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* FFT transform with Altivec optimizations
* Copyright (c) 2009 Loren Merritt
* This algorithm (though not any of the implementation details) is
* based on libdjbfft by D. J. Bernstein.
* This file is part of FFmpeg.
* FFmpeg is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
* version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
* FFmpeg is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* Lesser General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License along with FFmpeg; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
* These functions are not individually interchangeable with the C versions.
* While C takes arrays of FFTComplex, Altivec leaves intermediate results
* in blocks as convenient to the vector size.
* i.e. {4x real, 4x imaginary, 4x real, ...}
* I ignore standard calling convention.
* Instead, the following registers are treated as global constants:
* v14: zero
* v15..v18: cosines
* v19..v29: permutations
* r9: 16
* r12: ff_cos_tabs
* and the rest are free for local use.
#include "config.h"
#include "asm.S"
.macro addi2 ra, imm // add 32-bit immediate
.if \imm & 0xffff
addi \ra, \ra, \imm@l
.if (\imm+0x8000)>>16
addis \ra, \ra, \imm@ha
.macro FFT4 a0, a1, a2, a3 // in:0-1 out:2-3
vperm \a2,\a0,\a1,v20 // vcprm(0,1,s2,s1) // {r0,i0,r3,i2}
vperm \a3,\a0,\a1,v21 // vcprm(2,3,s0,s3) // {r1,i1,r2,i3}
vaddfp \a0,\a2,\a3 // {t1,t2,t6,t5}
vsubfp \a1,\a2,\a3 // {t3,t4,t8,t7}
vmrghw \a2,\a0,\a1 // vcprm(0,s0,1,s1) // {t1,t3,t2,t4}
vperm \a3,\a0,\a1,v22 // vcprm(2,s3,3,s2) // {t6,t7,t5,t8}
vaddfp \a0,\a2,\a3 // {r0,r1,i0,i1}
vsubfp \a1,\a2,\a3 // {r2,r3,i2,i3}
vperm \a2,\a0,\a1,v23 // vcprm(0,1,s0,s1) // {r0,r1,r2,r3}
vperm \a3,\a0,\a1,v24 // vcprm(2,3,s2,s3) // {i0,i1,i2,i3}
.macro FFT4x2 a0, a1, b0, b1, a2, a3, b2, b3
vperm \a2,\a0,\a1,v20 // vcprm(0,1,s2,s1) // {r0,i0,r3,i2}
vperm \a3,\a0,\a1,v21 // vcprm(2,3,s0,s3) // {r1,i1,r2,i3}
vperm \b2,\b0,\b1,v20
vperm \b3,\b0,\b1,v21
vaddfp \a0,\a2,\a3 // {t1,t2,t6,t5}
vsubfp \a1,\a2,\a3 // {t3,t4,t8,t7}
vaddfp \b0,\b2,\b3
vsubfp \b1,\b2,\b3
vmrghw \a2,\a0,\a1 // vcprm(0,s0,1,s1) // {t1,t3,t2,t4}
vperm \a3,\a0,\a1,v22 // vcprm(2,s3,3,s2) // {t6,t7,t5,t8}
vmrghw \b2,\b0,\b1
vperm \b3,\b0,\b1,v22
vaddfp \a0,\a2,\a3 // {r0,r1,i0,i1}
vsubfp \a1,\a2,\a3 // {r2,r3,i2,i3}
vaddfp \b0,\b2,\b3
vsubfp \b1,\b2,\b3
vperm \a2,\a0,\a1,v23 // vcprm(0,1,s0,s1) // {r0,r1,r2,r3}
vperm \a3,\a0,\a1,v24 // vcprm(2,3,s2,s3) // {i0,i1,i2,i3}
vperm \b2,\b0,\b1,v23
vperm \b3,\b0,\b1,v24
.macro FFT8 a0, a1, b0, b1, a2, a3, b2, b3, b4 // in,out:a0-b1
vmrghw \b2,\b0,\b1 // vcprm(0,s0,1,s1) // {r4,r6,i4,i6}
vmrglw \b3,\b0,\b1 // vcprm(2,s2,3,s3) // {r5,r7,i5,i7}
vperm \a2,\a0,\a1,v20 // FFT4 ...
