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Overview of changes in GLib 2.49.4
* Change the just-introduced structured logging API. The arguments
of g_log_structured() had to be reordered to enable an implementation
within the limits of what the standards guarantee about var args.
Bugs fixed:
744456 Structured logging API
768936 gio doc build fails because of missing gio.xml in the tarballs
768963 improper va_list use in g_log_structured()
768968 gio/tests/socket-listener hangs since e4ee307
Translation updates:
Overview of changes in GLib 2.49.3
* GLib has a structured logging API, g_log_structured, with support
for writing to the systemd journal. It also supports colored output
in terminals
* Some new GBytes API has been added:
- g_key_file_load_from_bytes
- g_compute_hmac_for_bytes
* Stack-allocated GVariantBuilder and GVariantDict objects can now be
* gio:
- Add a way to register handlers for custom uri schemes
have these heuristics in a single place
- Include a gio tool that makes the functionality of the
various gvfs commandline tools available in a single place
- Add portal support to g_app_info_launch_default_for_uri
- Add portal support to GNetworkMonitor
- Add portal support to GProxyResolver
- Add portal support to g_application_send_notification
Bugs fixed:
547200 g_utf8_find_next_char() issues
662802 systemtap multiarch issue
723506 fork/exec from non-main thread when autolaunching could be avoided...
725902 build: simplify dtrace configuration
728207 gsocketservice: Documentation does not mention that is already act...
729914 instead of DEBUG_CODE and IF_DEBUG, provide a common macro to supp...
744456 Structured logging API
744678 Unable to delete relocatable schemas
746685 clarify that g_variant_get_data() can be used instead of g_variant...
747134 glib-compile-resources --generate should detect common C++ file ex...
750257 GSettings changed signal should clearly state the order required
753231 Memory is potentially used after free
754012 missing filename in "Error loading css: Failed to import: Error op...
760115 gtestutils: add missing dash in seed argument's --help documentation
760423 gio-querymodules prints error messages as question marks on some l...
761102 Increase performance for main loop
765338 GLib.compute_hmac_for_data throws every time
766370 Add a macro for initializing g_auto(GVariantBuilder)
766899 Superflous HTML/XML comments in GDBusProxyTypeFunc documentation s...
766933 GSocketAddress leaks in gnetworkmonitornetlink.c:read_netlink_mess...
767765 Add names and tags to various GSources and GTasks constructed in GLib
767880 gkeyfile: add g_key_file_load_from_bytes() API
767887 vfs: add g_vfs_register_uri_scheme()
767949 [patch] Typos in glib docs
768029 infinite loop in parse_name_internal()
768119 Fix fallout from get_supported_schemes() changes
768357 Build the gio tool on Windows/MSVC
768498 portal support for glib
768504 keyfile: g_key_file_get_double behavior doesn't follow documentation
768549 Test failure: test_ip_sync_dgram
768551 Test failure: test_socket_address_to_string
768560 gio/tests/gsettings: fix GSettings reference leaks in some tests
768780 O_PATH is a non-standard flag which may be unavailable on non-Lin...
768806 gdbus tool must swallow -- argument
Translation updates:
Chinese (Taiwan)
Overview of changes in GLib 2.49.2
* GMainContext and GTask have gained more systemtap probes
Bugs fixed:
673101 resource compiler dependency generation not working for gen...
700756 GFile.new_for_path arguments misses (type filename) annotation
730187 glocalfileoutputstream: Fix an FD leak in an error path
755439 Memory leak in gdbusproxy.c
759813 Add more SystemTap/DTrace probes for main context and GTask
761810 gio: Support using GDBusObjectManagerServer at path ‘/’
767172 docs: Move GIO_USE_VFS to "okay for production" section
767218 Remove a UTF-8 ellipsis from gsignal.h
767245 Add filename type annotations
767824 Some UTC timezones incorrectly recognized on Windows 7
Translation updates:
Overview of changes in GLib 2.49.1
* GDesktopAppInfo now allows bus activation with dashes. This is
not technically allowed per the Desktop Entry specification, but
it happens in the wild. Rather than forcing people to go through
another traumatic desktop file rename, accept it and translate - to _.
* The support for giving names to threads has been improved. Thread names
are now supported on Solaris as well, and the Linux support no longer
uses prctl() but the pthread api.
* GIO resources can now be overridden at runtime, using the G_RESOURCE_OVERLAYS
environment variable.
* gdbus-codegen can now generate autocleanup definitions for the types
it generates. Use the --c-generate-autocleanup option to control this
Bugs fixed:
665446 Use g_abort() instead of abort()
731988 glocalfile: Avoid a potential NULL pointer dereference
742898 g_value_type_transformable() description differs from the code
747107 GVariant varargs documentation: g_variant_get() example
747478 g_system_thread_set_name() is not implemented for gthread-win32
748474 g_get_language_names() is not thread-safe
748530 gthread: W32 implementation of g_get_num_processors() has lame fallback
748806 GVariant: Better introduction to the concepts and its uses
749583 GSequence performance improvements
749606 tests: always remove app.desktop
755898 [PATCH] settings: add get/set uint64
758174 Fix documentation typos
758738 Usage of GType properties causes crashes due to gulong/gpointer mismatch
760186 namespace clash with gdb pretty-printing code
762994 Race condition in GIO/AppFileChooser crashes Firefox/Gtk3
763379 codegen: Add support for g_autoptr to gdbus-codegen–generated objects
763821 build: Also dist Systemtap files always for gobject/
764092 gstrfuncs: Document the behaviour of g_strjoinv()
764163 g_task_had_error doesn't remember the error after g_task_propagate_*
764415 Very High CPU usage in g_poll() Windows implementation
764574 build: Fix all statfs() tests failing
764575 tests: Fix compilation errors due to Y2K format problems
764685 GApplication documentation about handling command-line options is confusing
764754 '-' in application id: unbreak bus activation and notifications
765173 documentation of g_main_context_push_thread_default() regarding GIO...
765668 GResources: add support for resource overlays
765710 gdbus-tool: only print note about expected argument types if that...
765712 tests: Fix compilation
765861 task: avoid context lock when setting source name
765900 Add g_drive_is_removable() support
765924 Improve external drives detection
765959 socket: set fd field to -1 after closing socket
765990 Visual Studio: Define inline only when necessary
765991 Compilation of gresource.c is broken due to S_ISDIR
766092 Incorrect locale handling in g_date_time_format_locale()
766211 Fix the upper bound in g_unichar_iswide_bsearch
766407 Some build-related defects in glib testsuite
766570 build: Fix a misnamed variable in
Translation updates:
Overview of changes in GLib 2.48.0
* a minor build fix in the name of determinism
* a few coverity fixes
Bugs fixed:
763617 giotypefuncs.c: Sort _get_type functions in the 'C' locale
Translations updated:
Overview of changes in GLib 2.47.92
* gdbus-codegen now supports g_autoptr()
* g_get_user_runtime_dir() now reliably returns an existing directory
* g_array_remove_range() can now remove 0 items from the end of an array
* Many fixes for Windows
* build fixes
* file monitoring
* gsettings backend
* streams
* random numbers
* wide character support
* documentation improvements
* other small bugfixes
Bugs fixed:
724847 Segmentation fault on "gsettings list-recursively"
743933 gapplication: add --app-id command line option
756706 [PATCH] gio/gtestdbus.c: don't use non-standard %m printf modifier
757506 gsettings: schema_list should use the passed schema's source
760694 W32: Apps linked with -mwindows make cursor busy sometimes
762202 g_win32_error_message improvements
762637 build: Unconditionally dist tapset files
762748 Undefined behavior
762937 Mention that g_clear_error can be used with an "empty" GError
763339 array: Support clearing an empty array with g_array_remove_range()
763344 g_get_user_runtime_dir(): ensure directory exists
763379 codegen: Add support for g_autoptr to gdbus-codegen–generated objects
Translations updated:
Brazilian Portuguese
Galician s
Overview of changes in GLib 2.47.6
* Windows usupport:
- Fixes and improvements to the GSettings registry backend
- Handle readability and writability of registry keys
- Use Unicode registry APIs
* Bugs fixed:
760852 744772 761126 747927 761337 744570 761504 761550 761843
744570 GString is missing (transfer none) annotations on many of its methods
744772 systemtap and gdb scripts install in wrong place
747927 Documentation: various small improvements
760852 gdbusobjectmanagerserver: Clarify recommended ObjectManager paths
761126 winiconv: update to upstream version
761337 Fix some annotations
761504 W32 registry GSettings backend does not use Unicode
761550 Cannot build with default flags under Fedora rawhide (-Werror=format-...
761843 gmacros.h is testing attributes with __has_feature (when compiling wi...
* Translation updates:
Brazilian Portuguese
Chinese (Taiwan)
Overview of changes in GLib 2.47.5
* the system copy of PCRE is now used by default to implement GRegex.
Configure with --with-pcre=internal if a system PCRE version
is unavailable or undesired.
* interfaces for DTLS support have been added. A new version of
glib-networking will also be required.
