 0x03, 0x03, 0x17,
0x03, 0x0E, 0x15, 0x1A,
0x03, 0x08, 0x15, 0x1A,
0x03, 0x08, 0x0F, 0x1A,
0x03, 0x1A, 0x1A, 0x1A,
0x03, 0x03, 0x1A, 0x1A,
0x03, 0x03, 0x03, 0x1A,
0x03, 0x10, 0x17, 0x1D,
0x03, 0x09, 0x17, 0x1D,
0x03, 0x09, 0x10, 0x1D,
0x03, 0x1D, 0x1D, 0x1D,
0x03, 0x03, 0x1D, 0x1D,
0x03, 0x03, 0x03, 0x1D,
0x03, 0x11, 0x19, 0x20,
0x03, 0x0A, 0x19, 0x20,
0x03, 0x0A, 0x12, 0x20,
0x03, 0x20, 0x20, 0x20,
0x03, 0x03, 0x20, 0x20,
0x03, 0x03, 0x03, 0x20,
0x03, 0x13, 0x1B, 0x23,
0x03, 0x0B, 0x1B, 0x23,
0x03, 0x0B, 0x13, 0x23,
0x03, 0x23, 0x23, 0x23,
0x03, 0x03, 0x23, 0x23,
0x03, 0x03, 0x03, 0x23,
0x03, 0x26, 0x26, 0x26,
0x03, 0x03, 0x26, 0x26,
0x03, 0x03, 0x03, 0x26,
0x03, 0x15, 0x1E, 0x27,
0x03, 0x0C, 0x1E, 0x27,
0x03, 0x0C, 0x15, 0x27,
0x03, 0x2B, 0x2B, 0x2B,
0x03, 0x03, 0x2B, 0x2B,
0x03, 0x03, 0x03, 0x2B,
0x03, 0x31, 0x31, 0x31,
0x03, 0x03, 0x31, 0x31,
0x03, 0x03, 0x03, 0x31,
0x04, 0x05, 0x05, 0x06,
0x04, 0x05, 0x06, 0x07,
0x04, 0x06, 0x07, 0x08,
0x04, 0x05, 0x07, 0x08,
0x04, 0x05, 0x06, 0x08,
0x04, 0x06, 0x07, 0x09,
0x04, 0x06, 0x08, 0x09,
0x04, 0x05, 0x08, 0x09,
0x04, 0x05, 0x07, 0x09,
0x04, 0x06, 0x08, 0x0A,
0x04, 0x07, 0x09, 0x0A,
0x04, 0x05, 0x09, 0x0A,
0x04, 0x05, 0x07, 0x0A,
0x04, 0x0A, 0x0A, 0x0A,
0x04, 0x04, 0x0A, 0x0A,
0x04, 0x04, 0x04, 0x0A,
0x04, 0x07, 0x08, 0x0B,
0x04, 0x07, 0x0A, 0x0B,
0x04, 0x05, 0x0A, 0x0B,
0x04, 0x05, 0x08, 0x0B,
0x04, 0x07, 0x09, 0x0C,
0x04, 0x08, 0x0A, 0x0C,
0x04, 0x06, 0x0A, 0x0C,
0x04, 0x06, 0x08, 0x0C,
0x04, 0x0C, 0x0C, 0x0C,
0x04, 0x04, 0x0C, 0x0C,
0x04, 0x04, 0x04, 0x0C,
0x04, 0x08, 0x0B, 0x0F,
0x04, 0x09, 0x0D, 0x0F,
0x04, 0x06, 0x0D, 0x0F,
0x04, 0x06, 0x0A, 0x0F,
0x04, 0x0F, 0x0F, 0x0F,
0x04, 0x04, 0x0F, 0x0F,
0x04, 0x04, 0x04, 0x0F,
0x04, 0x09, 0x0D, 0x12,
0x04, 0x0B, 0x0F, 0x12,
0x04, 0x07, 0x0F, 0x12,
0x04, 0x07, 0x0B, 0x12,
0x04, 0x12, 0x12, 0x12,
0x04, 0x04, 0x12, 0x12,
0x04, 0x04, 0x04, 0x12,
0x04, 0x0A, 0x0F, 0x15,
0x04, 0x0C, 0x11, 0x15,
0x04, 0x08, 0x11, 0x15,
0x04, 0x08, 0x0D, 0x15,
0x04, 0x15, 0x15, 0x15,
0x04, 0x04, 0x15, 0x15,
0x04, 0x04, 0x04, 0x15,
0x04, 0x0B, 0x11, 0x18,
0x04, 0x0E, 0x13, 0x18,
0x04, 0x09, 0x13, 0x18,
0x04, 0x09, 0x0E, 0x18,
0x04, 0x18, 0x18, 0x18,
0x04, 0x04, 0x18, 0x18,
0x04, 0x04, 0x04, 0x18,
0x04, 0x0F, 0x16, 0x1B,
0x04, 0x09, 0x16, 0x1B,
0x04, 0x09, 0x10, 0x1B,
0x04, 0x1B, 0x1B, 0x1B,
0x04, 0x04, 0x1B, 0x1B,
0x04, 0x04, 0x04, 0x1B,
0x04, 0x11, 0x18, 0x1E,
0x04, 0x0A, 0x18, 0x1E,
0x04, 0x0A, 0x11, 0x1E,
0x04, 0x1E, 0x1E, 0x1E,
0x04, 0x04, 0x1E, 0x1E,
0x04, 0x04, 0x04, 0x1E,
0x04, 0x12, 0x1A, 0x21,
0x04, 0x0B, 0x1A, 0x21,
0x04, 0x0B, 0x13, 0x21,
0x04, 0x21, 0x21, 0x21,
0x04, 0x04, 0x21, 0x21,
0x04, 0x04, 0x04, 0x21,
0x04, 0x14, 0x1C, 0x24,
0x04, 0x0C, 0x1C, 0x24,
0x04, 0x0C, 0x14, 0x24,
0x04, 0x24, 0x24, 0x24,
0x04, 0x04, 0x24, 0x24,
0x04, 0x04, 0x04, 0x24,
0x04, 0x27, 0x27, 0x27,
0x04, 0x04, 0x27, 0x27,
0x04, 0x04, 0x04, 0x27,
0x04, 0x16, 0x1F, 0x28,
0x04, 0x0D, 0x1F, 0x28,
0x04, 0x0D, 0x16, 0x28,
0x04, 0x2C, 0x2C, 0x2C,
0x04, 0x04, 0x2C, 0x2C,
0x04, 0x04, 0x04, 0x2C,
0x04, 0x32, 0x32, 0x32,
0x04, 0x04, 0x32, 0x32,
0x04, 0x04, 0x04, 0x32,
0x05, 0x06, 0x06, 0x07,
0x05, 0x06, 0x07, 0x08,
0x05, 0x07, 0x08, 0x09,
0x05, 0x06, 0x08, 0x09,
0x05, 0x06, 0x07, 0x09,
0x05, 0x07, 0x08, 0x0A,
0x05, 0x07, 0x09, 0x0A,
0x05, 0x06, 0x09, 0x0A,
0x05, 0x06, 0x08, 0x0A,
0x05, 0x07, 0x09, 0x0B,
0x05, 0x08, 0x0A, 0x0B,
0x05, 0x06, 0x0A, 0x0B,
0x05, 0x06, 0x08, 0x0B,
0x05, 0x0B, 0x0B, 0x0B,
0x05, 0x05, 0x0B, 0x0B,
0x05, 0x05, 0x05, 0x0B,
0x05, 0x08, 0x09, 0x0C,
0x05, 0x08, 0x0B, 0x0C,
0x05, 0x06, 0x0B, 0x0C,
0x05, 0x06, 0x09, 0x0C,
0x05, 0x08, 0x0A, 0x0D,
0x05, 0x09, 0x0B, 0x0D,
0x05, 0x07, 0x0B, 0x0D,
0x05, 0x07, 0x09, 0x0D,
0x05, 0x0D, 0x0D, 0x0D,
0x05, 0x05, 0x0D, 0x0D,
0x05, 0x05, 0x05, 0x0D,
0x05, 0x09, 0x0C, 0x10,
0x05, 0x0A, 0x0E, 0x10,
0x05, 0x07, 0x0E, 0x10,
0x05, 0x07, 0x0B, 0x10,
0x05, 0x10, 0x10, 0x10,
0x05, 0x05, 0x10, 0x10,
0x05, 0x05, 0x05, 0x10,
0x05, 0x0A, 0x0E, 0x13,
0x05, 0x0C, 0x10, 0x13,
0x05, 0x08, 0x10, 0x13,
0x05, 0x08, 0x0C, 0x13,
0x05, 0x13, 0x13, 0x13,
0x05, 0x05, 0x13, 0x13,
0x05, 0x05, 0x05, 0x13,
0x05, 0x0B, 0x10, 0x16,
0x05, 0x0D, 0x12, 0x16,
0x05, 0x09, 0x12, 0x16,
0x05, 0x09, 0x0E, 0x16,
0x05, 0x16, 0x16, 0x16,
0x05, 0x05, 0x16, 0x16,
0x05, 0x05, 0x05, 0x16,
0x05, 0x0C, 0x12, 0x19,
0x05, 0x0F, 0x14, 0x19,
0x05, 0x0A, 0x14, 0x19,
0x05, 0x0A, 0x0F, 0x19,
0x05, 0x19, 0x19, 0x19,
0x05, 0x05, 0x19, 0x19,
0x05, 0x05, 0x05, 0x19,
0x05, 0x10, 0x17, 0x1C,
0x05, 0x0A, 0x17, 0x1C,
0x05, 0x0A, 0x11, 0x1C,
0x05, 0x1C, 0x1C, 0x1C,
0x05, 0x05, 0x1C, 0x1C,
0x05, 0x05, 0x05, 0x1C,
0x05, 0x12, 0x19, 0x1F,
0x05, 0x0B, 0x19, 0x1F,
0x05, 0x0B, 0x12, 0x1F,
0x05, 0x1F, 0x1F, 0x1F,
0x05, 0x05, 0x1F, 0x1F,
0x05, 0x05, 0x05, 0x1F,
0x05, 0x13, 0x1B, 0x22,
0x05, 0x0C, 0x1B, 0x22,
0x05, 0x0C, 0x14, 0x22,
0x05, 0x22, 0x22, 0x22,
0x05, 0x05, 0x22, 0x22,
0x05, 0x05, 0x05, 0x22,
0x05, 0x15, 0x1D, 0x25,
0x05, 0x0D, 0x1D, 0x25,
0x05, 0x0D, 0x15, 0x25,
0x05, 0x25, 0x25, 0x25,
0x05, 0x05, 0x25, 0x25,
0x05, 0x05, 0x05, 0x25,
0x05, 0x28, 0x28, 0x28,
0x05, 0x05, 0x28, 0x28,
0x05, 0x05, 0x05, 0x28,
0x05, 0x17, 0x20, 0x29,
0x05, 0x0E, 0x20, 0x29,
