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From: Paul Barton-Davis <>
Here is the configuration I use with a Tropez+ and my modular
alias char-major-14 wavefront
alias synth0 wavefront
alias mixer0 cs4232
alias audio0 cs4232
pre-install wavefront modprobe "-k" "cs4232"
post-install wavefront modprobe "-k" "opl3"
options wavefront io=0x200 irq=9
options cs4232 synthirq=9 synthio=0x200 io=0x530 irq=5 dma=1 dma2=0
options opl3 io=0x388
Things to note:
the wavefront options "io" and "irq" ***MUST*** match the "synthio"
and "synthirq" cs4232 options.
you can do without the opl3 module if you don't
want to use the OPL/[34] synth on the soundcard
the opl3 io parameter is conventionally not adjustable.
Please see drivers/sound/README.wavefront for more details.