* GDBusMethodInvocation now drops replies if the sender set the
* several GApplication fixes, including fixes for commandline arguments
in interpreted languages on Windows
Bugs fixed:
624186 Deprecate glib-gettext macros
734095 of PyGObject fails to run on Windows (and likely other binding scripts using g_application_run())
735754 Implement close on TLS GOutputStream
748064 gnulib vfprintf returns desired (not actual) number of bytes, ignores errors
752240 Add DTLS support to GIO
755421 GDBus ignores NO_REPLY_EXPECTED flag in messages, leading to warnings on system bus
756875 Include ntdef.h for NTSTATUS
759554 g_application_run() calls g_main_context_default() repeatidly
760199 gsettings: Install gettext ITS rules
760215 G_LIKELY/_UNLIKELY macros need more parentheses
760683 regex test: Check the expected PCRE exceptions at runtime
Translations updated:
Brazilian Portuguese
Overview of changes in GLib 2.47.4
* The GApplication documentation has been improved in several areas.
* Bugs fixed:
749092 gdb pretty-printers fail on Python 3 with a TypeError...
757374 macros: clean up "inline" mess
758641 Memory leak in g_dbus_proxy_new_for_bus_sync()
759134 Add missing checks for gnulib vasnprintf()
759408 Do not use uninitialized var
756475 Stop supporting non-POSIX getpwuid_r, getgrgid_r
757372 GApplication: destroy the impl on shutdown
728099 macros: add G_GNUC_CHECK_VERSION() for compiler checks
757299 glib-compile-resources: do not leak c_name
758553 Fix gettext use
758823 file monitors: reorder some code to avoid segfault
756214 gsettings: Don't translate ""
710243 Add GParamSpec object ref management annotations
735696 xdgmime: Finer handling for cases where mmap() is not available
752983 gapplication: Acquire the main context before running
* Translation updates:
Overview of changes in GLib 2.47.3
The inline cleanup in the last release accidentally removed three
symbols from It is unlikely that this will have caused
any problems because these symbols were only backup symbols for
definitions exported as inlines in the header files, but ABI is ABI.
This release corrects only this problem.
Overview of changes in GLib 2.47.2
* We have formalised the assumption that all compilers that are
interested in support 'static inline' and simplified the macros around
this considerably. Please watch for and report unintentional fallout.
* New API: hardware-assisted helpers for overflow-checked integer math.
* other fixes
Bugs fixed:
696324 gtester-report doesn't work with Python 3.x
719966 glib: Add missing (nullable) and (optional) annotations
752837 gobject and glib-compile-resources rely on .CRT$XCU section, no longer works with Win 10 UCRT (VS 2015)
755364 make gtkdoc-check happy again
756134 Segmentation fault on calling g_simple_action_group_add_action with bad action constructor call
756179 gwin32.c: Replace VerifyVersionInfoW() with RtlGetVersion() due to API deprecation
756988 GSequence should document each function's complexity
757294 Move G_POLLFD_FORMAT to glibconfig.h
757374 macros: clean up "inline" mess
757451 doc: fix g_task_attach_source() example
757628 gio tests fail to build when cross compiling 2.46.1
757693 Invalid free in g_local_file_trash()
757742 Fix up annotations in ghash.c
758181 GTask: fix wrong example code
Translations updated:
Norwegian bokmål
Scottish Gaelic
Simplified Chinese
Overview of changes in GLib 2.47.1
* The Unicode support has been updated to version 8.0 of the Unicode standard
* GDesktopAppInfo no longer sets the DISPLAY environment variable when
launching apps. This is now done in the GAppLaunchContext implementations
when appropriate
* Bug fixes:
664740 Key-value file parser, space after integer
687223 cleverer GThreadPool management
692085 stderr and stdout are not always file descriptors 1 and 2
697907 Add interface for socket-like things (GSocket, DTLS, etc)
735754 Implement close on TLS GOutputStream
737116 Add functions to print GSocketConnectables and addresses as strings
743011 Minor additions to GError documentation
749161 undefined reference to `__imp__stat32i64'
749314 Cannot restore a just-trashed file
751924 Add recvmmsg()-like API on GSocket
752240 Add DTLS support to GIO
752837 gobject and glib-compile-resources rely on .CRT$XCU section, no longer...
753310 Remove `#pragma GCC system_header` from gmessages.h
753935 Update example namespace and class names in GObject tutorial
754855 Object instantiation documentation refers to example that no longer ex...
754983 Wayland: g_desktop_app_info_launch_uris_with_spawn() forces DISPLAY va...
754994 g_date_time_get_second () sometimes returns an off-by-one result
755083 Clarify in G_ADD_PRIVATE that it is safe to call _get_instance_private...
755351 Example still contains g_autoptr(gchar)
755355 Move GStrv to glib.h so it can be used with g_auto()
755374 g_variant_get_child(): flatten-first logic on '&'
755496 glib 2.46 fails GStreamer test suite
755609 glib 2.46.0 breaks Sun Java JVM
755766 gvalue: The g_auto cleanup function assert if value is G_VALUE_INIT
755795 2.46 considers empty files as octet-stream rather than text (leads to...
755961 Fix up annotations in gbytes.c
756053 MSVC doesn't understand the symbol 'msghdr'
756054 MSVC linker error due to 'g_socket_send_message_with_timeout()'
756077 testutils: remove internal ABI comment
756099 g_main_context_query(): Annotate @n_fds as (in) parameter
756139 musl: ctors called in the wrong order
756179 gwin32.c: Replace VerifyVersionInfoW() with RtlGetVersion() due to AP...
756251 The documentation of G_DBUS_PROXY_FLAGS_DO_NOT_AUTO_START is confusing
756255 GOutputStream swallowing errors in splice with G_OUTPUT_STREAM_SPLICE...
756316 GSequence should provide fast api to check if empty
756382 snprintf used on Windows with VS2015 doesn't support %n
756477 gio/gthreadedresolver.c has outdated copy of bionic headers (for android)
756550 gtypes.h: Make G_MININTn literals negative
756875 Include ntdef.h for NTSTATUS
756952 giomodule: return a copy of module name
* Translation updates:
Serbian Latin
Overview of changes in GLib 2.46.0
* Disable runtime-deprecation warnings
* Fix marshalling of flags on bigendian 64bit architectures
* Translation updates
Brazilian Portuguese
Overview of changes in GLib 2.45.8
* utf8 validation and utf8-to-ucs4 conversion are faster
* Small speedups to property change notification
* Various other small optimizations for GQuark, GData
* Bugs fixed:
696426 GParamSpecTypeInfo do not need to be static
735429 Cleanup MSVC Project Files Generation
738504 Optimize UTF-8 decoding by unrolling branches and expressions
742903 Add missing (transfer) annotation to GString
748633 g_set_object order of operations
754431 Fix build of glib/gstrfuncs.c on Windows
754560 gioerror: Add more mappings for WinSock error codes
754582 Glib cannot compile
754601 Make g_strerror work with non-glibc POSIX systems
754636 tests/unicode-encoding test fails for glib 2.45.7 on x86-64
754788 more g_strerror stuff
754831 autocleanups: Add GString type
754924 Improve test coverage of g_utf8_validate() by added known-...
754986 Avoid unnecessary signal emission during draw
* Translation updates:
Overview of changes in GLib 2.45.7
backends (e.g. cloud storage).
* GFileMonitor: Make the inotify backend work with atomic renames again
* GSettings: change notification is again working unconditionally
* GListStore has a sort function now
* Test infrastructure:
- Tests are now required to have unique names
- TAP support has been improved
- A macro for asserting that two memory regions have identical content
has been added
* Bugs fixed:
708525 A "g_file_query_info" on the file path "/sys/kernel/debug/hid"...
742849 inotify: send paired events to both sides
744060 Update GObject tutorial documentation to use G_DECLARE_FINAL_T...
747364 Fix GError leak in g_file_query_writable_namespaces()
749492 Support file creation time on FreeBSD and NetBSD
752769 (g_socket_receive_message | g_socket_send_message) performance
753745 glib-genmarshal still needed for cross-compilation
754152 Add g_list_store_sort
754211 Memory leak in g_file_enumerator_iterate ()
754264 GLib 2.44 certificate chain construction fails if the PEM incl...
754283 gtestutils: add g_assert_cmpmem()
754284 gtestutils: print the TAP test plan first, not last
754286 misc gtestutils fixes
754307 size of array '_GStaticAssertCompileTimeAssertion_3387' is neg...
* Translation updates:
Chinese (Taiwan)
Overview of changes in GLib 2.45.6
* Fix a test failure and a build failure
Overview of changes in GLib 2.45.5
* GNetworkMonitor now provides information about metered networks
* g_mem_set_vtable has been deprecated; it has not been working for
quite a while. The recommendation is to use valgrind, or replace
malloc itself.