vperm \a3,\a0,\a1,v21
vaddfp \b0,\b2,\b3 // {t1,t3,t2,t4}
vsubfp \b1,\b2,\b3 // {r5,r7,i5,i7}
vperm \b4,\b1,\b1,v25 // vcprm(2,3,0,1) // {i5,i7,r5,r7}
vaddfp \a0,\a2,\a3
vsubfp \a1,\a2,\a3
vmaddfp \b1,\b1,v17,v14 // * {-1,1,1,-1}/sqrt(2)
vmaddfp \b1,\b4,v18,\b1 // * { 1,1,1,1 }/sqrt(2) // {t8,ta,t7,t9}
vmrghw \a2,\a0,\a1
vperm \a3,\a0,\a1,v22
vperm \b2,\b0,\b1,v26 // vcprm(1,2,s3,s0) // {t3,t2,t9,t8}
vperm \b3,\b0,\b1,v27 // vcprm(0,3,s2,s1) // {t1,t4,t7,ta}
vaddfp \a0,\a2,\a3
vsubfp \a1,\a2,\a3
vaddfp \b0,\b2,\b3 // {t1,t2,t9,ta}
vsubfp \b1,\b2,\b3 // {t6,t5,tc,tb}
vperm \a2,\a0,\a1,v23
vperm \a3,\a0,\a1,v24
vperm \b2,\b0,\b1,v28 // vcprm(0,2,s1,s3) // {t1,t9,t5,tb}
vperm \b3,\b0,\b1,v29 // vcprm(1,3,s0,s2) // {t2,ta,t6,tc}
vsubfp \b0,\a2,\b2 // {r4,r5,r6,r7}
vsubfp \b1,\a3,\b3 // {i4,i5,i6,i7}
vaddfp \a0,\a2,\b2 // {r0,r1,r2,r3}
vaddfp \a1,\a3,\b3 // {i0,i1,i2,i3}
.macro BF d0,d1,s0,s1
vsubfp \d1,\s0,\s1
vaddfp \d0,\s0,\s1
.macro zip d0,d1,s0,s1
vmrghw \d0,\s0,\s1
vmrglw \d1,\s0,\s1
.macro def_fft4 interleave
lvx v0, 0,r3
lvx v1,r9,r3
FFT4 v0,v1,v2,v3
.ifnb \interleave
zip v0,v1,v2,v3
stvx v0, 0,r3
stvx v1,r9,r3
stvx v2, 0,r3
stvx v3,r9,r3
.macro def_fft8 interleave
addi r4,r3,32
lvx v0, 0,r3
lvx v1,r9,r3
lvx v2, 0,r4
lvx v3,r9,r4
FFT8 v0,v1,v2,v3,v4,v5,v6,v7,v8
.ifnb \interleave
zip v4,v5,v0,v1
zip v6,v7,v2,v3
stvx v4, 0,r3
stvx v5,r9,r3
stvx v6, 0,r4
stvx v7,r9,r4
stvx v0, 0,r3
stvx v1,r9,r3
stvx v2, 0,r4
stvx v3,r9,r4
.macro def_fft16 interleave
addi r5,r3,64
addi r6,r3,96
addi r4,r3,32
lvx v0, 0,r5
lvx v1,r9,r5
lvx v2, 0,r6
lvx v3,r9,r6
FFT4x2 v0,v1,v2,v3,v4,v5,v6,v7
lvx v0, 0,r3
lvx v1,r9,r3
lvx v2, 0,r4
lvx v3,r9,r4
FFT8 v0,v1,v2,v3,v8,v9,v10,v11,v12
vmaddfp v8,v4,v15,v14 // r2*wre
vmaddfp v9,v5,v15,v14 // i2*wre
vmaddfp v10,v6,v15,v14 // r3*wre
vmaddfp v11,v7,v15,v14 // i3*wre
vmaddfp v8,v5,v16,v8 // i2*wim
vnmsubfp v9,v4,v16,v9 // r2*wim
vnmsubfp v10,v7,v16,v10 // i3*wim
vmaddfp v11,v6,v16,v11 // r3*wim
BF v10,v12,v10,v8
BF v11,v13,v9,v11
BF v0,v4,v0,v10
BF v3,v7,v3,v12
BF v1,v5,v1,v11
BF v2,v6,v2,v13
.ifnb \interleave
zip v8, v9,v0,v1
zip v10,v11,v2,v3
zip v12,v13,v4,v5
zip v14,v15,v6,v7
stvx v8, 0,r3
stvx v9,r9,r3
stvx v10, 0,r4
stvx v11,r9,r4
stvx v12, 0,r5
