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Texas Instruments TWL6040 family
The TWL6040s are 8-channel high quality low-power audio codecs providing audio,
vibra and GPO functionality on OMAP4+ platforms.
They are connected ot the host processor via i2c for commands, McPDM for audio
data and commands.
Required properties:
- compatible : "ti,twl6040" for twl6040, "ti,twl6041" for twl6041
- reg: must be 0x4b for i2c address
- interrupts: twl6040 has one interrupt line connecteded to the main SoC
- interrupt-parent: The parent interrupt controller
- gpio-controller:
- #gpio-cells = <1>: twl6040 provides GPO lines.
- twl6040,audpwron-gpio: Power on GPIO line for the twl6040
- vio-supply: Regulator for the twl6040 VIO supply
- v2v1-supply: Regulator for the twl6040 V2V1 supply
Optional properties, nodes:
- enable-active-high: To power on the twl6040 during boot.
Vibra functionality
Required properties:
- vddvibl-supply: Regulator for the left vibra motor
- vddvibr-supply: Regulator for the right vibra motor
- vibra { }: Configuration section for vibra parameters containing the following
- ti,vibldrv-res: Resistance parameter for left driver
- ti,vibrdrv-res: Resistance parameter for right driver
- ti,viblmotor-res: Resistance parameter for left motor
- ti,viblmotor-res: Resistance parameter for right motor
Optional properties within vibra { } section:
- vddvibl_uV: If the vddvibl default voltage need to be changed
- vddvibr_uV: If the vddvibr default voltage need to be changed
&i2c1 {
twl6040: twl@4b {
compatible = "ti,twl6040";
interrupts = <0 119 4>;
interrupt-parent = <&gic>;
twl6040,audpwron-gpio = <&gpio4 31 0>;
vio-supply = <&v1v8>;
v2v1-supply = <&v2v1>;
/* regulators for vibra motor */
vddvibl-supply = <&vbat>;
vddvibr-supply = <&vbat>;
vibra {
/* Vibra driver, motor resistance parameters */
ti,vibldrv-res = <8>;
ti,vibrdrv-res = <3>;
ti,viblmotor-res = <10>;
ti,vibrmotor-res = <10>;
/include/ "twl6040.dtsi"