* Bugs fixed:
656325 Make GDBusInterfaceVTable binding friendly
741779 Documentation tweaks addressing real-world API misuses
741822 Fails to build with VS 2015
742386 gdbusconnection: Don't g_printerr() when exiting
743018 gobject: Add more cross-links between documentation pages
750282 Add g_network_monitor_get_network_metered() to get if the connection...
751358 GFileMonitor doesn't react to "mv some-file watched-file"
751592 Stop using GMemVtable
751598 Stop 'handle-local-options' propagation when callback reports an err...
751610 g_str_hash produces collisions with strings of length 2
751751 Wrong docs of g_async_queue_remove
752210 gdbus command crashes with SIGSEGV
752656 gdbusconnection: Fix signal subscription documentation
752767 Fix typo in g_hash_table_replace() documentation
753278 gdbus: Don't use g_assert_no_error() GDBusObjectManagerServer
753285 g_menu_item_set_icon fails if called with NULL icon
* Translation updates:
Norwegian bokmål
Overview of changes in GLib 2.45.4
* Bugs fixed:
727829 win32: glibconfig.h.win32 updates
741901 Clang cannot know that g_error don't return
746339 GSocket kills process when fd is not a socket
747676 gio/tests/socket fails: test_fd_roundtrip
748610 Some tests fail with non-English locales
749911 g_inet_address_to_string broken on XP/2003
749912 g_inet_address_new_from_string broken on XP/2003
750625 Should dismiss Software Updates Available notification after...
750807 G_BREAKPOINT doesn't work as intended on Darwin
751160 gtask does unnecessary work
751672 -Wduplicate-decl-specifier in glib/tests/keyfile.c
751731 GFile/DirectoryMonitor emit move events with other_file=NULL
751737 gio/tests/appmonitor test fails in 2.45.3
751798 Wrong enum type used in some test-cases
752089 make gsocketservice::active a property
752293 small cleanup: use list_free_full
* Translation updates:
Overview of changes in GLib 2.45.3
* Improve performance of g_signal_handler_disconnect for signals
with many handlers
* GDBus has gained a new call flag to allow interactive authorization
* GSettings:
- New API: g_settings_schema_list_keys
- Deprecated: g_settings_list_keys
* OS X:
- Implement GNotification
- Bump the OS X requirement to 10.9
* Windows:
- Add registry reading API
- Reimplement GAppInfo using registry information
* Bugs fixed:
666831 Support URI opening on W32
728489 property action with inverted boolean state
730168 Incorrect annotation on g_action_group_get_action_state_type return...
733325 Several regex tests fail with pcre3 8.35
734888 GLib has no helper functions to work with W32 Registry
737009 signal handler lookup doesn't scale
738185 Misleading language about "file name encoding" in the docs on g_env...
738504 Optimize UTF-8 decoding by unrolling branches and expressions
739122 glib not handling -1 return ("no limit") from sysconf (_SC_THREAD_S...
739424 gnome-shell crashes when files are added, deleted, or modified in $...
739616 DBus; Add new call flag to allow interactive authorization
740308 Add g_settings_schema_list_keys() method
740516 RFE: please provide an introspectible version of g_log_set_handler
741788 Document GSettings build system integration
745013 GBinding not thread safe
747146 Implement GNotification on OSX
747941 try XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/bus before falling back to X11 autolaunch (dbus...
748727 Filechooser dialog shows no icons for directories on W32
749693 GActionGroupExporter: flush queue on requests
750203 GNetworkMonitorNetlink hangs in user namespace
750322 gapplication: Make sure --help output is translated
750344 GTlsInteractionClass is missing from doc
750369 Various GBinding cleanups
750386 Race condition in g_io_condition_get_type
750399 Typo "equilalent" in glib documentation's glib-Error-Reporting.html...
750573 GTlsDatabaseClass is not documented
750918 genmarshal: silence register storage class warnings
751122 gsocket: avoid unnecessary g_socket_cond_wait() in _send_messages()
479730 The "g_key_file_set_comment" interface prepends '#' character to...
* Translation updates:
Overview of changes in GLib 2.45.2
* Improve error reporting in glib-compile-schemas.
* Add introspection annotations to GListStore.
* Bugs fixed:
696749 win32 : failed to compile because of careless mistake in the code
723394 const parameter to GtkPopover gtk_popover_set_pointing_to
724113 gdbus-connection-loss test can fail on slow machines
725981 internal error getting exit status
733325 Several regex tests fail with pcre3 8.35
744895 Unknown or unsupported transport 'this-should-not-be-used-and-will...
747882 gtype: Bump allowed number of children
748534 gtest: if a subprocess assertion fails, print its stdout and stderr
748612 de_DE locale used in option-context test is not supported by FreeBSD
748614 Double unref in g_socket_listener_add_inet_port
748834 glocalfilemonitor: Emit notification on rate limit change
749079 gdbus-peer test: TCP tests can fail with ECONNRESET due to a race...
749080 gdatetime test: fails if close to rollover between seconds
749180 gnetworkaddress: add return type annotation to parse methods
749352 g_binding_unbind() fails when source is also the target
749353 GBinding does not connect to the detailed notify signal
* Translation updates:
Overview of changes in GLib 2.45.1
* The GSettings schema compiler, glib-compile-schemas has been changed
to reject schema xml that has duplicate <summary> or <description>
elements. Such elements typically occur when translations are merged
into the schema, with xml:lang attributes. This is not the correct
way to translate schemas. Instead keep the translations in the .mo
file and set the gettext-domain attribute on the <schemalist> element.
* The file monitoring infrastructure has been rewritten, and all backends
have seen major improvements.
The inotify backend is reporting events with less delay (no event will
be delayed more than 10ms) and wakeups due to file monitoring have been
significantly reduced. A CHANGES_DONE event will also be sent when new
files appear.
The poll implementation is now using the thread default main context.
The fam implmentation is now running in the worker thread.
The fen implementation has been removed, since it was unmaintained.
* The GSettings schema compiler, glib-compile-schemas, is more strict
about rejecting schemas with xml:lang style merged translations.
Schema translations should be done by specifying the gettext domain
in the xml, and keeping the translations in gettext. To avoid breaking
already-installed schemas, this change is only taking effect when
you use the --strict option.
* The hardcoded 10-thread limit of GTask's thread pool has been removed,
since it was prone to causing deadlocks. The thread pool is now allowed
to grow dynamically and will shrink back over time.
* GSimpleAsyncResult has been deprecated in favor of GTask.
* The algorithm used by GAppInfo to find default handlers for mime types
has been tweaked to prefer apps that handle the specific subtype over
default handlers for a generic supertype.
* Bug fixes:
627285 inotify file monitor hardwired delay
631597 Segmentation fault in append_escaped_text
661767 merge/improve various bits of run-in-thread functionality
687223 cleverer GThreadPool management
711547 win32: silence some build warnings
719966 glib: Add missing (nullable) and (optional) annotations
726447 Possibly an error in text string
728663 W32: wrong stat struct is used when built with MinGW-w64
728669 W32: GLocalFile can't measure size of files larger than 2^32...
730188 gsocket: Document FD ownership with g_socket_new_from_fd()
733325 Several regex tests fail with pcre3 8.35
738207 Add a way to set SO_SENDBUF and SO_RECVBUF on listener (and...
739850 GClosure: add valgrind hints
741791 gmain: Save errno when handling unix signals
744282 gvfs-open for application/x-virt-viewer changed behaviour bet...
745255 Add support for copying sessions between GTlsClientConnections
745745 gdbus: fix out-of-bound array access
745821 Don't use __alloc_size__ attribute with clang
746749 GLib-GIO:ERROR:inotify-kernel.c:327:ik_source_dispatch: ass...
746753 Glib-compile-resources --generate-header not using ".h" as ...
747209 glib-compile-schemas ought to reject repeated <summary> and...
747349 Conversion of gdbus to use GTask causes deadlocks
747363 gatomic: Add missing new line in API doc comment
747472 Don't ignore already-installed schemas with multiple <summa...
747541 gdbus segfaults with invalid --dest
747772 Having hardcoded utf8 strings in the source code does not p...
748019 gsocketconnection: Fix copy-pasto in documentation
748177 not all test schemas are distributed, "make distcheck" fails
* Translation updates:
Norwegian bokmål
Overview of changes in GLib 2.43.92
GLib is now considered frozen. We do not expect any major changes
before the release of 2.44.0.
* GUnixMountMonitor now properly supports multiple main contexts
* many documentation improvements and cleanups. We are now
approaching a point where the documentation is 100% complete and the
xml will build without warnings. This will probably be enabled by
default in the next cycle.
* new support for HTTP proxies in GIO
* new GTask:completed property
* use "private" futexes in order to further improve the performance of
the contended case of GMutex and g_bit_lock()
Bugs fixed:
614684 Make various parts of GObject const-correct
730352 Use inet_pton(), if_nametoindex() and if_indextoname() for newer versions of Windows
733876 Proxy protocol 'http' is not supported.
741442 threads: use FUTEX_WAIT_PRIVATE and FUTEX_WAKE_PRIVATE if possible
742599 Clean up GUnixMountMonitor
743636 gtask: Add a GTask:completed property
743661 g_win32_check_windows_version() is missing from doc
744722 docs: Expand introduction to mention using async calls over sync ones
745589 [Patch] gio: add some missing autocleanup
745634 [GNotifications] Use themed icon as icon-name
Translations updated:
pa for Gnome
Overview of changes in GLib 2.43.91
We have now added 'g_autofree' as a libgsystem-style autocleanup macro
that calls g_free() on the content of a local variable when it leaves
scope (working only on GCC and clang).
GApplication now has an "is-busy" property, allowing one to query the
effective busy state.
There have been various other bugfixes and cleanups.
Bugs fixed:
661554 GIO's use of GError is wrong
744263 Fix format specifier for __LINE__ in G_OBJECT_WARN_INVALID_PSPEC
744565 gapplication: add bind_busy_property()
744747 Add g_autofree
744756 Can't find out if gapplication is marked as busy
744830 autocleanups: Add GArray and GPtrArray
744876 Unclean exit from from g_application_run
745239 g_property_action_new missing type annotation
Translations updated:
Chinese (Taiwan)
Overview of changes in GLib 2.43.90
* new GSimpleIOStream class to construct a GIOStream from an arbitrary
GInputStream and GOutputStream
* GApplication: new API for marking 'busy' state according to the value
of a boolean property on another object
* GOptionGroup: add binding support (boxed type, annotation fixes, etc.)
