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* VC-1 and WMV3 decoder
* Copyright (c) 2006-2007 Konstantin Shishkov
* Partly based on vc9.c (c) 2005 Anonymous, Alex Beregszaszi, Michael Niedermayer
* This file is part of FFmpeg.
* FFmpeg is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
* version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
* FFmpeg is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* Lesser General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License along with FFmpeg; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
#ifndef AVCODEC_VC1_H
#define AVCODEC_VC1_H
#include "avcodec.h"
#include "h264chroma.h"
#include "mpegvideo.h"
#include "intrax8.h"
#include "vc1_common.h"
#include "vc1dsp.h"
#define AC_VLC_BITS 9
/** Sequence quantizer mode */
enum QuantMode {
QUANT_FRAME_IMPLICIT, ///< Implicitly specified at frame level
QUANT_FRAME_EXPLICIT, ///< Explicitly specified at frame level
QUANT_NON_UNIFORM, ///< Non-uniform quant used for all frames
QUANT_UNIFORM ///< Uniform quant used for all frames
/** Where quant can be changed */
enum DQProfile {
/** @name Where quant can be changed
enum DQSingleEdge {
/** Which pair of edges is quantized with ALTPQUANT */
enum DQDoubleEdge {
/** MV modes for P-frames */
enum MVModes {
/** MBMODE for interlaced frame P-picture */
enum MBModesIntfr {
/** @name MV types for B-frames */
enum BMVTypes {
/** @name Block types for P/B-frames */
enum TransformTypes {
TT_8X4, // both halves
TT_4X8, // both halves
enum CodingSet {
/** @name Overlap conditions for Advanced Profile */
enum COTypes {
* FCM Frame Coding Mode
* @note some content might be marked interlaced
* but have fcm set to 0 as well (e.g. HD-DVD)
enum FrameCodingMode {
PROGRESSIVE = 0, ///< in the bitstream is reported as 00b
ILACE_FRAME, ///< in the bitstream is reported as 10b
ILACE_FIELD ///< in the bitstream is reported as 11b
* Imode types
* @{
enum Imode {
/** @} */ //imode defines
/** The VC1 Context
* @todo Change size wherever another size is more efficient
* Many members are only used for Advanced Profile
typedef struct VC1Context{
MpegEncContext s;
IntraX8Context x8;
H264ChromaContext h264chroma;
VC1DSPContext vc1dsp;
/** Simple/Main Profile sequence header */
int res_sprite; ///< reserved, sprite mode
int res_y411; ///< reserved, old interlaced mode
int res_x8; ///< reserved
int multires; ///< frame-level RESPIC syntax element present
int res_fasttx; ///< reserved, always 1
int res_transtab; ///< reserved, always 0
int rangered; ///< RANGEREDFRM (range reduction) syntax element present
///< at frame level
int res_rtm_flag; ///< reserved, set to 1
int reserved; ///< reserved
/** Advanced Profile */
int level; ///< 3 bits, for Advanced/Simple Profile, provided by TS layer
int chromaformat; ///< 2 bits, 2=4:2:0, only defined
int postprocflag; ///< Per-frame processing suggestion flag present
int broadcast; ///< TFF/RFF present
int interlace; ///< Progressive/interlaced (RPTFTM syntax element)
int tfcntrflag; ///< TFCNTR present
int panscanflag; ///< NUMPANSCANWIN, TOPLEFT{X,Y}, BOTRIGHT{X,Y} present
int refdist_flag; ///< REFDIST syntax element present in II, IP, PI or PP field picture headers
int extended_dmv; ///< Additional extended dmv range at P/B-frame-level
int color_prim; ///< 8 bits, chroma coordinates of the color primaries
int transfer_char; ///< 8 bits, Opto-electronic transfer characteristics
int matrix_coef; ///< 8 bits, Color primaries->YCbCr transform matrix
int hrd_param_flag; ///< Presence of Hypothetical Reference
///< Decoder parameters
int psf; ///< Progressive Segmented Frame
/** Sequence header data for all Profiles
* TODO: choose between ints, uint8_ts and monobit flags
int profile; ///< 2 bits, Profile
int frmrtq_postproc; ///< 3 bits,
int bitrtq_postproc; ///< 5 bits, quantized framerate-based postprocessing strength
int max_coded_width, max_coded_height;
