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#! /usr/bin/make -f
# -*- makefile -*-
# Invoke each target with `./debian/rules <target>'. All targets should be
# invoked with the package root as the current directory.
# The `binary' target must be run as root, as it needs to install files with
# specific ownerships.
# Uncomment this to turn on verbose mode.
export DH_VERBOSE=1
package = e2fsprogs
ARCH = $(shell dpkg --print-architecture)
# find the version for the main package, from changelog file
MAIN_VERSION = $(shell head -1 debian/changelog | cut '-d ' -f 2 | sed 's/[()]//g')
# find versions for libraries going into their own packages, from their's
COMERR_VERSION = $(shell grep ELF_VERSION lib/et/ | cut '-d ' -f3)
COMERR_MAJOR = $(word 1,$(subst ., ,$(COMERR_VERSION)))
SS_VERSION = $(shell grep ELF_VERSION lib/ss/ | cut '-d ' -f3)
SS_MAJOR = $(word 1,$(subst ., ,$(SS_VERSION)))
topdir = $(shell pwd)
debdir = $(topdir)/debian
maindir = $(debdir)/tmp
builddir = $(topdir)/builddir
docdir = $(maindir)/usr/doc/$(package)
SUBPACKAGES_DIRS = tmp e2fslibsg e2fslibsg-dev comerr$(COMERR_MAJOR)g comerrg-dev \
ss$(SS_MAJOR)g ssg-dev
installdoc = install -m 644
installbin = install -m 755
ifeq ($(ARCH),alpha)
CCOPTS = -g -O2 -fsigned-char -DHAVE_NETINET_IN_H
LIBC-DEV = libc6.1-dev
CCOPTS = -g -O2 -fsigned-char
LIBC-DEV = libc6-dev
build: configured
make -C $(builddir)
make -C $(builddir)/misc findsuper
cd doc && texi2html -split_chapter libext2fs.texinfo
cd lib/et && texi2html -split_chapter -expandinfo com_err.texinfo
touch build
mkdir -p $(builddir)
cd $(builddir) && CFLAGS="$(CFLAGS)" \
../configure --enable-elf-shlibs --enable-dynamic-e2fsck \
touch configured
rm -f build configured install
-make -C $(builddir) -i distclean
rm -rf $(builddir)
rm -f doc/libext2fs_*.html lib/et/com_err_*.html
binary-indep: build
# no arch-independant debs.
binary-arch: build
dh_testversion 0.56 # == 0.53 + fixes
dh_testdir -a
dh_testroot -a
dh_clean -a -k
dh_installdirs -a
make -C $(builddir) install DESTDIR=$(maindir)
install -m 755 $(builddir)/misc/findsuper $(maindir)/sbin
# static libs and .h files
make -C $(builddir) install-libs DESTDIR=$(maindir)
install -m 644 $(builddir)/lib/ss/ss_err.h $(maindir)/usr/include/ss/
# fix and install compile_et script
sed s%$(topdir)/lib/et%/usr/share/comerr% \
<$(builddir)/lib/et/compile_et \
chmod 755 $(debdir)/comerrg-dev/usr/bin/compile_et
# add support files for compile_et
install -m 644 lib/et/et_c.awk lib/et/et_h.awk \
# fix and install mk_cmds script
sed s%$(topdir)/lib/ss%/usr/share/ss% \
<$(builddir)/lib/ss/mk_cmds \
chmod 755 $(debdir)/ssg-dev/usr/bin/mk_cmds
# add support files for mk_cmds
install -m 644 lib/ss/ct_c.awk lib/ss/ct_c.sed \
# docs
mkdir -p $(debdir)/e2fslibsg-dev/usr/doc/e2fslibsg
ln -sf e2fslibsg $(debdir)/e2fslibsg-dev/usr/doc/e2fslibsg-dev
mkdir -p $(maindir)/usr/doc/e2fslibsg
ln -sf e2fslibsg $(maindir)/usr/doc/e2fsprogs
mkdir -p $(debdir)/comerrg-dev/usr/doc/comerr$(COMERR_MAJOR)g
ln -sf comerr$(COMERR_MAJOR)g $(debdir)/comerrg-dev/usr/doc/comerrg-dev
mkdir -p $(debdir)/ssg-dev/usr/doc/ss$(SS_MAJOR)g
ln -sf ss$(SS_MAJOR)g $(debdir)/ssg-dev/usr/doc/ssg-dev
dh_installdocs -a
# HTML docs
install -d $(debdir)/e2fslibsg-dev/usr/doc/e2fslibsg-dev/html-info/
install -p $(topdir)/doc/libext2fs_*.html \
install -d $(debdir)/comerrg-dev/usr/doc/comerrg-dev/html-info/
install -p $(topdir)/lib/et/com_err_*.html \
# texinfo docs
install -p $(topdir)/doc/libext2fs.texinfo \
install -p $(topdir)/lib/et/com_err.texinfo \
# doc-base support
install -d $(debdir)/e2fslibsg-dev/usr/share/doc-base/
install -p -m 644 $(debdir)/libext2fs.docbase \
install -d $(debdir)/comerrg-dev/usr/share/doc-base/
install -p -m 644 $(debdir)/com_err.docbase \
# examples
dh_installexamples -a
# dh_installmanpages still makes a mess as of 0.54 (see below dh_movefiles)
install -p $(topdir)/lib/et/compile_et.1 $(maindir)/usr/man/man1/
install -d $(maindir)/usr/man/man3/
install -p $(topdir)/lib/et/com_err.3 $(maindir)/usr/man/man3/
ln -s e2fsck.8 $(maindir)/usr/man/man8/fsck.ext2.8
ln -s mke2fs.8 $(maindir)/usr/man/man8/mkfs.ext2.8
dh_movefiles -a
# cleanup empty dirs
cd $(maindir) && rmdir usr/man/cat? bin lib usr/include/* usr/include \
usr/info usr/lib usr/man/man3 usr/doc/e2fslibsg
# dh_installmenu -a
# broken + useless in 0.52
# dh_installmanpages -a
dh_undocumented -a
dh_installchangelogs -pe2fslibsg -pcomerr$(COMERR_MAJOR)g -pss$(SS_MAJOR)g ChangeLog
dh_strip -a
dh_compress -a
dh_fixperms -a
echo "libcdev:Depends=$(LIBC-DEV)" > debian/comerrg-dev.substvars
echo "libcdev:Depends=$(LIBC-DEV)" > debian/ssg-dev.substvars
echo "libcdev:Depends=$(LIBC-DEV)" > debian/e2fslibsg-dev.substvars
dh_installdeb -a
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$(builddir)/lib:/lib:/usr/lib \
dh_shlibdeps -a
dh_gencontrol -u '-isp' -pe2fsprogs -pe2fslibsg -pe2fslibsg-dev
dh_gencontrol -u '-isp' -pcomerr$(COMERR_MAJOR)g -pcomerrg-dev \
dh_gencontrol -u '-isp' -pss$(SS_MAJOR)g -pssg-dev \
dh_makeshlibs -a
# dh_du -a
dh_md5sums -a
dh_builddeb -a
binary: binary-indep binary-arch
.PHONY: binary binary-arch binary-indep clean checkroot