Bugs fixed:
739724 Test functions should have async scope
741024 glist: Mention that g_list_length() is bad for checking list emptiness
741630 Add GSimpleIOStream class
743349 goption: Add boxed type for GOptionGroup
743990 GDBus connection closing is broken
744565 gapplication: add bind_busy_property()
Translations updated:
Norwegian bokmål
Overview of changes in GLib 2.43.4
* GType now has type declaration macros G_DECLARE_DERIVABLE_TYPE,
G_DECLARE_FINAL_TYPE and G_DECLARE_INTERFACE, which significantly reduce
the boilerplate needed for GObject types and interfaces.
* g_autoptr and g_auto are macros for declaring variables with automatic
cleanup. They only work with gcc and clang.
* GListModel is a new interface that represents a dynamic list of GObjects.
* GListStore is a GSequence-based implementation of GListModel.
* Support thread names on OS X
* g_simple_action_set_state_hint: New function to set the state hint
of GSimpleActions
* g_win32_check_windows_version: New function to check Windows version
* g_settings_schema_list_children and g_settings_schema_key_get_name
are new functions to complete the GSettingsSchema API.
* Bugs fixed:
389585 G_DEFINE_TYPE hack for header files
729351 Add GListModel
736914 Docs: various fixes and improvements
741807 Add thread name support on OS X and iOS
741895 gwin32: Add Simple API to check whether we are on at least a v...
742456 object: Add g_steal_pointer() convenience function to mark own...
743508 polkitd fails to start: patch for gio/gcredentialsprivate.h
743517 GSettings API is missing some introspection functions
743521 GSimpleAction: add g_simple_action_set_state_hint
743596 G_DECLARE_DERIVABLE_TYPE() should allow additional typedef for...
743640 add __attribute__((cleanup)) support
743827 Fix build of GListModel (on Visual Studio)
743927 GListStore: add sorted insert function
743936 glib: handle unsigned modifier for long long in internal printf
744012 Add GMutexLocker
744190 Fix build on Compilers That Do Not Use inline for Plain C Code
Overview of changes in GLib 2.43.3
* add g_set_object() convenience function
* GNetworkMonitor: check if NM is not running and don't crash
* fix some races with g_mkdir_with_parents
* fix some warnings in MSVC
* avoid use of G_STRLOC in G_OBJECT_WARN_INVALID_PSPEC in order to save
on static strings
* fix some content type vs. mime issues
* documentation improvements
* Bugs fixed:
719455 g_file_make_directory_with_parents() can erroneously throw G_IO_ERROR_EXISTS
732439 GSocket: avoid unnecessary g_socket_wait_condition() for blocking sockets
734946 Implement GContentType on OSX
741589 gobject: Add g_set_object() convenience function to set GObject pointers
741653 gnetworkmonitornm: Check if network-manager is running
741654 [patch] gobject: don't use G_STRLOC in G_OBJECT_WARN_INVALID_PSPEC() macro
741707 Gsocket blocks trying to send data
741788 Document GSettings build system integration
742548 stay out of autoconf's namespace
742851 avoid MSVC warnings in G_STMT_END
742972 ggettext: Include an example of setlocale() and friends in the i18n docs
743014 gtestutils: Add an example of using test fixtures
* Translations updated:
Brazilian Portuguese
Overview of changes in GLib 2.43.2
* New function: g_strv_contains
* New function: g_network_address_new_loopback
* New function: g_socket_send_messages
* A new GNetworkMonitor implementation using NetworkManager provides
more detailed connectivity information
* Bugs fixed:
11059 Linux poll issue
664562 captive wifi portal support for GNetworkMonitor
685880 Add g_strv_contains()
712570 Hang in g_threaded_socket_service_func
719646 GSocket: add g_socket_send_messages() to send multiple messages...
728928 Provide separate error code for "Connection reset by peer"
732317 Support GSocketConnectable for loopback addresses
740814 "make check" should ensure that every symbol is documented
740848 Backend subscription fails when connecting to a signal with a d...
741016 gio: add G_IO_ERROR_NOT_CONNECTED
741226 keyfile: Add "in group" to GError message consistently
* Translation updates:
Overview of changes in GLib 2.43.1
* GQueue now accepts NULL as a sibling in g_queue_insert_before() and
* Bugs fixed:
11059 Linux poll issue
726037 Add G_PARAM_READWRITE value to the GParamFlags enumeration
727988 GMemoryOutputStream hangs when writing more than 1GiB
729739 tlscertificate: add support for loading certificate chains
733791 GSettings: delay backend subscription
736286 Clarify g_file_replace behavior with etags
736620 GQueue: accept NULL sibling for insert_before() and insert_after()
737150 GLib-GIO-WARNING **: Failed to parse translated string 'visible-name...
737160 unhelpful error message
738259 GDBusInterfaceVTable: clarify memory handling for the method() virt...
738551 'interface' variable conflicts with Windows defines
738633 Need to disable SSLv3 in glib-networking
740157 <app> --help doesn't work even when options were added
740309 Fix docs in g_strfreev
740413 Fix the GSettings Registry Backend
* Translation updates:
Norwegian bokmål
Overview of changes in GLib 2.43.0
* GObject gained a debug option to provide instance counts. To use it,
set GOBJECT_DEBUG=instance-count and call g_type_get_instance_count().
* GOption now has a strict POSIX mode in which it stops parsing arguments
as soon as a non-option argument is encountered.
* Bugs fixed:
354457 Feature Proposal: Per-Type Statistics for Instantiable GTypes
695082 g_hash_table_remove_all is not save against a call to g_hash_table_remove
723160 GOption: add strict posix mode
728256 gcredentials: add NetBSD support
729739 tlscertificate: add support for loading certificate chains
733338 Don't segfault in GNetworkMonitor when IPv6 support is unavailable
736273 gdesktopappinfo: Use symbolic names in the code
736284 Keep only one list of signal emissions
736806 gtask: Fix reference count loop causing leaks
736914 Docs: various fixes and improvements
737143 Include <stdint.h> in glib/valgrind.h
737259 gcancellable: Clarify that GSources hold references to GCancellables
737338 gmain: Unref child sources when finalising a GSource
737446 tests: Fix some minor leaks in the unit tests
737451 Provide api to read_all_async
737741 g_datalist_id_get_data assertion fails for non-existant keys
737869 GApplication command line handling breaks --help
738170 g_byte_array_new_take() doesn't initialize array->alloc
738197 g_cond_timed_wait() doesn't time out on Mac OS X
738374 gfile: g_file_equal (x, x) is TRUE
738675 GSubprocessLauncher is missing some data on the docs
* Translation updates:
Bengali (India)
Overview of changes in GLib 2.42.0
All changes in this release are trivial in nature.
- introspection warning fixes
- g_application_add_main_option now uses an enum instead of an 'int'
for the type of a parameter
- added a G_OPTION_FLAG_NONE so that people don't need to use 0
- gresource: Use GError in more places
- gresource commandline tool: improve extraction from multiple sections
- GSource now takes the context lock (if any) in g_source_set_name()
- new documentation to clarify the use of some APIs related to
GVariant, GSource, GApplication
- other minor updates to docs
* Bugs fixed
736683 Thread safety issues with g_main_context_find_source_by_id
736975 [patch] please document that GVariant serialization needs an
out-of-band length field
* Translation updates
Simplified Chinese
Overview of changes in GLib 2.41.5
* Bug fixes:
735819 single native credential struct used for two purposes
735915 glib-building.html uses --enable-gcov instead of --enable-coverage
736350 GDesktopAppInfo: avoid polling on missing desktop dirs
736351 Don't use issetugid() on Android
Fix the default application logic in GDesktopAppInfo
736458 Only use rand_s() when targetting Visual Studio >= 2005
* Translation updates
Overview of changes in GLib 2.41.4
* GApplication now has binding-friendly API to handle
commandline options: g_application_add_main_option
* Bugs fixed:
583330 poll list of mounted file systems (no mtab support)
727455 Command line option parsing from bindings
734126 add G_GNUC_BEGIN_IGNORE_DEPRECATIONS macro for clang
735179 gsocketclient: Handle cancellation between CONNECTING...
735297 Docs claim that GThread struct is deprecated
* Translation updates:
Catalan (Valencian)
Traditional Chinese
Overview of changes in GLib 2.41.3
* g_clear_pointer and g_clear_object no longer use atomics
* Bugs fixed:
711547 win32: silence some build warnings
725511 Compiled resource files should have the same /-separators everywhere
725513 Some tests fail to build on W32
725514 W32: gfileutils does not preserve errno correctly
725515 test-printf fails on W32
728730 gsocket: Set SO_NOSIGPIPE on sockets on Darwin
729703 Leaks a GError in g_file_move
730932 statically assert that reasonable assumptions about enums are true
732085 gtype: Fast-path for g_type_is_a
732754 GDBusMessage: optimise (de)serialisation of fixed arrays
733345 ginetaddress: Add a precondition to g_inet_address_new_from_string()
733576 Patches from static analysis run on 2.40
733715 glib's makes accidentally use of nested function
733934 win32: improve the package installation dir lookup
733960 W32: spawning a console process creates a new window when stdout...
733969 Remove atomic aspects of g_clear_pointer/object
733982 Do not crash when checking whether an instance type is of a given...
734035 gedit hangs up when there's no GSettings key in the registry
* Translation updates:
Brazilian Portuguese
Overview of changes in GLib 2.41.2
* The Unicode support has been updated to version 7.0
of the Unicode standard
* GNotification now supports priorities for notifications
* GCredentials has gained NetBSD support
* GMutex now uses a faster, native implementation on Linux
* Bugs fixed:
699132 Pluggable event loop backends
720708 g_assert_warning(): number of arguments doesn't match for...
722092 Add GtkApplication resources support
724986 Change gio/ to /usr/bin/env perl.
727974 Fix up failure-to-see-expected-message logging
728256 gcredentials: add NetBSD support
728401 GDateTime: Add guards to g_date_time_new()
729825 Formatting of g_alloca documentation
729914 instead of DEBUG_CODE and IF_DEBUG, provide a common macro...
730293 clang++-3.4: error: 'register' storage class specifier is ...
731339 giochannel: avoid setting uninitialised length
731424 #ifdef spaghetti for load_user_special_dirs() implementations
731623 GNotification: add support for a priority setting
731929 update tables to unicode 7.0.0
731950 gvalue: New g_value_from_instance
731986 GLib: implement GMutex natively on Linux
732184 GObject: warn on use of deprecated properties
732357 Docs: various fixes and improvements
732429 GActionEntry: improve documentation
732465 Fix build on x64 Visual C++ builds
732704 Docs: various fixes and improvements
732739 ginetsocketaddress: Explicitly initialise flags for getaddr...
732754 GDBusMessage: optimise (de)serialisation of fixed arrays
732984 g_object_ref(NULL) in g_dbus_object_manager_client_finalize
733084 Typos in g_bytes_hash() and g_time_zone_find_interval() docs
733146 spawn helper does not use correctly the parameters
* Translation updates:
Overview of changes in GLib 2.41.1
* Bug fixes:
697229 Custom Interface implementations will be broken with glib 2.37/38
698614 GObject: prevent installing properties after init
729269 gvariant: Fix confusion between type and format strings in the docs
730198 broken valgrind.h leads to crashes in g_type_free_instance on mingw64
730807 GMutex performance regression
730963 gconvert: mention that the g_convert len should be in bytes
730984 Faster instance type check for fundamentals
731050 <structname> tags appear in documentation
731200 unconditional 'notify' during g_object_set() is problematic
731335 gtype: guard uses of new fundamental type check
731341 gparam: change value of G_PARAM_EXPLICIT_NOTIFY
731366 gdb leaves assert-msg-test zombie
731425 giomodule protects function-call with different token than function...
731513 clang: build failure: implicit declaration of function '__atomic_load_4'
731584 gbookmarkfile: Cleaner error handling code to pacify static analysis
731657 Prevent an invalid @CARBON_LIBS@ from appearing in the .pc files
731979 docs: Correct param to interface's default_init()
731996 Return folder as icon for directories
732002 gwakeup: Clarify buffer sizing in g_wakeup_signal()
732005 Remove unused assignments
732019 gtestdbus: Don’t close stdout for dbus-daemon
732068 gsignal: Add an example to the g_signal_connect_swapped() documentation
732081 gsocket: Document that g_socket_create_source() holds a socket ref
732107 gsocketlistener: Reconsider closing sockets on listener finalisation
Overview of changes in GLib 2.41.0
* Many bugfixes found by static analysis, including potential fd leaks
and NULL pointer dereferences.
* Increased use of (nullable) attribute on out values and return types
now that it is supported (mostly from porting Vala metadata).
* use XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP for OnlyShowIn/NotShowIn handling of desktop
files, deprecating g_desktop_app_info_set_desktop_env()
* add support for g_desktop_app_info_get_implementations() to find
desktop files that have an Implements= line for a given interface
* GHmac has gained SHA-512 support
* support the new mimeapps specification (most notably, moving the
assoications/defaults configuration to ~/.config/mimeapps.list).
* libgobject is now linked -Wl,-z,nodelete when possible to avoid errors
when gobject is used from a module for a program that does not itself
use gobject and that module is unloaded/reloaded
* ... and many other bug fixes.
623552 glib warns if is not present
667468 glib-2.30.2: ipv6 tests fail when no ipv6 support is available
668152 -framework Carbon linker flag not passed to pkg-config .pc files
707298 libgobject should be linked with -Wl,-z,nodelete
712391 Add g_desktop_app_info_get_implementors()
722723 Infinite recursion when calling g_io_stream_close_async() from libsoup
724741 hmac: Fix support for SHA-512 in GHmac
726040 networkaddress: fix parsing of uri with @ after authority
726318 gio: Document that GSocket is not thread safe
726611 socketclient: Leak on cancellation
726872 gio: Add names to idles and timeouts
727119 wrong IN6_IS_ADDR_MC_LINKLOCAL usage break android build
727123 GNotification: Some small documentation fixes
727320 docs: Remove escaping '\' from literals
727551 Check use_count of GApplication in g_application_release()
727559 g_file_copy: Don't set GError when we intend to ignore errors
727692 gio/gtlscertificate.c -- broken PEM-file processing (affects local CA root stores, for starters)
727890 soup_content_sniffer_real_sniff segfault
727900 gio: Add newer dbus UnknownXxxx and PropertyReadOnly errors
727928 gapplication-tool fixes
727939 INTLLIBS are always appended in configure checks
727964 g_io_extension_point_get_extension_by_name: Warn, but don't crash, for NULL inputs
728040 Implement new mimeapps spec
728066 Deal with startup notify id being NULL
728280 platform_get_argv0: fix sysctl(3) use on OpenBSD
728285 docs: Use markdown links in .h files, too
728350 gaction: Minor clarifications in the GAction documentation
728380 docs: Remove <!-- --> comment before plural s
728565 gfile: More explicitly document the context for GFileProgressCallback
728983 Docs: various fixes and improvements
729167 gobject: Document that classes/objects/interfaces are zero-filled
729563 GOption: A short option's value is included in G_OPTION_REMAINING
729813 AppInfo: use XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP for OnlyShowIn
729875 gio: cleanup gdbusmessage.c file
730045 Avoid overeager warning about deprecated properties
730189 gtestutils: Fix a very unlikely FD leak in test fork handling
730190 gsocket: Add missing preconditions to g_socket_send_message()
730277 gthread: Fix use of a local variable after it went out of scope
730278 gsubprocess: Add a missing va_end() call
730295 gdbus-tool: Remove dead variables
730493 Port annotations from Vala metadata
Translations updated:
Brazilian Portuguese
Overview of changes from GLib 2.39.91 to GLib 2.39.92
This is a release candidate for 2.40.0.
There are no major changes in this release, but a few serious bugs have
been fixed.
* Bugs fixed:
710367 Crash in g_settings_backend_dispatch_signal()
723899 G_DEFINE_TYPE() causes compiler warnings with clang due to foo_get_instance_private
724859 Let the test_wait_until() test also run on non-*nix
724916 gio unmount code makes XFCE's Thunar crash
725651 GSubprocessLauncher: Does not copy the calling process environment.
725656 Unskip GVariantDict
725891 gio tests: add codegen to BUILT_SOURCES
726046 Recent commit created symbolic icons issues
* Translations:
Norwegian bokmål
Traditional Chinese
Overview of changes from GLib 2.39.90 to GLib 2.39.91
This release introduces a hard dependency on present and functioning
clock_gettime() and CLOCK_MONOTONIC. It also introduces a dependency on
pthread_condattr_setclock() unless your system happens to have
pthread_cond_timedwait_relative_np() (as do Mac OS and Android). This
release is known to be broken with at least GNU/Hurd, pending addition
of working pthread_condattr_setclock(CLOCK_MONOTONIC) there.