int fastuvmc; ///< Rounding of qpel vector to hpel ? (not in Simple)
int extended_mv; ///< Ext MV in P/B (not in Simple)
int dquant; ///< How qscale varies with MBs, 2 bits (not in Simple)
int vstransform; ///< variable-size [48]x[48] transform type + info
int overlap; ///< overlapped transforms in use
int quantizer_mode; ///< 2 bits, quantizer mode used for sequence, see QUANT_*
int finterpflag; ///< INTERPFRM present
/** Frame decoding info for all profiles */
uint8_t mv_mode; ///< MV coding mode
uint8_t mv_mode2; ///< Secondary MV coding mode (B-frames)
int k_x; ///< Number of bits for MVs (depends on MV range)
int k_y; ///< Number of bits for MVs (depends on MV range)
int range_x, range_y; ///< MV range
uint8_t pq, altpq; ///< Current/alternate frame quantizer scale
uint8_t zz_8x8[4][64]; ///< Zigzag table for TT_8x8, permuted for IDCT
int left_blk_sh, top_blk_sh; ///< Either 3 or 0, positions of l/t in blk[]
const uint8_t* zz_8x4; ///< Zigzag scan table for TT_8x4 coding mode
const uint8_t* zz_4x8; ///< Zigzag scan table for TT_4x8 coding mode
/** pquant parameters */
uint8_t dquantfrm;
uint8_t dqprofile;
uint8_t dqsbedge;
uint8_t dqbilevel;
/** AC coding set indexes
* @see, p(1)10
int c_ac_table_index; ///< Chroma index from ACFRM element
int y_ac_table_index; ///< Luma index from AC2FRM element
int ttfrm; ///< Transform type info present at frame level
uint8_t ttmbf; ///< Transform type flag
int *ttblk_base, *ttblk; ///< Transform type at the block level
int codingset; ///< index of current table set from 11.8 to use for luma block decoding
int codingset2; ///< index of current table set from 11.8 to use for chroma block decoding
int pqindex; ///< raw pqindex used in coding set selection
int a_avail, c_avail;
uint8_t *mb_type_base, *mb_type[3];
/** Luma compensation parameters */
uint8_t lumscale;
uint8_t lumshift;
int16_t bfraction; ///< Relative position % anchors=> how to scale MVs
uint8_t halfpq; ///< Uniform quant over image and qp+.5
uint8_t respic; ///< Frame-level flag for resized images
int buffer_fullness; ///< HRD info
/** Ranges:
* -# 0 -> [-64n 63.f] x [-32, 31.f]
* -# 1 -> [-128, 127.f] x [-64, 63.f]
* -# 2 -> [-512, 511.f] x [-128, 127.f]
* -# 3 -> [-1024, 1023.f] x [-256, 255.f]
uint8_t mvrange; ///< Extended MV range flag
uint8_t pquantizer; ///< Uniform (over sequence) quantizer in use
VLC *cbpcy_vlc; ///< CBPCY VLC table
int tt_index; ///< Index for Transform Type tables (to decode TTMB)
uint8_t* mv_type_mb_plane; ///< bitplane for mv_type == (4MV)
uint8_t* direct_mb_plane; ///< bitplane for "direct" MBs
uint8_t* forward_mb_plane; ///< bitplane for "forward" MBs
int mv_type_is_raw; ///< mv type mb plane is not coded
int dmb_is_raw; ///< direct mb plane is raw
int fmb_is_raw; ///< forward mb plane is raw
int skip_is_raw; ///< skip mb plane is not coded
uint8_t last_luty[2][256], last_lutuv[2][256]; ///< lookup tables used for intensity compensation
uint8_t aux_luty[2][256], aux_lutuv[2][256]; ///< lookup tables used for intensity compensation
uint8_t next_luty[2][256], next_lutuv[2][256]; ///< lookup tables used for intensity compensation
uint8_t (*curr_luty)[256] ,(*curr_lutuv)[256];
int last_use_ic, *curr_use_ic, next_use_ic, aux_use_ic;
int rnd; ///< rounding control
int cbptab;
/** Frame decoding info for S/M profiles only */
uint8_t rangeredfrm; ///< out_sample = CLIP((in_sample-128)*2+128)
uint8_t interpfrm;
/** Frame decoding info for Advanced profile */
enum FrameCodingMode fcm;
uint8_t numpanscanwin;
uint8_t tfcntr;
uint8_t rptfrm, tff, rff;
uint16_t topleftx;
uint16_t toplefty;
uint16_t bottomrightx;
uint16_t bottomrighty;
uint8_t uvsamp;
uint8_t postproc;
int hrd_num_leaky_buckets;
uint8_t bit_rate_exponent;
uint8_t buffer_size_exponent;
uint8_t* acpred_plane; ///< AC prediction flags bitplane
int acpred_is_raw;
uint8_t* over_flags_plane; ///< Overflags bitplane
int overflg_is_raw;
uint8_t condover;
uint16_t *hrd_rate, *hrd_buffer;
