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# Pesan Bahasa Indonesia untuk e2fsprogs
# Copyright (C) 2008 Theodore Tso (msgids)
# This file is distributed under the same license as the e2fsprogs package.
# Permission is granted to freely copy and distribute
# this file and modified versions, provided that this
# header is not removed and modified versions are marked
# as such.
# Arif E. Nugroho <>, 2008, 2009, 2010.
#. The strings in e2fsck's problem.c can be very hard to translate,
#. since the strings are expanded in two different ways. First of all,
#. there is an @-expansion, where strings like "@i" are expanded to
#. "inode", and so on. In order to make it easier for translators, the
#. e2fsprogs po template file has been enhanced with comments that show
#. the @-expansion, for the strings in the problem.c file.
#. Translators are free to use the @-expansion facility if they so
#. choose, by providing translations for strings in e2fsck/message.c.
#. These translation can completely replace an expansion; for example,
#. if "bblock" (which indicated that "@b" would be expanded to "block")
#. is translated as "ddatenverlust", then "@d" will be expanded to
#. "datenverlust". Alternatively, translators can simply not use the
#. @-expansion facility at all.
#. The second expansion which is done for e2fsck's problem.c messages is
#. a dynamic %-expansion, which expands %i as an inode number, and so
#. on. A table of these expansions can be found below. Note that
#. %-expressions that begin with "%D" and "%I" are two-character
#. expansions; so for example, "%Iu" expands to the inode's user id
#. ownership field (inode->i_uid).
#. %b <blk> block number
#. %B <blkcount> integer
#. %c <blk2> block number
#. %Di <dirent> -> ino inode number
#. %Dn <dirent> -> name string
#. %Dr <dirent> -> rec_len
#. %Dl <dirent> -> name_len
#. %Dt <dirent> -> filetype
#. %d <dir> inode number
#. %g <group> integer
#. %i <ino> inode number
#. %Is <inode> -> i_size
#. %IS <inode> -> i_extra_isize
#. %Ib <inode> -> i_blocks
#. %Il <inode> -> i_links_count
#. %Im <inode> -> i_mode
#. %IM <inode> -> i_mtime
#. %IF <inode> -> i_faddr
#. %If <inode> -> i_file_acl
#. %Id <inode> -> i_dir_acl
#. %Iu <inode> -> i_uid
#. %Ig <inode> -> i_gid
#. %j <ino2> inode number
#. %m <com_err error message>
#. %N <num>
#. %p ext2fs_get_pathname of directory <ino>
#. %P ext2fs_get_pathname of <dirent>->ino with <ino2> as
#. the containing directory. (If dirent is NULL
#. then return the pathname of directory <ino2>)
#. %q ext2fs_get_pathname of directory <dir>
#. %Q ext2fs_get_pathname of directory <ino> with <dir> as
#. the containing directory.
#. %s <str> miscellaneous string
#. %S backup superblock
#. %X <num> hexadecimal format
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: e2fsprogs 1.41.12\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2012-06-12 14:40-0400\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2010-05-24 12:30+0700\n"
"Last-Translator: Arif E. Nugroho <>\n"
"Language-Team: Indonesian <>\n"
"Language: id\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
#: e2fsck/badblocks.c:23 misc/mke2fs.c:176
#, c-format
msgid "Bad block %u out of range; ignored.\n"
msgstr "Bad block %u diluar jangkauan; diabaikan.\n"
#: e2fsck/badblocks.c:46
msgid "while sanity checking the bad blocks inode"
msgstr "ketika melakukan pengecheckan di inode bad block"
#: e2fsck/badblocks.c:58
msgid "while reading the bad blocks inode"
msgstr "ketika membaca inode bad block"
#: e2fsck/badblocks.c:72 e2fsck/iscan.c:110 e2fsck/scantest.c:107
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1298 e2fsck/unix.c:1386 misc/badblocks.c:1214
#: misc/badblocks.c:1222 misc/badblocks.c:1236 misc/badblocks.c:1248
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:588 misc/e2image.c:1189 misc/e2image.c:1307
#: misc/e2image.c:1320 misc/mke2fs.c:192 misc/tune2fs.c:1907 resize/main.c:303
#, c-format
msgid "while trying to open %s"
msgstr "ketika mencoba untuk membuka %s"
#: e2fsck/badblocks.c:83
#, c-format
msgid "while trying popen '%s'"
msgstr "ketika mencoba popen '%s'"
#: e2fsck/badblocks.c:94 misc/mke2fs.c:199
msgid "while reading in list of bad blocks from file"
msgstr "ketika membaca dalam daftar bad block dari berkas"
#: e2fsck/badblocks.c:105
msgid "while updating bad block inode"
msgstr "ketika memperbarui inode bad block"
#: e2fsck/badblocks.c:131
#, c-format
msgid "Warning: illegal block %u found in bad block inode. Cleared.\n"
msgstr ""
"Peringatan: illegal block %u ditemukan dalam inode bad block. Dihapus.\n"
#: e2fsck/ehandler.c:55
#, c-format
msgid "Error reading block %lu (%s) while %s. "
msgstr "Error membaca block %lu (%s) ketika %s. "
#: e2fsck/ehandler.c:58
#, c-format
msgid "Error reading block %lu (%s). "
msgstr "Error membaca block %lu (%s). "
#: e2fsck/ehandler.c:61 e2fsck/ehandler.c:110
msgid "Ignore error"
msgstr "Mengabaikan error"
#: e2fsck/ehandler.c:62
msgid "Force rewrite"
msgstr "Memaksa menulis kembali"
#: e2fsck/ehandler.c:104
#, c-format
msgid "Error writing block %lu (%s) while %s. "
msgstr "Error menulis block %lu (%s) ketika %s. "
#: e2fsck/ehandler.c:107
#, c-format
msgid "Error writing block %lu (%s). "
msgstr "Error menulis block %lu (%s). "
#: e2fsck/emptydir.c:57
msgid "empty dirblocks"
msgstr "dirblock kosong"
#: e2fsck/emptydir.c:62
msgid "empty dir map"
msgstr "dir map kosong"
#: e2fsck/emptydir.c:98
#, c-format
msgid "Empty directory block %u (#%d) in inode %u\n"
msgstr "Direktori block %u (#%d) kosong dalam inode %u\n"
#: e2fsck/extend.c:22
#, c-format
msgid "%s: %s filename nblocks blocksize\n"
msgstr "%s: %s filename nblocks blocksize\n"
#: e2fsck/extend.c:44
#, c-format
msgid "Illegal number of blocks!\n"
msgstr "Nomor dari block tidak legal!\n"
#: e2fsck/extend.c:50
#, c-format
msgid "Couldn't allocate block buffer (size=%d)\n"
msgstr "Tidak dapat mengalokasikan block buffer (ukuran=%d)\n"
#: e2fsck/flushb.c:35
#, c-format
msgid "Usage: %s disk\n"
msgstr "Penggunaan: %s disk\n"
#: e2fsck/flushb.c:64
#, c-format
msgid "BLKFLSBUF ioctl not supported! Can't flush buffers.\n"
msgstr "BLKFLSBUF ioctl tidak disupport! Tidak dapat memflush buffer.\n"
#: e2fsck/iscan.c:44
#, c-format
msgid "Usage: %s [-F] [-I inode_buffer_blocks] device\n"
msgstr "Penggunaan: %s [-F] [-I inode_buffer_block] perangkat\n"
#: e2fsck/iscan.c:81 e2fsck/unix.c:930
#, c-format
msgid "while opening %s for flushing"
msgstr "ketika membuka %s untuk flushing"
#: e2fsck/iscan.c:86 e2fsck/unix.c:936 resize/main.c:276
#, c-format
msgid "while trying to flush %s"
msgstr "ketika mencoba untuk memflush %s"
#: e2fsck/iscan.c:119 e2fsck/scantest.c:114 misc/e2image.c:1084
msgid "while opening inode scan"
msgstr "ketika mencoba membuka inode scan"
#: e2fsck/iscan.c:127 misc/e2image.c:1102
msgid "while getting next inode"
msgstr "ketika memperoleh inode berikutnya"
#: e2fsck/iscan.c:136
#, c-format
msgid "%u inodes scanned.\n"
msgstr "%u inodes discan.\n"
#: e2fsck/journal.c:512
msgid "reading journal superblock\n"
msgstr "membaca journal superblock\n"
#: e2fsck/journal.c:569
#, c-format
msgid "%s: no valid journal superblock found\n"
msgstr "%s: journal superblock tidak valid ditemukan\n"
#: e2fsck/journal.c:578
#, c-format
msgid "%s: journal too short\n"
msgstr "%s: journal terlalu pendek\n"
#: e2fsck/journal.c:870
#, c-format
msgid "%s: recovering journal\n"
msgstr "%s: merecovery journal\n"
#: e2fsck/journal.c:872
#, c-format
msgid "%s: won't do journal recovery while read-only\n"
msgstr "%s: tidak akan melakukan journal recovery ketika read-only\n"
#: e2fsck/journal.c:899
#, c-format
msgid "while trying to re-open %s"
msgstr "ketika mencoba untuk membuka %s"
#: e2fsck/message.c:113
msgid "aextended attribute"
msgstr "aextended attribute"
#: e2fsck/message.c:114
msgid "Aerror allocating"
msgstr "Aerror mengalokasikan"
#: e2fsck/message.c:115
msgid "bblock"
msgstr "bblock"
#: e2fsck/message.c:116
msgid "Bbitmap"
msgstr "Bbitmap"
#: e2fsck/message.c:117
msgid "ccompress"
msgstr "ccompress"
#: e2fsck/message.c:118
msgid "Cconflicts with some other fs @b"
msgstr "Ckonflik dengan beberapa sistem berkas lain @b"
#: e2fsck/message.c:119
msgid "iinode"
msgstr "iinode"
#: e2fsck/message.c:120
msgid "Iillegal"
msgstr "Iilegal"
#: e2fsck/message.c:121
msgid "jjournal"
msgstr "jjournal"
#: e2fsck/message.c:122
msgid "Ddeleted"
msgstr "Ddeleted"
#: e2fsck/message.c:123
msgid "ddirectory"
msgstr "ddirektori"
#: e2fsck/message.c:124
msgid "eentry"
msgstr "eentri"
#: e2fsck/message.c:125
msgid "E@e '%Dn' in %p (%i)"
msgstr "E@e '%Dn' dalam %p (%i)"
#: e2fsck/message.c:126
msgid "ffilesystem"
msgstr "fsistem berkas"
#: e2fsck/message.c:127
msgid "Ffor @i %i (%Q) is"
msgstr "Funtuk @i %i (%Q) adalah"
#: e2fsck/message.c:128
msgid "ggroup"
msgstr "ggrup"
#: e2fsck/message.c:129
msgid "hHTREE @d @i"
msgstr "hHTREE @d @i"
#: e2fsck/message.c:130
msgid "llost+found"
msgstr "llost+found"
#: e2fsck/message.c:131
msgid "Lis a link"
msgstr "Ladalah sebuah link"
#: e2fsck/message.c:132
msgid "mmultiply-claimed"
msgstr "mmultiply-claimed"
#: e2fsck/message.c:133
msgid "ninvalid"
msgstr "ninvalid"
#: e2fsck/message.c:134
msgid "oorphaned"
msgstr "oorphaned"
#: e2fsck/message.c:135
msgid "pproblem in"
msgstr "pproblem dalam"
#: e2fsck/message.c:136
msgid "qquota"
msgstr ""
#: e2fsck/message.c:137
msgid "rroot @i"
msgstr "rroot @i"
#: e2fsck/message.c:138
msgid "sshould be"
msgstr "sseharusnya"
#: e2fsck/message.c:139
msgid "Ssuper@b"
msgstr "Ssuper@b"
#: e2fsck/message.c:140
msgid "uunattached"
msgstr "uunattached"
#: e2fsck/message.c:141
msgid "vdevice"
msgstr "vperangkat"
#: e2fsck/message.c:142
msgid "xextent"
msgstr "xextent"
#: e2fsck/message.c:143
msgid "zzero-length"
msgstr "zzero-length"
#: e2fsck/message.c:154
msgid "<The NULL inode>"
msgstr "<Inode Kosong>"
#: e2fsck/message.c:155
msgid "<The bad blocks inode>"
msgstr "<Bad block inode>"
#: e2fsck/message.c:157
#, fuzzy
msgid "<The user quota inode>"
msgstr "<Inode journal>"
#: e2fsck/message.c:158
#, fuzzy
msgid "<The group quota inode>"
msgstr "<inode deskripsi grup>"
#: e2fsck/message.c:159
msgid "<The boot loader inode>"
msgstr "<boot loader inode>"
#: e2fsck/message.c:160
msgid "<The undelete directory inode>"
msgstr "<undelete direktori inode>"
#: e2fsck/message.c:161
msgid "<The group descriptor inode>"
msgstr "<inode deskripsi grup>"
#: e2fsck/message.c:162
msgid "<The journal inode>"
msgstr "<Inode journal>"
#: e2fsck/message.c:163
msgid "<Reserved inode 9>"
msgstr "<Inode terpesan 9>"
#: e2fsck/message.c:164
msgid "<Reserved inode 10>"
msgstr "<Inode Terpesan 10>"
#: e2fsck/message.c:333
msgid "regular file"
msgstr "berkas biasa"
#: e2fsck/message.c:335
msgid "directory"
msgstr "direktori"
#: e2fsck/message.c:337
msgid "character device"
msgstr "karakter device"
#: e2fsck/message.c:339
msgid "block device"
msgstr "block device"
#: e2fsck/message.c:341
msgid "named pipe"
msgstr "named pipe"
#: e2fsck/message.c:343
msgid "symbolic link"
msgstr "symbolic link"
#: e2fsck/message.c:345 misc/uuidd.c:161
msgid "socket"
msgstr "socket"
#: e2fsck/message.c:347
#, c-format
msgid "unknown file type with mode 0%o"
msgstr "tipe file tidak diketahui dengan mode 0%o"
#: e2fsck/message.c:423
msgid "indirect block"
msgstr "block tidak langsung"
#: e2fsck/message.c:425
msgid "double indirect block"
msgstr "blok tidak langsung berdua"
#: e2fsck/message.c:427
msgid "triple indirect block"
msgstr "blok tidak langsung bertiga"
#: e2fsck/message.c:429
msgid "translator block"
msgstr "blok penerjemah"
#: e2fsck/message.c:431
msgid "block #"
msgstr "blok #"
#: e2fsck/pass1b.c:222
msgid "multiply claimed inode map"
msgstr "kalikan peta inode yang dituntut"
#: e2fsck/pass1b.c:610 e2fsck/pass1b.c:729
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "internal error: can't find dup_blk for %llu\n"
msgstr "internal error: tidak dapat menemukan dup_blk untuk %u\n"
#: e2fsck/pass1b.c:820
msgid "returned from clone_file_block"
msgstr "kembali dari clone_file_block"
#: e2fsck/pass1b.c:842
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "internal error: couldn't lookup EA block record for %llu"
msgstr "internal error: tidak dapat menemukan EA block record untuk %u"
#: e2fsck/pass1b.c:854
#, c-format
msgid "internal error: couldn't lookup EA inode record for %u"
msgstr "internal error: tidak dapat menemukan EA inode record untuk %u"
#: e2fsck/pass1.c:476 e2fsck/pass2.c:782
msgid "reading directory block"
msgstr "membaca direktori block"
#: e2fsck/pass1.c:599
msgid "in-use inode map"
msgstr "in-use inode map"
#: e2fsck/pass1.c:610
msgid "directory inode map"
msgstr "direktori inode map"
#: e2fsck/pass1.c:620
msgid "regular file inode map"
msgstr "regular file inode map"
#: e2fsck/pass1.c:629
msgid "in-use block map"
msgstr "in-use block map"
#: e2fsck/pass1.c:696
msgid "opening inode scan"
msgstr "membuka inode scan"
#: e2fsck/pass1.c:730
msgid "getting next inode from scan"
msgstr "memperoleh inode selanjutnya dari scan"
#: e2fsck/pass1.c:1240
msgid "Pass 1"
msgstr "Tahap 1"
#: e2fsck/pass1.c:1297
#, c-format
msgid "reading indirect blocks of inode %u"
msgstr "membaca indirect block dari inode %u"
#: e2fsck/pass1.c:1347
msgid "bad inode map"
msgstr "inode map buruk"
#: e2fsck/pass1.c:1370
msgid "inode in bad block map"
msgstr "inode dalam bad block map"
#: e2fsck/pass1.c:1390
msgid "imagic inode map"
msgstr "imagic inode map"
#: e2fsck/pass1.c:1417
msgid "multiply claimed block map"
msgstr "multiply diklaim block map"
#: e2fsck/pass1.c:1518
msgid "ext attr block map"
msgstr "ext attr block map"
#: e2fsck/pass1.c:2266
#, c-format
msgid "%6lu(%c): expecting %6lu got phys %6lu (blkcnt %lld)\n"
msgstr "%6lu(%c): diperkirakan %6lu diperoleh phys %6lu (blkcnt %lld)\n"
#: e2fsck/pass1.c:2627
msgid "block bitmap"
msgstr "block bitmap"
#: e2fsck/pass1.c:2633
msgid "inode bitmap"
msgstr "inode bitmap"
#: e2fsck/pass1.c:2639
msgid "inode table"
msgstr "inode table"
#: e2fsck/pass2.c:283
msgid "Pass 2"
msgstr "Tahap 2"
#: e2fsck/pass2.c:805
msgid "Can not continue."
msgstr "Tidak dapat melanjutkan."
#: e2fsck/pass3.c:77
msgid "inode done bitmap"
msgstr "inode selesai bitmap"
#: e2fsck/pass3.c:86
msgid "Peak memory"
msgstr "Puncak pemakaian memori"
#: e2fsck/pass3.c:136
msgid "Pass 3"
msgstr "Tahap 3"
#: e2fsck/pass3.c:322
msgid "inode loop detection bitmap"
msgstr "inode deteksi loop bitmap"
#: e2fsck/pass4.c:195
msgid "Pass 4"
msgstr "Tahap 4"
#: e2fsck/pass5.c:74
msgid "Pass 5"
msgstr "Tahap 5"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:51
msgid "(no prompt)"
msgstr "(tidak ada prompt)"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:52
msgid "Fix"
msgstr "Betulkan"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:53
msgid "Clear"
msgstr "Dihapus"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:54
msgid "Relocate"
msgstr "Dipindahkan"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:55
msgid "Allocate"
msgstr "Dialokasikan"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:56
msgid "Expand"
msgstr "Diexpand"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:57
msgid "Connect to /lost+found"
msgstr "Menyambungkan ke /lost+found"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:58
msgid "Create"
msgstr "Membuat"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:59
msgid "Salvage"
msgstr "Mengambil"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:60
msgid "Truncate"
msgstr "Truncate"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:61
msgid "Clear inode"
msgstr "Menghapus inode"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:62
msgid "Abort"
msgstr "Membatalkan"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:63
msgid "Split"
msgstr "Membagi"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:64
msgid "Continue"
msgstr "Melanjutkan"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:65
msgid "Clone multiply-claimed blocks"
msgstr "Kopi multiply-claimed blocks"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:66
msgid "Delete file"
msgstr "Hapus berkas"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:67
msgid "Suppress messages"
msgstr "Suppress pesan"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:68
msgid "Unlink"
msgstr "Unlink"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:69
msgid "Clear HTree index"
msgstr "Hapus HTree index"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:70
msgid "Recreate"
msgstr "Buat kembali"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:79
msgid "(NONE)"
msgstr "(KOSONG)"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:80
msgid "FIXED"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:81
msgid "CLEARED"
msgstr "DIHAPUS"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:82
#: e2fsck/problem.c:83
#: e2fsck/problem.c:84
msgid "EXPANDED"
msgstr "DIEXPAND"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:85
#: e2fsck/problem.c:86
msgid "CREATED"
msgstr "DIBUAT"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:87
msgid "SALVAGED"
msgstr "DIAMANKAN"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:88
msgstr "DIPOTONG"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:89
#: e2fsck/problem.c:90
msgid "ABORTED"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:91
msgid "SPLIT"
msgstr "DIBAGI"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:92
#: e2fsck/problem.c:93
#: e2fsck/problem.c:94
#: e2fsck/problem.c:95
msgstr "DIAKHIRI"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:96
msgid "UNLINKED"
msgstr "DILEPAS"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:97
#: e2fsck/problem.c:98
#. @-expanded: block bitmap for group %g is not in group. (block %b)\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:107
msgid "@b @B for @g %g is not in @g. (@b %b)\n"
msgstr "@b @B untuk @g %g tidak dalam @g. (@b %b)\n"
#. @-expanded: inode bitmap for group %g is not in group. (block %b)\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:111
msgid "@i @B for @g %g is not in @g. (@b %b)\n"
msgstr "@i @B untuk @G %G tidak dalam @g. (@b %b)\n"
#. @-expanded: inode table for group %g is not in group. (block %b)\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:116
msgid ""
"@i table for @g %g is not in @g. (@b %b)\n"
msgstr ""
"@i table untuk @g %g tidak berada dalam @g. (@b %b)\n"
#. @-expanded: \n
#. @-expanded: The superblock could not be read or does not describe a correct ext2\n
#. @-expanded: filesystem. If the device is valid and it really contains an ext2\n
#. @-expanded: filesystem (and not swap or ufs or something else), then the superblock\n
#. @-expanded: is corrupt, and you might try running e2fsck with an alternate superblock:\n
#. @-expanded: e2fsck -b %S <device>\n
#. @-expanded: \n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:122
#, c-format
msgid ""
"The @S could not be read or does not describe a correct ext2\n"
"@f. If the @v is valid and it really contains an ext2\n"
"@f (and not swap or ufs or something else), then the @S\n"
"is corrupt, and you might try running e2fsck with an alternate @S:\n"
" e2fsck -b %S <@v>\n"
msgstr ""
"@S tidak dapat dibaca atau tidak dapat menjelaskan ext2 dengan benar\n"
"@f. Jika @v tidak valid dan ini berisi sebuah ext2\n"
"@f (dan bukan swap atau ufs atau sesuatu yang lain), maka @S\n"
"korup, dan anda mungkin bisa mencoba menjalankan e2fsck secara alternatif "
" e2fsck -b %S <@v>\n"
#. @-expanded: The filesystem size (according to the superblock) is %b blocks\n
#. @-expanded: The physical size of the device is %c blocks\n
#. @-expanded: Either the superblock or the partition table is likely to be corrupt!\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:131
msgid ""
"The @f size (according to the @S) is %b @bs\n"
"The physical size of the @v is %c @bs\n"
"Either the @S or the partition table is likely to be corrupt!\n"
msgstr ""
"Ukuran @f (menurut dari @S) adalah %b @bs\n"
"Ukuran fisik dari @v adalah %c @bs\n"
"Kalau nggak @S atau tabel partisi yang mungkin korup!\n"
#. @-expanded: superblock block_size = %b, fragsize = %c.\n
#. @-expanded: This version of e2fsck does not support fragment sizes different\n
#. @-expanded: from the block size.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:138
msgid ""
"@S @b_size = %b, fragsize = %c.\n"
"This version of e2fsck does not support fragment sizes different\n"
"from the @b size.\n"
msgstr ""
"@S @b_size = %b, fragsize = %c.\n"
"Versi e2fsck ini tidak mengimplementasikan untuk ukuran fragment yang "
"dari @b.\n"
#. @-expanded: superblock blocks_per_group = %b, should have been %c\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:145
msgid "@S @bs_per_group = %b, should have been %c\n"
msgstr "@S @bs_per_group = %b, seharusnya %c\n"
#. @-expanded: superblock first_data_block = %b, should have been %c\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:150
msgid "@S first_data_@b = %b, should have been %c\n"
msgstr "@S first_data_@b = %b, seharusnya %c\n"
#. @-expanded: filesystem did not have a UUID; generating one.\n
#. @-expanded: \n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:155
msgid ""
"@f did not have a UUID; generating one.\n"
msgstr ""
"@f tidak memiliki sebuah UUID; membuat satu.\n"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:160
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Note: if several inode or block bitmap blocks or part\n"
"of the inode table require relocation, you may wish to try\n"
"running e2fsck with the '-b %S' option first. The problem\n"
"may lie only with the primary block group descriptors, and\n"
"the backup block group descriptors may be OK.\n"
msgstr ""
"Catatan: jika beberapa inode atau blok bitmap blok atau bagian\n"
"dari tabel inode membutuhkan relokasi, anda mungkin bisa mencoba\n"
"dengan menjalankan e2fsck dengan pilihan '-b %S' terlebih dahulu. Masalah\n"
"yang mungkin timbul jika dengan menggunakan blok deskripsi utama, dan\n"
"blok cadangan grup deskripsi mungkin OK.\n"
#. @-expanded: Corruption found in superblock. (%s = %N).\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:169
msgid "Corruption found in @S. (%s = %N).\n"
msgstr "Korupsi ditemukan di @S. (%s = %N).\n"
#. @-expanded: Error determining size of the physical device: %m\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:174
#, c-format
msgid "Error determining size of the physical @v: %m\n"
msgstr "Error menentukan ukuran dari phisik @v: %m\n"
#. @-expanded: inode count in superblock is %i, should be %j.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:179
msgid "@i count in @S is %i, @s %j.\n"
msgstr "@i terhitung dalam @S adalah %i, @s %j.\n"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:183
msgid "The Hurd does not support the filetype feature.\n"
msgstr "Hurd tidak mendukung layanan filetype.\n"
#. @-expanded: superblock has an invalid journal (inode %i).\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:188
#, c-format
msgid "@S has an @n @j (@i %i).\n"
msgstr "@S memiliki sebuah @n @j (@i %i).\n"
#. @-expanded: External journal has multiple filesystem users (unsupported).\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:193
msgid "External @j has multiple @f users (unsupported).\n"
msgstr "External @j memiliki multiple @f dari pengguna (tidak dilayani).\n"
#. @-expanded: Can't find external journal\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:198
msgid "Can't find external @j\n"
msgstr "Tidak dapat menemukan external @j\n"
#. @-expanded: External journal has bad superblock\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:203
msgid "External @j has bad @S\n"
msgstr "External @j memiliki bad @S\n"
#. @-expanded: External journal does not support this filesystem\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:208
msgid "External @j does not support this @f\n"
msgstr "External @j tidak melayani ini @f\n"
#. @-expanded: filesystem journal superblock is unknown type %N (unsupported).\n
#. @-expanded: It is likely that your copy of e2fsck is old and/or doesn't support this journal
#. @-expanded: format.\n
#. @-expanded: It is also possible the journal superblock is corrupt.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:213
msgid ""
"@f @j @S is unknown type %N (unsupported).\n"
"It is likely that your copy of e2fsck is old and/or doesn't support this @j "
"It is also possible the @j @S is corrupt.\n"
msgstr ""
"@f @j @S memiliki tipe yang tidak diketahui %N (tidak disupport).\n"
"Ini sangat memungkinkan jika salinan dari e2fsck sudah lama dan/atau tidak "
"melayani format @j ini.\n"
"Ini juga mungkin jika @j @S telah terkorupsi.\n"
#. @-expanded: journal superblock is corrupt.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:221
msgid "@j @S is corrupt.\n"
msgstr "@j @S telah terkorupsi.\n"
#. @-expanded: superblock has_journal flag is clear, but a journal %s is present.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:226
#, c-format
msgid "@S has_@j flag is clear, but a @j %s is present.\n"
msgstr "@S tanda has_@j hilang, tetapi @j %s ada.\n"
#. @-expanded: superblock needs_recovery flag is set, but no journal is present.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:231
msgid "@S needs_recovery flag is set, but no @j is present.\n"
msgstr "@S tanda needs_recovery ada, tetapi tidak memiliki @j.\n"
#. @-expanded: superblock needs_recovery flag is clear, but journal has data.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:236
msgid "@S needs_recovery flag is clear, but @j has data.\n"
msgstr "@S tanda need_recovery sudah hilang, tetapi @j memiliki data.\n"
#. @-expanded: Clear journal
#: e2fsck/problem.c:241
msgid "Clear @j"
msgstr "Hapus @j"
#. @-expanded: filesystem has feature flag(s) set, but is a revision 0 filesystem.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:246 e2fsck/problem.c:695
msgid "@f has feature flag(s) set, but is a revision 0 @f. "
msgstr "@f memiliki feature flag(s) set, tetapi memiliki sebuah revisi 0 @f."
#. @-expanded: %s orphaned inode %i (uid=%Iu, gid=%Ig, mode=%Im, size=%Is)\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:251
msgid "%s @o @i %i (uid=%Iu, gid=%Ig, mode=%Im, size=%Is)\n"
msgstr "%s @o @i %i (uid=%Iu, gid=%Ig, mode=%Im, ukuran=%Is)\n"
#. @-expanded: illegal %B (%b) found in orphaned inode %i.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:256
msgid "@I %B (%b) found in @o @i %i.\n"
msgstr "@I %B (%b) ditemukan dalam @o @i %i.\n"
#. @-expanded: Already cleared %B (%b) found in orphaned inode %i.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:261
msgid "Already cleared %B (%b) found in @o @i %i.\n"
msgstr "Sudah dihapus %B (%b) ditemukan dalam @o @i %i.\n"
#. @-expanded: illegal orphaned inode %i in superblock.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:266
#, c-format
msgid "@I @o @i %i in @S.\n"
msgstr "@I @o @i %i dalam @S.\n"
#. @-expanded: illegal inode %i in orphaned inode list.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:271
#, c-format
msgid "@I @i %i in @o @i list.\n"
msgstr "@I @i %i dalam daftar @o @i.\n"
#. @-expanded: journal superblock has an unknown read-only feature flag set.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:276
msgid "@j @S has an unknown read-only feature flag set.\n"
msgstr "@j @S memiliki sebuah feature yang tidak diketahui aktif.\n"
#. @-expanded: journal superblock has an unknown incompatible feature flag set.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:281
msgid "@j @S has an unknown incompatible feature flag set.\n"
msgstr ""
"@j @S memiliki sebuah feature yang tidak kompatibel yang tidak diketahui "
#. @-expanded: journal version not supported by this e2fsck.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:286
msgid "@j version not supported by this e2fsck.\n"
msgstr "versi @j tidak disupport oleh e2fsck ini.\n"
#. @-expanded: Moving journal from /%s to hidden inode.\n
#. @-expanded: \n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:291
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Moving @j from /%s to hidden @i.\n"
msgstr ""
"Memindahkan @j dari /%s ke tersembunyi @i.\n"
#. @-expanded: Error moving journal: %m\n
#. @-expanded: \n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:296
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Error moving @j: %m\n"
msgstr ""
"Error memindahkan @j: %m\n"
#. @-expanded: Found invalid V2 journal superblock fields (from V1 journal).\n
#. @-expanded: Clearing fields beyond the V1 journal superblock...\n
#. @-expanded: \n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:301
msgid ""
"Found @n V2 @j @S fields (from V1 @j).\n"
"Clearing fields beyond the V1 @j @S...\n"
msgstr ""
"Menemukan @n V2 @j @S fields (dari V1 @j).\n"
"Menghapus field diatas dari V1 @j @S...\n"
#. @-expanded: Run journal anyway
#: e2fsck/problem.c:307
msgid "Run @j anyway"
msgstr "Jalankan @j bagaimanapun"
#. @-expanded: Recovery flag not set in backup superblock, so running journal anyway.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:312
msgid "Recovery flag not set in backup @S, so running @j anyway.\n"
msgstr ""
"Recovery flag tidak diset dalam backup @S, jadi menjalankan @j "
#. @-expanded: Backing up journal inode block information.\n
#. @-expanded: \n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:317
msgid ""
"Backing up @j @i @b information.\n"
msgstr ""
"Menyimpan informasi @j @i @b.\n"
#. @-expanded: filesystem does not have resize_inode enabled, but s_reserved_gdt_blocks\n
#. @-expanded: is %N; should be zero.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:322
msgid ""
"@f does not have resize_@i enabled, but s_reserved_gdt_@bs\n"
"is %N; @s zero. "
msgstr ""
"@f tidak memiliki resize_@i aktif, tetapi _reserved_gdt_@bs\n"
"adalah %N; @s nol. "
#. @-expanded: Resize_inode not enabled, but the resize inode is non-zero.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:328
msgid "Resize_@i not enabled, but the resize @i is non-zero. "
msgstr "Resize_@i tidak aktif, tetapi resize @i bukan nol. "
#. @-expanded: Resize inode not valid.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:333
msgid "Resize @i not valid. "
msgstr "Resize @i tidak valid. "
#. @-expanded: superblock last mount time (%t,\n
#. @-expanded: \tnow = %T) is in the future.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:338
msgid ""
"@S last mount time (%t,\n"
"\tnow = %T) is in the future.\n"
msgstr ""
"@S waktu terakhir dipasang (%t,\n"
"\tsekarang = %T) berada di masa yang akan datang.\n"
#. @-expanded: superblock last write time (%t,\n
#. @-expanded: \tnow = %T) is in the future.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:343
msgid ""
"@S last write time (%t,\n"
"\tnow = %T) is in the future.\n"
msgstr ""
"@S waktu terakhir ditulis (%t,\n"
"\tsekarang = %T) berada di masa yang akan datang.\n"
#. @-expanded: superblock hint for external superblock should be %X.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:347
#, c-format
msgid "@S hint for external superblock @s %X. "
msgstr "@S petunjuk untuk superblok luar @s %X. "
#. @-expanded: Adding dirhash hint to filesystem.\n
#. @-expanded: \n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:352
msgid ""
"Adding dirhash hint to @f.\n"
msgstr ""
"Menambahkan dirhas hint ke @f.\n"
#. @-expanded: group descriptor %g checksum is %04x, should be %04y.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:357
#, fuzzy
msgid "@g descriptor %g checksum is %04x, should be %04y. "
msgstr "@g deskripsi %g checksum tidak valid. "
#. @-expanded: group descriptor %g marked uninitialized without feature set.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:362
#, c-format
msgid "@g descriptor %g marked uninitialized without feature set.\n"
msgstr "@g deskripsi %g ditandai unintialisasi tanpa menset feature.\n"
#. @-expanded: group descriptor %g has invalid unused inodes count %b.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:367
msgid "@g descriptor %g has invalid unused inodes count %b. "
msgstr "@g deskripsi %g memiliki inode yang tidak valid terhitung %b. "
#. @-expanded: Last group block bitmap uninitialized.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:372
msgid "Last @g @b @B uninitialized. "
msgstr "Terakhir @g @b @B tidak terinitialisasi. "
#: e2fsck/problem.c:377
#, c-format
msgid "Journal transaction %i was corrupt, replay was aborted.\n"
msgstr "Jurnal transaksi %i terkorupsi, balasan dibatalkan.\n"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:381
msgid "The test_fs flag is set (and ext4 is available). "
msgstr "Tanda test_fs telah aktif (dan ext4 tersedia). "
#. @-expanded: superblock last mount time is in the future.\n
#. @-expanded: \t(by less than a day, probably due to the hardware clock being incorrectly
#. @-expanded: set)
#: e2fsck/problem.c:386
msgid ""
"@S last mount time is in the future.\n"
"\t(by less than a day, probably due to the hardware clock being incorrectly "
"set) "
msgstr ""
"@S waktu pasang terakhir berada di masa yang akan datang.\n"
"\t(lebih kecil sehari, mungkin karena perangkat jam diset tidak benar) "
#. @-expanded: superblock last write time is in the future.\n
#. @-expanded: \t(by less than a day, probably due to the hardware clock being incorrectly
#. @-expanded: set).
#: e2fsck/problem.c:392
msgid ""
"@S last write time is in the future.\n"
"\t(by less than a day, probably due to the hardware clock being incorrectly "
"set). "
msgstr ""
"@S waktu tulis terakhir berada dimasa yang akan datang.\n"
"\t(lebih kecil sehari, mungkin karena perangkat jam diset tidak benar). "
#. @-expanded: One or more block group descriptor checksums are invalid.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:398
msgid "One or more @b @g descriptor checksums are invalid. "
msgstr "Satu atau lebih @b @g pendeskripsi checksum tidak valid. "
#. @-expanded: Setting free inodes count to %j (was %i)\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:403
#, fuzzy
msgid "Setting free @is count to %j (was %i)\n"
msgstr "Menset jumlah reserved blok ke %lu\n"
#. @-expanded: Setting free blocks count to %c (was %b)\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:408
#, fuzzy
msgid "Setting free @bs count to %c (was %b)\n"
msgstr "Menset jumlah reserved blok ke %lu\n"
#. @-expanded: Making quota inode %i (%Q) hidden.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:413
#, fuzzy
msgid "Making @q @i %i (%Q) hidden.\n"
msgstr ""
"Memindahkan @j dari /%s ke tersembunyi @i.\n"
#. @-expanded: superblock has invalid MMP block.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:418
#, fuzzy
msgid "@S has invalid MMP block. "
msgstr "Ukuran blok tidak valid - %s"
#. @-expanded: superblock has invalid MMP magic.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:423
msgid "@S has invalid MMP magic. "
msgstr ""
#: e2fsck/problem.c:428
#, c-format
msgid "ext2fs_open2: %m\n"
msgstr ""
#: e2fsck/problem.c:433
#, c-format
msgid "ext2fs_check_desc: %m\n"
msgstr ""
#. @-expanded: Pass 1: Checking inodes, blocks, and sizes\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:440
msgid "Pass 1: Checking @is, @bs, and sizes\n"
msgstr "Tahap 1: Memeriksa @i, @bs, dan ukuran\n"
#. @-expanded: root inode is not a directory.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:444
msgid "@r is not a @d. "
msgstr "@r bukan sebuah @d. "
#. @-expanded: root inode has dtime set (probably due to old mke2fs).
#: e2fsck/problem.c:449
msgid "@r has dtime set (probably due to old mke2fs). "
msgstr ""
"@r memiliki dtime terset (mungkin karena penggunaan mke2fs versi lama). "
#. @-expanded: Reserved inode %i (%Q) has invalid mode.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:454
msgid "Reserved @i %i (%Q) has @n mode. "
msgstr "Reserved @i %i (%Q) memiliki @n mode. "
#. @-expanded: deleted inode %i has zero dtime.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:459
#, c-format
msgid "@D @i %i has zero dtime. "
msgstr "@D @i %i memiliki dtime nol. "
#. @-expanded: inode %i is in use, but has dtime set.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:464
#, c-format
msgid "@i %i is in use, but has dtime set. "
msgstr "@i %i sedang digunakan, tetapi miliki dtime terset. "
#. @-expanded: inode %i is a zero-length directory.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:469
#, c-format
msgid "@i %i is a @z @d. "
msgstr "@i %i adalah sebuah @z @d. "
#. @-expanded: group %g's block bitmap at %b conflicts with some other fs block.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:474
msgid "@g %g's @b @B at %b @C.\n"
msgstr "@g %g's @b @B di %b @C.\n"
#. @-expanded: group %g's inode bitmap at %b conflicts with some other fs block.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:479
msgid "@g %g's @i @B at %b @C.\n"
msgstr "@g %g's @i @B di %b @C.\n"
#. @-expanded: group %g's inode table at %b conflicts with some other fs block.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:484
msgid "@g %g's @i table at %b @C.\n"
msgstr "@G %g's @i tabel di %b @C.\n"
#. @-expanded: group %g's block bitmap (%b) is bad.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:489
msgid "@g %g's @b @B (%b) is bad. "
msgstr "@g %g's @b @B (%b) adalah buruk. "
#. @-expanded: group %g's inode bitmap (%b) is bad.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:494
msgid "@g %g's @i @B (%b) is bad. "
msgstr "@g %g's @i @B (%b) adalah buruk. "
#. @-expanded: inode %i, i_size is %Is, should be %N.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:499
msgid "@i %i, i_size is %Is, @s %N. "
msgstr "@i %i, i_size adalah %Is, @s %N. "
#. @-expanded: inode %i, i_blocks is %Ib, should be %N.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:504
msgid "@i %i, i_@bs is %Ib, @s %N. "
msgstr "@i %i, i_@bs adalah %Ib, @s %N. "
#. @-expanded: illegal %B (%b) in inode %i.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:509
msgid "@I %B (%b) in @i %i. "
msgstr "@I %B (%b) dalam @i %i. "
#. @-expanded: %B (%b) overlaps filesystem metadata in inode %i.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:514
msgid "%B (%b) overlaps @f metadata in @i %i. "
msgstr "%B (%b) saling bertumpang tindih @f metadata dalam @i %i. "
#. @-expanded: inode %i has illegal block(s).
#: e2fsck/problem.c:519
#, c-format
msgid "@i %i has illegal @b(s). "
msgstr "@i %i memiliki @b(s) ilegal. "
#. @-expanded: Too many illegal blocks in inode %i.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:524
#, c-format
msgid "Too many illegal @bs in @i %i.\n"
msgstr "Terlalu banyak ilegal @bs dalam @i %i.\n"
#. @-expanded: illegal %B (%b) in bad block inode.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:529
msgid "@I %B (%b) in bad @b @i. "
msgstr "@I %B (%b) dalam @b @i buruk. "
#. @-expanded: Bad block inode has illegal block(s).
#: e2fsck/problem.c:534
msgid "Bad @b @i has illegal @b(s). "
msgstr "@b @i buruk memiliki ilegal @b(s). "
#. @-expanded: Duplicate or bad block in use!\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:539
msgid "Duplicate or bad @b in use!\n"
msgstr "Duplikasi atau @b buruk sedang digunakan!\n"
#. @-expanded: Bad block %b used as bad block inode indirect block.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:544
msgid "Bad @b %b used as bad @b @i indirect @b. "
msgstr "@b %b buruk yang digunakan sama buruknya dengan @b @i indirect @b. "
#. @-expanded: \n
#. @-expanded: The bad block inode has probably been corrupted. You probably\n
#. @-expanded: should stop now and run e2fsck -c to scan for bad blocks\n
#. @-expanded: in the filesystem.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:549
msgid ""
"The bad @b @i has probably been corrupted. You probably\n"
"should stop now and run e2fsck -c to scan for bad blocks\n"
"in the @f.\n"
msgstr ""
"@b @i buruk telah terkorupsi. Anda seharusnya berhenti\n"
"sekarang dan menjalankan e2fsck -c untuk menscan untuk\n"
"mencari blok buruk dalam @f.\n"
#. @-expanded: \n
#. @-expanded: If the block is really bad, the filesystem can not be fixed.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:556
msgid ""
"If the @b is really bad, the @f can not be fixed.\n"
msgstr ""
"Jika @b adalah sangat buruk, @f tidak dapat dibetulkan.\n"
#. @-expanded: You can remove this block from the bad block list and hope\n
#. @-expanded: that the block is really OK. But there are no guarantees.\n
#. @-expanded: \n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:561
msgid ""
"You can remove this @b from the bad @b list and hope\n"
"that the @b is really OK. But there are no guarantees.\n"
msgstr ""
"Anda dapat menghapus @b ini dari daftar @b buruk dan berharap\n"
"@b benar benar OK. Tetapi tidak garansi untuk hal ini.\n"
#. @-expanded: The primary superblock (%b) is on the bad block list.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:567
msgid "The primary @S (%b) is on the bad @b list.\n"
msgstr "@S (%b) utama berada dalam daftar @b buruk.\n"
#. @-expanded: Block %b in the primary group descriptors is on the bad block list\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:572
msgid "Block %b in the primary @g descriptors is on the bad @b list\n"
msgstr "Blok %b dalam deskripsi @g utama berada dalam daftar @b buruk\n"
#. @-expanded: Warning: Group %g's superblock (%b) is bad.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:578
msgid "Warning: Group %g's @S (%b) is bad.\n"
msgstr "Peringatan: Grup %g's @S (b) buruk.\n"
#. @-expanded: Warning: Group %g's copy of the group descriptors has a bad block (%b).\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:583
msgid "Warning: Group %g's copy of the @g descriptors has a bad @b (%b).\n"
msgstr ""
"Peringatan: Grup %g's salinan dari deskripsi @g memiliki sebuah @b (%b) "
#. @-expanded: Programming error? block #%b claimed for no reason in process_bad_block.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:589
msgid "Programming error? @b #%b claimed for no reason in process_bad_@b.\n"
msgstr ""
"Programming error? @b #%b terklaim untuk tidak ada alasan dalam "
#. @-expanded: error allocating %N contiguous block(s) in block group %g for %s: %m\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:595
msgid "@A %N contiguous @b(s) in @b @g %g for %s: %m\n"
msgstr "@A %N kontinu @b(s) dalam @b @g %g untuk %s: %m\n"
#. @-expanded: error allocating block buffer for relocating %s\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:600
#, c-format
msgid "@A @b buffer for relocating %s\n"
msgstr "@A @b buffer untuk relokasi %s\n"
#. @-expanded: Relocating group %g's %s from %b to %c...\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:605
msgid "Relocating @g %g's %s from %b to %c...\n"
msgstr "Memindahkan @g %g's %s dari %b ke %c...\n"
#. @-expanded: Relocating group %g's %s to %c...\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:610
#, c-format
msgid "Relocating @g %g's %s to %c...\n"
msgstr "Memindahkan @g %g's %s ke %c...\n"
#. @-expanded: Warning: could not read block %b of %s: %m\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:615
msgid "Warning: could not read @b %b of %s: %m\n"
msgstr "Peringatan: tidak dapat membaca @b %b dari %s: %m\n"
#. @-expanded: Warning: could not write block %b for %s: %m\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:620
msgid "Warning: could not write @b %b for %s: %m\n"
msgstr "Peringatan: tidak dapat menulis @b %b untuk %s: %m\n"
#. @-expanded: error allocating inode bitmap (%N): %m\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:625 e2fsck/problem.c:1460
msgid "@A @i @B (%N): %m\n"
msgstr "@A @i @B (%N): %m\n"
#. @-expanded: error allocating block bitmap (%N): %m\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:630
msgid "@A @b @B (%N): %m\n"
msgstr "@A @b @B (%N): %m\n"
#. @-expanded: error allocating icount link information: %m\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:635
#, c-format
msgid "@A icount link information: %m\n"
msgstr "@A icount link informasi: %m\n"
#. @-expanded: error allocating directory block array: %m\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:640
#, c-format
msgid "@A @d @b array: %m\n"
msgstr "@A @d @b array: %m\n"
#. @-expanded: Error while scanning inodes (%i): %m\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:645
#, c-format
msgid "Error while scanning @is (%i): %m\n"
msgstr "Error ketika melakukan scanning @is (%i): %m\n"
#. @-expanded: Error while iterating over blocks in inode %i: %m\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:650
#, c-format
msgid "Error while iterating over @bs in @i %i: %m\n"
msgstr "Error ketika mengiterasi melalui @bs dalam @i %i: %m\n"
#. @-expanded: Error storing inode count information (inode=%i, count=%N): %m\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:655
msgid "Error storing @i count information (@i=%i, count=%N): %m\n"
msgstr "Error menyimpan @i count informasi (@i=%i, count=%N): %m\n"
#. @-expanded: Error storing directory block information (inode=%i, block=%b, num=%N): %m\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:660
msgid "Error storing @d @b information (@i=%i, @b=%b, num=%N): %m\n"
msgstr "Error menyimpan @d @b informasi (@i=%i, @b=%b, num=%N): %m\n"
#. @-expanded: Error reading inode %i: %m\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:666
#, c-format
msgid "Error reading @i %i: %m\n"
msgstr "Error membaca @i %i: %m\n"
#. @-expanded: inode %i has imagic flag set.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:674
#, c-format
msgid "@i %i has imagic flag set. "
msgstr "@i %i memiliki flag imagic terset. "
#. @-expanded: Special (device/socket/fifo/symlink) file (inode %i) has immutable\n
#. @-expanded: or append-only flag set.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:679
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Special (@v/socket/fifo/symlink) file (@i %i) has immutable\n"
"or append-only flag set. "
msgstr ""
"Spesial (@v/socket/fifo/symlink) berkas (@i %i) memiliki ketahanan\n"
"atau append-only flag terset."
#. @-expanded: inode %i has compression flag set on filesystem without compression support.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:685
#, c-format
msgid "@i %i has @cion flag set on @f without @cion support. "
msgstr "@i %i memiliki @cion flag terset pada @f tanpa layanan @cion. "
#. @-expanded: Special (device/socket/fifo) inode %i has non-zero size.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:690
#, c-format
msgid "Special (@v/socket/fifo) @i %i has non-zero size. "
msgstr "Spesial (@v/socket/fifo) @i %i memiliki ukuran kosong. "
#. @-expanded: journal inode is not in use, but contains data.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:700
msgid "@j @i is not in use, but contains data. "
msgstr "@j @i sedang tidak digunakan, tetapi berisi data. "
#. @-expanded: journal is not regular file.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:705
msgid "@j is not regular file. "
msgstr "@j bukan sebuah file regular. "
#. @-expanded: inode %i was part of the orphaned inode list.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:710
#, c-format
msgid "@i %i was part of the @o @i list. "
msgstr "@i %i adalah bagian dari daftar @o @i. "
#. @-expanded: inodes that were part of a corrupted orphan linked list found.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:716
msgid "@is that were part of a corrupted orphan linked list found. "
msgstr ""
"@i adalah bagian dari orphan terkorupsi yang ditemukan dari linked list. "
#. @-expanded: error allocating refcount structure (%N): %m\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:721
msgid "@A refcount structure (%N): %m\n"
msgstr "@A refcount structure (%N): %m\n"
#. @-expanded: Error reading extended attribute block %b for inode %i.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:726
msgid "Error reading @a @b %b for @i %i. "
msgstr "Error membaca @a @b %b untuk @i %i. "
#. @-expanded: inode %i has a bad extended attribute block %b.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:731
msgid "@i %i has a bad @a @b %b. "
msgstr "@i %i memiliki sebuah @a @b %b buruk."
#. @-expanded: Error reading extended attribute block %b (%m).
#: e2fsck/problem.c:736
msgid "Error reading @a @b %b (%m). "
msgstr "Error membaca @a @b %b (%m). "
#. @-expanded: extended attribute block %b has reference count %r, should be %N.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:741
msgid "@a @b %b has reference count %r, @s %N. "
msgstr "@a @b %b memiliki jumlah referensi %r, @s %N. "
#. @-expanded: Error writing extended attribute block %b (%m).
#: e2fsck/problem.c:746
msgid "Error writing @a @b %b (%m). "
msgstr "Error menulis @a @b %b (%m). "
#. @-expanded: extended attribute block %b has h_blocks > 1.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:751
msgid "@a @b %b has h_@bs > 1. "
msgstr "@a @b %b memiliki h_@bs > 1. "
#. @-expanded: error allocating extended attribute block %b.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:756
msgid "@A @a @b %b. "
msgstr "@A @a @b %b. "
#. @-expanded: extended attribute block %b is corrupt (allocation collision).
#: e2fsck/problem.c:761
msgid "@a @b %b is corrupt (allocation collision). "
msgstr "@a @b %b adalah korup (bentrok dalam alokasi). "
#. @-expanded: extended attribute block %b is corrupt (invalid name).
#: e2fsck/problem.c:766
msgid "@a @b %b is corrupt (@n name). "
msgstr "@a @b %b adalah korup (@n nama). "
#. @-expanded: extended attribute block %b is corrupt (invalid value).
#: e2fsck/problem.c:771
msgid "@a @b %b is corrupt (@n value). "
msgstr "@a @b %b adalah korup (@n value). "
#. @-expanded: inode %i is too big.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:776
#, c-format
msgid "@i %i is too big. "
msgstr "@i %i terlalu besar. "
#. @-expanded: %B (%b) causes directory to be too big.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:780
msgid "%B (%b) causes @d to be too big. "
msgstr "%B (%b) menyebabkan @d terlalu besar. "
#: e2fsck/problem.c:785
msgid "%B (%b) causes file to be too big. "
msgstr "%B (%b) menyebabkan berkas terlalu besar. "
#: e2fsck/problem.c:790
msgid "%B (%b) causes symlink to be too big. "
msgstr "%B (%b) menyebabkan symlink terlalu besar. "
#. @-expanded: inode %i has INDEX_FL flag set on filesystem without htree support.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:795
#, c-format
msgid "@i %i has INDEX_FL flag set on @f without htree support.\n"
msgstr "@i %i memiliki INDEX_FL flag terset di @f tanpa bantuan htree.\n"
#. @-expanded: inode %i has INDEX_FL flag set but is not a directory.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:800
#, c-format
msgid "@i %i has INDEX_FL flag set but is not a @d.\n"
msgstr "@i %i memiliki INDEX_FL flag terset tetapi tidak sebuah @d\n"
#. @-expanded: HTREE directory inode %i has an invalid root node.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:805
#, c-format
msgid "@h %i has an @n root node.\n"
msgstr "@h %i memiliki sebuah @n titik root.\n"
#. @-expanded: HTREE directory inode %i has an unsupported hash version (%N)\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:810
msgid "@h %i has an unsupported hash version (%N)\n"
msgstr "@h %i memiliki sebuah versi hash yang tidak dilayani (%N)\n"
#. @-expanded: HTREE directory inode %i uses an incompatible htree root node flag.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:815
#, c-format
msgid "@h %i uses an incompatible htree root node flag.\n"
msgstr ""
"@h %i menggunakan sebuah htree yang tidak kompatible di titik root flag.\n"
#. @-expanded: HTREE directory inode %i has a tree depth (%N) which is too big\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:820
msgid "@h %i has a tree depth (%N) which is too big\n"
msgstr "@h %i memiliki sebuah kedalaman pohon (%N) yang terlalu besar\n"
#. @-expanded: Bad block inode has an indirect block (%b) that conflicts with\n
#. @-expanded: filesystem metadata.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:825
msgid ""
"Bad @b @i has an indirect @b (%b) that conflicts with\n"
"@f metadata. "
msgstr ""
"Buruk @b @i memiliki sebuah @b (%b) tidak langsung yang konflik dengan\n"
"@f metadata. "
#. @-expanded: Resize inode (re)creation failed: %m.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:831
#, c-format
msgid "Resize @i (re)creation failed: %m."
msgstr "Resize @i gagal membuat kembali: %m."
#. @-expanded: inode %i has a extra size (%IS) which is invalid\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:836
msgid "@i %i has a extra size (%IS) which is @n\n"
msgstr "@i %i memiliki sebuah ukuran extra (%IS) yang berisi @n\n"
#. @-expanded: extended attribute in inode %i has a namelen (%N) which is invalid\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:841
msgid "@a in @i %i has a namelen (%N) which is @n\n"
msgstr "@a dalam @i %i memiliki sebuah panjang nama (%N) yang berisi @n\n"
#. @-expanded: extended attribute in inode %i has a value offset (%N) which is invalid\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:846
msgid "@a in @i %i has a value offset (%N) which is @n\n"
msgstr "@a dalam @i %i memiliki nilai ofset (%N) yang berisi @n\n"
#. @-expanded: extended attribute in inode %i has a value block (%N) which is invalid (must be 0)\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:851
msgid "@a in @i %i has a value @b (%N) which is @n (must be 0)\n"
msgstr ""
"@a dalam @i %i memiliki sebuah nilai @b (%N) yang berisi @n (seharusnya 0)\n"
#. @-expanded: extended attribute in inode %i has a value size (%N) which is invalid\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:856
msgid "@a in @i %i has a value size (%N) which is @n\n"
msgstr ""
"@a dalam @i %i memiliki sebuah nilai yang berukuran (%N) yang berisi @n\n"
#. @-expanded: extended attribute in inode %i has a hash (%N) which is invalid\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:861
msgid "@a in @i %i has a hash (%N) which is @n\n"
msgstr "@a dalam @i %i memiliki sebuah hash (%N) yang berisi @n\n"
#. @-expanded: inode %i is a %It but it looks like it is really a directory.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:866
msgid "@i %i is a %It but it looks like it is really a directory.\n"
msgstr ""
"@i %i adalah sebuah %It tetapi sepertinya benar benar sebuah direktori.\n"
#. @-expanded: Error while reading over extent tree in inode %i: %m\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:871
#, c-format
msgid "Error while reading over @x tree in @i %i: %m\n"
msgstr "Error ketika membaca diatas @x tree dalam @i %i: %m\n"
#. @-expanded: Failed to iterate extents in inode %i\n
#. @-expanded: \t(op %s, blk %b, lblk %c): %m\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:876
msgid ""
"Failed to iterate extents in @i %i\n"
"\t(op %s, blk %b, lblk %c): %m\n"
msgstr ""
"Gagal mengiterasi extens dalam @i %i\n"
"\t(op %s, blk %b, lblk %c): %m\n"
#. @-expanded: inode %i has an invalid extent\n
#. @-expanded: \t(logical block %c, invalid physical block %b, len %N)\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:882
msgid ""
"@i %i has an @n extent\n"
"\t(logical @b %c, @n physical @b %b, len %N)\n"
msgstr ""
"@i %i memiliki sebuah extensi @n\n"
"\t(logical @b %c, @n physical @b %b, len %N)\n"
#. @-expanded: inode %i has an invalid extent\n
#. @-expanded: \t(logical block %c, physical block %b, invalid len %N)\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:887
msgid ""
"@i %i has an @n extent\n"
"\t(logical @b %c, physical @b %b, @n len %N)\n"
msgstr ""
"@i %i memiliki sebuah entensi @n\n"
"\t(logical @b %c, physical @b %b, @n len %N)\n"
#. @-expanded: inode %i has EXTENTS_FL flag set on filesystem without extents support.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:892
#, c-format
msgid "@i %i has EXTENTS_FL flag set on @f without extents support.\n"
msgstr "@i %i memiliki EXTENTS_FL tanda set di @f tanpa support extensi.\n"
#. @-expanded: inode %i is in extent format, but superblock is missing EXTENTS feature\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:897
#, c-format
msgid "@i %i is in extent format, but @S is missing EXTENTS feature\n"
msgstr "@i %i adalah sebuah format extensi, tetapi @S hilang feature EXTENTS\n"
#. @-expanded: inode %i missing EXTENT_FL, but is in extents format\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:902
#, c-format
msgid "@i %i missing EXTENT_FL, but is in extents format\n"
msgstr "@i %i hilang EXTENT_FL, tetapi adalah sebuah format extensi\n"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:907
#, c-format
msgid "Fast symlink %i has EXTENT_FL set. "
msgstr "Fast symlink %i memiliki EXTENT_FL terset. "
#. @-expanded: inode %i has out of order extents\n
#. @-expanded: \t(invalid logical block %c, physical block %b, len %N)\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:912
msgid ""
"@i %i has out of order extents\n"
"\t(@n logical @b %c, physical @b %b, len %N)\n"
msgstr ""
"@i %i telah tidak teratur extensinya\n"
"\t(@n logical @b %c, physical @b %b, len %N)\n"
#. @-expanded: inode %i has an invalid extent node (blk %b, lblk %c)\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:916
msgid "@i %i has an invalid extent node (blk %b, lblk %c)\n"
msgstr "@i %i memiliki sebuah titik ekstensi tidak valid (blk %b, lblk %c)\n"
#. @-expanded: Error converting subcluster block bitmap: %m\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:921
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "Error converting subcluster @b @B: %m\n"
msgstr "Error mengiterasi melalui @d @bs: %m\n"
#. @-expanded: quota inode is not regular file.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:926
#, fuzzy
msgid "@q @i is not regular file. "
msgstr "@j bukan sebuah file regular. "
#. @-expanded: quota inode is not in use, but contains data.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:931
#, fuzzy
msgid "@q @i is not in use, but contains data. "
msgstr "@j @i sedang tidak digunakan, tetapi berisi data. "
#. @-expanded: quota inode is visible to the user.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:936
#, fuzzy
msgid "@q @i is visible to the user. "
msgstr "@i %i sedang digunakan, tetapi miliki dtime terset. "
#. @-expanded: The bad block inode looks invalid.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:941
#, fuzzy
msgid "The bad @b @i looks @n. "
msgstr "<Bad block inode>"
#. @-expanded: inode %i has zero length extent\n
#. @-expanded: \t(invalid logical block %c, physical block %b)\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:946
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"@i %i has zero length extent\n"
"\t(@n logical @b %c, physical @b %b)\n"
msgstr ""
"@i %i telah tidak teratur extensinya\n"
"\t(@n logical @b %c, physical @b %b, len %N)\n"
#. @-expanded: \n
#. @-expanded: Running additional passes to resolve blocks claimed by more than one inode...\n
#. @-expanded: Pass 1B: Rescanning for multiply-claimed blocks\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:953
msgid ""
"Running additional passes to resolve @bs claimed by more than one @i...\n"
"Pass 1B: Rescanning for @m @bs\n"
msgstr ""
"Menjalankan tahap tambahan untuk meresolve @bs diklaim oleh lebih dari satu "
"Tahap 1B: Menscan kembali untuk @m @bs\n"
#. @-expanded: multiply-claimed block(s) in inode %i:
#: e2fsck/problem.c:959
#, c-format
msgid "@m @b(s) in @i %i:"
msgstr "@m @b(s) dalam @i %i:"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:974
#, c-format
msgid "Error while scanning inodes (%i): %m\n"
msgstr "Error ketika menscan inodes (%i): %m\n"
#. @-expanded: error allocating inode bitmap (inode_dup_map): %m\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:979
#, c-format
msgid "@A @i @B (@i_dup_map): %m\n"
msgstr "@A @i @B (@i_dup_map): %m\n"
#. @-expanded: Error while iterating over blocks in inode %i (%s): %m\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:984
#, c-format
msgid "Error while iterating over @bs in @i %i (%s): %m\n"
msgstr "Error ketika mengiterasi di @bs dalam @i %i (%s): %m\n"
#. @-expanded: Error adjusting refcount for extended attribute block %b (inode %i): %m\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:989 e2fsck/problem.c:1304
msgid "Error adjusting refcount for @a @b %b (@i %i): %m\n"
msgstr "Error menyesuaikan refcount untuk @a @b %b (@i %i): %m\n"
#. @-expanded: Pass 1C: Scanning directories for inodes with multiply-claimed blocks\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:994
msgid "Pass 1C: Scanning directories for @is with @m @bs\n"
msgstr "Tahap 1C: Memeriksa direktori untuk @is dengan @m @bs\n"
#. @-expanded: Pass 1D: Reconciling multiply-claimed blocks\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1000
msgid "Pass 1D: Reconciling @m @bs\n"
msgstr "Tahap 1D: Membetulkan @m @bs\n"
#. @-expanded: File %Q (inode #%i, mod time %IM) \n
#. @-expanded: has %r multiply-claimed block(s), shared with %N file(s):\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1005
msgid ""
"File %Q (@i #%i, mod time %IM) \n"
" has %r @m @b(s), shared with %N file(s):\n"
msgstr ""
"Berkas %Q (@i #%i, waktu berubah %IM) \n"
" memiliki %r @m @b(s), dibagi dengan %N berkas:\n"
#. @-expanded: \t%Q (inode #%i, mod time %IM)\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1011
msgid "\t%Q (@i #%i, mod time %IM)\n"
msgstr "\t%Q (@i #%i, mod time %IM)\n"
#. @-expanded: \t<filesystem metadata>\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1016
msgid "\t<@f metadata>\n"
msgstr "\t<@f metadata>\n"
#. @-expanded: (There are %N inodes containing multiply-claimed blocks.)\n
#. @-expanded: \n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1021
msgid ""
"(There are %N @is containing @m @bs.)\n"
msgstr ""
"(Ada %N @is berisi @m @bs.)\n"
#. @-expanded: multiply-claimed blocks already reassigned or cloned.\n
#. @-expanded: \n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1026
msgid ""
"@m @bs already reassigned or cloned.\n"
msgstr ""
"@m @bs telah diassign atau dikopi.\n"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1039
#, c-format
msgid "Couldn't clone file: %m\n"
msgstr "Tidak dapat menyalin file: %m\n"
#. @-expanded: Pass 2: Checking directory structure\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1045
msgid "Pass 2: Checking @d structure\n"
msgstr "Tahap 2: Memeriksa struktur @d\n"
#. @-expanded: invalid inode number for '.' in directory inode %i.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1050
#, c-format
msgid "@n @i number for '.' in @d @i %i.\n"
msgstr "@n @i jumlah untuk '.' dalam @d @i %i.\n"
#. @-expanded: entry '%Dn' in %p (%i) has invalid inode #: %Di.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1055
msgid "@E has @n @i #: %Di.\n"
msgstr "@E memiliki @n @i #: %Di.\n"
#. @-expanded: entry '%Dn' in %p (%i) has deleted/unused inode %Di.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1060
msgid "@E has @D/unused @i %Di. "
msgstr "@E memiliki @D/tidak dipakai @i %Di. "
#. @-expanded: entry '%Dn' in %p (%i) is a link to '.'
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1065
msgid "@E @L to '.' "
msgstr "@E @L ke '.' "
#. @-expanded: entry '%Dn' in %p (%i) points to inode (%Di) located in a bad block.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1070
msgid "@E points to @i (%Di) located in a bad @b.\n"
msgstr "@E menunjuk ke @i (%Di) terletak di dalam @b buruk.\n"
#. @-expanded: entry '%Dn' in %p (%i) is a link to directory %P (%Di).\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1075
msgid "@E @L to @d %P (%Di).\n"
msgstr "@E @L ke @d %P (%Di).\n"
#. @-expanded: entry '%Dn' in %p (%i) is a link to the root inode.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1080
msgid "@E @L to the @r.\n"
msgstr "@E @L ke @r.\n"
#. @-expanded: entry '%Dn' in %p (%i) has illegal characters in its name.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1085
msgid "@E has illegal characters in its name.\n"
msgstr "@E memiliki karakter ilegal dalam namanya.\n"
#. @-expanded: Missing '.' in directory inode %i.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1090
#, c-format
msgid "Missing '.' in @d @i %i.\n"
msgstr "Hilang '.' dalam @d @i %i.\n"
#. @-expanded: Missing '..' in directory inode %i.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1095
#, c-format
msgid "Missing '..' in @d @i %i.\n"
msgstr "Hilang '..' dalam @d @i %i.\n"
#. @-expanded: First entry '%Dn' (inode=%Di) in directory inode %i (%p) should be '.'\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1100
msgid "First @e '%Dn' (@i=%Di) in @d @i %i (%p) @s '.'\n"
msgstr "Pertama @e '%Dn' (@i=%Di) dalam @d @i %i (%p) @s '.'\n"
#. @-expanded: Second entry '%Dn' (inode=%Di) in directory inode %i should be '..'\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1105
msgid "Second @e '%Dn' (@i=%Di) in @d @i %i @s '..'\n"
msgstr "Kedua @e '%Dn' (@i=%Di) dalam @d @i %i @s '..'\n"
#. @-expanded: i_faddr for inode %i (%Q) is %IF, should be zero.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1110
msgid "i_faddr @F %IF, @s zero.\n"
msgstr "i_faddr @F %IF, @s nol.\n"
#. @-expanded: i_file_acl for inode %i (%Q) is %If, should be zero.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1115
msgid "i_file_acl @F %If, @s zero.\n"
msgstr "i_file_acl @F %If, @s nol.\n"
#. @-expanded: i_dir_acl for inode %i (%Q) is %Id, should be zero.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1120
msgid "i_dir_acl @F %Id, @s zero.\n"
msgstr "i_dir_acl @F %Id, @s nol.\n"
#. @-expanded: i_frag for inode %i (%Q) is %N, should be zero.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1125
msgid "i_frag @F %N, @s zero.\n"
msgstr "i_frag @F %N, @s nol.\n"
#. @-expanded: i_fsize for inode %i (%Q) is %N, should be zero.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1130
msgid "i_fsize @F %N, @s zero.\n"
msgstr "i_fsize @F %N, @s nol.\n"
#. @-expanded: inode %i (%Q) has invalid mode (%Im).\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1135
msgid "@i %i (%Q) has @n mode (%Im).\n"
msgstr "@i %i (%Q) memiliki mode @n (%Im).\n"
#. @-expanded: directory inode %i, %B, offset %N: directory corrupted\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1140
msgid "@d @i %i, %B, offset %N: @d corrupted\n"
msgstr "@d @i %i, %B, ofset %N: @d terkorupsi\n"
#. @-expanded: directory inode %i, %B, offset %N: filename too long\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1145
msgid "@d @i %i, %B, offset %N: filename too long\n"
msgstr "@d @i %i, %B, ofset %N: nama berkas terlalu panjang\n"
#. @-expanded: directory inode %i has an unallocated %B.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1150
msgid "@d @i %i has an unallocated %B. "
msgstr "@d @i %i memiliki #%B yang tidak teralokasi. "
#. @-expanded: '.' directory entry in directory inode %i is not NULL terminated\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1155
#, c-format
msgid "'.' @d @e in @d @i %i is not NULL terminated\n"
msgstr "'.' @d @e dalam @d @i %i tidak terakhiri dengan NULL\n"
#. @-expanded: '..' directory entry in directory inode %i is not NULL terminated\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1160
#, c-format
msgid "'..' @d @e in @d @i %i is not NULL terminated\n"
msgstr "'..' @d @e dalam @d @i %i tidak terakhiri dengan NULL\n"
#. @-expanded: inode %i (%Q) is an illegal character device.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1165
msgid "@i %i (%Q) is an @I character @v.\n"
msgstr "@i %i (%Q) adalah sebuah karakter @I @v.\n"
#. @-expanded: inode %i (%Q) is an illegal block device.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1170
msgid "@i %i (%Q) is an @I @b @v.\n"
msgstr "@i %i (%Q) adalah sebuah @I @b @v.\n"
#. @-expanded: entry '%Dn' in %p (%i) is duplicate '.' entry.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1175
msgid "@E is duplicate '.' @e.\n"
msgstr "@E adalah salinan '.' @e.\n"
#. @-expanded: entry '%Dn' in %p (%i) is duplicate '..' entry.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1180
msgid "@E is duplicate '..' @e.\n"
msgstr "@E adalah duplikasi dari '..' @e.\n"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1185 e2fsck/problem.c:1485
#, c-format
msgid "Internal error: couldn't find dir_info for %i.\n"
msgstr "Internal error: tidak dapat mencari dir_info untuk %i.\n"
#. @-expanded: entry '%Dn' in %p (%i) has rec_len of %Dr, should be %N.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1190
msgid "@E has rec_len of %Dr, @s %N.\n"
msgstr "@E memiliki rec_len dari %Dr, @s %N.\n"
#. @-expanded: error allocating icount structure: %m\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1195
#, c-format
msgid "@A icount structure: %m\n"
msgstr "struktur @A icount: %m\n"
#. @-expanded: Error iterating over directory blocks: %m\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1200
#, c-format
msgid "Error iterating over @d @bs: %m\n"
msgstr "Error mengiterasi melalui @d @bs: %m\n"
#. @-expanded: Error reading directory block %b (inode %i): %m\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1205
msgid "Error reading @d @b %b (@i %i): %m\n"
msgstr "Error membaca @d @b %b (@i %i): %m\n"
#. @-expanded: Error writing directory block %b (inode %i): %m\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1210
msgid "Error writing @d @b %b (@i %i): %m\n"
msgstr "Error menulis @d @b %b (@i %i): %m\n"
#. @-expanded: error allocating new directory block for inode %i (%s): %m\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1215
#, c-format
msgid "@A new @d @b for @i %i (%s): %m\n"
msgstr "@A baru @d @b untuk @i %i (%s): %m\n"
#. @-expanded: Error deallocating inode %i: %m\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1220
#, c-format
msgid "Error deallocating @i %i: %m\n"
msgstr "Error mendealokasikan @i %i: %m\n"
#. @-expanded: directory entry for '.' in %p (%i) is big.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1225
#, c-format
msgid "@d @e for '.' in %p (%i) is big.\n"
msgstr "@d @e untuk '.' dalam %p (%i) besar.\n"
#. @-expanded: inode %i (%Q) is an illegal FIFO.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1230
msgid "@i %i (%Q) is an @I FIFO.\n"
msgstr "@i %i (%Q) adalah sebuah @I FIFO.\n"
#. @-expanded: inode %i (%Q) is an illegal socket.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1235
msgid "@i %i (%Q) is an @I socket.\n"
msgstr "@i %i (%Q) adalah sebuah @I socket.\n"
#. @-expanded: Setting filetype for entry '%Dn' in %p (%i) to %N.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1240
msgid "Setting filetype for @E to %N.\n"
msgstr "Setting filetype untuk @E ke %N.\n"
#. @-expanded: entry '%Dn' in %p (%i) has an incorrect filetype (was %Dt, should be %N).\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1245
msgid "@E has an incorrect filetype (was %Dt, @s %N).\n"
msgstr ""
"@E memiliki sebuah tipe berkas yang tidak benar (sebelumnya %Dt, @s %N).\n"
#. @-expanded: entry '%Dn' in %p (%i) has filetype set.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1250
msgid "@E has filetype set.\n"
msgstr "@E memiliki filetype set.\n"
#. @-expanded: entry '%Dn' in %p (%i) has a zero-length name.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1255
msgid "@E has a @z name.\n"
msgstr "@E memiliki sebuah nama @z.\n"
#. @-expanded: Symlink %Q (inode #%i) is invalid.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1260
msgid "Symlink %Q (@i #%i) is @n.\n"
msgstr "Symlink %Q (@i #%i) adalah @n.\n"
#. @-expanded: extended attribute block for inode %i (%Q) is invalid (%If).\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1265
msgid "@a @b @F @n (%If).\n"
msgstr "@a @b @F @n (%If).\n"
#. @-expanded: filesystem contains large files, but lacks LARGE_FILE flag in superblock.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1270
msgid "@f contains large files, but lacks LARGE_FILE flag in @S.\n"
msgstr "@f berisi berkas besar, tetapi kurang LARGE_FILE flag dalam @S.\n"
#. @-expanded: problem in HTREE directory inode %d: %B not referenced\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1275
msgid "@p @h %d: %B not referenced\n"
msgstr "@p @h %d: %B tidak memiliki referensi\n"
#. @-expanded: problem in HTREE directory inode %d: %B referenced twice\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1280
msgid "@p @h %d: %B referenced twice\n"
msgstr "@p @h %d: %B memiliki dua referensi.\n"
#. @-expanded: problem in HTREE directory inode %d: %B has bad min hash\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1285
msgid "@p @h %d: %B has bad min hash\n"
msgstr "@p @h %d: %B memiliki min hash buruk\n"
#. @-expanded: problem in HTREE directory inode %d: %B has bad max hash\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1290
msgid "@p @h %d: %B has bad max hash\n"
msgstr "@p @h %d: %B memiliki max has buruk\n"
#. @-expanded: invalid HTREE directory inode %d (%q).
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1295
msgid "@n @h %d (%q). "
msgstr "@n @h %d (%q). "
#. @-expanded: problem in HTREE directory inode %d (%q): bad block number %b.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1299
msgid "@p @h %d (%q): bad @b number %b.\n"
msgstr "@p @h %d (%q): buruk @b nomor %b.\n"
#. @-expanded: problem in HTREE directory inode %d: root node is invalid\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1309
#, c-format
msgid "@p @h %d: root node is @n\n"
msgstr "@p @h %d: titik root adalah @n\n"
#. @-expanded: problem in HTREE directory inode %d: %B has invalid limit (%N)\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1314
msgid "@p @h %d: %B has @n limit (%N)\n"
msgstr "@p @h %d: %B memiliki @n batas (%N)\n"
#. @-expanded: problem in HTREE directory inode %d: %B has invalid count (%N)\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1319
msgid "@p @h %d: %B has @n count (%N)\n"
msgstr "@p @h %d: %B memiliki @n jumlah (%N)\n"
#. @-expanded: problem in HTREE directory inode %d: %B has an unordered hash table\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1324
msgid "@p @h %d: %B has an unordered hash table\n"
msgstr "@p @h %d: %B memiliki sebuah tabel hash yang tidak terurut\n"
#. @-expanded: problem in HTREE directory inode %d: %B has invalid depth (%N)\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1329
msgid "@p @h %d: %B has @n depth (%N)\n"
msgstr "@p @h %d: %B memiliki @n kedalaman (%N)\n"
#. @-expanded: Duplicate entry '%Dn' in %p (%i) found.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1334
msgid "Duplicate @E found. "
msgstr "Duplikasi @E ditemukan. "
#. @-expanded: entry '%Dn' in %p (%i) has a non-unique filename.\n
#. @-expanded: Rename to %s
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1339
#, no-c-format
msgid ""
"@E has a non-unique filename.\n"
"Rename to %s"
msgstr ""
"@E memiliki sebuah nama file yang tidak uniq.\n"
"Mengubah namanya ke %s"
#. @-expanded: Duplicate entry '%Dn' found.\n
#. @-expanded: \tMarking %p (%i) to be rebuilt.\n
#. @-expanded: \n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1344
msgid ""
"Duplicate @e '%Dn' found.\n"
"\tMarking %p (%i) to be rebuilt.\n"
msgstr ""
"Duplikasi @e '%Dn' ditemukan.\n"
"\t Menandai %p (%i) untuk dibuat kembali.\n"
#. @-expanded: i_blocks_hi for inode %i (%Q) is %N, should be zero.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1349
msgid "i_blocks_hi @F %N, @s zero.\n"
msgstr "i_blocks_hi @F %N, @s nol.\n"
#. @-expanded: Unexpected block in HTREE directory inode %d (%q).\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1354
msgid "Unexpected @b in @h %d (%q).\n"
msgstr "Tidak terduga @b dalam @h %d (%q).\n"
#. @-expanded: entry '%Dn' in %p (%i) references inode %Di in group %g where _INODE_UNINIT is set.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1358
msgid "@E references @i %Di in @g %g where _INODE_UNINIT is set.\n"
msgstr "@E referensi @i %Di dalam @g %g dimana _INODE_UNINIT telah diset.\n"
#. @-expanded: entry '%Dn' in %p (%i) references inode %Di found in group %g's unused inodes area.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1363
msgid "@E references @i %Di found in @g %g's unused inodes area.\n"
msgstr ""
"@E referensi @i %Di ditemukan dalam @g %g's di daerah inode yang tidak "
#. @-expanded: i_file_acl_hi for inode %i (%Q) is %N, should be zero.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1368
msgid "i_file_acl_hi @F %N, @s zero.\n"
msgstr "i_file_acl_hi @F %N, @s nol.\n"
#. @-expanded: Pass 3: Checking directory connectivity\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1375
msgid "Pass 3: Checking @d connectivity\n"
msgstr "Tahap 3: Memeriksa konektivitas @d\n"
#. @-expanded: root inode not allocated.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1380
msgid "@r not allocated. "
msgstr "@r tidak dialokasikan. "
#. @-expanded: No room in lost+found directory.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1385
msgid "No room in @l @d. "
msgstr "Tidak ada ruang dalam @l @d. "
#. @-expanded: Unconnected directory inode %i (%p)\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1390
#, c-format
msgid "Unconnected @d @i %i (%p)\n"
msgstr "Tidak terhubung @d @i %i (%p)\n"
#. @-expanded: /lost+found not found.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1395
msgid "/@l not found. "
msgstr "/@l tidak ditemukan. "
#. @-expanded: '..' in %Q (%i) is %P (%j), should be %q (%d).\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1400
msgid "'..' in %Q (%i) is %P (%j), @s %q (%d).\n"
msgstr "'..' dalam %Q (%i) adalah %P (%j), @s %q (%d).\n"
#. @-expanded: Bad or non-existent /lost+found. Cannot reconnect.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1405
msgid "Bad or non-existent /@l. Cannot reconnect.\n"
msgstr "Buruk atau tidak ada /@l. Tidak dapat dihubungkan kembali.\n"
#. @-expanded: Could not expand /lost+found: %m\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1410
#, c-format
msgid "Could not expand /@l: %m\n"
msgstr "Tidak dapat mengexpan /@l: %m\n"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1415
#, c-format
msgid "Could not reconnect %i: %m\n"
msgstr "Tidak dapat menghubungkan %i: %m\n"
#. @-expanded: Error while trying to find /lost+found: %m\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1420
#, c-format
msgid "Error while trying to find /@l: %m\n"
msgstr "Error ketika mencoba mencari /@l: %m\n"
#. @-expanded: ext2fs_new_block: %m while trying to create /lost+found directory\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1425
#, c-format
msgid "ext2fs_new_@b: %m while trying to create /@l @d\n"
msgstr "ext2fs_new_@b: %m ketika mencoba untuk membuat /@l @d\n"
#. @-expanded: ext2fs_new_inode: %m while trying to create /lost+found directory\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1430
#, c-format
msgid "ext2fs_new_@i: %m while trying to create /@l @d\n"
msgstr "ext2fs_new_@i: %m ketika mencoba untuk membuat /@l @d\n"
#. @-expanded: ext2fs_new_dir_block: %m while creating new directory block\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1435
#, c-format
msgid "ext2fs_new_dir_@b: %m while creating new @d @b\n"
msgstr "ext2fs_new_dir_@b: %m ketika membuat @d @b baru\n"
#. @-expanded: ext2fs_write_dir_block: %m while writing the directory block for /lost+found\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1440
#, c-format
msgid "ext2fs_write_dir_@b: %m while writing the @d @b for /@l\n"
msgstr "ext2fs_write_dir_@b: %m ketika menulis @d @b untuk /@l\n"
#. @-expanded: Error while adjusting inode count on inode %i\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1445
#, c-format
msgid "Error while adjusting @i count on @i %i\n"
msgstr "Error ketika menyesuaikan jumlah @i di @i %i\n"
#. @-expanded: Couldn't fix parent of inode %i: %m\n
#. @-expanded: \n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1450
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Couldn't fix parent of @i %i: %m\n"
msgstr ""
"Tidak dapat membetulkan parent dari @i %i: %m\n"
#. @-expanded: Couldn't fix parent of inode %i: Couldn't find parent directory entry\n
#. @-expanded: \n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1455
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Couldn't fix parent of @i %i: Couldn't find parent @d @e\n"
msgstr ""
"Tidak dapat membetulkan parent dari @i %i: Tidak dapat mencari parent @d @e\n"
#. @-expanded: Error creating root directory (%s): %m\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1465
#, c-format
msgid "Error creating root @d (%s): %m\n"
msgstr "Error membuat root @d (%s): %m\n"
#. @-expanded: Error creating /lost+found directory (%s): %m\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1470
#, c-format
msgid "Error creating /@l @d (%s): %m\n"
msgstr "Error membuat /@l @d (%s): %m\n"
#. @-expanded: root inode is not a directory; aborting.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1475
msgid "@r is not a @d; aborting.\n"
msgstr "@r bukan sebuah @d: membatalkan.\n"
#. @-expanded: Cannot proceed without a root inode.\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1480
msgid "Cannot proceed without a @r.\n"
msgstr "Tidak dapat melanjutkan tanpa sebuah @r.\n"
#. @-expanded: /lost+found is not a directory (ino=%i)\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1490
#, c-format
msgid "/@l is not a @d (ino=%i)\n"
msgstr "/@l bukan sebuah @d (ino=%i)\n"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1497
msgid "Pass 3A: Optimizing directories\n"
msgstr "Tahap 3A: Mengoptimasi direktori\n"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1502
#, c-format
msgid "Failed to create dirs_to_hash iterator: %m\n"
msgstr "Gagal membuat peng-iterasi dirs_to_hash: %m\n"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1507
msgid "Failed to optimize directory %q (%d): %m\n"
msgstr "Gagal mengoptimasi direktori %q (%d): %m\n"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1512
msgid "Optimizing directories: "
msgstr "Mengoptimasi direktori: "
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1529
msgid "Pass 4: Checking reference counts\n"
msgstr "Tahap 4: Memeriksa jumlah referensi\n"
#. @-expanded: unattached zero-length inode %i.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1534
#, c-format
msgid "@u @z @i %i. "
msgstr "@u @z @i %i. "
#. @-expanded: unattached inode %i\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1539
#, c-format
msgid "@u @i %i\n"
msgstr "@u @i %i\n"
#. @-expanded: inode %i ref count is %Il, should be %N.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1544
msgid "@i %i ref count is %Il, @s %N. "
msgstr "@i %i ref count adalah %Il, @s %N. "
#. @-expanded: inode_link_info[%i] is %N, inode.i_links_count is %Il. They should be the same!\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1548
msgid ""
"@i_link_info[%i] is %N, @i.i_links_count is %Il. They @s the same!\n"
msgstr ""
"@i_link_info[%i] adalah %N, @i.i_links_count adalah %Il. Mereka @s adalah "
#. @-expanded: Pass 5: Checking group summary information\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1558
msgid "Pass 5: Checking @g summary information\n"
msgstr "Tahap 5: Memeriksa ringkasan informasi @g\n"
#. @-expanded: Padding at end of inode bitmap is not set.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1563
msgid "Padding at end of @i @B is not set. "
msgstr "Menambahkan pad diakhir dari @i @B yang tidak terset. "
#. @-expanded: Padding at end of block bitmap is not set.
