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Memory mapped Bosch CC770 and Intel AN82527 CAN controller
Note: The CC770 is a CAN controller from Bosch, which is 100%
compatible with the old AN82527 from Intel, but with "bugs" being fixed.
Required properties:
- compatible : should be "bosch,cc770" for the CC770 and "intc,82527"
for the AN82527.
- reg : should specify the chip select, address offset and size required
to map the registers of the controller. The size is usually 0x80.
- interrupts : property with a value describing the interrupt source
(number and sensitivity) required for the controller.
Optional properties:
- bosch,external-clock-frequency : frequency of the external oscillator
clock in Hz. Note that the internal clock frequency used by the
controller is half of that value. If not specified, a default
value of 16000000 (16 MHz) is used.
- bosch,clock-out-frequency : slock frequency in Hz on the CLKOUT pin.
If not specified or if the specified value is 0, the CLKOUT pin
will be disabled.
- bosch,slew-rate : slew rate of the CLKOUT signal. If not specified,
a resonable value will be calculated.
- bosch,disconnect-rx0-input : see data sheet.
- bosch,disconnect-rx1-input : see data sheet.
- bosch,disconnect-tx1-output : see data sheet.
- bosch,polarity-dominant : see data sheet.
- bosch,divide-memory-clock : see data sheet.
- bosch,iso-low-speed-mux : see data sheet.
For further information, please have a look to the CC770 or AN82527.
can@3,100 {
compatible = "bosch,cc770";
reg = <3 0x100 0x80>;
interrupts = <2 0>;
interrupt-parent = <&mpic>;
bosch,external-clock-frequency = <16000000>;