New API: g_str_to_ascii()
* Fixed bugs:
670144 unconditional use of CLOCK_MONOTONIC is broken
673607 invalid assumption in g_cond_wait_until() / g_get_monotonic_time() API
710142 Add more impressive transliteration to GLib
722360 make check fails
722604 (partial) Various tests are failing with 2.39.3
723316 g_hash_table_iter_remove() should be explicit whether or not it is safe while iterating the table
724609 Fix build of GIO on Windows
724687 gmain: make monotonic time really monotonic, everywhere
724706 gsource: document priority of child sources
724707 some GSocket source improvements
724839 GMainContext: some source ID cleanups
724858 Dist gtranslit-data.h
724994 Missing icons for bookmarks in file chooser
725023 Can no longer find apps by executable/desktop file name
* Translations:
Overview of changes from GLib 2.39.4 to GLib 2.39.90
* Fixed bugs:
625408 make GVariant dictionaries more useful
660809 document that if you fail a precondition check, documented guarantees do not apply
661576 fix handling of constructors that destroy half-constructed objects
679957 g_inet_address_new_from_string is not able to handle dots and numbers IPv4 addresses
712837 gvariant: Document the need to cast varargs when constructing GVariants
721458 g_simple_async_result_is_valid has a NULL check for the wrong source_tag
721977 improve split handling of command line arguments
722033 win32: fixup lib.exe invocation
723422 Fix g_socket_get_available() with TCP on Windows
723616 gio/tests: fix race when generating code
724001 gsubprocess: Fix a broken link in the documentation
724124 glib/tests/collate.c fails if no en_US locale
724126 intermittent GApplication test failure: /gapplication/local-actions: lines of output permuted
724233 gsocketservice: Note g_socket_listener_close() for closing open sockets
724239 soup_session_queue_message - Connection terminated unexpectedly
724278 gsocketconnection: Document closing connections with g_io_stream_close()
724330 tweak inotify check
724385 gtestutils: make the new assert messages more detailed
724401 gsubprocess: Mutex leak
724417 glib master build broken on OpenBSD
724434 Build failure in gio/gresolver.c
* Updated translations:
Brazilian Portuguese
Norwegian bokmål
Overview of changes from GLib 2.39.3 to GLib 2.39.4
* Fixed Bugs:
139699 Correction for g_main_context_unref()
583036 g_strchomp and g_strchug are not declared const
683388 improve documentation for application developers
685204 ./configure fails to add the '-g' flag to CFLAGS
688406 GStaticMutex broke ABI on at least ARM EABI during 2.31.x
693299 cannot compile on Solaris: error in gbitlock.c
707111 Clarify type transformability and compatibility
711547 win32: silence some build warnings
719344 Fix the various test programs (or GLib itself) on Windows
722025 cleanup/clarify command line argument encoding on Windows
722323 remove unused include 'gslist.h' in 'gbookmarkfile.c'
722326 gstringchunk: Use g_slist_free_full() where possible
722357 gio: fix small memory leak on local xattr
722436 Adjust doc to Makefile.decl renaming
722503 GSimpleAction: add default activate handler
722526 glib/deprecated/gthread.h error on FreeBSD
722591 [documentation] broken link to GtkAction from GAction.html
722973 Broken example in GApplication reference
723048 'network-access' test can fail to guess interface index
723360 gmain: Note that g_source_destroy() can be called multiple times
* Updated Translations:
Traditional Chinese
Overview of changes from GLib 2.39.2 to GLib 2.39.3
No major changes this release -- mostly lots of small fixes and
improvements in test coverage.
* fix a crasher in code from gdbus-codegen
* improvements to gobject gdb helper script
* portability:
- fix a deadlock issue with kqueue on FreeBSD
- work around a quirk in the sunstudio compiler
- rename a variable to avoid clashing with a macro definition of
'environ' on some platforms (like mingw)
- use POSIX-specified <poll.h> over <sys/poll.h>
- many improvements to Visual Studio projects and and some build
fixes for Windows
* tests
- a very large number of improvements in test coverage
- don't report skipped tests as failures
- return 77 if we skip all tests in an executable
- improve gtest documentation and fix some minor issues
- fix g_test_trap_reached_timeout() return value
- remove some dead code uncovered during test coverage expansion
- Use tap mode for installed tests too, when using tap
* fix races in unix signal handling
* make our GVariant-based commandline tools (glib-compile-schemas,
gdbus, gapplication) print out GVariant parse errors in context
* GApplication now has a --gapplication-service command line switch to
turn any GApplication into a service
* improve compatibility of GApplication and GOptionContext
* fix gsettings.m4 wrt. builddir != srcdir with non-recursive make
* use a directory monitor in GKeyfileSettingsBackend
* improve robustness of some GIcon classes
Bugs fixed
141251 poll(2) is in <poll.h>, not <sys/poll.h> per SUS standard
613732 [PATCH] Don't install frame filters when GDB does not support them
708212 g_variant_parser_error_get_quark() has unexpected name.
710965 GApplication: add --gapplication-service switch
711090 periodic failure of spawn-multithreaded async testcase
712171 gsettings.m4: @GSETTINGS_RULES@: Support srcdir != builddir with nonrecursive make
712630 Revert "gsettings m4: check for .xml in src/builddir"
715028 GVariant: add way to print context of parse errors
719344 Fix the various test programs (or GLib itself) on Windows
720263 gtestutils: skipping a test should count as success, not failure
720539 gdbus-codegen: Fix crasher in goa-using apps
720635 Make gdb pretty-printers compatible with Python3
720891 g_settings_get_child does not inherit the backend
721034 glib 2.38.2 cannot be compiled with SunStudio Compiler under Solaris
721059 g_subprocess_launcher_set_environ vs "environ"
721074 kqueue: deadlock
721087 Missing -lselinux in pkg-config --libs --static gio-2.0
721324 Error message is printed to stdout
721624 Regression in GTest framework reorders existing test cases
721625 backwards NEWS entry about g_source_remove change
721796 insufficient escaping in g_dbus_annotation_info_generate_xml()
721947 Improve GApplication ⇔ GOptionContext compatibility
Translations updated:
Brazilian Portuguese
Overview of changes from GLib 2.39.1 to GLib 2.39.2
* Portability
- Remove alleged support for OS/2
- Remove alleged support for BeOS
- Remove alleged support for last-millennium Unixes
- Require C90 compliance
- Require POSIX.1 (1990) compliance on Unix
- Require GNU make
* Bugs fixed:
113075 support "nonnull" attribute
159528 g_ptr_array_remove_range()
307947 The check for growing stack pointer in configure can fail
607016 docs should mention property notification order
671557 Fun with integers and g_key_file_load_from_data()
676761 don't use g_critical for a runtime error
690525 g_file_replace_contents_async doesn't copy its @conten...
691608 Support compilation with clang 3.2
697585 g_variant_builder_add's doc example is leaking
697828 g_hash_table_add() should return a boolean
702862 gdbus-codegen : look for deps in default install path
703522 Reference leak in GvariantBuilder documentation
705902 g_get_current_dir() should check PWD env var and retur...
708274 Added GObject Introspection annotations to genums.c
710519 Portability schmortability
710741 some mainloop instrumentation
710983 Test failures on powerpc
711047 Enable the build of the various test programs on Windo...
711051 Add basic test for the GNotification gtk backend
711088 gbacktrace: Don't close stderr when running gdb
711103 gmessages: Add g_info macro for G_LOG_LEVEL_INFO
711178 appinfo test problems
711546 utf8: report allocation error
711640 gdesktopappinfo: Rank Keywords matches higher than Gen...
711751 Fix memory leaks in libglib tests
711753 gthread-posix: Don't use gslice allocated GRecMutex
711796 fix to actually use the TAP driver
711800 fix g_test_set_nonfatal_assertions()
711801 giomodule: Allow overriding source directory gio modul...
711805 gdbus-connection: Fix race condition in test
711806 gtestdbus: Don't destroy GSource twice
711807 gtestdbus: Properly close server connections
711871 Broken and misleading configure check for growing stack
712136 'O_CLOEXEC' undeclared (first use in this function)
712148 Add system bus support to GTestDBus
712171 gsettings.m4: @GSETTINGS_RULES@: Support srcdir != bui...
712314 AIX port: splice(); major()/minor(); libtool library order
712315 GSettings: More docs for deprecated _list_schemas()
712393 gobject: Box GMappedFile
712547 GSocketClient "event" not useful for determining resol...
715164 Clang static analysis fixes
719395 GPtrArray add g_ptr_array_insert
719402 Crashes when startup
719472 leak in generated proxy-side property-setter
719687 fix or remove g_trap_object_ref
719809 Signal connection ids are always > 0 if successful
719837 gdbus-connection: Work around race in connection tests
719884 Fix documentation typos in GTask and GCancellable examples
719979 g_settings_get: check validity of format string
720080 Truncating a GMemoryOutputStream to a larger size cause...
720210 gdataset: Remove unused define
720236 Allow clean simple use of g_test_trap_subprocess()
* Translations updates:
Simplified Chinese
Overview of changes from GLib 2.39.0 to GLib 2.39.1
* GSettings fixes/improvements
- GSettingsSchema API is now more powerful and consistent
- new GSettingsSchemaKey API allows accessing metadata for keys:
type, default value, range and the long-awaited support for summary
and description
- GSettingsSchemaSource gains support for listing schemas within a
source. Deprecate the global API that did this for the default
- 'gsettings list-schemas' now works properly with --schemadir
- deprecate a bunch of now-redundant functionality on GSettings
- add API to GSettings for getting the default value of a key (as set
by the sysadmin)
- add API to GSettings for determining if the user has assigned a
particular value to a key (ie: we are not just reading the default)
- ignore qualified tags and attributes appearing in schema files
* Applications/Actions
- make GSimpleAction a bit more strict with respect to state changes
that would violate the interface (ie: by changing the state type
after construction)
- throw an error when attempting to 'Describe' a non-existent action
via D-Bus instead of returning a bogus description
- throw an error when attempting to invoke unsupported methods on an
Application (eg: 'Open' on an app that doesn't HANDLES_OPEN)
instead of emitting a g_critical() in context of the app (which is
not itself at fault for the errant call)
* Appinfo
- substantially rework GDesktopAppInfo to reduce the amount of disk
accesses that are performed in common situations
- add a new class: GAppInfoMonitor for discovering when applications
are installed/removed
- add a new g_desktop_app_info_search() API for searching for
installed applications by name, keywords, etc.
* GMarkup: add new G_MARKUP_IGNORE_QUALIFIED flag for skipping over
"qualified" tags and attributes (those with a colon in the name, such
as 'my:tag')
* GDBus
- ignore qualified tags, as above
- GTestDBus: unset all D-Bus addresses (such as STARTER) to ensure
that test programs don't pick them up
- add new session_bus_run() convenience in the tests and use it
* GRand: use real random data as a seed on win32 and use the
timestamp/pid/uid fallback only on UNIX machines where we can't open
'/dev/urandom'. This may cause issues with older mingw32 releases
due to a missing prototype for the rand_s() API.