0x05, 0x0E, 0x17, 0x29,
0x05, 0x2D, 0x2D, 0x2D,
0x05, 0x05, 0x2D, 0x2D,
0x05, 0x05, 0x05, 0x2D,
0x05, 0x33, 0x33, 0x33,
0x05, 0x05, 0x33, 0x33,
0x05, 0x05, 0x05, 0x33,
0x06, 0x07, 0x07, 0x08,
0x06, 0x07, 0x08, 0x09,
0x06, 0x08, 0x09, 0x0A,
0x06, 0x07, 0x09, 0x0A,
0x06, 0x07, 0x08, 0x0A,
0x06, 0x08, 0x09, 0x0B,
0x06, 0x08, 0x0A, 0x0B,
0x06, 0x07, 0x0A, 0x0B,
0x06, 0x07, 0x09, 0x0B,
0x06, 0x08, 0x0A, 0x0C,
0x06, 0x09, 0x0B, 0x0C,
0x06, 0x07, 0x0B, 0x0C,
0x06, 0x07, 0x09, 0x0C,
0x06, 0x0C, 0x0C, 0x0C,
0x06, 0x06, 0x0C, 0x0C,
0x06, 0x06, 0x06, 0x0C,
0x06, 0x09, 0x0A, 0x0D,
0x06, 0x09, 0x0C, 0x0D,
0x06, 0x07, 0x0C, 0x0D,
0x06, 0x07, 0x0A, 0x0D,
0x06, 0x09, 0x0B, 0x0E,
0x06, 0x0A, 0x0C, 0x0E,
0x06, 0x08, 0x0C, 0x0E,
0x06, 0x08, 0x0A, 0x0E,
0x06, 0x0E, 0x0E, 0x0E,
0x06, 0x06, 0x0E, 0x0E,
0x06, 0x06, 0x06, 0x0E,
0x06, 0x0A, 0x0D, 0x11,
0x06, 0x0B, 0x0F, 0x11,
0x06, 0x08, 0x0F, 0x11,
0x06, 0x08, 0x0C, 0x11,
0x06, 0x11, 0x11, 0x11,
0x06, 0x06, 0x11, 0x11,
0x06, 0x06, 0x06, 0x11,
0x06, 0x0B, 0x0F, 0x14,
0x06, 0x0D, 0x11, 0x14,
0x06, 0x09, 0x11, 0x14,
0x06, 0x09, 0x0D, 0x14,
0x06, 0x14, 0x14, 0x14,
0x06, 0x06, 0x14, 0x14,
0x06, 0x06, 0x06, 0x14,
0x06, 0x0C, 0x11, 0x17,
0x06, 0x0E, 0x13, 0x17,
0x06, 0x0A, 0x13, 0x17,
0x06, 0x0A, 0x0F, 0x17,
0x06, 0x17, 0x17, 0x17,
0x06, 0x06, 0x17, 0x17,
0x06, 0x06, 0x06, 0x17,
0x06, 0x0D, 0x13, 0x1A,
0x06, 0x10, 0x15, 0x1A,
0x06, 0x0B, 0x15, 0x1A,
0x06, 0x0B, 0x10, 0x1A,
0x06, 0x1A, 0x1A, 0x1A,
0x06, 0x06, 0x1A, 0x1A,
0x06, 0x06, 0x06, 0x1A,
0x06, 0x11, 0x18, 0x1D,
0x06, 0x0B, 0x18, 0x1D,
0x06, 0x0B, 0x12, 0x1D,
0x06, 0x1D, 0x1D, 0x1D,
0x06, 0x06, 0x1D, 0x1D,
0x06, 0x06, 0x06, 0x1D,
0x06, 0x13, 0x1A, 0x20,
0x06, 0x0C, 0x1A, 0x20,
0x06, 0x0C, 0x13, 0x20,
0x06, 0x20, 0x20, 0x20,
0x06, 0x06, 0x20, 0x20,
0x06, 0x06, 0x06, 0x20,
0x06, 0x14, 0x1C, 0x23,
0x06, 0x0D, 0x1C, 0x23,
0x06, 0x0D, 0x15, 0x23,
0x06, 0x23, 0x23, 0x23,
0x06, 0x06, 0x23, 0x23,
0x06, 0x06, 0x06, 0x23,
0x06, 0x16, 0x1E, 0x26,
0x06, 0x0E, 0x1E, 0x26,
0x06, 0x0E, 0x16, 0x26,
0x06, 0x26, 0x26, 0x26,
0x06, 0x06, 0x26, 0x26,
0x06, 0x06, 0x06, 0x26,
0x06, 0x29, 0x29, 0x29,
0x06, 0x06, 0x29, 0x29,
0x06, 0x06, 0x06, 0x29,
0x06, 0x18, 0x21, 0x2A,
0x06, 0x0F, 0x21, 0x2A,
0x06, 0x0F, 0x18, 0x2A,
0x06, 0x2E, 0x2E, 0x2E,
0x06, 0x06, 0x2E, 0x2E,
0x06, 0x06, 0x06, 0x2E,
0x06, 0x34, 0x34, 0x34,
0x06, 0x06, 0x34, 0x34,
0x06, 0x06, 0x06, 0x34,
0x07, 0x08, 0x08, 0x09,
0x07, 0x08, 0x09, 0x0A,
0x07, 0x09, 0x0A, 0x0B,
0x07, 0x08, 0x0A, 0x0B,
0x07, 0x08, 0x09, 0x0B,
0x07, 0x09, 0x0A, 0x0C,
0x07, 0x09, 0x0B, 0x0C,
0x07, 0x08, 0x0B, 0x0C,
0x07, 0x08, 0x0A, 0x0C,
0x07, 0x09, 0x0B, 0x0D,
0x07, 0x0A, 0x0C, 0x0D,
0x07, 0x08, 0x0C, 0x0D,
0x07, 0x08, 0x0A, 0x0D,
0x07, 0x0D, 0x0D, 0x0D,
0x07, 0x07, 0x0D, 0x0D,
0x07, 0x07, 0x07, 0x0D,
0x07, 0x0A, 0x0B, 0x0E,
0x07, 0x0A, 0x0D, 0x0E,
0x07, 0x08, 0x0D, 0x0E,
0x07, 0x08, 0x0B, 0x0E,
0x07, 0x0A, 0x0C, 0x0F,
0x07, 0x0B, 0x0D, 0x0F,
0x07, 0x09, 0x0D, 0x0F,
0x07, 0x09, 0x0B, 0x0F,
0x07, 0x0F, 0x0F, 0x0F,
0x07, 0x07, 0x0F, 0x0F,
0x07, 0x07, 0x07, 0x0F,
0x07, 0x0B, 0x0E, 0x12,
0x07, 0x0C, 0x10, 0x12,
0x07, 0x09, 0x10, 0x12,
0x07, 0x09, 0x0D, 0x12,
0x07, 0x12, 0x12, 0x12,
0x07, 0x07, 0x12, 0x12,
0x07, 0x07, 0x07, 0x12,
0x07, 0x0C, 0x10, 0x15,
0x07, 0x0E, 0x12, 0x15,
0x07, 0x0A, 0x12, 0x15,
0x07, 0x0A, 0x0E, 0x15,
0x07, 0x15, 0x15, 0x15,
0x07, 0x07, 0x15, 0x15,
0x07, 0x07, 0x07, 0x15,
0x07, 0x0D, 0x12, 0x18,
0x07, 0x0F, 0x14, 0x18,
0x07, 0x0B, 0x14, 0x18,
0x07, 0x0B, 0x10, 0x18,
0x07, 0x18, 0x18, 0x18,
0x07, 0x07, 0x18, 0x18,
0x07, 0x07, 0x07, 0x18,
0x07, 0x0E, 0x14, 0x1B,
0x07, 0x11, 0x16, 0x1B,
0x07, 0x0C, 0x16, 0x1B,
0x07, 0x0C, 0x11, 0x1B,
0x07, 0x1B, 0x1B, 0x1B,
0x07, 0x07, 0x1B, 0x1B,
0x07, 0x07, 0x07, 0x1B,
0x07, 0x12, 0x19, 0x1E,
0x07, 0x0C, 0x19, 0x1E,
0x07, 0x0C, 0x13, 0x1E,
0x07, 0x1E, 0x1E, 0x1E,
0x07, 0x07, 0x1E, 0x1E,
0x07, 0x07, 0x07, 0x1E,
0x07, 0x14, 0x1B, 0x21,
0x07, 0x0D, 0x1B, 0x21,
0x07, 0x0D, 0x14, 0x21,
0x07, 0x21, 0x21, 0x21,
0x07, 0x07, 0x21, 0x21,
0x07, 0x07, 0x07, 0x21,
0x07, 0x15, 0x1D, 0x24,
0x07, 0x0E, 0x1D, 0x24,
0x07, 0x0E, 0x16, 0x24,
0x07, 0x24, 0x24, 0x24,
0x07, 0x07, 0x24, 0x24,
0x07, 0x07, 0x07, 0x24,
0x07, 0x17, 0x1F, 0x27,
0x07, 0x0F, 0x1F, 0x27,
0x07, 0x0F, 0x17, 0x27,
0x07, 0x27, 0x27, 0x27,
0x07, 0x07, 0x27, 0x27,
0x07, 0x07, 0x07, 0x27,
0x07, 0x2A, 0x2A, 0x2A,
0x07, 0x07, 0x2A, 0x2A,
0x07, 0x07, 0x07, 0x2A,
0x07, 0x19, 0x22, 0x2B,
0x07, 0x10, 0x22, 0x2B,
0x07, 0x10, 0x19, 0x2B,
0x07, 0x2F, 0x2F, 0x2F,
0x07, 0x07, 0x2F, 0x2F,
0x07, 0x07, 0x07, 0x2F,
0x07, 0x35, 0x35, 0x35,
0x07, 0x07, 0x35, 0x35,
0x07, 0x07, 0x07, 0x35,
0x08, 0x09, 0x09, 0x0A,
0x08, 0x09, 0x0A, 0x0B,
0x08, 0x0A, 0x0B, 0x0C,
0x08, 0x09, 0x0B, 0x0C,
0x08, 0x09, 0x0A, 0x0C,
0x08, 0x0A, 0x0B, 0x0D,
0x08, 0x0A, 0x0C, 0x0D,
0x08, 0x09, 0x0C, 0x0D,
0x08, 0x09, 0x0B, 0x0D,
0x08, 0x0A, 0x0C, 0x0E,
0x08, 0x0B, 0x0D, 0x0E,
0x08, 0x09, 0x0D, 0x0E,
0x08, 0x09, 0x0B, 0x0E,
0x08, 0x0E, 0x0E, 0x0E,
0x08, 0x08, 0x0E, 0x0E,
0x08, 0x08, 0x08, 0x0E,
0x08, 0x0B, 0x0C, 0x0F,
0x08, 0x0B, 0x0E, 0x0F,
0x08, 0x09, 0x0E, 0x0F,
0x08, 0x09, 0x0C, 0x0F,
0x08, 0x0B, 0x0D, 0x10,
0x08, 0x0C, 0x0E, 0x10,
