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* Copyright (C) 2001-2004 Sistina Software, Inc. All rights reserved.
* Copyright (C) 2004-2013 Red Hat, Inc. All rights reserved.
* This file is part of LVM2.
* This copyrighted material is made available to anyone wishing to use,
* modify, copy, or redistribute it subject to the terms and conditions
* of the GNU Lesser General Public License v.2.1.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation,
* Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
#ifndef _LVM_VG_H
#define _LVM_VG_H
#include "uuid.h"
#include "libdevmapper.h"
struct cmd_context;
struct format_instance;
struct logical_volume;
typedef enum {
ALLOC_CLING_BY_TAGS, /* Internal - never written or displayed. */
} alloc_policy_t;
struct pv_to_write {
struct dm_list list;
struct physical_volume *pv;
struct pvcreate_params *pp;
int new_pv;
struct volume_group {
struct cmd_context *cmd;
struct dm_pool *vgmem;
struct format_instance *fid;
const struct format_type *original_fmt; /* Set when processing backup files */
struct lvmcache_vginfo *vginfo;
struct dm_list *cmd_vgs;/* List of wanted/locked and opened VGs */
uint32_t cmd_missing_vgs;/* Flag marks missing VG */
uint32_t seqno; /* Metadata sequence number */
unsigned skip_validate_lock_args : 1;
unsigned lvmetad_update_pending: 1;
* The parsed committed (on-disk) copy of this VG; is NULL if this VG is committed
* version (i.e. vg_committed == NULL *implies* this is the committed copy,
* there is no guarantee that if this VG is the same as the committed one
* this will be NULL). The pointer is maintained by calls to
* _vg_update_vg_committed.
struct volume_group *vg_committed;
struct dm_config_tree *cft_precommitted; /* Precommitted metadata */
struct volume_group *vg_precommitted; /* Parsed from cft */
alloc_policy_t alloc;
struct profile *profile;
uint64_t status;
struct id id;
const char *name;
const char *old_name; /* Set during vgrename and vgcfgrestore */
const char *system_id;
char *lvm1_system_id;
const char *lock_type;
const char *lock_args;
uint32_t extent_size;
uint32_t extent_count;
uint32_t free_count;
uint32_t max_lv;
uint32_t max_pv;
/* physical volumes */
uint32_t pv_count;
struct dm_list pvs;
* List of physical volumes that were used in vgextend but do not carry
* a PV label yet. They need to be pvcreate'd at vg_write time.
struct dm_list pvs_to_write; /* struct pv_to_write */
struct dm_list pv_write_list; /* struct pv_list */
* List of physical volumes that carry outdated metadata that belongs
* to this VG. Currently only populated when lvmetad is in use. The PVs
* on this list could still belong to the VG (but their MDA carries an
* out-of-date copy of the VG metadata) or they could no longer belong
* to the VG. With lvmetad, this list is populated with all PVs that
* have a VGID matching ours, but seqno that is smaller than the
* current seqno for the VG. The MDAs on still-in-VG PVs are updated as
* part of the normal vg_write/vg_commit process. The MDAs on PVs that
* no longer belong to the VG are wiped during vg_read.
* However, even though still-in-VG PVs *may* be on the list, this is
* not guaranteed. The in-lvmetad list is cleared whenever out-of-VG
* outdated PVs are wiped during vg_read.
struct dm_list pvs_outdated;
* logical volumes
* The following relationship should always hold:
* dm_list_size(lvs) = user visible lv_count + snapshot_count + other invisible LVs
* Snapshots consist of 2 instances of "struct logical_volume":
* - cow (lv_name is visible to the user)
* - snapshot (lv_name is 'snapshotN')
* Mirrors consist of multiple instances of "struct logical_volume":
* - one for the mirror log
* - one for each mirror leg
* - one for the user-visible mirror LV
struct dm_list lvs;
struct dm_list historical_lvs;
struct dm_list tags;
* FIXME: Move the next fields into a different struct?
* List of removed logical volumes by _lv_reduce.
struct dm_list removed_lvs;
* List of removed historical logical volumes by historical_glv_remove.
struct dm_list removed_historical_lvs;
* List of removed physical volumes by pvreduce.
* They have to get cleared on vg_commit.
struct dm_list removed_pvs;
uint32_t open_mode; /* FIXME: read or write - check lock type? */
* Store result of the last vg_read().
* 0 for success else appropriate FAILURE_* bits set.
uint32_t read_status;
uint32_t mda_copies; /* target number of mdas for this VG */
struct dm_hash_table *hostnames; /* map of creation hostnames */
struct logical_volume *pool_metadata_spare_lv; /* one per VG */
struct logical_volume *sanlock_lv; /* one per VG */
struct volume_group *alloc_vg(const char *pool_name, struct cmd_context *cmd,
const char *vg_name);
* release_vg() must be called on every struct volume_group allocated
* by vg_create() or vg_read_internal() to free it when no longer required.
void release_vg(struct volume_group *vg);
void free_orphan_vg(struct volume_group *vg);
char *vg_fmt_dup(const struct volume_group *vg);
char *vg_name_dup(const struct volume_group *vg);
char *vg_system_id_dup(const struct volume_group *vg);
char *vg_lock_type_dup(const struct volume_group *vg);
char *vg_lock_args_dup(const struct volume_group *vg);
uint32_t vg_seqno(const struct volume_group *vg);
uint64_t vg_status(const struct volume_group *vg);
int vg_set_alloc_policy(struct volume_group *vg, alloc_policy_t alloc);
int vg_set_clustered(struct volume_group *vg, int clustered);
int vg_set_system_id(struct volume_group *vg, const char *system_id);
int vg_set_lock_type(struct volume_group *vg, const char *lock_type);
uint64_t vg_size(const struct volume_group *vg);
uint64_t vg_free(const struct volume_group *vg);
uint64_t vg_extent_size(const struct volume_group *vg);
int vg_check_new_extent_size(const struct format_type *fmt, uint32_t new_extent_size);
int vg_set_extent_size(struct volume_group *vg, uint32_t new_extent_size);
uint64_t vg_extent_count(const struct volume_group *vg);
uint64_t vg_free_count(const struct volume_group *vg);
uint64_t vg_pv_count(const struct volume_group *vg);
uint64_t vg_max_pv(const struct volume_group *vg);
int vg_set_max_pv(struct volume_group *vg, uint32_t max_pv);
uint64_t vg_max_lv(const struct volume_group *vg);
int vg_set_max_lv(struct volume_group *vg, uint32_t max_lv);
uint32_t vg_mda_count(const struct volume_group *vg);
uint32_t vg_mda_used_count(const struct volume_group *vg);
uint32_t vg_mda_copies(const struct volume_group *vg);
int vg_set_mda_copies(struct volume_group *vg, uint32_t mda_copies);
char *vg_profile_dup(const struct volume_group *vg);
* Returns visible LV count - number of LVs from user perspective
unsigned vg_visible_lvs(const struct volume_group *vg);
* Count snapshot LVs.
unsigned snapshot_count(const struct volume_group *vg);
uint64_t vg_mda_size(const struct volume_group *vg);
uint64_t vg_mda_free(const struct volume_group *vg);
char *vg_attr_dup(struct dm_pool *mem, const struct volume_group *vg);
char *vg_uuid_dup(const struct volume_group *vg);
char *vg_tags_dup(const struct volume_group *vg);
#endif /* _LVM_VG_H */