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* Copyright (C) 2013 Red Hat, Inc. All rights reserved.
* This file is part of LVM2.
* This copyrighted material is made available to anyone wishing to use,
* modify, copy, or redistribute it subject to the terms and conditions
* of the GNU Lesser General Public License v.2.1.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation,
* Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
#ifndef _LVM_DEV_TYPE_H
#define _LVM_DEV_TYPE_H
#include "device.h"
#include "display.h"
#define NUMBER_OF_MAJORS 4096
#ifdef __linux__
# include "kdev_t.h"
# define MAJOR(x) major((x))
# define MINOR(x) minor((x))
# define MKDEV(x,y) makedev((x),(y))
#define PARTITION_SCSI_DEVICE (1 << 0)
struct dev_type_def {
int max_partitions; /* 0 means LVM won't use this major number. */
int flags;
struct dev_types {
int md_major;
int blkext_major;
int drbd_major;
int device_mapper_major;
int emcpower_major;
int power2_major;
int dasd_major;
int loop_major;
struct dev_type_def dev_type_array[NUMBER_OF_MAJORS];
struct dev_types *create_dev_types(const char *proc_dir, const struct dm_config_node *cn);
/* Subsystems */
int dev_subsystem_part_major(struct dev_types *dt, struct device *dev);
const char *dev_subsystem_name(struct dev_types *dt, struct device *dev);
int major_is_scsi_device(struct dev_types *dt, int major);
/* Signature/superblock recognition with position returned where found. */
int dev_is_md(struct device *dev, uint64_t *sb);
int dev_is_swap(struct device *dev, uint64_t *signature);
int dev_is_luks(struct device *dev, uint64_t *signature);
int dasd_is_cdl_formatted(struct device *dev);
/* Signature wiping. */
#define TYPE_LVM1_MEMBER 0x001
#define TYPE_LVM2_MEMBER 0x002
#define TYPE_DM_SNAPSHOT_COW 0x004
int wipe_known_signatures(struct cmd_context *cmd, struct device *dev, const char *name,
uint32_t types_to_exclude, uint32_t types_no_prompt,
int yes, force_t force, int *wiped);
/* Type-specific device properties */
unsigned long dev_md_stripe_width(struct dev_types *dt, struct device *dev);
/* Partitioning */
int major_max_partitions(struct dev_types *dt, int major);
int dev_is_partitioned(struct dev_types *dt, struct device *dev);
int dev_get_primary_dev(struct dev_types *dt, struct device *dev, dev_t *result);
/* Various device properties */
unsigned long dev_alignment_offset(struct dev_types *dt, struct device *dev);
unsigned long dev_minimum_io_size(struct dev_types *dt, struct device *dev);
unsigned long dev_optimal_io_size(struct dev_types *dt, struct device *dev);
unsigned long dev_discard_max_bytes(struct dev_types *dt, struct device *dev);
unsigned long dev_discard_granularity(struct dev_types *dt, struct device *dev);
int dev_is_rotational(struct dev_types *dt, struct device *dev);