uint8_t *hrd_fullness;
uint8_t range_mapy_flag;
uint8_t range_mapuv_flag;
uint8_t range_mapy;
uint8_t range_mapuv;
/** Frame decoding info for interlaced picture */
uint8_t dmvrange; ///< Extended differential MV range flag
int fourmvswitch;
int intcomp;
uint8_t lumscale2; ///< for interlaced field P picture
uint8_t lumshift2;
VLC* mbmode_vlc;
VLC* imv_vlc;
VLC* twomvbp_vlc;
VLC* fourmvbp_vlc;
uint8_t twomvbp;
uint8_t fourmvbp;
uint8_t* fieldtx_plane;
int fieldtx_is_raw;
uint8_t zzi_8x8[64];
uint8_t *blk_mv_type_base, *blk_mv_type; ///< 0: frame MV, 1: field MV (interlaced frame)
uint8_t *mv_f_base, *mv_f[2]; ///< 0: MV obtained from same field, 1: opposite field
uint8_t *mv_f_next_base, *mv_f_next[2];
int field_mode; ///< 1 for interlaced field pictures
int fptype;
int second_field;
int refdist; ///< distance of the current picture from reference
int numref; ///< number of past field pictures used as reference
// 0 corresponds to 1 and 1 corresponds to 2 references
int reffield; ///< if numref = 0 (1 reference) then reffield decides which
// field to use among the two fields from previous frame
int intcompfield; ///< which of the two fields to be intensity compensated
// 0: both fields, 1: bottom field, 2: top field
int cur_field_type; ///< 0: top, 1: bottom
int ref_field_type[2]; ///< forward and backward reference field type (top or bottom)
int blocks_off, mb_off;
int qs_last; ///< if qpel has been used in the previous (tr.) picture
int bmvtype;
int frfd, brfd; ///< reference frame distance (forward or backward)
int first_pic_header_flag;
int pic_header_flag;
int mbmodetab;
int icbptab;
int imvtab;
int twomvbptab;
int fourmvbptab;
/** Frame decoding info for sprite modes */
int new_sprite;
int two_sprites;
AVFrame *sprite_output_frame;
int output_width, output_height, sprite_width, sprite_height;
uint8_t* sr_rows[2][2]; ///< Sprite resizer line cache
int p_frame_skipped;
int bi_type;
int x8_type;
int16_t (*block)[6][64];
int n_allocated_blks, cur_blk_idx, left_blk_idx, topleft_blk_idx, top_blk_idx;
uint32_t *cbp_base, *cbp;
uint8_t *is_intra_base, *is_intra;
int16_t (*luma_mv_base)[2], (*luma_mv)[2];
uint8_t bfraction_lut_index; ///< Index for BFRACTION value (see Table 40, reproduced into ff_vc1_bfraction_lut[])
uint8_t broken_link; ///< Broken link flag (BROKEN_LINK syntax element)
uint8_t closed_entry; ///< Closed entry point flag (CLOSED_ENTRY syntax element)
int end_mb_x; ///< Horizontal macroblock limit (used only by mss2)
int parse_only; ///< Context is used within parser
int resync_marker; ///< could this stream contain resync markers
} VC1Context;
* Decode Simple/Main Profiles sequence header
* @see Figure 7-8, p16-17
* @param avctx Codec context
* @param gb GetBit context initialized from Codec context extra_data
* @return Status
int ff_vc1_decode_sequence_header(AVCodecContext *avctx, VC1Context *v, GetBitContext *gb);
int ff_vc1_decode_entry_point(AVCodecContext *avctx, VC1Context *v, GetBitContext *gb);
int ff_vc1_parse_frame_header (VC1Context *v, GetBitContext *gb);
int ff_vc1_parse_frame_header_adv(VC1Context *v, GetBitContext *gb);
int ff_vc1_init_common(VC1Context *v);
int ff_vc1_decode_init_alloc_tables(VC1Context *v);
void ff_vc1_init_transposed_scantables(VC1Context *v);
int ff_vc1_decode_end(AVCodecContext *avctx);
void ff_vc1_decode_blocks(VC1Context *v);
void ff_vc1_i_overlap_filter(VC1Context *v);
void ff_vc1_p_overlap_filter(VC1Context *v);
void ff_vc1_i_loop_filter(VC1Context *v);
void ff_vc1_p_loop_filter(VC1Context *v);
void ff_vc1_p_intfr_loop_filter(VC1Context *v);
void ff_vc1_b_intfi_loop_filter(VC1Context *v);
void ff_vc1_mc_1mv(VC1Context *v, int dir);
void ff_vc1_mc_4mv_luma(VC1Context *v, int n, int dir, int avg);
void ff_vc1_mc_4mv_chroma(VC1Context *v, int dir);
void ff_vc1_mc_4mv_chroma4(VC1Context *v, int dir, int dir2, int avg);
void ff_vc1_interp_mc(VC1Context *v);
#endif /* AVCODEC_VC1_H */