0x08, 0x0A, 0x0E, 0x10,
0x08, 0x0A, 0x0C, 0x10,
0x08, 0x10, 0x10, 0x10,
0x08, 0x08, 0x10, 0x10,
0x08, 0x08, 0x08, 0x10,
0x08, 0x0C, 0x0F, 0x13,
0x08, 0x0D, 0x11, 0x13,
0x08, 0x0A, 0x11, 0x13,
0x08, 0x0A, 0x0E, 0x13,
0x08, 0x13, 0x13, 0x13,
0x08, 0x08, 0x13, 0x13,
0x08, 0x08, 0x08, 0x13,
0x08, 0x0D, 0x11, 0x16,
0x08, 0x0F, 0x13, 0x16,
0x08, 0x0B, 0x13, 0x16,
0x08, 0x0B, 0x0F, 0x16,
0x08, 0x16, 0x16, 0x16,
0x08, 0x08, 0x16, 0x16,
0x08, 0x08, 0x08, 0x16,
0x08, 0x0E, 0x13, 0x19,
0x08, 0x10, 0x15, 0x19,
0x08, 0x0C, 0x15, 0x19,
0x08, 0x0C, 0x11, 0x19,
0x08, 0x19, 0x19, 0x19,
0x08, 0x08, 0x19, 0x19,
0x08, 0x08, 0x08, 0x19,
0x08, 0x0F, 0x15, 0x1C,
0x08, 0x12, 0x17, 0x1C,
0x08, 0x0D, 0x17, 0x1C,
0x08, 0x0D, 0x12, 0x1C,
0x08, 0x1C, 0x1C, 0x1C,
0x08, 0x08, 0x1C, 0x1C,
0x08, 0x08, 0x08, 0x1C,
0x08, 0x13, 0x1A, 0x1F,
0x08, 0x0D, 0x1A, 0x1F,
0x08, 0x0D, 0x14, 0x1F,
0x08, 0x1F, 0x1F, 0x1F,
0x08, 0x08, 0x1F, 0x1F,
0x08, 0x08, 0x08, 0x1F,
0x08, 0x15, 0x1C, 0x22,
0x08, 0x0E, 0x1C, 0x22,
0x08, 0x0E, 0x15, 0x22,
0x08, 0x22, 0x22, 0x22,
0x08, 0x08, 0x22, 0x22,
0x08, 0x08, 0x08, 0x22,
0x08, 0x16, 0x1E, 0x25,
0x08, 0x0F, 0x1E, 0x25,
0x08, 0x0F, 0x17, 0x25,
0x08, 0x25, 0x25, 0x25,
0x08, 0x08, 0x25, 0x25,
0x08, 0x08, 0x08, 0x25,
0x08, 0x18, 0x20, 0x28,
0x08, 0x10, 0x20, 0x28,
0x08, 0x10, 0x18, 0x28,
0x08, 0x28, 0x28, 0x28,
0x08, 0x08, 0x28, 0x28,
0x08, 0x08, 0x08, 0x28,
0x08, 0x2B, 0x2B, 0x2B,
0x08, 0x08, 0x2B, 0x2B,
0x08, 0x08, 0x08, 0x2B,
0x08, 0x1A, 0x23, 0x2C,
0x08, 0x11, 0x23, 0x2C,
0x08, 0x11, 0x1A, 0x2C,
0x08, 0x30, 0x30, 0x30,
0x08, 0x08, 0x30, 0x30,
0x08, 0x08, 0x08, 0x30,
0x08, 0x36, 0x36, 0x36,
0x08, 0x08, 0x36, 0x36,
0x08, 0x08, 0x08, 0x36,
0x09, 0x0A, 0x0A, 0x0B,
0x09, 0x0A, 0x0B, 0x0C,
0x09, 0x0B, 0x0C, 0x0D,
0x09, 0x0A, 0x0C, 0x0D,
0x09, 0x0A, 0x0B, 0x0D,
0x09, 0x0B, 0x0C, 0x0E,
0x09, 0x0B, 0x0D, 0x0E,
0x09, 0x0A, 0x0D, 0x0E,
0x09, 0x0A, 0x0C, 0x0E,
0x09, 0x0B, 0x0D, 0x0F,
0x09, 0x0C, 0x0E, 0x0F,
0x09, 0x0A, 0x0E, 0x0F,
0x09, 0x0A, 0x0C, 0x0F,
0x09, 0x0F, 0x0F, 0x0F,
0x09, 0x09, 0x0F, 0x0F,
0x09, 0x09, 0x09, 0x0F,
0x09, 0x0C, 0x0D, 0x10,
0x09, 0x0C, 0x0F, 0x10,
0x09, 0x0A, 0x0F, 0x10,
0x09, 0x0A, 0x0D, 0x10,
0x09, 0x0C, 0x0E, 0x11,
0x09, 0x0D, 0x0F, 0x11,
0x09, 0x0B, 0x0F, 0x11,
0x09, 0x0B, 0x0D, 0x11,
0x09, 0x11, 0x11, 0x11,
0x09, 0x09, 0x11, 0x11,
0x09, 0x09, 0x09, 0x11,
0x09, 0x0D, 0x10, 0x14,
0x09, 0x0E, 0x12, 0x14,
0x09, 0x0B, 0x12, 0x14,
0x09, 0x0B, 0x0F, 0x14,
0x09, 0x14, 0x14, 0x14,
0x09, 0x09, 0x14, 0x14,
0x09, 0x09, 0x09, 0x14,
0x09, 0x0E, 0x12, 0x17,
0x09, 0x10, 0x14, 0x17,
0x09, 0x0C, 0x14, 0x17,
0x09, 0x0C, 0x10, 0x17,
0x09, 0x17, 0x17, 0x17,
0x09, 0x09, 0x17, 0x17,
0x09, 0x09, 0x09, 0x17,
0x09, 0x0F, 0x14, 0x1A,
0x09, 0x11, 0x16, 0x1A,
0x09, 0x0D, 0x16, 0x1A,
0x09, 0x0D, 0x12, 0x1A,
0x09, 0x1A, 0x1A, 0x1A,
0x09, 0x09, 0x1A, 0x1A,
0x09, 0x09, 0x09, 0x1A,
0x09, 0x10, 0x16, 0x1D,
0x09, 0x13, 0x18, 0x1D,
0x09, 0x0E, 0x18, 0x1D,
0x09, 0x0E, 0x13, 0x1D,
0x09, 0x1D, 0x1D, 0x1D,
0x09, 0x09, 0x1D, 0x1D,
0x09, 0x09, 0x09, 0x1D,
0x09, 0x14, 0x1B, 0x20,
0x09, 0x0E, 0x1B, 0x20,
0x09, 0x0E, 0x15, 0x20,
0x09, 0x20, 0x20, 0x20,
0x09, 0x09, 0x20, 0x20,
0x09, 0x09, 0x09, 0x20,
0x09, 0x16, 0x1D, 0x23,
0x09, 0x0F, 0x1D, 0x23,
0x09, 0x0F, 0x16, 0x23,
0x09, 0x23, 0x23, 0x23,
0x09, 0x09, 0x23, 0x23,
0x09, 0x09, 0x09, 0x23,
0x09, 0x17, 0x1F, 0x26,
0x09, 0x10, 0x1F, 0x26,
0x09, 0x10, 0x18, 0x26,
0x09, 0x26, 0x26, 0x26,
0x09, 0x09, 0x26, 0x26,
0x09, 0x09, 0x09, 0x26,
0x09, 0x19, 0x21, 0x29,
0x09, 0x11, 0x21, 0x29,
0x09, 0x11, 0x19, 0x29,
0x09, 0x29, 0x29, 0x29,
0x09, 0x09, 0x29, 0x29,
0x09, 0x09, 0x09, 0x29,
0x09, 0x2C, 0x2C, 0x2C,
0x09, 0x09, 0x2C, 0x2C,
0x09, 0x09, 0x09, 0x2C,
0x09, 0x1B, 0x24, 0x2D,
0x09, 0x12, 0x24, 0x2D,
0x09, 0x12, 0x1B, 0x2D,
0x09, 0x31, 0x31, 0x31,
0x09, 0x09, 0x31, 0x31,
0x09, 0x09, 0x09, 0x31,
0x09, 0x37, 0x37, 0x37,
0x09, 0x09, 0x37, 0x37,
0x09, 0x09, 0x09, 0x37,
0x0A, 0x0B, 0x0B, 0x0C,
0x0A, 0x0B, 0x0C, 0x0D,
0x0A, 0x0C, 0x0D, 0x0E,
0x0A, 0x0B, 0x0D, 0x0E,
0x0A, 0x0B, 0x0C, 0x0E,
0x0A, 0x0C, 0x0D, 0x0F,
0x0A, 0x0C, 0x0E, 0x0F,
0x0A, 0x0B, 0x0E, 0x0F,
0x0A, 0x0B, 0x0D, 0x0F,
0x0A, 0x0C, 0x0E, 0x10,
0x0A, 0x0D, 0x0F, 0x10,
0x0A, 0x0B, 0x0F, 0x10,
0x0A, 0x0B, 0x0D, 0x10,
0x0A, 0x10, 0x10, 0x10,
0x0A, 0x0A, 0x10, 0x10,
0x0A, 0x0A, 0x0A, 0x10,
0x0A, 0x0D, 0x0E, 0x11,
0x0A, 0x0D, 0x10, 0x11,
0x0A, 0x0B, 0x10, 0x11,
0x0A, 0x0B, 0x0E, 0x11,
0x0A, 0x0D, 0x0F, 0x12,
0x0A, 0x0E, 0x10, 0x12,
0x0A, 0x0C, 0x10, 0x12,
0x0A, 0x0C, 0x0E, 0x12,
0x0A, 0x12, 0x12, 0x12,
0x0A, 0x0A, 0x12, 0x12,
0x0A, 0x0A, 0x0A, 0x12,
0x0A, 0x0E, 0x11, 0x15,
0x0A, 0x0F, 0x13, 0x15,
0x0A, 0x0C, 0x13, 0x15,
0x0A, 0x0C, 0x10, 0x15,
0x0A, 0x15, 0x15, 0x15,
0x0A, 0x0A, 0x15, 0x15,
0x0A, 0x0A, 0x0A, 0x15,
0x0A, 0x0F, 0x13, 0x18,
0x0A, 0x11, 0x15, 0x18,
0x0A, 0x0D, 0x15, 0x18,
0x0A, 0x0D, 0x11, 0x18,
0x0A, 0x18, 0x18, 0x18,
0x0A, 0x0A, 0x18, 0x18,
0x0A, 0x0A, 0x0A, 0x18,
0x0A, 0x10, 0x15, 0x1B,
0x0A, 0x12, 0x17, 0x1B,
0x0A, 0x0E, 0x17, 0x1B,
0x0A, 0x0E, 0x13, 0x1B,
0x0A, 0x1B, 0x1B, 0x1B,
0x0A, 0x0A, 0x1B, 0x1B,
0x0A, 0x0A, 0x0A, 0x1B,
0x0A, 0x11, 0x17, 0x1E,
0x0A, 0x14, 0x19, 0x1E,
0x0A, 0x0F, 0x19, 0x1E,
0x0A, 0x0F, 0x14, 0x1E,
0x0A, 0x1E, 0x1E, 0x1E,
0x0A, 0x0A, 0x1E, 0x1E,
0x0A, 0x0A, 0x0A, 0x1E,
0x0A, 0x15, 0x1C, 0x21,
0x0A, 0x0F, 0x1C, 0x21,
0x0A, 0x0F, 0x16, 0x21,
0x0A, 0x21, 0x21, 0x21,
0x0A, 0x0A, 0x21, 0x21,
0x0A, 0x0A, 0x0A, 0x21,
0x0A, 0x17, 0x1E, 0x24,
0x0A, 0x10, 0x1E, 0x24,
0x0A, 0x10, 0x17, 0x24,
0x0A, 0x24, 0x24, 0x24,
0x0A, 0x0A, 0x24, 0x24,
0x0A, 0x0A, 0x0A, 0x24,
0x0A, 0x18, 0x20, 0x27,
0x0A, 0x11, 0x20, 0x27,
0x0A, 0x11, 0x19, 0x27,
0x0A, 0x27, 0x27, 0x27,
0x0A, 0x0A, 0x27, 0x27,
0x0A, 0x0A, 0x0A, 0x27,
0x0A, 0x1A, 0x22, 0x2A,
0x0A, 0x12, 0x22, 0x2A,
0x0A, 0x12, 0x1A, 0x2A,
0x0A, 0x2A, 0x2A, 0x2A,
0x0A, 0x0A, 0x2A, 0x2A,
0x0A, 0x0A, 0x0A, 0x2A,
0x0A, 0x2D, 0x2D, 0x2D,
0x0A, 0x0A, 0x2D, 0x2D,
0x0A, 0x0A, 0x0A, 0x2D,
0x0A, 0x1C, 0x25, 0x2E,
0x0A, 0x13, 0x25, 0x2E,
0x0A, 0x13, 0x1C, 0x2E,
0x0A, 0x32, 0x32, 0x32,
0x0A, 0x0A, 0x32, 0x32,
0x0A, 0x0A, 0x0A, 0x32,
0x0A, 0x38, 0x38, 0x38,
0x0A, 0x0A, 0x38, 0x38,
0x0A, 0x0A, 0x0A, 0x38,
0x0B, 0x0C, 0x0C, 0x0D,
0x0B, 0x0C, 0x0D, 0x0E,
0x0B, 0x0D, 0x0E, 0x0F,
0x0B, 0x0C, 0x0E, 0x0F,
0x0B, 0x0C, 0x0D, 0x0F,
0x0B, 0x0D, 0x0E, 0x10,
0x0B, 0x0D, 0x0F, 0x10,
0x0B, 0x0C, 0x0F, 0x10,
0x0B, 0x0C, 0x0E, 0x10,
0x0B, 0x0D, 0x0F, 0x11,
0x0B, 0x0E, 0x10, 0x11,
0x0B, 0x0C, 0x10, 0x11,
0x0B, 0x0C, 0x0E, 0x11,
0x0B, 0x11, 0x11, 0x11,
0x0B, 0x0B, 0x11, 0x11,
0x0B, 0x0B, 0x0B, 0x11,
0x0B, 0x0E, 0x0F, 0x12,
0x0B, 0x0E, 0x11, 0x12,
0x0B, 0x0C, 0x11, 0x12,
0x0B, 0x0C, 0x0F, 0x12,
0x0B, 0x0E, 0x10, 0x13,
0x0B, 0x0F, 0x11, 0x13,
0x0B, 0x0D, 0x11, 0x13,
0x0B, 0x0D, 0x0F, 0x13,
0x0B, 0x13, 0x13, 0x13,
0x0B, 0x0B, 0x13, 0x13,
0x0B, 0x0B, 0x0B, 0x13,
0x0B, 0x0F, 0x12, 0x16,
0x0B, 0x10, 0x14, 0x16,
0x0B, 0x0D, 0x14, 0x16,
0x0B, 0x0D, 0x11, 0x16,
0x0B, 0x16, 0x16, 0x16,
0x0B, 0x0B, 0x16, 0x16,
0x0B, 0x0B, 0x0B, 0x16,
0x0B, 0x10, 0x14, 0x19,
0x0B, 0x12, 0x16, 0x19,
0x0B, 0x0E, 0x16, 0x19,
0x0B, 0x0E, 0x12, 0x19,
0x0B, 0x19, 0x19, 0x19,
0x0B, 0x0B, 0x19, 0x19,
0x0B, 0x0B, 0x0B, 0x19,
0x0B, 0x11, 0x16, 0x1C,
0x0B, 0x13, 0x18, 0x1C,
0x0B, 0x0F, 0x18, 0x1C,
0x0B, 0x0F, 0x14, 0x1C,
0x0B, 0x1C, 0x1C, 0x1C,
0x0B, 0x0B, 0x1C, 0x1C,
0x0B, 0x0B, 0x0B, 0x1C,
0x0B, 0x12, 0x18, 0x1F,
0x0B, 0x15, 0x1A, 0x1F,
0x0B, 0x10, 0x1A, 0x1F,
0x0B, 0x10, 0x15, 0x1F,
0x0B, 0x1F, 0x1F, 0x1F,
0x0B, 0x0B, 0x1F, 0x1F,
0x0B, 0x0B, 0x0B, 0x1F,
0x0B, 0x16, 0x1D, 0x22,
0x0B, 0x10, 0x1D, 0x22,
0x0B, 0x10, 0x17, 0x22,
0x0B, 0x22, 0x22, 0x22,
0x0B, 0x0B, 0x22, 0x22,
0x0B, 0x0B, 0x0B, 0x22,
0x0B, 0x18, 0x1F, 0x25,
0x0B, 0x11, 0x1F, 0x25,
0x0B, 0x11, 0x18, 0x25,
0x0B, 0x25, 0x25, 0x25,
0x0B, 0x0B, 0x25, 0x25,
0x0B, 0x0B, 0x0B, 0x25,
0x0B, 0x19, 0x21, 0x28,
0x0B, 0x12, 0x21, 0x28,
0x0B, 0x12, 0x1A, 0x28,
0x0B, 0x28, 0x28, 0x28,
0x0B, 0x0B, 0x28, 0x28,
0x0B, 0x0B, 0x0B, 0x28,
0x0B, 0x1B, 0x23, 0x2B,
0x0B, 0x13, 0x23, 0x2B,
0x0B, 0x13, 0x1B, 0x2B,
0x0B, 0x2B, 0x2B, 0x2B,
0x0B, 0x0B, 0x2B, 0x2B,
0x0B, 0x0B, 0x0B, 0x2B,
0x0B, 0x2E, 0x2E, 0x2E,
0x0B, 0x0B, 0x2E, 0x2E,
0x0B, 0x0B, 0x0B, 0x2E,
0x0B, 0x1D, 0x26, 0x2F,
0x0B, 0x14, 0x26, 0x2F,
0x0B, 0x14, 0x1D, 0x2F,
0x0B, 0x33, 0x33, 0x33,
0x0B, 0x0B, 0x33, 0x33,
0x0B, 0x0B, 0x0B, 0x33,
0x0B, 0x39, 0x39, 0x39,
0x0B, 0x0B, 0x39, 0x39,
0x0B, 0x0B, 0x0B, 0x39,
0x0C, 0x0D, 0x0D, 0x0E,
0x0C, 0x0D, 0x0E, 0x0F,
0x0C, 0x0E, 0x0F, 0x10,
0x0C, 0x0D, 0x0F, 0x10,
0x0C, 0x0D, 0x0E, 0x10,
0x0C, 0x0E, 0x0F, 0x11,
0x0C, 0x0E, 0x10, 0x11,
0x0C, 0x0D, 0x10, 0x11,
0x0C, 0x0D, 0x0F, 0x11,
0x0C, 0x0E, 0x10, 0x12,
0x0C, 0x0F, 0x11, 0x12,
0x0C, 0x0D, 0x11, 0x12,
0x0C, 0x0D, 0x0F, 0x12,
0x0C, 0x12, 0x12, 0x12,
0x0C, 0x0C, 0x12, 0x12,
0x0C, 0x0C, 0x0C, 0x12,
0x0C, 0x0F, 0x10, 0x13,
0x0C, 0x0F, 0x12, 0x13,
0x0C, 0x0D, 0x12, 0x13,
0x0C, 0x0D, 0x10, 0x13,
0x0C, 0x0F, 0x11, 0x14,
0x0C, 0x10, 0x12, 0x14,
0x0C, 0x0E, 0x12, 0x14,
0x0C, 0x0E, 0x10, 0x14,
0x0C, 0x14, 0x14, 0x14,
0x0C, 0x0C, 0x14, 0x14,
0x0C, 0x0C, 0x0C, 0x14,
0x0C, 0x10, 0x13, 0x17,
0x0C, 0x11, 0x15, 0x17,
0x0C, 0x0E, 0x15, 0x17,
0x0C, 0x0E, 0x12, 0x17,
0x0C, 0x17, 0x17, 0x17,
0x0C, 0x0C, 0x17, 0x17,
0x0C, 0x0C, 0x0C, 0x17,
0x0C, 0x11, 0x15, 0x1A,
0x0C, 0x13, 0x17, 0x1A,
0x0C, 0x0F, 0x17, 0x1A,
0x0C, 0x0F, 0x13, 0x1A,
0x0C, 0x1A, 0x1A, 0x1A,
0x0C, 0x0C, 0x1A, 0x1A,
0x0C, 0x0C, 0x0C, 0x1A,
0x0C, 0x12, 0x17, 0x1D,
0x0C, 0x14, 0x19, 0x1D,
0x0C, 0x10, 0x19, 0x1D,
0x0C, 0x10, 0x15, 0x1D,
0x0C, 0x1D, 0x1D, 0x1D,
0x0C, 0x0C, 0x1D, 0x1D,
0x0C, 0x0C, 0x0C, 0x1D,
0x0C, 0x13, 0x19, 0x20,
0x0C, 0x16, 0x1B, 0x20,
0x0C, 0x11, 0x1B, 0x20,
0x0C, 0x11, 0x16, 0x20,
0x0C, 0x20, 0x20, 0x20,
0x0C, 0x0C, 0x20, 0x20,
0x0C, 0x0C, 0x0C, 0x20,
0x0C, 0x17, 0x1E, 0x23,
0x0C, 0x11, 0x1E, 0x23,
0x0C, 0x11, 0x18, 0x23,
0x0C, 0x23, 0x23, 0x23,
0x0C, 0x0C, 0x23, 0x23,
0x0C, 0x0C, 0x0C, 0x23,
0x0C, 0x19, 0x20, 0x26,
0x0C, 0x12, 0x20, 0x26,
0x0C, 0x12, 0x19, 0x26,
0x0C, 0x26, 0x26, 0x26,
0x0C, 0x0C, 0x26, 0x26,
0x0C, 0x0C, 0x0C, 0x26,
0x0C, 0x1A, 0x22, 0x29,
0x0C, 0x13, 0x22, 0x29,
0x0C, 0x13, 0x1B, 0x29,
0x0C, 0x29, 0x29, 0x29,
0x0C, 0x0C, 0x29, 0x29,
0x0C, 0x0C, 0x0C, 0x29,
0x0C, 0x1C, 0x24, 0x2C,
0x0C, 0x14, 0x24, 0x2C,
0x0C, 0x14, 0x1C, 0x2C,
0x0C, 0x2C, 0x2C, 0x2C,
0x0C, 0x0C, 0x2C, 0x2C,
0x0C, 0x0C, 0x0C, 0x2C,
0x0C, 0x2F, 0x2F, 0x2F,
0x0C, 0x0C, 0x2F, 0x2F,
