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Linux driver for SE401 based USB cameras
Copyright, 2001, Jeroen Vreeken
The SE401 chip is the used in low-cost usb webcams.
It is produced by Endpoints Inc. (
It interfaces directly to a cmos image sensor and USB. The only other major
part in a se401 based camera is a dram chip.
The following cameras are known to work with this driver:
Aox se401 (non-branded) cameras
Philips PVCV665 USB VGA webcam 'Vesta Fun'
Kensington VideoCAM PC Camera Model 67014
Kensington VideoCAM PC Camera Model 67015
Kensington VideoCAM PC Camera Model 67016
Kensington VideoCAM PC Camera Model 67017
- USB support
- VIDEO4LINUX support
More information about USB support for linux can be found at:
When the driver is compiled as a module you can also use the 'flickerless'
option. With it exposure is limited to values that do not interfere with the
net frequency. Valid options for this option are 0, 50 and 60. (0=disable,
50=50hz, 60=60hz)
The driver works fine with the usb-ohci and uhci host controller drivers,
the default settings also work with usb-uhci. But sending more than one bulk
transfer at a time with usb-uhci doesn't work yet.
Users of usb-ohci and uhci can safely enlarge SE401_NUMSBUF in se401.h in
order to increase the throughput (and thus framerate).
The latest info on this driver can be found at:
And questions to me can be send to: