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/** mkquota.h
* Interface to the quota library.
* The quota library provides interface for creating and updating the quota
* files and the ext4 superblock fields. It supports the new VFS_V1 quota
* format. The quota library also provides support for keeping track of quotas
* in memory.
* The typical way to use the quota library is as follows:
* {
* quota_ctx_t qctx;
* quota_init_context(&qctx, fs, -1);
* {
* quota_compute_usage(qctx, -1);
* quota_data_add/quota_data_sub/quota_data_inodes();
* }
* quota_write_inode(qctx, USRQUOTA);
* quota_write_inode(qctx, GRPQUOTA);
* quota_release_context(&qctx);
* }
* This initial version does not support reading the quota files. This support
* will be added in near future.
* Aditya Kali <>
#ifndef __QUOTA_QUOTAIO_H__
#define __QUOTA_QUOTAIO_H__
#include "ext2fs/ext2_fs.h"
#include "ext2fs/ext2fs.h"
#include "quotaio.h"
#include "../e2fsck/dict.h"
typedef struct quota_ctx *quota_ctx_t;
struct quota_ctx {
ext2_filsys fs;
dict_t *quota_dict[MAXQUOTAS];
/* In mkquota.c */
errcode_t quota_init_context(quota_ctx_t *qctx, ext2_filsys fs, int qtype);
void quota_data_inodes(quota_ctx_t qctx, struct ext2_inode *inode, ext2_ino_t ino,
int adjust);
void quota_data_add(quota_ctx_t qctx, struct ext2_inode *inode, ext2_ino_t ino,
qsize_t space);
void quota_data_sub(quota_ctx_t qctx, struct ext2_inode *inode, ext2_ino_t ino,
qsize_t space);
errcode_t quota_write_inode(quota_ctx_t qctx, int qtype);
errcode_t quota_update_limits(quota_ctx_t qctx, ext2_ino_t qf_ino, int type);
errcode_t quota_compute_usage(quota_ctx_t qctx);
void quota_release_context(quota_ctx_t *qctx);
errcode_t quota_remove_inode(ext2_filsys fs, int qtype);
int quota_file_exists(ext2_filsys fs, int qtype, int fmt);
void quota_set_sb_inum(ext2_filsys fs, ext2_ino_t ino, int qtype);
errcode_t quota_compare_and_update(quota_ctx_t qctx, int qtype,
int *usage_inconsistent);
#endif /* __QUOTA_QUOTAIO_H__ */