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1568
msgid "Padding at end of @b @B is not set. "
msgstr "Menambahkan pad di akhir dari @b @B adalah ter set. "
#. @-expanded: block bitmap differences:
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1573
msgid "@b @B differences: "
msgstr "@b @B perbedaan: "
#. @-expanded: inode bitmap differences:
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1593
msgid "@i @B differences: "
msgstr "@i @B perbedaan: "
#. @-expanded: Free inodes count wrong for group #%g (%i, counted=%j).\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1613
msgid "Free @is count wrong for @g #%g (%i, counted=%j).\n"
msgstr "Kosong @is terhitung salah untuk @g #%g (%i, terhitung=%j).\n"
#. @-expanded: Directories count wrong for group #%g (%i, counted=%j).\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1618
msgid "Directories count wrong for @g #%g (%i, counted=%j).\n"
msgstr "Direktori terhitung salah untuk @g #%g (%i, terhitung=%j).\n"
#. @-expanded: Free inodes count wrong (%i, counted=%j).\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1623
msgid "Free @is count wrong (%i, counted=%j).\n"
msgstr "Kosong @is terhitung salah (%i, terhitung=%j).\n"
#. @-expanded: Free blocks count wrong for group #%g (%b, counted=%c).\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1628
msgid "Free @bs count wrong for @g #%g (%b, counted=%c).\n"
msgstr "Kosong @bs terhitung salah untuk @g #%g (%b, terhitung=%c).\n"
#. @-expanded: Free blocks count wrong (%b, counted=%c).\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1633
msgid "Free @bs count wrong (%b, counted=%c).\n"
msgstr "Kosong @bs terhitung salah (%b, terhitung=%c).\n"
#. @-expanded: PROGRAMMING ERROR: filesystem (#%N) bitmap endpoints (%b, %c) don't match calculated bitmap
#. @-expanded: endpoints (%i, %j)\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1638
msgid ""
"PROGRAMMING ERROR: @f (#%N) @B endpoints (%b, %c) don't match calculated @B "
"endpoints (%i, %j)\n"
msgstr ""
"PROGRAMMING ERROR: @f (#%N) @B endpoints (%b, %c) tidak dapat mencocokan "
"perhitungan @B titik ujung (%i, %j)\n"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1644
msgid "Internal error: fudging end of bitmap (%N)\n"
msgstr "Internal error: fudging berakhir dari bitmap (%N)\n"
#. @-expanded: Error copying in replacement inode bitmap: %m\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1649
#, c-format
msgid "Error copying in replacement @i @B: %m\n"
msgstr "Error menyalin dalam mengganti @i @B: %m\n"
#. @-expanded: Error copying in replacement block bitmap: %m\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1654
#, c-format
msgid "Error copying in replacement @b @B: %m\n"
msgstr "Error menyalin dalam mengganti @b @B: %m\n"
#. @-expanded: group %g block(s) in use but group is marked BLOCK_UNINIT\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1679
#, c-format
msgid "@g %g @b(s) in use but @g is marked BLOCK_UNINIT\n"
msgstr "@g %g @b(s) sedang digunakan tetapi @g tertanda BLOCK_UNINIT\n"
#. @-expanded: group %g inode(s) in use but group is marked INODE_UNINIT\n
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1684
#, c-format
msgid "@g %g @i(s) in use but @g is marked INODE_UNINIT\n"
msgstr "@g %g @i(s) sedang digunakan tetapi @g tertanda INODE_UNINIT\n"
#. @-expanded: Recreate journal
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1691
msgid "Recreate @j"
msgstr "Membuat kembali @j"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1696
msgid "Update quota info for quota type %N"
msgstr ""
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1815
#, c-format
msgid "Unhandled error code (0x%x)!\n"
msgstr "Kode error tidak tertangani (0x%x)!\n"
#: e2fsck/problem.c:1940 e2fsck/problem.c:1944
msgid "IGNORED"
msgstr "DIABAIKAN"
#: e2fsck/scantest.c:79
#, c-format
msgid "Memory used: %d, elapsed time: %6.3f/%6.3f/%6.3f\n"
msgstr "Memori yang digunakan: %d, waktu yang digunakan: %6.3f/%6.3f/%6.3f\n"
#: e2fsck/scantest.c:98
#, c-format
msgid "size of inode=%d\n"
msgstr "ukuran dari inode=%d\n"
#: e2fsck/scantest.c:119
msgid "while starting inode scan"
msgstr "ketika memulai scan dari inode"
#: e2fsck/scantest.c:130
msgid "while doing inode scan"
msgstr "ketika melakukan pemeriksaan inode"
#: e2fsck/super.c:188
#, c-format
msgid "while calling ext2fs_block_iterate for inode %d"
msgstr "ketika memanggil ext2fs_block_iterate untuk inode %d"
#: e2fsck/super.c:211
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "while calling ext2fs_adjust_ea_refcount2 for inode %d"
msgstr "ketika memanggil ext2fs_adjust_ea_refcount untuk inode %d"
#: e2fsck/super.c:272
msgid "Truncating"
msgstr "Truncating"
#: e2fsck/super.c:273
msgid "Clearing"
msgstr "Menghapus"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:74
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Usage: %s [-panyrcdfvtDFV] [-b superblock] [-B blocksize]\n"
"\t\t[-I inode_buffer_blocks] [-P process_inode_size]\n"
"\t\t[-l|-L bad_blocks_file] [-C fd] [-j external_journal]\n"
"\t\t[-E extended-options] device\n"
msgstr ""
"Penggunaan: %s [-panyrcdfvtDFV] [-b superblok] [-B ukuran blok]\n"
"\t\t[-I inode_buffer_block] [-P process_inode_size]\n"
"\t\t[-l|-L bad_blocks_file] [-C fd] [-j external_journal]\n"
"\t\t[-E extendend-options] perangkat\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:80
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Emergency help:\n"
" -p Automatic repair (no questions)\n"
" -n Make no changes to the filesystem\n"
" -y Assume \"yes\" to all questions\n"
" -c Check for bad blocks and add them to the badblock "
" -f Force checking even if filesystem is marked clean\n"
msgstr ""
"Pertolongan darurat:\n"
" -p Otomatis perbaikan (tanpa pertanyaan)\n"
" -n Tidak membuat perubahan di sistem berkas\n"
" -y Mengasumsi \"yes\" untuk semua pertanyaan\n"
" -c Memeriksa blok buruk dan menambahkan hasilnya ke "
"daftar blok buruk\n"
" -f Memaksa memeriksa walaupun sistem berkas ditandai "
#: e2fsck/unix.c:86
#, c-format
msgid ""
" -v Be verbose\n"
" -b superblock Use alternative superblock\n"
" -B blocksize Force blocksize when looking for superblock\n"
" -j external_journal Set location of the external journal\n"
" -l bad_blocks_file Add to badblocks list\n"
" -L bad_blocks_file Set badblocks list\n"
msgstr ""
" -v Tampilkan pesan pesan\n"
" -b super blok Gunakan superblok lain\n"
" -B ukuran blok Paksa menggunakan ukuran blok ketika mencari super "
" -j external_journal Set lokasi dari journal luar\n"
" -l bad_blok_file Tambahkan ke daftar blok buruk\n"
" -L bad_blok_file Set daftar blok buruk\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:130
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "%s: %u/%u files (%0d.%d%% non-contiguous), %llu/%llu blocks\n"
msgstr "%s: %u/%u berkas (%0d.%d%% tidak kontinu), %u/%u blok\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:137
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid ""
"%8u inode used (%2.2f%%)\n"
msgid_plural ""
"%8u inodes used (%2.2f%%)\n"
msgstr[0] "%u inodes discan.\n"
msgstr[1] "%u inodes discan.\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:141
#, c-format
msgid "%8u non-contiguous file (%0d.%d%%)\n"
msgid_plural "%8u non-contiguous files (%0d.%d%%)\n"
msgstr[0] ""
msgstr[1] ""
#: e2fsck/unix.c:146
#, c-format
msgid "%8u non-contiguous directory (%0d.%d%%)\n"
msgid_plural "%8u non-contiguous directories (%0d.%d%%)\n"
msgstr[0] ""
msgstr[1] ""
#: e2fsck/unix.c:151
#, c-format
msgid " # of inodes with ind/dind/tind blocks: %u/%u/%u\n"
msgstr " # dari inodes dengan ind/dind/tind blok: %u/%u/%u\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:159
msgid " Extent depth histogram: "
msgstr " Kedalaman Extensi histogram: "
#: e2fsck/unix.c:168
#, c-format
msgid "%8llu block used (%2.2f%%)\n"
msgid_plural "%8llu blocks used (%2.2f%%)\n"
msgstr[0] ""
msgstr[1] ""
#: e2fsck/unix.c:171
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "%8u bad block\n"
msgid_plural "%8u bad blocks\n"
msgstr[0] "%u inodes, %u blok\n"
msgstr[1] "%u inodes, %u blok\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:173
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "%8u large file\n"
msgid_plural "%8u large files\n"
msgstr[0] "berkas biasa"
msgstr[1] "berkas biasa"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:175
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid ""
"%8u regular file\n"
msgid_plural ""
"%8u regular files\n"
msgstr[0] "berkas biasa"
msgstr[1] "berkas biasa"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:177
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "%8u directory\n"
msgid_plural "%8u directories\n"
msgstr[0] "direktori"
msgstr[1] "direktori"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:179
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "%8u character device file\n"
msgid_plural "%8u character device files\n"
msgstr[0] "karakter device"
msgstr[1] "karakter device"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:182
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "%8u block device file\n"
msgid_plural "%8u block device files\n"
msgstr[0] "block device"
msgstr[1] "block device"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:184
#, c-format
msgid "%8u fifo\n"
msgid_plural "%8u fifos\n"
msgstr[0] ""
msgstr[1] ""
#: e2fsck/unix.c:186
#, c-format
msgid "%8u link\n"
msgid_plural "%8u links\n"
msgstr[0] ""
msgstr[1] ""
#: e2fsck/unix.c:189
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "%8u symbolic link"
msgid_plural "%8u symbolic links"
msgstr[0] "symbolic link"
msgstr[1] "symbolic link"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:191
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid " (%u fast symbolic link)\n"
msgid_plural " (%u fast symbolic links)\n"
msgstr[0] "symbolic link"
msgstr[1] "symbolic link"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:195
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "%8u socket\n"
msgid_plural "%8u sockets\n"
msgstr[0] "socket"
msgstr[1] "socket"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:198
#, c-format
msgid "%8u file\n"
msgid_plural "%8u files\n"
msgstr[0] ""
msgstr[1] ""
#: e2fsck/unix.c:212 misc/badblocks.c:983 misc/tune2fs.c:1979 misc/util.c:147
#: resize/main.c:247
#, c-format
msgid "while determining whether %s is mounted."
msgstr "ketika sedang menentukan apakah %s sedang dimount."
#: e2fsck/unix.c:230
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "Warning! %s is %s.\n"
msgstr "Peringatan! %s sedang dimount.\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:237
#, c-format
msgid "%s is %s.\n"
msgstr ""
#: e2fsck/unix.c:240
msgid ""
"Cannot continue, aborting.\n"
msgstr ""
"Tidak dapat melanjutkan, membatalkan.\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:242
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"WARNING!!! The filesystem is mounted. If you continue you ***WILL***\n"
"cause ***SEVERE*** filesystem damage.\n"
msgstr ""
"\a\a\a\aPERINGATAN!!! Sistem berkas telah terpasang. Jika anda lanjutkan "
"anda ***AKAN***\n"
"bisa menyebabkan kerusakan ***PARAH*** di sistem berkas.\a\a\a\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:247
msgid "Do you really want to continue"
msgstr "Apakah anda yakin ingin melanjutkan"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:249
#, c-format
msgid "check aborted.\n"
msgstr "pemeriksaan dibatalkan.\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:339
msgid " contains a file system with errors"
msgstr " berisi sebuah file system dengan errors"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:341
msgid " was not cleanly unmounted"
msgstr " tidak bersih setelah diunmount."
#: e2fsck/unix.c:343
msgid " primary superblock features different from backup"
msgstr " superblok utama memiliki feature berbeda dari backup"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:347
#, c-format
msgid " has been mounted %u times without being checked"
msgstr " telah dimount %u kali tanpa dilakukan pemeriksaan"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:354
msgid " has filesystem last checked time in the future"
msgstr ""
" memiliki sistem berkas yang waktu terakhir diperiksa berada di masa yang "
"akan datang"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:360
#, c-format
msgid " has gone %u days without being checked"
msgstr " telah lewat %u hari tanpa dilakukan pemeriksaan"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:369
msgid ", check forced.\n"
msgstr ", pemeriksaan dipaksakan.\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:402
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "%s: clean, %u/%u files, %llu/%llu blocks"
msgstr "%s: bersih, %u/%u berkas, %u/%u blok"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:421
msgid " (check deferred; on battery)"
msgstr " (pemeriksaan dibatalkan; power menggunakan batere)"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:424
msgid " (check after next mount)"
msgstr " (pemeriksaan dilakukan setelah mount selanjutnya)"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:426
#, c-format
msgid " (check in %ld mounts)"
msgstr " (pemeriksaan dilakukan dalam %ld mounts)"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:576
#, c-format
msgid "ERROR: Couldn't open /dev/null (%s)\n"
msgstr "ERROR: Tidak dapat membuka /dev/null (%s)\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:645
#, c-format
msgid "Invalid EA version.\n"
msgstr "Versi EA tidak valid.\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:672
#, c-format
msgid "Unknown extended option: %s\n"
msgstr "Pilihan extended tidak diketahui: %s\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:697
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Syntax error in e2fsck config file (%s, line #%d)\n"
msgstr ""
"Syntax error dalam berkas konfigurasi e2fsck (%s, baris #%d)\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:766
#, c-format
msgid "Error validating file descriptor %d: %s\n"
msgstr "Error memvalidasi berkas deskripsi %d: %s\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:770
msgid "Invalid completion information file descriptor"
msgstr "Informasi File berkas completion tidak valid"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:785
msgid "Only one of the options -p/-a, -n or -y may be specified."
msgstr ""
"Hanya salah satu dari pilihan -p/-a, -n atau -y yang boleh dispesifikasikan."
#: e2fsck/unix.c:806
#, c-format
msgid "The -t option is not supported on this version of e2fsck.\n"
msgstr "Pilihan -t tidak dilayani dalam versi e2fsck ini.\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:837 e2fsck/unix.c:909 misc/tune2fs.c:811 misc/tune2fs.c:1100
#: misc/tune2fs.c:1118
#, c-format
msgid "Unable to resolve '%s'"
msgstr "Tidak dapat meresolve '%s'"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:888
msgid "The -n and -D options are incompatible."
msgstr "Pilihan -n dan -D tidak kompatibel."
#: e2fsck/unix.c:893
msgid "The -n and -c options are incompatible."
msgstr "Pilihan -n dan -c tidak kompatibel."
#: e2fsck/unix.c:898
msgid "The -n and -l/-L options are incompatible."
msgstr "Pilihan -n dan -l/-L tidak kompatibel."
#: e2fsck/unix.c:943
#, c-format
msgid "The -c and the -l/-L options may not be both used at the same time.\n"
msgstr ""
"Pilihan -c dan -l/-L tidak boleh digunakan secara bersamaan dalam satu "
#: e2fsck/unix.c:991
#, c-format
msgid ""
"E2FSCK_JBD_DEBUG \"%s\" not an integer\n"
msgstr ""
"E2FSCK_JBD_DEBUG \"%s\" bukan sebuah integer\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1000
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Invalid non-numeric argument to -%c (\"%s\")\n"
msgstr ""
"Argument bukan numerik tidak valid untuk -%c (\"%s\")\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1089
#, c-format
msgid ""
"MMP interval is %u seconds and total wait time is %u seconds. Please "
msgstr ""
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1106 e2fsck/unix.c:1111
#, fuzzy
msgid "while checking MMP block"
msgstr "ketika mensetup superblok"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1113 misc/tune2fs.c:1912
msgid ""
"If you are sure the filesystem is not in use on any node, run:\n"
"'tune2fs -f -E clear_mmp {device}'\n"
msgstr ""
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1163
#, c-format
msgid "Error: ext2fs library version out of date!\n"
msgstr "Error: ext2fs versi librari ketinggalan jaman!\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1171
msgid "while trying to initialize program"
msgstr "ketika mencoba untuk menginisialisasi aplikasi"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1194
#, c-format
msgid "\tUsing %s, %s\n"
msgstr "\tMenggunakan %s, %s\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1206
msgid "need terminal for interactive repairs"
msgstr "butuh terminal untuk reparasi interactive"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1256
#, c-format
msgid "%s: %s trying backup blocks...\n"
msgstr "%s: %s mencoba membackup blok...\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1258
msgid "Superblock invalid,"
msgstr "Superblok tidak valid,"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1259
msgid "Group descriptors look bad..."
msgstr "Deskripsi grup terlihat buruk..."