stvx v13,r9,r5
stvx v14, 0,r6
stvx v15,r9,r6
stvx v0, 0,r3
stvx v4, 0,r5
stvx v3,r9,r4
stvx v7,r9,r6
stvx v1,r9,r3
stvx v5,r9,r5
stvx v2, 0,r4
stvx v6, 0,r6
// void pass(float *z, float *wre, int n)
.macro PASS interleave, suffix
mtctr r5
slwi r0,r5,4
slwi r7,r5,6 // o2
slwi r5,r5,5 // o1
add r10,r5,r7 // o3
add r0,r4,r0 // wim
addi r6,r5,16 // o1+16
addi r8,r7,16 // o2+16
addi r11,r10,16 // o3+16
lvx v8, 0,r4 // wre
lvx v10, 0,r0 // wim
sub r0,r0,r9
lvx v9, 0,r0
vperm v9,v9,v10,v19 // vcprm(s0,3,2,1) => wim[0 .. -3]
lvx v4,r3,r7 // r2 = z[o2]
lvx v5,r3,r8 // i2 = z[o2+16]
lvx v6,r3,r10 // r3 = z[o3]
lvx v7,r3,r11 // i3 = z[o3+16]
vmaddfp v10,v4,v8,v14 // r2*wre
vmaddfp v11,v5,v8,v14 // i2*wre
vmaddfp v12,v6,v8,v14 // r3*wre
vmaddfp v13,v7,v8,v14 // i3*wre
lvx v0, 0,r3 // r0 = z[0]
lvx v3,r3,r6 // i1 = z[o1+16]
vmaddfp v10,v5,v9,v10 // i2*wim
vnmsubfp v11,v4,v9,v11 // r2*wim
vnmsubfp v12,v7,v9,v12 // i3*wim
vmaddfp v13,v6,v9,v13 // r3*wim
lvx v1,r3,r9 // i0 = z[16]
lvx v2,r3,r5 // r1 = z[o1]
BF v12,v8,v12,v10
BF v13,v9,v11,v13
BF v0,v4,v0,v12
BF v3,v7,v3,v8
.if !\interleave
stvx v0, 0,r3
stvx v4,r3,r7
stvx v3,r3,r6
stvx v7,r3,r11
BF v1,v5,v1,v13
BF v2,v6,v2,v9
.if !\interleave
stvx v1,r3,r9
stvx v2,r3,r5
stvx v5,r3,r8
stvx v6,r3,r10
vmrghw v8,v0,v1
vmrglw v9,v0,v1
stvx v8, 0,r3
stvx v9,r3,r9
vmrghw v8,v2,v3
vmrglw v9,v2,v3
stvx v8,r3,r5
stvx v9,r3,r6
vmrghw v8,v4,v5
vmrglw v9,v4,v5
stvx v8,r3,r7
stvx v9,r3,r8
vmrghw v8,v6,v7
vmrglw v9,v6,v7
stvx v8,r3,r10
stvx v9,r3,r11
addi r3,r3,32
addi r4,r4,16
bdnz 1b
sub r3,r3,r5
#define M_SQRT1_2 0.70710678118654752440 /* 1/sqrt(2) */
#define WORD_0 0x00,0x01,0x02,0x03
#define WORD_1 0x04,0x05,0x06,0x07
#define WORD_2 0x08,0x09,0x0a,0x0b
#define WORD_3 0x0c,0x0d,0x0e,0x0f
#define WORD_s0 0x10,0x11,0x12,0x13
#define WORD_s1 0x14,0x15,0x16,0x17
#define WORD_s2 0x18,0x19,0x1a,0x1b
#define WORD_s3 0x1c,0x1d,0x1e,0x1f
#define vcprm(a, b, c, d) .byte WORD_##a, WORD_##b, WORD_##c, WORD_##d
.align 4
.float 0, 0, 0, 0
.float 1, 0.92387953, M_SQRT1_2, 0.38268343
.float 0, 0.38268343, M_SQRT1_2, 0.92387953
.float -M_SQRT1_2, M_SQRT1_2, M_SQRT1_2,-M_SQRT1_2
.float M_SQRT1_2, M_SQRT1_2, M_SQRT1_2, M_SQRT1_2
.macro lvm b, r, regs:vararg
lvx \r, 0, \b
addi \b, \b, 16
.ifnb \regs
lvm \b, \regs
.macro stvm b, r, regs:vararg
stvx \r, 0, \b
addi \b, \b, 16
.ifnb \regs
stvm \b, \regs
.macro fft_calc interleave
extfunc ff_fft_calc\interleave\()_altivec
mflr r0
stp r0, 2*PS(r1)
stpu r1, -(160+16*PS)(r1)
get_got r11
addi r6, r1, 16*PS
stvm r6, v20, v21, v22, v23, v24, v25, v26, v27, v28, v29
mfvrsave r0
stw r0, 15*PS(r1)
li r6, 0xfffffffc
mtvrsave r6
movrel r6, fft_data, r11
lvm r6, v14, v15, v16, v17, v18, v19, v20, v21
lvm r6, v22, v23, v24, v25, v26, v27, v28, v29
li r9, 16
movrel r12, X(ff_cos_tabs), r11
movrel r6, fft_dispatch_tab\interleave\()_altivec, r11
lwz r3, 0(r3)
subi r3, r3, 2
slwi r3, r3, 2+ARCH_PPC64
lpx r3, r3, r6
mtctr r3
mr r3, r4
addi r6, r1, 16*PS
lvm r6, v20, v21, v22, v23, v24, v25, v26, v27, v28, v29
lwz r6, 15*PS(r1)
mtvrsave r6
lp r1, 0(r1)
lp r0, 2*PS(r1)
mtlr r0
.macro DECL_FFT suffix, bits, n, n2, n4
mflr r0
stp r0,PS*(\bits-3)(r1)
bl fft\n2\()_altivec
addi2 r3,\n*4
bl fft\n4\()_altivec
addi2 r3,\n*2
bl fft\n4\()_altivec
addi2 r3,\n*-6
lp r0,PS*(\bits-3)(r1)
lp r4,\bits*PS(r12)
mtlr r0
li r5,\n/16
b fft_pass\suffix\()_altivec
.macro DECL_FFTS interleave, suffix
def_fft4 \suffix
def_fft8 \suffix
def_fft16 \suffix
PASS \interleave, \suffix
DECL_FFT \suffix, 5, 32, 16, 8
DECL_FFT \suffix, 6, 64, 32, 16
DECL_FFT \suffix, 7, 128, 64, 32
DECL_FFT \suffix, 8, 256, 128, 64
DECL_FFT \suffix, 9, 512, 256, 128
DECL_FFT \suffix,10, 1024, 512, 256
DECL_FFT \suffix,11, 2048, 1024, 512
DECL_FFT \suffix,12, 4096, 2048, 1024
DECL_FFT \suffix,13, 8192, 4096, 2048
DECL_FFT \suffix,14,16384, 8192, 4096
DECL_FFT \suffix,15,32768,16384, 8192
DECL_FFT \suffix,16,65536,32768,16384
fft_calc \suffix
.align 3
PTR fft4\suffix\()_altivec
PTR fft8\suffix\()_altivec
PTR fft16\suffix\()_altivec
PTR fft32\suffix\()_altivec
PTR fft64\suffix\()_altivec
PTR fft128\suffix\()_altivec
PTR fft256\suffix\()_altivec
PTR fft512\suffix\()_altivec
PTR fft1024\suffix\()_altivec
PTR fft2048\suffix\()_altivec
PTR fft4096\suffix\()_altivec
PTR fft8192\suffix\()_altivec
PTR fft16384\suffix\()_altivec
PTR fft32768\suffix\()_altivec
PTR fft65536\suffix\()_altivec
DECL_FFTS 1, _interleave
#endif /* HAVE_GNU_AS && HAVE_ALTIVEC */