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* Copyright (C) 2003-2006, International Business Machines
* Corporation and others. All Rights Reserved.
* file name: usprep.h
* encoding: US-ASCII
* tab size: 8 (not used)
* indentation:4
* created on: 2003jul2
* created by: Ram Viswanadha
#ifndef __USPREP_H__
#define __USPREP_H__
* \file
* \brief C API: Implements the StringPrep algorithm.
#include "unicode/utypes.h"
* StringPrep API implements the StingPrep framework as described by RFC 3454.
* StringPrep prepares Unicode strings for use in network protocols.
* Profiles of StingPrep are set of rules and data according to with the
* Unicode Strings are prepared. Each profiles contains tables which describe
* how a code point should be treated. The tables are broadly classied into
* <ul>
* <li> Unassinged Table: Contains code points that are unassigned
* in the Unicode Version supported by StringPrep. Currently
* RFC 3454 supports Unicode 3.2. </li>
* <li> Prohibited Table: Contains code points that are prohibted from
* the output of the StringPrep processing function. </li>
* <li> Mapping Table: Contains code ponts that are deleted from the output or case mapped. </li>
* </ul>
* The procedure for preparing Unicode strings:
* <ol>
* <li> Map: For each character in the input, check if it has a mapping
* and, if so, replace it with its mapping. </li>
* <li> Normalize: Possibly normalize the result of step 1 using Unicode
* normalization. </li>
* <li> Prohibit: Check for any characters that are not allowed in the
* output. If any are found, return an error.</li>
* <li> Check bidi: Possibly check for right-to-left characters, and if
* any are found, make sure that the whole string satisfies the
* requirements for bidirectional strings. If the string does not
* satisfy the requirements for bidirectional strings, return an
* error. </li>
* </ol>
* @author Ram Viswanadha
#include "unicode/parseerr.h"
* The StringPrep profile
* @stable ICU 2.8
typedef struct UStringPrepProfile UStringPrepProfile;
* Option to prohibit processing of unassigned code points in the input
* @see usprep_prepare
* @stable ICU 2.8
#define USPREP_DEFAULT 0x0000
* Option to allow processing of unassigned code points in the input
* @see usprep_prepare
* @stable ICU 2.8
* Creates a StringPrep profile from the data file.
* @param path string containing the full path pointing to the directory
* where the profile reside followed by the package name
* e.g. "/usr/resource/my_app/profiles/mydata" on a Unix system.
* if NULL, ICU default data files will be used.
* @param fileName name of the profile file to be opened
* @param status ICU error code in/out parameter. Must not be NULL.
* Must fulfill U_SUCCESS before the function call.
* @return Pointer to UStringPrepProfile that is opened. Should be closed by
* calling usprep_close()
* @see usprep_close()
* @stable ICU 2.8
U_STABLE UStringPrepProfile* U_EXPORT2
usprep_open(const char* path,
const char* fileName,
UErrorCode* status);
* Closes the profile
* @param profile The profile to close
* @stable ICU 2.8
usprep_close(UStringPrepProfile* profile);
* Prepare the input buffer for use in applications with the given profile. This operation maps, normalizes(NFKC),
* checks for prohited and BiDi characters in the order defined by RFC 3454
* depending on the options specified in the profile.
* @param prep The profile to use
* @param src Pointer to UChar buffer containing the string to prepare
* @param srcLength Number of characters in the source string
* @param dest Pointer to the destination buffer to receive the output
* @param destCapacity The capacity of destination array
* @param options A bit set of options:
* - USPREP_NONE Prohibit processing of unassigned code points in the input
* - USPREP_ALLOW_UNASSIGNED Treat the unassigned code points are in the input
* as normal Unicode code points.
* @param parseError Pointer to UParseError struct to receive information on position
* of error if an error is encountered. Can be NULL.
* @param status ICU in/out error code parameter.
* U_INVALID_CHAR_FOUND if src contains
* unmatched single surrogates.
* too many code points.
* U_BUFFER_OVERFLOW_ERROR if destCapacity is not enough
* @return The number of UChars in the destination buffer
* @stable ICU 2.8
usprep_prepare( const UStringPrepProfile* prep,
const UChar* src, int32_t srcLength,
UChar* dest, int32_t destCapacity,
int32_t options,
UParseError* parseError,
UErrorCode* status );
#endif /* #if !UCONFIG_NO_IDNA */