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1269
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "%s: %s while using the backup blocks"
msgstr "%s: %s mencoba membackup blok...\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1273
#, c-format
msgid "%s: going back to original superblock\n"
msgstr "%s: kembali ke superblock asli\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1301
msgid ""
"The filesystem revision is apparently too high for this version of e2fsck.\n"
"(Or the filesystem superblock is corrupt)\n"
msgstr ""
"Revisi sistem berkas kelihatannya terlalu tinggi untuk versi e2fsck ini.\n"
"(Atau sistem berkas superblok terkorupsi)\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1307
msgid "Could this be a zero-length partition?\n"
msgstr "Mungkinkan ini sebuah partisi dengan panjang nol?\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1310
#, c-format
msgid "You must have %s access to the filesystem or be root\n"
msgstr "Anda harus memiliki %s akses ke sistem berkas atau menjadi root\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1315
msgid "Possibly non-existent or swap device?\n"
msgstr "Mungkin tidak ada atau sebuah perangkat swap?\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1318
msgid "Filesystem mounted or opened exclusively by another program?\n"
msgstr ""
"Sistem berkas dimount atau dibuka secara exclusively oleh aplikasi lain?\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1321
#, fuzzy
msgid "Possibly non-existent device?\n"
msgstr "Mungkin tidak ada atau sebuah perangkat swap?\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1324
msgid ""
"Disk write-protected; use the -n option to do a read-only\n"
"check of the device.\n"
msgstr ""
"Disk terproteksi untuk ditulis; gunakan pilihan -n untuk melakukan secara "
"dalam memeriksa perangkat.\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1389
msgid "Get a newer version of e2fsck!"
msgstr "Dapatkan versi yang lebih baru dari e2fsck!"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1437
#, c-format
msgid "while checking ext3 journal for %s"
msgstr "ketika memeriksa ext3 jurnal untuk %s"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1448
msgid ""
"Warning: skipping journal recovery because doing a read-only filesystem "
msgstr ""
"Peringatan: melewatkan recovery jurnal karena sedang melakukan pemeriksaan "
"di sistem berkas yang baca-saja (read-only).\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1461
#, c-format
msgid "unable to set superblock flags on %s\n"
msgstr "tidak dapat menset superblok flag di %s\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1467
#, c-format
msgid "while recovering ext3 journal of %s"
msgstr "ketika merecovery ext3 jurnal dari %s"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1492
#, c-format
msgid "%s has unsupported feature(s):"
msgstr "%s memiliki feature yang tidak disupport:"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1507
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "%s: warning: compression support is experimental.\n"
msgstr "Peringatan: support untuk kompresi adalah experimental.\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1513
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid ""
"%s: e2fsck not compiled with HTREE support,\n"
"\tbut filesystem %s has HTREE directories.\n"
msgstr ""
"E2fsck tidak dikompilasi dengan layanan HTREE,\n"
"\t tetapi sistem berkas %s memiliki direktori HTREE.\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1565
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "%s: %s while reading bad blocks inode\n"
msgstr "ketika sedang membaca inode blok buruk"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1568
msgid "This doesn't bode well, but we'll try to go on...\n"
msgstr ""
"Ini bukan pertanda baik, tapi kita akan tetap mencoba untuk meneruskan...\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1609
#, c-format
msgid "Creating journal (%d blocks): "
msgstr "Membuat jurnal (%d blok): "
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1619
msgid " Done.\n"
msgstr " Selesai.\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1620
msgid ""
"*** journal has been re-created - filesystem is now ext3 again ***\n"
msgstr ""
"*** jurnal telah dibuat kembali - sistem berkas sekarang ext3 lagi ***\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1643
msgid "Restarting e2fsck from the beginning...\n"
msgstr "Mengulang kembali e2fsck dari awal...\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1647
msgid "while resetting context"
msgstr "ketika mereset context"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1654
#, c-format
msgid "%s: e2fsck canceled.\n"
msgstr "%s: e2fsck dibatalkan.\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1659
msgid "aborted"
msgstr "dibatalkan"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1671 e2fsck/util.c:67
#, c-format
msgid ""
"%s: ***** FILE SYSTEM WAS MODIFIED *****\n"
msgstr ""
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1675
#, c-format
msgid "%s: ***** REBOOT LINUX *****\n"
msgstr "%s: ***** REBOOT LINUX *****\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1683 e2fsck/util.c:73
#, c-format
msgid ""
"%s: ********** WARNING: Filesystem still has errors **********\n"
msgstr ""
"%s: ********** PERINGATAN: Sistem berkas masih memiliki errors *********\n"
#: e2fsck/unix.c:1723
msgid "while setting block group checksum info"
msgstr "ketika sedang menset informasi checksum di grup blok"
#: e2fsck/util.c:189 misc/util.c:70
msgid "yY"
msgstr "yY"
#: e2fsck/util.c:190
msgid "nN"
msgstr "nN"
#: e2fsck/util.c:204
msgid "<y>"
msgstr "<y>"
#: e2fsck/util.c:206
msgid "<n>"
msgstr "<n>"
#: e2fsck/util.c:208
msgid " (y/n)"
msgstr "(y/n)"
#: e2fsck/util.c:222
msgid "cancelled!\n"
msgstr "dibatalkan!\n"
#: e2fsck/util.c:237
msgid "yes\n"
msgstr "ya\n"
#: e2fsck/util.c:239
msgid "no\n"
msgstr "tidak\n"
#: e2fsck/util.c:249
#, c-format
msgid ""
"%s? no\n"
msgstr ""
"%s? tidak\n"
#: e2fsck/util.c:253
#, c-format
msgid ""
"%s? yes\n"
msgstr ""
"%s? ya\n"
#: e2fsck/util.c:257
msgid "yes"
msgstr "ya"
#: e2fsck/util.c:257
msgid "no"
msgstr "tidak"
#: e2fsck/util.c:272
#, c-format
msgid "e2fsck_read_bitmaps: illegal bitmap block(s) for %s"
msgstr "e2fsck_read_bitmaps: ilegal bitmap blok untuk %s"
#: e2fsck/util.c:277
msgid "reading inode and block bitmaps"
msgstr "membaca inode dan blok bitmap"
#: e2fsck/util.c:285
#, c-format
msgid "while retrying to read bitmaps for %s"
msgstr "ketika sedang mencoba untuk membaca bitmap untuk %s"
#: e2fsck/util.c:297
msgid "writing block and inode bitmaps"
msgstr "menulis blok dan inode bitmaps"
#: e2fsck/util.c:302
#, c-format
msgid "while rewriting block and inode bitmaps for %s"
msgstr "ketika mencoba untuk menulis blok dan inode bitmap untuk %s"
#: e2fsck/util.c:314
#, c-format
msgid ""
"\t(i.e., without -a or -p options)\n"
msgstr ""
"\t(i.e, tanpa pilihan -a atau -p)\n"
#: e2fsck/util.c:395
#, c-format
msgid "Memory used: %luk/%luk (%luk/%luk), "
msgstr "Memori yang digunakan: %luk/%luk (%luk/%luk), "
#: e2fsck/util.c:399
#, c-format
msgid "Memory used: %lu, "
msgstr "Memori yang digunakan: %lu, "
#: e2fsck/util.c:406
#, c-format
msgid "time: %5.2f/%5.2f/%5.2f\n"
msgstr "waktu: %5.2f/%5.2f/%5.2f\n"
#: e2fsck/util.c:411
#, c-format
msgid "elapsed time: %6.3f\n"
msgstr "waktu yang dijalani: %6.3f\n"
#: e2fsck/util.c:446 e2fsck/util.c:460
#, c-format
msgid "while reading inode %lu in %s"
msgstr "ketika membaca inode %lu dalam %s"
#: e2fsck/util.c:474 e2fsck/util.c:487
#, c-format
msgid "while writing inode %lu in %s"
msgstr "ketika menulis inode %lu dalam %s"
#: e2fsck/util.c:636
msgid "while allocating zeroizing buffer"
msgstr "ketika mengalokasikan zeroizing buffer"
#: e2fsck/util.c:788
msgid ""
"UNEXPECTED INCONSISTENCY: the filesystem is being modified while fsck is "
msgstr ""
#: misc/badblocks.c:69
#, fuzzy
msgid "done \n"
msgstr "selesai \n"
#: misc/badblocks.c:93
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Usage: %s [-b block_size] [-i input_file] [-o output_file] [-svwnf]\n"
" [-c blocks_at_once] [-d delay_factor_between_reads] [-e "
" [-p num_passes] [-t test_pattern [-t test_pattern [...]]]\n"
" device [last_block [first_block]]\n"
msgstr ""
"Penggunaan: %s [-b ukuran_blok] [-i berkas_masukan] [-o berkas_keluaran] [-"
" [-c blok_di_sekali] [-p jumlah_tahap] [-e maksimal_blok_buruk] [-d "
" [-e pattern_tes] [-t pattern_test [...]]]\n"
" perangkat [blok_terakhir [blok_pertama]]\n"
#: misc/badblocks.c:104
#, c-format
msgid ""
"%s: The -n and -w options are mutually exclusive.\n"
msgstr ""
"%s: Pilihan -n dan -w adalah mutually exclusive.\n"
#: misc/badblocks.c:219
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "%6.2f%% done, %s elapsed. (%d/%d/%d errors)"
msgstr "%6.2f%% selesai, %s berjalan"
#: misc/badblocks.c:322
msgid "Testing with random pattern: "
msgstr "Memeriksa dengan pattern random: "
#: misc/badblocks.c:340
msgid "Testing with pattern 0x"
msgstr "Memeriksa dengan pattern 0x"
#: misc/badblocks.c:372 misc/badblocks.c:445
msgid "during seek"
msgstr "ketika mencari(seek)"
#: misc/badblocks.c:383
#, c-format
msgid "Weird value (%ld) in do_read\n"
msgstr "Nilai aneh (%ld) dalam do_read\n"
#: misc/badblocks.c:469
msgid "during ext2fs_sync_device"
msgstr "ketika ext2fs_sync_device"
#: misc/badblocks.c:489 misc/badblocks.c:749
msgid "while beginning bad block list iteration"
msgstr "ketika di awal iterasi daftara blok buruk"
#: misc/badblocks.c:503 misc/badblocks.c:602 misc/badblocks.c:759
msgid "while allocating buffers"
msgstr "ketika mengalokasikan buffer"
#: misc/badblocks.c:507
#, c-format
msgid "Checking blocks %lu to %lu\n"
msgstr "Memeriksa blok %lu ke %lu\n"
#: misc/badblocks.c:512
msgid "Checking for bad blocks in read-only mode\n"
msgstr "Memeriksa blok buruk dalam mode baca-saja (read-only)\n"
#: misc/badblocks.c:521
msgid "Checking for bad blocks (read-only test): "
msgstr "Memeriksa blok buruk (pemeriksaan baca-saja): "
#: misc/badblocks.c:528 misc/badblocks.c:634 misc/badblocks.c:676
#: misc/badblocks.c:822
msgid "Too many bad blocks, aborting test\n"
msgstr "Terlalu banyak blok buruk, membatalkan pemeriksaan\n"
#: misc/badblocks.c:609
msgid "Checking for bad blocks in read-write mode\n"
msgstr "Memeriksa untuk blok buruk dalam mode baca-tulis\n"
#: misc/badblocks.c:611 misc/badblocks.c:772
#, c-format
msgid "From block %lu to %lu\n"
msgstr "Dari blok %lu ke %lu\n"
#: misc/badblocks.c:666
msgid "Reading and comparing: "
msgstr "Membaca dan membandingkan: "
#: misc/badblocks.c:771
msgid "Checking for bad blocks in non-destructive read-write mode\n"
msgstr "Memeriksa untuk blok buruk dalal mode tidak-merusak baca-tulis\n"
#: misc/badblocks.c:777
msgid "Checking for bad blocks (non-destructive read-write test)\n"
msgstr "Memeriksa untuk blok buruk (pemeriksaan tidak-merusak baca-tulis)\n"
#: misc/badblocks.c:784
msgid ""
"Interrupt caught, cleaning up\n"
msgstr ""
"Interupsi tertangkap, membersihkan\n"
#: misc/badblocks.c:867
#, c-format
msgid "during test data write, block %lu"
msgstr "ketika memerikas data ditulis, blok %lu"
#: misc/badblocks.c:988 misc/util.c:152
#, c-format
msgid "%s is mounted; "
msgstr "%s sedang dimount; "
#: misc/badblocks.c:990
msgid "badblocks forced anyway. Hope /etc/mtab is incorrect.\n"
msgstr "badbloks tetap dipaksakan. Mudah-mudahan /etc/mtab tidak benar\n"
#: misc/badblocks.c:995
msgid "it's not safe to run badblocks!\n"
msgstr "ini tidak aman untuk menjalankan badblocks!\n"
#: misc/badblocks.c:1000 misc/util.c:163
#, c-format
msgid "%s is apparently in use by the system; "
msgstr "%s kelihatannya sedang digunakan oleh system; "
#: misc/badblocks.c:1003
msgid "badblocks forced anyway.\n"
msgstr "badblocks dipaksakan saja.\n"
#: misc/badblocks.c:1023
#, c-format
msgid "invalid %s - %s"
msgstr "tidak valid %s - %s"
#: misc/badblocks.c:1133
#, c-format
msgid "can't allocate memory for test_pattern - %s"
msgstr "tidak dapat mengalokasikan memori untuk test_pattern - %s"
#: misc/badblocks.c:1163
msgid "Maximum of one test_pattern may be specified in read-only mode"
msgstr ""
"Maksimum dari satu test_pattern boleh dispesifikasi dalam mode baca-saja"
#: misc/badblocks.c:1169
msgid "Random test_pattern is not allowed in read-only mode"
msgstr "Random test_pattern tidak diperbolehkan dalam mode baca-saja"
#: misc/badblocks.c:1183
msgid ""
"Couldn't determine device size; you must specify\n"
"the size manually\n"
msgstr ""
"Tidak dapat menentukan ukuran perangkat; anda harus menspesifikasikan\n"
"ukuran perangkat secara manual\n"
#: misc/badblocks.c:1189
msgid "while trying to determine device size"
msgstr "ketika mencoba untuk menentukakn ukuran perangkat"
#: misc/badblocks.c:1194
msgid "last block"
msgstr "blok terakhir"
#: misc/badblocks.c:1200
msgid "first block"
msgstr "blok pertama"
#: misc/badblocks.c:1203
#, c-format
msgid "invalid starting block (%lu): must be less than %lu"
msgstr "awal blok tidak valid (%lu): harus lebih kecil dari %lu"
#: misc/badblocks.c:1259
msgid "while creating in-memory bad blocks list"
msgstr "ketika membuat daftar blok buruk dalam memori"
#: misc/badblocks.c:1274
msgid "while adding to in-memory bad block list"
msgstr "ketika menambahkan daftar blok buruk dalam memori"
#: misc/badblocks.c:1298
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "Pass completed, %u bad blocks found. (%d/%d/%d errors)\n"
msgstr "Tahap selesai, %u blok buruk ditemukan.\n"
#: misc/chattr.c:86
#, c-format
msgid "Usage: %s [-RVf] [-+=AacDdeijsSu] [-v version] files...\n"
msgstr "Penggunaan: %s [-RVf] [-+=AacDdeijsSu] [-v versi] berkas...\n"
#: misc/chattr.c:154
#, c-format
msgid "bad version - %s\n"
msgstr "versi buruk - %s\n"
#: misc/chattr.c:201 misc/lsattr.c:116
#, c-format
msgid "while trying to stat %s"
msgstr "ketika mencoba untuk melakukan statistik %s"
#: misc/chattr.c:208
#, c-format
msgid "while reading flags on %s"
msgstr "ketika membaca flags di %s"
#: misc/chattr.c:217 misc/chattr.c:236
#, c-format
msgid "Clearing extent flag not supported on %s"
msgstr "Menghapus tanda ekstensi yang tidak didukung di %s"
#: misc/chattr.c:222 misc/chattr.c:241
#, c-format
msgid "Flags of %s set as "
msgstr "Flags dari %s diset sebagai "
#: misc/chattr.c:250
#, c-format
msgid "while setting flags on %s"
msgstr "ketika menset flags di %s"
#: misc/chattr.c:258
#, c-format
msgid "Version of %s set as %lu\n"
msgstr "Versi dari %s diset sebagai %lu\n"
#: misc/chattr.c:262
#, c-format
msgid "while setting version on %s"
msgstr "ketika menset versi di %s"
#: misc/chattr.c:282
#, c-format
msgid "Couldn't allocate path variable in chattr_dir_proc"
msgstr "Tidak dapat mengalokasikan variable path di chattr_dir_proc"
#: misc/chattr.c:322
msgid "= is incompatible with - and +\n"
msgstr "= tidak kompatibel dengan - dan +\n"
#: misc/chattr.c:330
msgid "Must use '-v', =, - or +\n"
msgstr "Harus menggunakan '-v', =, - atau +\n"
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:55
#, c-format
msgid "Usage: %s [-bfhixV] [-o superblock=<num>] [-o blocksize=<num>] device\n"
msgstr ""
"Penggunaan: %s [-bfhixV] [-o superblok=<jumlah>] [-o ukuranblok=<besar>] "
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:159
#, fuzzy
msgid "blocks"
msgstr "bblock"
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:168
msgid "clusters"
msgstr ""
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:196
#, c-format
msgid "Group %lu: (Blocks "
msgstr "Grup %lu: (blok "