* Many win32 (and particularly MSVC) portability fixes. Many
additional tests are now runnable when building with MSVC.
* Due to early testing of the (soon to land) GCleanup framework, a very
large number of memory errors have been found and fixed (mostly in
the testcases, but some in glib itself).
* GIO:
- some more seeking cleanups: particularly on GLocalFileInputStream
- don't leave a .trashinfo file around if trashing a file fails
- Add a request_certificate virtual method to GTlsInteraction
Translations updated:
Bugs fixed:
635641 schema compiler should ignore unknown attributes
637257 g_tls_client_connection_gnutls_retrieve_function needs to be able to block
637956 GKeyfileSettingsBackend should ignore file deletions
645453 keys from base schema missing from extended schema
665634 g_dbus_node_info_new_for_xml() errors on unknown attributes in XML files
668232 Unable to get description and summary for a key
668233 Unable to determine if a key is set to the default / what the default value is
680838 Need g_settings_schema_source_get_schemas()
683017 API for accessing GSettings Schema metadata
687185 org.gtk.Actions.Describe doesn't return an error for non-existing action names
687202 If trashing fails, the ".trashinfo" file is not removed
695558 The --schemadir option has no effect
696424 GSimpleAction.state property is not right
710133 Emit backward compatible code with gdbus-codegen
710691 glib-networking: locking during implicit handshake
710738 GRand has lame fallback for Windows
710859 Typo in gio docs
710885 Two fixes for GApplication
710962 error: 'F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC' undeclared (first use in this function)
710964 Add g_hash_table_get_key_array()
710991 test: g_debug messages shouldn't affect g_assert_expected_messages
711016 g_settings_list_keys () segfaults for empty schemas
711048 glocalfileinputstream.c allows skip past end of file
711049 Fix build of GLib-GIO 2.39.x on Windows/MSVC
711064 Adding child source to blocked source can cause a segfault
711070 Copying a symlink over another one segfaults
711099 gapplication test failure
711520 GDesktopAppInfo: allow more than one level of legacy folder prefixes
711556 Add GAppInfoMonitor
711557 Add g_desktop_app_info_search()
711600 trivial portability fix
711632 The desktop-app-info test fails during make check
711754 gmain: Fix use of uninitialized memory in sigaction structure
711755 private: Use threading primitives correctly in private test
711756 gthreadpool: Don't pass bad data to GThreadPool sorter
711768 Fix memory leaks in libgmodule tests
711775 utils: Don't free memory owned by glib in test
711782 boxed: Fix double free in boxed unit tests
711803 gsubprocess: Fix a number of leaks and a segfault
711808 gtestdbus: Fix leak of GMainLoop
Overview of changes from GLib 2.38.0 to GLib 2.39.0
* prep for the 2.40 series (version macros, docs index, etc.)
* GNotification
- new API for sending persistent notifications via the desktop shell
- notifications persist when the application has quit and clicking on
them can restart the application with an action (via
* GSubprocess
- new API for launching subprocesses
- nice GIO integration like async functions, cancellability, etc.
- a convenient communicate() API inspired by the same API in Python
- related: the gspawn API now has a CLOEXEC flag for the created
pipes for stdin/stdout/stderr
* New gapplication(1) commandline tool
- intended to be used with DBusActivatable apps
- can be used for launching apps, opening files, invoking application
actions and listing apps and actions
- bash tab completion is supported
* GDesktopAppInfo changes:
- g_file_get_path() can implicitly cause a FUSE mount so don't call
it until we know we need it (for an app that doesn't support URIs)
- don't crash when trying to load from a keyfile with
- remove some dead code, refactor the search path handling a bit and
do a large-scale whitespace cleanup (prep work for the pending
desktop file index)
* File monitors
- fix broken handling of mount point monitoring
- remove some strange use of GObject::constructor() from the base
class and inotify backend
- fix GFileMonitor to work in the non-default main context even when
the main context is not running (or is blocked)
- add internal private API for easily creating a file monitor in the
GLib worker thread
* GSettings
- g_settings_list_children: only list viable schemas. This fixes a
longstanding issue where 'gsettings list-recursively' will crash
when there are invalid schemas installed
- don't accept invalid paths on g_settings_new_with_path, etc.
- GFile now has a thumbnail::is-valid attribute to check if the
thumbnail in thumbnail::path needs to be regenerated
- GDBusProxy now has a flag to control autostarting of services at
construction time
- for GSeekable, properly introduce the concept of "resizable" vs.
"fixed-sized" streams in the docs, explaining the expected
semantics of the interface in each case
- fix some cases in GMemoryOutputStream that were violating the above
expectations (which may cause a slight API incompatibility)
- clean up GCredentials code and add support for Hurd and Solaris
- improve splicing by using different codepaths for the case where we
have real _read_async() and _write_async() implementations on the
stream vs. the case where they are internally emulated (via
dispatching the sync variant of the call in a thread)
* GKeyFile
- fix a leak in g_key_file_get_(u)int64 when we fail to parse the
value as an integer
- add long-requested API g_key_file_save_to_file()
* Portability improvements
- avoid using O_DIRECTORY on platforms that don't have it
- be careful about systems that define SOCK_CLOEXEC but don't
actually support it (like Hurd)
- only use SA_RESTART if it exists
* Other small API changes/additions
- a pair of functions to support matching strings for the type of
search functionality that you'd expect to have with things like
GtkSearchBar. This will also be used by the desktop file index.
- g_str_is_ascii() with obvious purpose
- g_test_expect_message() no longer appears to allow you to catch
G_LOG_ERROR messages
* GMainContext/GSource
- fix handling of overflowing the 'next source id' counter
- g_source_remove() will now throw a critical in the case that you
try to remove a non-existent source. We expect that there is some
code in the wild that will fall afoul of this new critical but
considering that we now reuse source IDs, this code is already
broken and should probably be fixed.
- simplify handling of the 'current dispatching source' to not
require use of a linked list
* GObject
- the long-broken (and leaky) pattern of destroying a just-allocated
object from inside of a custom GObject::constructor is now
officially completely illegal and will abort the program
* Unicode: update to 6.3.0
* Bug fixes
- g_file_copy() now falls back to pathname queryinfo. This should
clear up the bugs with copying from some GVfs backends (afp,
gphoto, archive, at least).
- fix an out-of-bounds read in the xdgmime code
- fix a typo in the /org/freedesktop/DBus path on the object manager
- skip emitting path_namespace='/' in match rules in order to
workaround a bug in the D-Bus daemon and fix our own implementation
(which shared exactly the same bug)
- fix crashes on precondition violations for GParamSpec constructors
- many other small fixups (see bug list)
* Many documentation improvements
Bugs fixed:
309224 g_key_file_save_to_file missing
583321 QNX: no SA_RESTART
661576 fix handling of constructors that destroy half-constructed objects
672102 GSubprocess class
684842 Seeks on GMemoryOutputStream don't have opaque semantics
688492 Add a notification API
691581 g_output_stream_real_splice_async doesn't use overriden read/write_async functions
702516 gfileutils: Make -Werror=format-nonliteral happy
704218 New gapplication(1) tool
704593 g_setenv: on some systems (BSD, OSX…), setting a variable to NULL crashes the system
704882 GLocalDirectoryMonitorClass mount_notify field is useless
704887 file monitoring improvements
705029 Support for Solaris credentials
705688 g_settings_list_children: only list viable schemas
706254 Afp backend cannot copy files
707887 Attempting to create GObject Property with underscore prefix segfaults
708042 gapplication: don't rely on cmdline being finalized immediately
708265 add support for GNU/Hurd in GLib D-Bus Library
708266 fix error code checks when SOCK_CLOEXEC is defined but not supported
708529 xdgmime: valgrind warns about invalid reads
708677 incorrect object path 'deskop' used in gio/gdbusobjectmanagerclient.c
708714 Typo in docs of GLIB_VERSION_2_40 macro.
708753 gdesktopappinfo: Call g_file_get_path() on demand
708793 glib build fails with clang < 3.1: error: expected ';' after top level declarator
708828 GDBusProxy: add the ability to call methods on non autostarted proxies
708860 glib-2.38.0 doesn't build on Solaris 10
708972 gnetworking.h in tarball screws up out-of-source builds
709113 [PATCH] Main loop dispatch path has needless linked list
709227 Update to unicode 6.3.0
709301 goutputstream: Add clear warning about short writes to _write_bytes() and async version
709326 GDesktopAppInfo crashes creating a DBusActivatable app without a filename
709440 Fix overloading of "source" and "target" terminology in GBinding
709615 Cannot use g_test_expect_message with g_error
709753 Add helpers for string matches when using GtkSearchBar-like widget
709898 Expose thumbnail validity in GFile attributes
709966 Remove outdated documentation
709994 Minor fix for HACKERS doc to direct hackers to proper help file
709995 Obsolete makefile rules
710002 G_MAXUINT may be assigned as duplicate source id
710313 Memory leak in g_key_file_get_(u)int64 with invalid integer values
710345 [Patches] Fix some redundant-decls
710496 g_locale_to/from_utf8() doc updated.