0x0C, 0x0C, 0x0C, 0x2F,
0x0C, 0x1E, 0x27, 0x30,
0x0C, 0x15, 0x27, 0x30,
0x0C, 0x15, 0x1E, 0x30,
0x0C, 0x34, 0x34, 0x34,
0x0C, 0x0C, 0x34, 0x34,
0x0C, 0x0C, 0x0C, 0x34,
0x0C, 0x3A, 0x3A, 0x3A,
0x0C, 0x0C, 0x3A, 0x3A,
0x0C, 0x0C, 0x0C, 0x3A,
0x0D, 0x0E, 0x0E, 0x0F,
0x0D, 0x0E, 0x0F, 0x10,
0x0D, 0x0F, 0x10, 0x11,
0x0D, 0x0E, 0x10, 0x11,
0x0D, 0x0E, 0x0F, 0x11,
0x0D, 0x0F, 0x10, 0x12,
0x0D, 0x0F, 0x11, 0x12,
0x0D, 0x0E, 0x11, 0x12,
0x0D, 0x0E, 0x10, 0x12,
0x0D, 0x0F, 0x11, 0x13,
0x0D, 0x10, 0x12, 0x13,
0x0D, 0x0E, 0x12, 0x13,
0x0D, 0x0E, 0x10, 0x13,
0x0D, 0x13, 0x13, 0x13,
0x0D, 0x0D, 0x13, 0x13,
0x0D, 0x0D, 0x0D, 0x13,
0x0D, 0x10, 0x11, 0x14,
0x0D, 0x10, 0x13, 0x14,
0x0D, 0x0E, 0x13, 0x14,
0x0D, 0x0E, 0x11, 0x14,
0x0D, 0x10, 0x12, 0x15,
0x0D, 0x11, 0x13, 0x15,
0x0D, 0x0F, 0x13, 0x15,
0x0D, 0x0F, 0x11, 0x15,
0x0D, 0x15, 0x15, 0x15,
0x0D, 0x0D, 0x15, 0x15,
0x0D, 0x0D, 0x0D, 0x15,
0x0D, 0x11, 0x14, 0x18,
0x0D, 0x12, 0x16, 0x18,
0x0D, 0x0F, 0x16, 0x18,
0x0D, 0x0F, 0x13, 0x18,
0x0D, 0x18, 0x18, 0x18,
0x0D, 0x0D, 0x18, 0x18,
0x0D, 0x0D, 0x0D, 0x18,
0x0D, 0x12, 0x16, 0x1B,
0x0D, 0x14, 0x18, 0x1B,
0x0D, 0x10, 0x18, 0x1B,
0x0D, 0x10, 0x14, 0x1B,
0x0D, 0x1B, 0x1B, 0x1B,
0x0D, 0x0D, 0x1B, 0x1B,
0x0D, 0x0D, 0x0D, 0x1B,
0x0D, 0x13, 0x18, 0x1E,
0x0D, 0x15, 0x1A, 0x1E,
0x0D, 0x11, 0x1A, 0x1E,
0x0D, 0x11, 0x16, 0x1E,
0x0D, 0x1E, 0x1E, 0x1E,
0x0D, 0x0D, 0x1E, 0x1E,
0x0D, 0x0D, 0x0D, 0x1E,
0x0D, 0x14, 0x1A, 0x21,
0x0D, 0x17, 0x1C, 0x21,
0x0D, 0x12, 0x1C, 0x21,
0x0D, 0x12, 0x17, 0x21,
0x0D, 0x21, 0x21, 0x21,
0x0D, 0x0D, 0x21, 0x21,
0x0D, 0x0D, 0x0D, 0x21,
0x0D, 0x18, 0x1F, 0x24,
0x0D, 0x12, 0x1F, 0x24,
0x0D, 0x12, 0x19, 0x24,
0x0D, 0x24, 0x24, 0x24,
0x0D, 0x0D, 0x24, 0x24,
0x0D, 0x0D, 0x0D, 0x24,
0x0D, 0x1A, 0x21, 0x27,
0x0D, 0x13, 0x21, 0x27,
0x0D, 0x13, 0x1A, 0x27,
0x0D, 0x27, 0x27, 0x27,
0x0D, 0x0D, 0x27, 0x27,
0x0D, 0x0D, 0x0D, 0x27,
0x0D, 0x1B, 0x23, 0x2A,
0x0D, 0x14, 0x23, 0x2A,
0x0D, 0x14, 0x1C, 0x2A,
0x0D, 0x2A, 0x2A, 0x2A,
0x0D, 0x0D, 0x2A, 0x2A,
0x0D, 0x0D, 0x0D, 0x2A,
0x0D, 0x1D, 0x25, 0x2D,
0x0D, 0x15, 0x25, 0x2D,
0x0D, 0x15, 0x1D, 0x2D,
0x0D, 0x2D, 0x2D, 0x2D,
0x0D, 0x0D, 0x2D, 0x2D,
0x0D, 0x0D, 0x0D, 0x2D,
0x0D, 0x30, 0x30, 0x30,
0x0D, 0x0D, 0x30, 0x30,
0x0D, 0x0D, 0x0D, 0x30,
0x0D, 0x1F, 0x28, 0x31,
0x0D, 0x16, 0x28, 0x31,
0x0D, 0x16, 0x1F, 0x31,
0x0D, 0x35, 0x35, 0x35,
0x0D, 0x0D, 0x35, 0x35,
0x0D, 0x0D, 0x0D, 0x35,
0x0D, 0x3B, 0x3B, 0x3B,
0x0D, 0x0D, 0x3B, 0x3B,
0x0D, 0x0D, 0x0D, 0x3B,
0x0E, 0x0F, 0x0F, 0x10,
0x0E, 0x0F, 0x10, 0x11,
0x0E, 0x10, 0x11, 0x12,
0x0E, 0x0F, 0x11, 0x12,
0x0E, 0x0F, 0x10, 0x12,
0x0E, 0x10, 0x11, 0x13,
0x0E, 0x10, 0x12, 0x13,
0x0E, 0x0F, 0x12, 0x13,
0x0E, 0x0F, 0x11, 0x13,
0x0E, 0x10, 0x12, 0x14,
0x0E, 0x11, 0x13, 0x14,
0x0E, 0x0F, 0x13, 0x14,
0x0E, 0x0F, 0x11, 0x14,
0x0E, 0x14, 0x14, 0x14,
0x0E, 0x0E, 0x14, 0x14,
0x0E, 0x0E, 0x0E, 0x14,
0x0E, 0x11, 0x12, 0x15,
0x0E, 0x11, 0x14, 0x15,
0x0E, 0x0F, 0x14, 0x15,
0x0E, 0x0F, 0x12, 0x15,
0x0E, 0x11, 0x13, 0x16,
0x0E, 0x12, 0x14, 0x16,
0x0E, 0x10, 0x14, 0x16,
0x0E, 0x10, 0x12, 0x16,
0x0E, 0x16, 0x16, 0x16,
0x0E, 0x0E, 0x16, 0x16,
0x0E, 0x0E, 0x0E, 0x16,
0x0E, 0x12, 0x15, 0x19,
0x0E, 0x13, 0x17, 0x19,
0x0E, 0x10, 0x17, 0x19,
0x0E, 0x10, 0x14, 0x19,
0x0E, 0x19, 0x19, 0x19,
0x0E, 0x0E, 0x19, 0x19,
0x0E, 0x0E, 0x0E, 0x19,
0x0E, 0x13, 0x17, 0x1C,
0x0E, 0x15, 0x19, 0x1C,
0x0E, 0x11, 0x19, 0x1C,
0x0E, 0x11, 0x15, 0x1C,
0x0E, 0x1C, 0x1C, 0x1C,
0x0E, 0x0E, 0x1C, 0x1C,
0x0E, 0x0E, 0x0E, 0x1C,
0x0E, 0x14, 0x19, 0x1F,
0x0E, 0x16, 0x1B, 0x1F,
0x0E, 0x12, 0x1B, 0x1F,
0x0E, 0x12, 0x17, 0x1F,
0x0E, 0x1F, 0x1F, 0x1F,
0x0E, 0x0E, 0x1F, 0x1F,
0x0E, 0x0E, 0x0E, 0x1F,
0x0E, 0x15, 0x1B, 0x22,
0x0E, 0x18, 0x1D, 0x22,
0x0E, 0x13, 0x1D, 0x22,
0x0E, 0x13, 0x18, 0x22,
0x0E, 0x22, 0x22, 0x22,
0x0E, 0x0E, 0x22, 0x22,
0x0E, 0x0E, 0x0E, 0x22,
0x0E, 0x19, 0x20, 0x25,
0x0E, 0x13, 0x20, 0x25,
0x0E, 0x13, 0x1A, 0x25,
0x0E, 0x25, 0x25, 0x25,
0x0E, 0x0E, 0x25, 0x25,
0x0E, 0x0E, 0x0E, 0x25,
0x0E, 0x1B, 0x22, 0x28,
0x0E, 0x14, 0x22, 0x28,
0x0E, 0x14, 0x1B, 0x28,
0x0E, 0x28, 0x28, 0x28,
0x0E, 0x0E, 0x28, 0x28,
0x0E, 0x0E, 0x0E, 0x28,
0x0E, 0x1C, 0x24, 0x2B,
0x0E, 0x15, 0x24, 0x2B,
0x0E, 0x15, 0x1D, 0x2B,
0x0E, 0x2B, 0x2B, 0x2B,
0x0E, 0x0E, 0x2B, 0x2B,
0x0E, 0x0E, 0x0E, 0x2B,
0x0E, 0x1E, 0x26, 0x2E,
0x0E, 0x16, 0x26, 0x2E,
0x0E, 0x16, 0x1E, 0x2E,
0x0E, 0x2E, 0x2E, 0x2E,
0x0E, 0x0E, 0x2E, 0x2E,
0x0E, 0x0E, 0x0E, 0x2E,
0x0E, 0x31, 0x31, 0x31,
0x0E, 0x0E, 0x31, 0x31,
0x0E, 0x0E, 0x0E, 0x31,
0x0E, 0x20, 0x29, 0x32,
0x0E, 0x17, 0x29, 0x32,
0x0E, 0x17, 0x20, 0x32,
0x0E, 0x36, 0x36, 0x36,
0x0E, 0x0E, 0x36, 0x36,
0x0E, 0x0E, 0x0E, 0x36,
0x0E, 0x3C, 0x3C, 0x3C,
0x0E, 0x0E, 0x3C, 0x3C,
0x0E, 0x0E, 0x0E, 0x3C,
0x0F, 0x10, 0x10, 0x11,
0x0F, 0x10, 0x11, 0x12,
0x0F, 0x11, 0x12, 0x13,
0x0F, 0x10, 0x12, 0x13,
0x0F, 0x10, 0x11, 0x13,
0x0F, 0x11, 0x12, 0x14,
0x0F, 0x11, 0x13, 0x14,
0x0F, 0x10, 0x13, 0x14,
0x0F, 0x10, 0x12, 0x14,
0x0F, 0x11, 0x13, 0x15,
0x0F, 0x12, 0x14, 0x15,
0x0F, 0x10, 0x14, 0x15,
0x0F, 0x10, 0x12, 0x15,
0x0F, 0x15, 0x15, 0x15,
0x0F, 0x0F, 0x15, 0x15,
0x0F, 0x0F, 0x0F, 0x15,
0x0F, 0x12, 0x13, 0x16,
0x0F, 0x12, 0x15, 0x16,
0x0F, 0x10, 0x15, 0x16,
0x0F, 0x10, 0x13, 0x16,
