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* RS485 serial communications
The RTS signal is capable of automatically controlling line direction for
the built-in half-duplex mode.
The properties described hereafter shall be given to a half-duplex capable
UART node.
Required properties:
- rs485-rts-delay: prop-encoded-array <a b> where:
* a is the delay beteween rts signal and beginning of data sent in milliseconds.
it corresponds to the delay before sending data.
* b is the delay between end of data sent and rts signal in milliseconds
it corresponds to the delay after sending data and actual release of the line.
Optional properties:
- linux,rs485-enabled-at-boot-time: empty property telling to enable the rs485
feature at boot time. It can be disabled later with proper ioctl.
- rs485-rx-during-tx: empty property that enables the receiving of data even
whilst sending data.
RS485 example for Atmel USART:
usart0: serial@fff8c000 {
compatible = "atmel,at91sam9260-usart";
reg = <0xfff8c000 0x4000>;
interrupts = <7>;
rs485-rts-delay = <0 200>; // in milliseconds