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=== AB8500 Fuel Gauge Driver ===
AB8500 is a mixed signal multimedia and power management
device comprising: power and energy-management-module,
wall-charger, usb-charger, audio codec, general purpose adc,
tvout, clock management and sim card interface.
Fuelgauge support is part of energy-management-modules, other
components of this module are:
main-charger, usb-combo-charger and battery-temperature-monitoring.
The properties below describes the node for fuelgauge driver.
Required Properties:
- compatible = This shall be: "stericsson,ab8500-fg"
- battery = Shall be battery specific information
ab8500_fg {
compatible = "stericsson,ab8500-fg";
battery = <&ab8500_battery>;
dependent node:
ab8500_battery: ab8500_battery {
This node will provide information on 'thermistor interface' and
'battery technology type' used.
Properties of this node are:
A boolean value indicating thermistor interface to battery
'btemp' and 'batctrl' are the pins interfaced for battery temperature
measurement, 'btemp' signal is used when NTC(negative temperature
coefficient) resister is interfaced external to battery whereas
'batctrl' pin is used when NTC resister is internal to battery.
ab8500_battery: ab8500_battery {
indicates: NTC resister is internal to battery, 'batctrl' is used
for thermal measurement.
The absence of property 'thermal-on-batctrl' indicates
NTC resister is external to battery and 'btemp' signal is used
for thermal measurement.
This shall be the battery manufacturing technology type,
allowed types are:
"UNKNOWN" "NiMH" "LION" "LIPO" "LiFe" "NiCd" "LiMn"
ab8500_battery: ab8500_battery {
stericsson,battery-type = "LIPO";