0x0F, 0x12, 0x14, 0x17,
0x0F, 0x13, 0x15, 0x17,
0x0F, 0x11, 0x15, 0x17,
0x0F, 0x11, 0x13, 0x17,
0x0F, 0x17, 0x17, 0x17,
0x0F, 0x0F, 0x17, 0x17,
0x0F, 0x0F, 0x0F, 0x17,
0x0F, 0x13, 0x16, 0x1A,
0x0F, 0x14, 0x18, 0x1A,
0x0F, 0x11, 0x18, 0x1A,
0x0F, 0x11, 0x15, 0x1A,
0x0F, 0x1A, 0x1A, 0x1A,
0x0F, 0x0F, 0x1A, 0x1A,
0x0F, 0x0F, 0x0F, 0x1A,
0x0F, 0x14, 0x18, 0x1D,
0x0F, 0x16, 0x1A, 0x1D,
0x0F, 0x12, 0x1A, 0x1D,
0x0F, 0x12, 0x16, 0x1D,
0x0F, 0x1D, 0x1D, 0x1D,
0x0F, 0x0F, 0x1D, 0x1D,
0x0F, 0x0F, 0x0F, 0x1D,
0x0F, 0x15, 0x1A, 0x20,
0x0F, 0x17, 0x1C, 0x20,
0x0F, 0x13, 0x1C, 0x20,
0x0F, 0x13, 0x18, 0x20,
0x0F, 0x20, 0x20, 0x20,
0x0F, 0x0F, 0x20, 0x20,
0x0F, 0x0F, 0x0F, 0x20,
0x0F, 0x16, 0x1C, 0x23,
0x0F, 0x19, 0x1E, 0x23,
0x0F, 0x14, 0x1E, 0x23,
0x0F, 0x14, 0x19, 0x23,
0x0F, 0x23, 0x23, 0x23,
0x0F, 0x0F, 0x23, 0x23,
0x0F, 0x0F, 0x0F, 0x23,
0x0F, 0x1A, 0x21, 0x26,
0x0F, 0x14, 0x21, 0x26,
0x0F, 0x14, 0x1B, 0x26,
0x0F, 0x26, 0x26, 0x26,
0x0F, 0x0F, 0x26, 0x26,
0x0F, 0x0F, 0x0F, 0x26,
0x0F, 0x1C, 0x23, 0x29,
0x0F, 0x15, 0x23, 0x29,
0x0F, 0x15, 0x1C, 0x29,
0x0F, 0x29, 0x29, 0x29,
0x0F, 0x0F, 0x29, 0x29,
0x0F, 0x0F, 0x0F, 0x29,
0x0F, 0x1D, 0x25, 0x2C,
0x0F, 0x16, 0x25, 0x2C,
0x0F, 0x16, 0x1E, 0x2C,
0x0F, 0x2C, 0x2C, 0x2C,
0x0F, 0x0F, 0x2C, 0x2C,
0x0F, 0x0F, 0x0F, 0x2C,
0x0F, 0x1F, 0x27, 0x2F,
0x0F, 0x17, 0x27, 0x2F,
0x0F, 0x17, 0x1F, 0x2F,
0x0F, 0x2F, 0x2F, 0x2F,
0x0F, 0x0F, 0x2F, 0x2F,
0x0F, 0x0F, 0x0F, 0x2F,
0x0F, 0x32, 0x32, 0x32,
0x0F, 0x0F, 0x32, 0x32,
0x0F, 0x0F, 0x0F, 0x32,
0x0F, 0x21, 0x2A, 0x33,
0x0F, 0x18, 0x2A, 0x33,
0x0F, 0x18, 0x21, 0x33,
0x0F, 0x37, 0x37, 0x37,
0x0F, 0x0F, 0x37, 0x37,
0x0F, 0x0F, 0x0F, 0x37,
0x0F, 0x3D, 0x3D, 0x3D,
0x0F, 0x0F, 0x3D, 0x3D,
0x0F, 0x0F, 0x0F, 0x3D,
0x10, 0x11, 0x11, 0x12,
0x10, 0x11, 0x12, 0x13,
0x10, 0x12, 0x13, 0x14,
0x10, 0x11, 0x13, 0x14,
0x10, 0x11, 0x12, 0x14,
0x10, 0x12, 0x13, 0x15,
0x10, 0x12, 0x14, 0x15,
0x10, 0x11, 0x14, 0x15,
0x10, 0x11, 0x13, 0x15,
0x10, 0x12, 0x14, 0x16,
0x10, 0x13, 0x15, 0x16,
0x10, 0x11, 0x15, 0x16,
0x10, 0x11, 0x13, 0x16,
0x10, 0x16, 0x16, 0x16,
0x10, 0x10, 0x16, 0x16,
0x10, 0x10, 0x10, 0x16,
0x10, 0x13, 0x14, 0x17,
0x10, 0x13, 0x16, 0x17,
0x10, 0x11, 0x16, 0x17,
0x10, 0x11, 0x14, 0x17,
0x10, 0x13, 0x15, 0x18,
0x10, 0x14, 0x16, 0x18,
0x10, 0x12, 0x16, 0x18,
0x10, 0x12, 0x14, 0x18,
0x10, 0x18, 0x18, 0x18,
0x10, 0x10, 0x18, 0x18,
0x10, 0x10, 0x10, 0x18,
0x10, 0x14, 0x17, 0x1B,
0x10, 0x15, 0x19, 0x1B,
0x10, 0x12, 0x19, 0x1B,
0x10, 0x12, 0x16, 0x1B,
0x10, 0x1B, 0x1B, 0x1B,
0x10, 0x10, 0x1B, 0x1B,
0x10, 0x10, 0x10, 0x1B,
0x10, 0x15, 0x19, 0x1E,
0x10, 0x17, 0x1B, 0x1E,
0x10, 0x13, 0x1B, 0x1E,
0x10, 0x13, 0x17, 0x1E,
0x10, 0x1E, 0x1E, 0x1E,
0x10, 0x10, 0x1E, 0x1E,
0x10, 0x10, 0x10, 0x1E,
0x10, 0x16, 0x1B, 0x21,
0x10, 0x18, 0x1D, 0x21,
0x10, 0x14, 0x1D, 0x21,
0x10, 0x14, 0x19, 0x21,
0x10, 0x21, 0x21, 0x21,
0x10, 0x10, 0x21, 0x21,
0x10, 0x10, 0x10, 0x21,
0x10, 0x17, 0x1D, 0x24,
0x10, 0x1A, 0x1F, 0x24,
0x10, 0x15, 0x1F, 0x24,
0x10, 0x15, 0x1A, 0x24,
0x10, 0x24, 0x24, 0x24,
0x10, 0x10, 0x24, 0x24,
0x10, 0x10, 0x10, 0x24,
0x10, 0x1B, 0x22, 0x27,
0x10, 0x15, 0x22, 0x27,
0x10, 0x15, 0x1C, 0x27,
0x10, 0x27, 0x27, 0x27,
0x10, 0x10, 0x27, 0x27,
0x10, 0x10, 0x10, 0x27,
0x10, 0x1D, 0x24, 0x2A,
0x10, 0x16, 0x24, 0x2A,
0x10, 0x16, 0x1D, 0x2A,
0x10, 0x2A, 0x2A, 0x2A,
0x10, 0x10, 0x2A, 0x2A,
0x10, 0x10, 0x10, 0x2A,
0x10, 0x1E, 0x26, 0x2D,
0x10, 0x17, 0x26, 0x2D,
0x10, 0x17, 0x1F, 0x2D,
0x10, 0x2D, 0x2D, 0x2D,
0x10, 0x10, 0x2D, 0x2D,
0x10, 0x10, 0x10, 0x2D,
0x10, 0x20, 0x28, 0x30,
0x10, 0x18, 0x28, 0x30,
0x10, 0x18, 0x20, 0x30,
0x10, 0x30, 0x30, 0x30,
0x10, 0x10, 0x30, 0x30,
0x10, 0x10, 0x10, 0x30,
0x10, 0x33, 0x33, 0x33,
0x10, 0x10, 0x33, 0x33,
0x10, 0x10, 0x10, 0x33,
0x10, 0x22, 0x2B, 0x34,
0x10, 0x19, 0x2B, 0x34,
0x10, 0x19, 0x22, 0x34,
0x10, 0x38, 0x38, 0x38,
0x10, 0x10, 0x38, 0x38,
0x10, 0x10, 0x10, 0x38,
0x10, 0x3E, 0x3E, 0x3E,
0x10, 0x10, 0x3E, 0x3E,
0x10, 0x10, 0x10, 0x3E,
0x11, 0x12, 0x12, 0x13,
0x11, 0x12, 0x13, 0x14,
0x11, 0x13, 0x14, 0x15,
0x11, 0x12, 0x14, 0x15,
0x11, 0x12, 0x13, 0x15,
0x11, 0x13, 0x14, 0x16,
0x11, 0x13, 0x15, 0x16,
0x11, 0x12, 0x15, 0x16,
0x11, 0x12, 0x14, 0x16,
0x11, 0x13, 0x15, 0x17,
0x11, 0x14, 0x16, 0x17,
0x11, 0x12, 0x16, 0x17,
0x11, 0x12, 0x14, 0x17,
0x11, 0x17, 0x17, 0x17,
0x11, 0x11, 0x17, 0x17,
0x11, 0x11, 0x11, 0x17,
0x11, 0x14, 0x15, 0x18,
0x11, 0x14, 0x17, 0x18,
0x11, 0x12, 0x17, 0x18,
0x11, 0x12, 0x15, 0x18,
0x11, 0x14, 0x16, 0x19,
0x11, 0x15, 0x17, 0x19,
0x11, 0x13, 0x17, 0x19,
0x11, 0x13, 0x15, 0x19,
0x11, 0x19, 0x19, 0x19,
0x11, 0x11, 0x19, 0x19,
0x11, 0x11, 0x11, 0x19,
0x11, 0x15, 0x18, 0x1C,
0x11, 0x16, 0x1A, 0x1C,
0x11, 0x13, 0x1A, 0x1C,
0x11, 0x13, 0x17, 0x1C,
0x11, 0x1C, 0x1C, 0x1C,
0x11, 0x11, 0x1C, 0x1C,
0x11, 0x11, 0x11, 0x1C,
0x11, 0x16, 0x1A, 0x1F,
0x11, 0x18, 0x1C, 0x1F,
0x11, 0x14, 0x1C, 0x1F,
0x11, 0x14, 0x18, 0x1F,
0x11, 0x1F, 0x1F, 0x1F,
0x11, 0x11, 0x1F, 0x1F,
0x11, 0x11, 0x11, 0x1F,
0x11, 0x17, 0x1C, 0x22,
0x11, 0x19, 0x1E, 0x22,
0x11, 0x15, 0x1E, 0x22,
0x11, 0x15, 0x1A, 0x22,
0x11, 0x22, 0x22, 0x22,
0x11, 0x11, 0x22, 0x22,
0x11, 0x11, 0x11, 0x22,
0x11, 0x18, 0x1E, 0x25,