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:204
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid " Checksum 0x%04x"
msgstr " Checksum 0x%04x, inode yang tidak digunakan %d\n"
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:206
#, c-format
msgid " (EXPECTED 0x%04x)"
msgstr ""
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:207
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid ", unused inodes %u\n"
msgstr ", %u inode yang tidak digunakan\n"
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:212
#, c-format
msgid " %s superblock at "
msgstr " %s superblok di "
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:213
msgid "Primary"
msgstr "Utama"
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:213
msgid "Backup"
msgstr "Cadangan"
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:217
#, c-format
msgid ", Group descriptors at "
msgstr ", Grup deskripsi di "
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:221
#, c-format
msgid ""
" Reserved GDT blocks at "
msgstr ""
" Reserved GDT blok di "
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:228
#, c-format
msgid " Group descriptor at "
msgstr " Grup deskripsi di "
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:234
msgid " Block bitmap at "
msgstr " Blok bitmap di "
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:238
msgid ", Inode bitmap at "
msgstr ", Inode bitmap di "
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:242
msgid ""
" Inode table at "
msgstr ""
" Inode tabel di "
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:248
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid ""
" %u free %s, %u free inodes, %u directories%s"
msgstr ""
" %u blok bebas, %u inode bebas, %u direktori%s"
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:255
#, c-format
msgid ", %u unused inodes\n"
msgstr ", %u inode yang tidak digunakan\n"
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:258
msgid " Free blocks: "
msgstr " Blok bebas: "
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:269
msgid " Free inodes: "
msgstr " Inode bebas: "
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:300
msgid "while printing bad block list"
msgstr "ketika mencetak daftar blok buruk"
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:306
#, c-format
msgid "Bad blocks: %u"
msgstr "Blok buruk: %u"
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:333 misc/tune2fs.c:302
msgid "while reading journal inode"
msgstr "ketika membaca jurnal inode"
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:339
msgid "while opening journal inode"
msgstr "ketika membuka jurnal inode"
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:345
msgid "while reading journal super block"
msgstr "ketika membaca super blok jurnal"
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:355
#, c-format
msgid "Journal features: "
msgstr "Fasilitas jurnal: "
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:368
msgid "Journal size: "
msgstr "Ukuran jurnal: "
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:379
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Journal length: %u\n"
"Journal sequence: 0x%08x\n"
"Journal start: %u\n"
msgstr ""
"Panjang jurnal: %u\n"
"Urutan jurnal: 0x%08x\n"
"Awal dari jurnal: %u\n"
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:386
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "Journal errno: %d\n"
msgstr "Pengguna jurnal: %s\n"
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:401 misc/tune2fs.c:218
msgid "while reading journal superblock"
msgstr "ketikan membaca superblok jurnal"
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:409
msgid "Couldn't find journal superblock magic numbers"
msgstr "Tidak dapat mencari nomor magic di jurnal superblok"
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:413
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Journal block size: %u\n"
"Journal length: %u\n"
"Journal first block: %u\n"
"Journal sequence: 0x%08x\n"
"Journal start: %u\n"
"Journal number of users: %u\n"
msgstr ""
"Ukuran blok jurnal: %u\n"
"Panjang jurnal: %u\n"
"Blok pertama jurnal: %u\n"
"Urutan jurnal: 0x%08x\n"
"Awal dari jurnal: %u\n"
"Jumlah pengguna dari jurnal: %u\n"
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:426
#, c-format
msgid "Journal users: %s\n"
msgstr "Pengguna jurnal: %s\n"
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:442 misc/mke2fs.c:662 misc/tune2fs.c:1137
#, c-format
msgid "Couldn't allocate memory to parse options!\n"
msgstr "Tidak dapat mengalokasikan memori untuk memparse pilihan!\n"
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:468
#, c-format
msgid "Invalid superblock parameter: %s\n"
msgstr "Parameter superblok tidak valid: %s\n"
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:483
#, c-format
msgid "Invalid blocksize parameter: %s\n"
msgstr "Parameter ukuran-blok tidak valid: %s\n"
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:494
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Bad extended option(s) specified: %s\n"
"Extended options are separated by commas, and may take an argument which\n"
"\tis set off by an equals ('=') sign.\n"
"Valid extended options are:\n"
"\tsuperblock=<superblock number>\n"
msgstr ""
"Pilihan extended buruk dispesifikasikan: %s\n"
"Pilihan extended dipisahkan dengan koma, dan boleh membawa argument dimana\n"
"\tini di set off oleh sebuah tanda sama dengan ('=').\n"
"Pilihan extended yang valid adalah:\n"
"\tsuperblock=<nomor superblok>\n"
"\tblocksize=<besar blok>\n"
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:554 misc/mke2fs.c:1525
#, c-format
msgid "\tUsing %s\n"
msgstr "\tMenggunakan %s\n"
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:590 misc/e2image.c:1309 misc/tune2fs.c:1923
#: resize/main.c:305
#, c-format
msgid "Couldn't find valid filesystem superblock.\n"
msgstr "Tidak dapat mencari superblok sistem berkas yang valid.\n"
#: misc/dumpe2fs.c:618
#, c-format
msgid ""
"%s: %s: error reading bitmaps: %s\n"
msgstr ""
"%s: %s: error membaca bitmaps: %s\n"
#: misc/e2image.c:87
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "Usage: %s [-rsIQ] device image_file\n"
msgstr "Penggunaan: %s [-rsI] perangkat image_file\n"
#: misc/e2image.c:135
#, c-format
msgid "Error: header size is bigger than wrt_size\n"
msgstr ""
#: misc/e2image.c:141
msgid "Couldn't allocate header buffer\n"
msgstr "Tidak dapat mengalokasikan buffer header\n"
#: misc/e2image.c:171
msgid "while writing superblock"
msgstr "ketika menulis superblok"
#: misc/e2image.c:179
msgid "while writing inode table"
msgstr "ketika menulis tabel inode"
#: misc/e2image.c:186
msgid "while writing block bitmap"
msgstr "ketika menulis blok bitmap"
#: misc/e2image.c:193
msgid "while writing inode bitmap"
msgstr "ketika menulis inode bitmap"
#: misc/e2image.c:1341
#, c-format
msgid "while trying to convert qcow2 image (%s) into raw image (%s)"
msgstr ""
#: misc/e2label.c:58
#, c-format
msgid "e2label: cannot open %s\n"
msgstr "e2label: tidak dapat membuka %s\n"
#: misc/e2label.c:63
#, c-format
msgid "e2label: cannot seek to superblock\n"
msgstr "e2label: tidak dapat mencari superblok\n"
#: misc/e2label.c:68
#, c-format
msgid "e2label: error reading superblock\n"
msgstr "e2label: error membaca superblok\n"
#: misc/e2label.c:72
#, c-format
msgid "e2label: not an ext2 filesystem\n"
msgstr "e2label: bukan sebuah ext2 sistem berkas\n"
#: misc/e2label.c:97 misc/tune2fs.c:2074
#, c-format
msgid "Warning: label too long, truncating.\n"
msgstr "Peringatan: label terlalu panjang, memotong.\n"
#: misc/e2label.c:100
#, c-format
msgid "e2label: cannot seek to superblock again\n"
msgstr "e2label: tidak dapat mencari superblok lagi\n"
#: misc/e2label.c:105
#, c-format
msgid "e2label: error writing superblock\n"
msgstr "e2label: error menulis superblok\n"
#: misc/e2label.c:117 misc/tune2fs.c:803
#, c-format
msgid "Usage: e2label device [newlabel]\n"
msgstr "Penggunaan: e2label perangkat [labelbaru]\n"
#: misc/e2undo.c:36
#, c-format
msgid "Usage: %s <transaction file> <filesystem>\n"
msgstr "Penggunaan: %s <berkas transaksi> <sistem berkas>\n"
#: misc/e2undo.c:52
msgid "Failed to read the file system data \n"
msgstr "Gagal membaca data filesystem \n"
#: misc/e2undo.c:62 misc/e2undo.c:83 misc/e2undo.c:108 misc/e2undo.c:206
#, c-format
msgid "Failed tdb_fetch %s\n"
msgstr "Gagal tdb_fetch %s\n"
#: misc/e2undo.c:70
#, c-format
msgid "The file system Mount time didn't match %u\n"
msgstr "Sistem berkas waktu mount tidak cocok %u\n"
#: misc/e2undo.c:89
msgid "The file system UUID didn't match \n"
msgstr "Sistem berkas UUID tidak cocok \n"
#: misc/e2undo.c:163
#, c-format
msgid "Failed tdb_open %s\n"
msgstr "Gagal tdb_open %s\n"
#: misc/e2undo.c:169
#, c-format
msgid "Error while determining whether %s is mounted.\n"
msgstr "Error ketika menentukan apakah %s sudah dimount.\n"
#: misc/e2undo.c:175
msgid "e2undo should only be run on unmounted file system\n"
msgstr ""
"e2undo seharusnya hanya dijalankan di sistem berkas yang sudah diunmount\n"
#: misc/e2undo.c:184
#, c-format
msgid "Failed to open %s\n"
msgstr "Gagal membuka %s\n"
#: misc/e2undo.c:210
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "Replayed transaction of size %zd at location %llu\n"
msgstr "Balasan ukuran transaksi %zd di lokasi %ld\n"
#: misc/e2undo.c:216
#, c-format
msgid "Failed write %s\n"
msgstr "Gagal menulis %s\n"
#: misc/fsck.c:343
#, c-format
msgid "WARNING: couldn't open %s: %s\n"
msgstr "PERINGATAN: tidak dapat membuka %s: %s\n"
#: misc/fsck.c:353
#, c-format
msgid "WARNING: bad format on line %d of %s\n"
msgstr "PERINGATAN: format buruk di bari %d dari %s\n"
#: misc/fsck.c:370
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"WARNING: Your /etc/fstab does not contain the fsck passno\n"
"\tfield. I will kludge around things for you, but you\n"
"\tshould fix your /etc/fstab file as soon as you can.\n"
msgstr ""
"\a\a\aPERINGATAN: /etc/fstab anda tidak berisi fsck passno\n"
"\tpilihan. Saya akan klude around things untuk anda, tetapi anda\n"
"\tseharusnya membetulkan berkas /etc/fstab anda secepatnya.\n"
#: misc/fsck.c:478
#, c-format
msgid "fsck: %s: not found\n"
msgstr "fsck: %s: tidak ditemukan\n"
#: misc/fsck.c:594
#, c-format
msgid "%s: wait: No more child process?!?\n"
msgstr "%s: tunggu: Tidak ada lagi proses anak?!?\n"
#: misc/fsck.c:616
#, c-format
msgid "Warning... %s for device %s exited with signal %d.\n"
msgstr "Peringatan... %s untuk perangkat %s keluar dengan sinyal %d.\n"
#: misc/fsck.c:622
#, c-format
msgid "%s %s: status is %x, should never happen.\n"
msgstr "%s %s: status adalah %x, seharusnya tidak pernah terjadi.\n"
#: misc/fsck.c:661
#, c-format
msgid "Finished with %s (exit status %d)\n"
msgstr "Berakhir dengan %s (status keluar %d)\n"
#: misc/fsck.c:721
#, c-format
msgid "%s: Error %d while executing fsck.%s for %s\n"
msgstr "%s: Error %d ketika menjalankan fsck.%s untuk %s\n"
#: misc/fsck.c:742
msgid ""
"Either all or none of the filesystem types passed to -t must be prefixed\n"
"with 'no' or '!'.\n"
msgstr ""
"Semua atau tidak sama sekali dari tipe sistem berkas dilewatkan melalui "
"pilihan -t harus diwali\n"
"dengan 'no' atau '!'.\n"
#: misc/fsck.c:761
msgid "Couldn't allocate memory for filesystem types\n"
msgstr "Tidak dapat mengalokasikan memori untuk tipe sistem berkas\n"
#: misc/fsck.c:884
#, c-format
msgid ""
"%s: skipping bad line in /etc/fstab: bind mount with nonzero fsck pass "
msgstr ""
"%s: melewatkan baris buruk di /etc/fstab: bind mount dengan tidak nol fsck "
"tahap nomor\n"
#: misc/fsck.c:911
#, c-format
msgid "fsck: cannot check %s: fsck.%s not found\n"
msgstr "fsck: tidak dapat memeriksa %s: fsck.%s tidak ditemukan\n"
#: misc/fsck.c:967
msgid "Checking all file systems.\n"
msgstr "Memeriksa semua filesytem.\n"
#: misc/fsck.c:1058
#, c-format
msgid "--waiting-- (pass %d)\n"
msgstr "--menunggu-- (tahap %d)\n"
#: misc/fsck.c:1078
msgid ""
"Usage: fsck [-AMNPRTV] [ -C [ fd ] ] [-t fstype] [fs-options] [filesys ...]\n"
msgstr ""
"Penggunaan: fsck [-AMNPRTV] -C [fd] ] [-t fstype] [fs-pilihan] "
"[filesys ...]\n"
#: misc/fsck.c:1120
#, c-format
msgid "%s: too many devices\n"
msgstr "%s: terlalu banyak perangkat\n"
#: misc/fsck.c:1153 misc/fsck.c:1239
#, c-format
msgid "%s: too many arguments\n"
msgstr "%s: terlalu banyak argumen\n"
#: misc/lsattr.c:74
#, c-format
msgid "Usage: %s [-RVadlv] [files...]\n"
msgstr "Penggunaan: %s [-RVadlv] [berkas...]\n"
#: misc/lsattr.c:84
#, c-format
msgid "While reading flags on %s"
msgstr "Ketika membaca flags di %s"
#: misc/lsattr.c:91
#, c-format
msgid "While reading version on %s"
msgstr "Ketika membaca versi di %s"
#: misc/mke2fs.c:114
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid ""
"Usage: %s [-c|-l filename] [-b block-size] [-C cluster-size]\n"
"\t[-i bytes-per-inode] [-I inode-size] [-J journal-options]\n"
"\t[-G flex-group-size] [-N number-of-inodes]\n"
"\t[-m reserved-blocks-percentage] [-o creator-os]\n"
"\t[-g blocks-per-group] [-L volume-label] [-M last-mounted-directory]\n"
"\t[-O feature[,...]] [-r fs-revision] [-E extended-option[,...]]\n"
"\t[-t fs-type] [-T usage-type ] [-U UUID] [-jnqvDFKSV] device [blocks-"
msgstr ""
"Penggunaan: %s [-c|-l namafile] [-b ukuran-blok] [-f ukuran-fragmen]\n"
"\t[-i bytes-per-inode] [-I ukuran-inode] [-J pilihan-jurnal]\n"
"\t[-G ukuran meta grup] [-N jumlah-dari-inode]\n"
"\t[-m persentasi-reserved-blok] [-o sistem-operasi-pembuat]\n"
"\t[-g blok-per-grup] [-L label-volume] [-M direktori-terakhir-dipasang]\n"
"\t[-O fasilitas[,...]] [-r revisi-fs] [-E pilihan-tambahan[,...]]\n"
"\t[-T type-fs] [-U UUID] [-jnqvFKSV] perangkat [jumlah-blok]\n"
#: misc/mke2fs.c:217
#, c-format
msgid "Running command: %s\n"
msgstr "Menjalankan perintah: %s\n"
#: misc/mke2fs.c:221
#, c-format
msgid "while trying to run '%s'"
msgstr "ketika mencoba untuk menjalankan '%s'"
#: misc/mke2fs.c:228
msgid "while processing list of bad blocks from program"
msgstr "ketika memproses daftar dari blok buruk dari aplikasi"
#: misc/mke2fs.c:255
#, c-format
msgid "Block %d in primary superblock/group descriptor area bad.\n"
msgstr "Blok %d dalam daerah deskripsi superblok/grup utama buruk.\n"
#: misc/mke2fs.c:257
#, c-format
msgid "Blocks %u through %u must be good in order to build a filesystem.\n"
msgstr ""
"Blok %u sampai %u harus dalam keadaan baik untuk membuat sebuah sistem "
#: misc/mke2fs.c:260
msgid "Aborting....\n"
msgstr "Membatalkan...\n"
#: misc/mke2fs.c:280
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Warning: the backup superblock/group descriptors at block %u contain\n"
"\tbad blocks.\n"
msgstr ""
"Peringatan: deskripsi superblok/grup cadangan di blok %u berisi\n"
"\tblok buruk.\n"
#: misc/mke2fs.c:299
msgid "while marking bad blocks as used"
msgstr "ketika menandai blok buruk sebagai digunakan"
#: misc/mke2fs.c:316
msgid "Writing inode tables: "
msgstr "Menulis tabel inode: "
#: misc/mke2fs.c:337
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid ""
"Could not write %d blocks in inode table starting at %llu: %s\n"
msgstr ""
"Tidak dapat menulis %d blok dalam tabel inode dimulai di %u: %s\n"
#: misc/mke2fs.c:351 misc/mke2fs.c:2175 misc/mke2fs.c:2429
#, c-format
msgid "done \n"
msgstr "selesai \n"
#: misc/mke2fs.c:362
msgid "while creating root dir"
msgstr "ketika membuat direktori root"
#: misc/mke2fs.c:369
msgid "while reading root inode"
msgstr "ketika membaca inode root"
#: misc/mke2fs.c:383
msgid "while setting root inode ownership"