0x11, 0x1B, 0x20, 0x25,
0x11, 0x16, 0x20, 0x25,
0x11, 0x16, 0x1B, 0x25,
0x11, 0x25, 0x25, 0x25,
0x11, 0x11, 0x25, 0x25,
0x11, 0x11, 0x11, 0x25,
0x11, 0x1C, 0x23, 0x28,
0x11, 0x16, 0x23, 0x28,
0x11, 0x16, 0x1D, 0x28,
0x11, 0x28, 0x28, 0x28,
0x11, 0x11, 0x28, 0x28,
0x11, 0x11, 0x11, 0x28,
0x11, 0x1E, 0x25, 0x2B,
0x11, 0x17, 0x25, 0x2B,
0x11, 0x17, 0x1E, 0x2B,
0x11, 0x2B, 0x2B, 0x2B,
0x11, 0x11, 0x2B, 0x2B,
0x11, 0x11, 0x11, 0x2B,
0x11, 0x1F, 0x27, 0x2E,
0x11, 0x18, 0x27, 0x2E,
0x11, 0x18, 0x20, 0x2E,
0x11, 0x2E, 0x2E, 0x2E,
0x11, 0x11, 0x2E, 0x2E,
0x11, 0x11, 0x11, 0x2E,
0x11, 0x21, 0x29, 0x31,
0x11, 0x19, 0x29, 0x31,
0x11, 0x19, 0x21, 0x31,
0x11, 0x31, 0x31, 0x31,
0x11, 0x11, 0x31, 0x31,
0x11, 0x11, 0x11, 0x31,
0x11, 0x34, 0x34, 0x34,
0x11, 0x11, 0x34, 0x34,
0x11, 0x11, 0x11, 0x34,
0x11, 0x23, 0x2C, 0x35,
0x11, 0x1A, 0x2C, 0x35,
0x11, 0x1A, 0x23, 0x35,
0x11, 0x39, 0x39, 0x39,
0x11, 0x11, 0x39, 0x39,
0x11, 0x11, 0x11, 0x39,
0x11, 0x3F, 0x3F, 0x3F,
0x11, 0x11, 0x3F, 0x3F,
0x11, 0x11, 0x11, 0x3F,
0x12, 0x13, 0x13, 0x14,
0x12, 0x13, 0x14, 0x15,
0x12, 0x14, 0x15, 0x16,
0x12, 0x13, 0x15, 0x16,
0x12, 0x13, 0x14, 0x16,
0x12, 0x14, 0x15, 0x17,
0x12, 0x14, 0x16, 0x17,
0x12, 0x13, 0x16, 0x17,
0x12, 0x13, 0x15, 0x17,
0x12, 0x14, 0x16, 0x18,
0x12, 0x15, 0x17, 0x18,
0x12, 0x13, 0x17, 0x18,
0x12, 0x13, 0x15, 0x18,
0x12, 0x18, 0x18, 0x18,
0x12, 0x12, 0x18, 0x18,
0x12, 0x12, 0x12, 0x18,
0x12, 0x15, 0x16, 0x19,
0x12, 0x15, 0x18, 0x19,
0x12, 0x13, 0x18, 0x19,
0x12, 0x13, 0x16, 0x19,
0x12, 0x15, 0x17, 0x1A,
0x12, 0x16, 0x18, 0x1A,
0x12, 0x14, 0x18, 0x1A,
0x12, 0x14, 0x16, 0x1A,
0x12, 0x1A, 0x1A, 0x1A,
0x12, 0x12, 0x1A, 0x1A,
0x12, 0x12, 0x12, 0x1A,
0x12, 0x16, 0x19, 0x1D,
0x12, 0x17, 0x1B, 0x1D,
0x12, 0x14, 0x1B, 0x1D,
0x12, 0x14, 0x18, 0x1D,
0x12, 0x1D, 0x1D, 0x1D,
0x12, 0x12, 0x1D, 0x1D,
0x12, 0x12, 0x12, 0x1D,
0x12, 0x17, 0x1B, 0x20,
0x12, 0x19, 0x1D, 0x20,
0x12, 0x15, 0x1D, 0x20,
0x12, 0x15, 0x19, 0x20,
0x12, 0x20, 0x20, 0x20,
0x12, 0x12, 0x20, 0x20,
0x12, 0x12, 0x12, 0x20,
0x12, 0x18, 0x1D, 0x23,
0x12, 0x1A, 0x1F, 0x23,
0x12, 0x16, 0x1F, 0x23,
0x12, 0x16, 0x1B, 0x23,
0x12, 0x23, 0x23, 0x23,
0x12, 0x12, 0x23, 0x23,
0x12, 0x12, 0x12, 0x23,
0x12, 0x19, 0x1F, 0x26,
0x12, 0x1C, 0x21, 0x26,
0x12, 0x17, 0x21, 0x26,
0x12, 0x17, 0x1C, 0x26,
0x12, 0x26, 0x26, 0x26,
0x12, 0x12, 0x26, 0x26,
0x12, 0x12, 0x12, 0x26,
0x12, 0x1D, 0x24, 0x29,
0x12, 0x17, 0x24, 0x29,
0x12, 0x17, 0x1E, 0x29,
0x12, 0x29, 0x29, 0x29,
0x12, 0x12, 0x29, 0x29,
0x12, 0x12, 0x12, 0x29,
0x12, 0x1F, 0x26, 0x2C,
0x12, 0x18, 0x26, 0x2C,
0x12, 0x18, 0x1F, 0x2C,
0x12, 0x2C, 0x2C, 0x2C,
0x12, 0x12, 0x2C, 0x2C,
0x12, 0x12, 0x12, 0x2C,
0x12, 0x20, 0x28, 0x2F,
0x12, 0x19, 0x28, 0x2F,
0x12, 0x19, 0x21, 0x2F,
0x12, 0x2F, 0x2F, 0x2F,
0x12, 0x12, 0x2F, 0x2F,
0x12, 0x12, 0x12, 0x2F,
0x12, 0x22, 0x2A, 0x32,
0x12, 0x1A, 0x2A, 0x32,
0x12, 0x1A, 0x22, 0x32,
0x12, 0x32, 0x32, 0x32,
0x12, 0x12, 0x32, 0x32,
0x12, 0x12, 0x12, 0x32,
0x12, 0x35, 0x35, 0x35,
0x12, 0x12, 0x35, 0x35,
0x12, 0x12, 0x12, 0x35,
0x12, 0x24, 0x2D, 0x36,
0x12, 0x1B, 0x2D, 0x36,
0x12, 0x1B, 0x24, 0x36,
0x12, 0x3A, 0x3A, 0x3A,
0x12, 0x12, 0x3A, 0x3A,
0x12, 0x12, 0x12, 0x3A,
0x13, 0x14, 0x14, 0x15,
0x13, 0x14, 0x15, 0x16,
0x13, 0x15, 0x16, 0x17,
0x13, 0x14, 0x16, 0x17,
0x13, 0x14, 0x15, 0x17,
0x13, 0x15, 0x16, 0x18,
0x13, 0x15, 0x17, 0x18,
0x13, 0x14, 0x17, 0x18,
0x13, 0x14, 0x16, 0x18,
0x13, 0x15, 0x17, 0x19,
0x13, 0x16, 0x18, 0x19,
0x13, 0x14, 0x18, 0x19,
0x13, 0x14, 0x16, 0x19,
0x13, 0x19, 0x19, 0x19,
0x13, 0x13, 0x19, 0x19,
0x13, 0x13, 0x13, 0x19,
0x13, 0x16, 0x17, 0x1A,
0x13, 0x16, 0x19, 0x1A,
0x13, 0x14, 0x19, 0x1A,
0x13, 0x14, 0x17, 0x1A,
0x13, 0x16, 0x18, 0x1B,
0x13, 0x17, 0x19, 0x1B,
0x13, 0x15, 0x19, 0x1B,
0x13, 0x15, 0x17, 0x1B,
0x13, 0x1B, 0x1B, 0x1B,
0x13, 0x13, 0x1B, 0x1B,
0x13, 0x13, 0x13, 0x1B,
0x13, 0x17, 0x1A, 0x1E,
0x13, 0x18, 0x1C, 0x1E,
0x13, 0x15, 0x1C, 0x1E,
0x13, 0x15, 0x19, 0x1E,
0x13, 0x1E, 0x1E, 0x1E,
0x13, 0x13, 0x1E, 0x1E,
0x13, 0x13, 0x13, 0x1E,
0x13, 0x18, 0x1C, 0x21,
0x13, 0x1A, 0x1E, 0x21,
0x13, 0x16, 0x1E, 0x21,
0x13, 0x16, 0x1A, 0x21,
0x13, 0x21, 0x21, 0x21,
0x13, 0x13, 0x21, 0x21,
0x13, 0x13, 0x13, 0x21,
0x13, 0x19, 0x1E, 0x24,
0x13, 0x1B, 0x20, 0x24,
0x13, 0x17, 0x20, 0x24,
0x13, 0x17, 0x1C, 0x24,
0x13, 0x24, 0x24, 0x24,
0x13, 0x13, 0x24, 0x24,
0x13, 0x13, 0x13, 0x24,
0x13, 0x1A, 0x20, 0x27,
0x13, 0x1D, 0x22, 0x27,
0x13, 0x18, 0x22, 0x27,
0x13, 0x18, 0x1D, 0x27,
0x13, 0x27, 0x27, 0x27,
0x13, 0x13, 0x27, 0x27,
0x13, 0x13, 0x13, 0x27,
0x13, 0x1E, 0x25, 0x2A,
0x13, 0x18, 0x25, 0x2A,
0x13, 0x18, 0x1F, 0x2A,
0x13, 0x2A, 0x2A, 0x2A,
0x13, 0x13, 0x2A, 0x2A,
0x13, 0x13, 0x13, 0x2A,
0x13, 0x20, 0x27, 0x2D,
0x13, 0x19, 0x27, 0x2D,
0x13, 0x19, 0x20, 0x2D,
0x13, 0x2D, 0x2D, 0x2D,
0x13, 0x13, 0x2D, 0x2D,
0x13, 0x13, 0x13, 0x2D,
0x13, 0x21, 0x29, 0x30,
0x13, 0x1A, 0x29, 0x30,
0x13, 0x1A, 0x22, 0x30,
0x13, 0x30, 0x30, 0x30,
0x13, 0x13, 0x30, 0x30,
0x13, 0x13, 0x13, 0x30,
0x13, 0x23, 0x2B, 0x33,
0x13, 0x1B, 0x2B, 0x33,
0x13, 0x1B, 0x23, 0x33,
0x13, 0x33, 0x33, 0x33,
0x13, 0x13, 0x33, 0x33,
0x13, 0x13, 0x13, 0x33,
0x13, 0x36, 0x36, 0x36,
0x13, 0x13, 0x36, 0x36,
0x13, 0x13, 0x13, 0x36,
0x13, 0x25, 0x2E, 0x37,
0x13, 0x1C, 0x2E, 0x37,
0x13, 0x1C, 0x25, 0x37,
0x13, 0x3B, 0x3B, 0x3B,
0x13, 0x13, 0x3B, 0x3B,
0x13, 0x13, 0x13, 0x3B,
0x14, 0x15, 0x15, 0x16,
0x14, 0x15, 0x16, 0x17,
0x14, 0x16, 0x17, 0x18,
0x14, 0x15, 0x17, 0x18,
0x14, 0x15, 0x16, 0x18,
0x14, 0x16, 0x17, 0x19,
0x14, 0x16, 0x18, 0x19,
0x14, 0x15, 0x18, 0x19,
0x14, 0x15, 0x17, 0x19,
0x14, 0x16, 0x18, 0x1A,
0x14, 0x17, 0x19, 0x1A,
0x14, 0x15, 0x19, 0x1A,
0x14, 0x15, 0x17, 0x1A,
0x14, 0x1A, 0x1A, 0x1A,
0x14, 0x14, 0x1A, 0x1A,
0x14, 0x14, 0x14, 0x1A,
0x14, 0x17, 0x18, 0x1B,
0x14, 0x17, 0x1A, 0x1B,
0x14, 0x15, 0x1A, 0x1B,
0x14, 0x15, 0x18, 0x1B,
0x14, 0x17, 0x19, 0x1C,
0x14, 0x18, 0x1A, 0x1C,
0x14, 0x16, 0x1A, 0x1C,
0x14, 0x16, 0x18, 0x1C,
0x14, 0x1C, 0x1C, 0x1C,
0x14, 0x14, 0x1C, 0x1C,
0x14, 0x14, 0x14, 0x1C,
0x14, 0x18, 0x1B, 0x1F,
0x14, 0x19, 0x1D, 0x1F,
0x14, 0x16, 0x1D, 0x1F,
0x14, 0x16, 0x1A, 0x1F,
0x14, 0x1F, 0x1F, 0x1F,
0x14, 0x14, 0x1F, 0x1F,
0x14, 0x14, 0x14, 0x1F,
0x14, 0x19, 0x1D, 0x22,
0x14, 0x1B, 0x1F, 0x22,
0x14, 0x17, 0x1F, 0x22,
0x14, 0x17, 0x1B, 0x22,
0x14, 0x22, 0x22, 0x22,
0x14, 0x14, 0x22, 0x22,
0x14, 0x14, 0x14, 0x22,
0x14, 0x1A, 0x1F, 0x25,
0x14, 0x1C, 0x21, 0x25,
0x14, 0x18, 0x21, 0x25,
0x14, 0x18, 0x1D, 0x25,
0x14, 0x25, 0x25, 0x25,
0x14, 0x14, 0x25, 0x25,
0x14, 0x14, 0x14, 0x25,
0x14, 0x1B, 0x21, 0x28,
0x14, 0x1E, 0x23, 0x28,
0x14, 0x19, 0x23, 0x28,
0x14, 0x19, 0x1E, 0x28,
0x14, 0x28, 0x28, 0x28,
0x14, 0x14, 0x28, 0x28,
0x14, 0x14, 0x14, 0x28,
0x14, 0x1F, 0x26, 0x2B,
0x14, 0x19, 0x26, 0x2B,
0x14, 0x19, 0x20, 0x2B,
0x14, 0x2B, 0x2B, 0x2B,
0x14, 0x14, 0x2B, 0x2B,
0x14, 0x14, 0x14, 0x2B,
0x14, 0x21, 0x28, 0x2E,
0x14, 0x1A, 0x28, 0x2E,
0x14, 0x1A, 0x21, 0x2E,
0x14, 0x2E, 0x2E, 0x2E,
0x14, 0x14, 0x2E, 0x2E,
0x14, 0x14, 0x14, 0x2E,
0x14, 0x22, 0x2A, 0x31,
0x14, 0x1B, 0x2A, 0x31,
0x14, 0x1B, 0x23, 0x31,
0x14, 0x31, 0x31, 0x31,
0x14, 0x14, 0x31, 0x31,
0x14, 0x14, 0x14, 0x31,
0x14, 0x24, 0x2C, 0x34,
0x14, 0x1C, 0x2C, 0x34,
0x14, 0x1C, 0x24, 0x34,
0x14, 0x34, 0x34, 0x34,
0x14, 0x14, 0x34, 0x34,
0x14, 0x14, 0x14, 0x34,
0x14, 0x37, 0x37, 0x37,
0x14, 0x14, 0x37, 0x37,
0x14, 0x14, 0x14, 0x37,
0x14, 0x26, 0x2F, 0x38,
0x14, 0x1D, 0x2F, 0x38,
0x14, 0x1D, 0x26, 0x38,
0x14, 0x3C, 0x3C, 0x3C,
0x14, 0x14, 0x3C, 0x3C,
0x14, 0x14, 0x14, 0x3C,
0x15, 0x16, 0x16, 0x17,
0x15, 0x16, 0x17, 0x18,
0x15, 0x17, 0x18, 0x19,
0x15, 0x16, 0x18, 0x19,
0x15, 0x16, 0x17, 0x19,
0x15, 0x17, 0x18, 0x1A,
0x15, 0x17, 0x19, 0x1A,
0x15, 0x16, 0x19, 0x1A,
0x15, 0x16, 0x18, 0x1A,
0x15, 0x17, 0x19, 0x1B,
0x15, 0x18, 0x1A, 0x1B,
0x15, 0x16, 0x1A, 0x1B,
0x15, 0x16, 0x18, 0x1B,
0x15, 0x1B, 0x1B, 0x1B,
0x15, 0x15, 0x1B, 0x1B,
0x15, 0x15, 0x15, 0x1B,
0x15, 0x18, 0x19, 0x1C,
0x15, 0x18, 0x1B, 0x1C,
0x15, 0x16, 0x1B, 0x1C,
0x15, 0x16, 0x19, 0x1C,
0x15, 0x18, 0x1A, 0x1D,
0x15, 0x19, 0x1B, 0x1D,
0x15, 0x17, 0x1B, 0x1D,
0x15, 0x17, 0x19, 0x1D,
0x15, 0x1D, 0x1D, 0x1D,
0x15, 0x15, 0x1D, 0x1D,
0x15, 0x15, 0x15, 0x1D,
0x15, 0x19, 0x1C, 0x20,
0x15, 0x1A, 0x1E, 0x20,
0x15, 0x17, 0x1E, 0x20,
0x15, 0x17, 0x1B, 0x20,
0x15, 0x20, 0x20, 0x20,
0x15, 0x15, 0x20, 0x20,
0x15, 0x15, 0x15, 0x20,
0x15, 0x1A, 0x1E, 0x23,
0x15, 0x1C, 0x20, 0x23,
0x15, 0x18, 0x20, 0x23,
0x15, 0x18, 0x1C, 0x23,
0x15, 0x23, 0x23, 0x23,
0x15, 0x15, 0x23, 0x23,
0x15, 0x15, 0x15, 0x23,
0x15, 0x1B, 0x20, 0x26,
0x15, 0x1D, 0x22, 0x26,
0x15, 0x19, 0x22, 0x26,
0x15, 0x19, 0x1E, 0x26,
0x15, 0x26, 0x26, 0x26,
0x15, 0x15, 0x26, 0x26,
0x15, 0x15, 0x15, 0x26,
0x15, 0x1C, 0x22, 0x29,
0x15, 0x1F, 0x24, 0x29,
0x15, 0x1A, 0x24, 0x29,
0x15, 0x1A, 0x1F, 0x29,
0x15, 0x29, 0x29, 0x29,
0x15, 0x15, 0x29, 0x29,
0x15, 0x15, 0x15, 0x29,
0x15, 0x20, 0x27, 0x2C,
0x15, 0x1A, 0x27, 0x2C,
0x15, 0x1A, 0x21, 0x2C,
0x15, 0x2C, 0x2C, 0x2C,
0x15, 0x15, 0x2C, 0x2C,
0x15, 0x15, 0x15, 0x2C,
0x15, 0x22, 0x29, 0x2F,
0x15, 0x1B, 0x29, 0x2F,
0x15, 0x1B, 0x22, 0x2F,
0x15, 0x2F, 0x2F, 0x2F,
0x15, 0x15, 0x2F, 0x2F,
0x15, 0x15, 0x15, 0x2F,
0x15, 0x23, 0x2B, 0x32,
0x15, 0x1C, 0x2B, 0x32,
0x15, 0x1C, 0x24, 0x32,
0x15, 0x32, 0x32, 0x32,
0x15, 0x15, 0x32, 0x32,
0x15, 0x15, 0x15, 0x32,
0x15, 0x25, 0x2D, 0x35,
0x15, 0x1D, 0x2D, 0x35,
0x15, 0x1D, 0x25, 0x35,
0x15, 0x35, 0x35, 0x35,
0x15, 0x15, 0x35, 0x35,
0x15, 0x15, 0x15, 0x35,
0x15, 0x38, 0x38, 0x38,
0x15, 0x15, 0x38, 0x38,
0x15, 0x15, 0x15, 0x38,
0x15, 0x27, 0x30, 0x39,
0x15, 0x1E, 0x30, 0x39,
0x15, 0x1E, 0x27, 0x39,
0x15, 0x3D, 0x3D, 0x3D,
0x15, 0x15, 0x3D, 0x3D,
0x15, 0x15, 0x15, 0x3D,
0x16, 0x17, 0x17, 0x18,
0x16, 0x17, 0x18, 0x19,
0x16, 0x18, 0x19, 0x1A,
0x16, 0x17, 0x19, 0x1A,
0x16, 0x17, 0x18, 0x1A,
0x16, 0x18, 0x19, 0x1B,
0x16, 0x18, 0x1A, 0x1B,
0x16, 0x17, 0x1A, 0x1B,
0x16, 0x17, 0x19, 0x1B,
0x16, 0x18, 0x1A, 0x1C,
0x16, 0x19, 0x1B, 0x1C,
0x16, 0x17, 0x1B, 0x1C,
0x16, 0x17, 0x19, 0x1C,
0x16, 0x1C, 0x1C, 0x1C,
0x16, 0x16, 0x1C, 0x1C,
0x16, 0x16, 0x16, 0x1C,
0x16, 0x19, 0x1A, 0x1D,
0x16, 0x19, 0x1C, 0x1D,
0x16, 0x17, 0x1C, 0x1D,
0x16, 0x17, 0x1A, 0x1D,
0x16, 0x19, 0x1B, 0x1E,
0x16, 0x1A, 0x1C, 0x1E,
0x16, 0x18, 0x1C, 0x1E,
0x16, 0x18, 0x1A, 0x1E,
0x16, 0x1E, 0x1E, 0x1E,
0x16, 0x16, 0x1E, 0x1E,
0x16, 0x16, 0x16, 0x1E,
0x16, 0x1A, 0x1D, 0x21,
0x16, 0x1B, 0x1F, 0x21,
0x16, 0x18,