710625 g_file_error_from_errno: Remove unneeded breaks
710666 Frame clock related bug fixes
710724 gmain: Warn when g_source_remove() fails
710726 Work around D-Bus bug with path_namespace='/' match rules
Brazilian Portuguese
Traditional Chinese
What's new in Glib 2.38
* Application support
- GIO now provides an implementation of Desktop Actions from the
desktop entry specification
- GApplication now implements the org.freedesktop.Application
interface as per the desktop entry specification, allowing for
standards-based D-Bus launching of GLib-based applications
- GDesktopAppInfo now supports DBusActivatable as per the desktop
entry specification, allowing GLib-based applications to use D-Bus
to launch other applications
- GApplication now has a "busy" flag that can be set on an application
to allow the shell to show that it is busy
* GObject
- the private offset for a given class type is now always constant.
This was done by reorganising the memory layout of instances so that
the private data comes before the "official" pointer for the object
(ie: at a negative offset). Valgrind macros were added to mitigate
any problems that this may have caused.
- a new G_DEFINE_TYPE_WITH_PRIVATE has been added along with a
generated function *_get_instance_private() that can now serve as an
equally-performing alternative to ->priv pointers in instances
(allowing memory savings)
provide a convenient method of converting between named variables in
private structures and their (now constant) offsets
- installing properties on a GObjectClass must now be done from
class_init. It is no longer valid to install them after class_init
has returned.
- it is now possible to manually break a GObject property binding
without destroying one of the objects involved
* Icons
- the requirements for implementing the GIcon interface have changed
in order to make it possible to consume all implementations of GIcon
with a finite number of cases
- a new GBytesIcon type was added for an icon represented by an
in-memory binary blob in a known image format (ideally png).
- new APIs g_icon_serialize() and g_icon_deserialize() replace the old
to/from_string APIs and will always work, irrespective of which
types have been initialised in the calling process, allowing for a
serialised GdkPixbuf to be deserialised in a process that doesn't
have GdkPixbuf
- support for icons has been added to GMenuModel using the new APIs
* Actions and menus
- GPropertyAction provides a convenient way of creating a stateful
property corresponding to a property on a GObject, such as the
"visible-child-name" property of a GtkStack
- new API g_menu_remove_all()
- we now have established rules about what is a "valid" action name
and an API to check them
- a new API for converting detailed action names to and from the
split-out name and parameter value (as GVariant)
- for backwards compatibility, invalid action names can still be used
with most functions, but this is not recommended
* Other GIO
- GDBus now supports services that wish to handle some of all
properties on an interface asynchronously, without requiring the
service to reimplement the entire org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties
- GFile now has a new _measure_disk_usage() (and async) API for
recursively determining the amount of disk space used by a
particular directory (akin to 'du').
- asynchronous version of g_file_trash() and g_file_make_directory()
have been added
* Other new API
- GRegex has a new function to query the maximum lookbehind length to
allow for regexp matching on streams
- GVariant has two new APIs for constructing strings that allow
avoiding copies in some cases: g_variant_new_take_string() and
* Testing
- we can now generate TAP output
- new support functions for simplifying the process of dealing with
data files for srcdir != builddir and installed test cases
- g_test_trap_subprocess() provides a portable alternative to
* Other
- GLib now builds on Android against the bionic C library
Overview of changes from GLib 2.37.93 to 2.38.0
* fix the documentation for GSourceFuncs
* fix compilation on OS X/ppc64
Bugs fixed: 708445, 647145
Translations updated:
Overview of changes from GLib 2.37.92 to 2.37.93
* a couple of bugfixes in the new g_file_measure_disk_usage() API
* updated Traditional Chinese translation
Overview of changes from GLib 2.37.7 to 2.37.92
* new API g_file_measure_disk_usage() similar to du(1)
* minor fixes
* Translation updates:
Brazilian Portuguese
Overview of changes from GLib 2.37.6 to 2.37.7
* GDateTime now supports %:z formatting variations
for timezones. This is a GNU date extension.
* Bugs fixed:
685387 Segfault with GObject.signal_handler_is_connected()...
686786 g_socket_get_available_bytes() returns wrong value ...
705027 GSocket GSource not threadsafe on Windows
706706 Fix Gir annotations on g_loadable_icon_load_finish
706888 gtype: fix a no-op assertion
706958 fix atomic opts detection
707092 "File Utilities" page for GLib documentation doesn'...
707151 gdatetime: Extend the '%z' timezone format
* Translation updates:
Overview of changes from GLib 2.37.5 to 2.37.6
* Tests using the g_test facilities can now generate TAP output
* Bugs fixed:
680926 generic type fallback logic is broken for -symbolic
684327 setting null icon to icon list
689245 GSocket unable to reuse (address,port) on Mac OS X
692125 Support TAP as GTest output format
693335 build: fix dtrace-related warnings
696633 gdbus-codegen trips over unicode chars when using python 3.x
696970 Compiling 2.36.0 for win64 fails
697185 GSocket – Allow specifying the multicast interface from...
700268 Add support for using the clang analyzer
701318 Add G_SPAWN_DEFAULT to GSpawnFlags
701529 glib/tests/gdatetime: use UTC time in test_GDateTime_diff()
701800 a new approach to reporting critical errors
702674 g_date_time_new_utc crash
704165 GLib.IOChannel read_unichar() fails
705075 Simplify g_get_tmp_dir()
705152 Race in glib/task.test
705398 gtype: Fix typo in g_type_class_add_private() error message
705570 Check ref_count in g_object_notify_by_pspec
705600 Deprecate GSimpleActionGroup functions?
* Updated translations:
Brazilian Portuguese
Norwegian bokmål
Traditional Chinese
Overview of changes from GLib 2.37.4 to 2.37.5
* Implement the Desktop Action specification: In the case that the
application is a GApplication and DBusActivatable, actions from the
desktop file are translated into GActions that have been added to
the application with g_action_map_add_action().
* GPropertyAction is a new type of GAction that represents the value
of a property on an object, and allows to change the value when
* GNetworkMonitorNetlink can now handle default routes via a device.
* The gsettings tool now reports failure to write a key (e.g. because
the key was locked down)
* Miscellaneous new api:
- g_variant_new_printf
- g_action_print_detailed_name
- g_regex_get_max_lookbehind
* Bugs fixed:
664444 Support additional application actions in .desktop files
684123 glib build only tries -D_GNU_SOURCE if glibc is detected
689794 support incremental matching
699259 add org.freedesktop.Application support to GIO
700460 rewrite tests to not rely on precise timing of timeouts
701511 updates to various GSource types
701609 gnetworkmonitornetlink: handle default route via device
703270 add GPropertyAction
704157 GAction: add function for printing detailed names
704250 Doc: various fixes
704267 regression gsourceclosure: segfault in gedit file chooser
704322 glib-unix: fix handling of multiple signal source for the...
704424 No error when failing to override a locked key
704447 Fix build/use of g_child_watch_closure_callback on Windows
704523 g_thread_create_full() can dereference NULL pointer
704543 Add implementations for G_GNUC_*_IGNORE_DEPRECATIONS for ...
704567 gdbusnameowning: Don't spew an error if we're releasing a...
704585 libc printf can give mixed-case strings for NaN and Inf
704587 FTBFS: statfs_result is undeclared for statvfs()
704699 gmain: Reset signal handlers to default when source is
704704 AI_NUMERICSERV cannot be used with ai_socktype = 0
704873 inotify: don't assume mainloop is running
704999 glib/convert.test crashing due to lack of iconv cache
704931 GMenuModel: add annotations to virtual functions
* Translation updates:
Overview of changes from GLib 2.37.3 to 2.37.4
* Bugs fixed:
701283 g_source_add_child_source() segfault
702147 inconsistency of G_STRFUNC
703191 new private macros interact poorly with versioning macros
703254 Doc: various fixes
703407 g_spawn_async() keeps child_pid_report_pipe open in child process
703437 GDBusConnection: be more careful with async GetAll
703478 Missing G_BEGIN/END_DECLS in gsettingsschema.h
* Translation updates:
Overview of changes from GLib 2.37.2 to 2.37.3
* add a new API for instance private data: G_DEFINE_TYPE_WITH_PRIVATE
* fix timestamps in tarball to prevent automake from being required to
build the unmodified source
* add new D-Bus API for async property handling
* add back fsync() on ext4 for g_file_set_contents() after it was
discovered that despite statements in the ext4 documentation
suggesting that this is safe, it is not safe.
* Translations:
Norwegian bokmål
* Bugs fixed:
698375 - D-Bus async properties
700350 - timestamp issue
701560 - fsync issue (fixed again)
700035 - new API for instance private data
Overview of changes from GLib 2.37.1 to 2.37.2
* The GLib test utilities have grown some file-related APIs
to support tests that can be used installed and uninstalled.
* Installing properties after class initialization is deprecated,
and will trigger a warning.
* GApplication:
- Support org.freedesktop.Application, including D-Bus activation
from desktop files
- Set prgname to appid for services
* Bugs fixed:
549783 gtester lacks framework for tests with data files
692848 Fix property example in gobject tutorial
698018 Add an explicit g_binding_release()
698614 GObject: prevent installing properties after init
699259 add org.freedesktop.Application support to GIO
699959 g_file_copy(): Ensure we create private files by default
700123 Test failure: g_inet_socket_address_get_scope_id
700725 GIcon: NULLify the `type' out param in the sync methods too
701401 gtest: add function for testing for WINE
701456 Error in gnome/glib/gio/tests/file.c
701474 Error building glibmm due to extra comma in glib/gtestutils.h
701560 various improvements for g_file_set_contents()
701680 GFileEnumerator: Add some documentation about ordering
701878 Check wakeup() before iteration(TRUE) doesn't block
* Translations:
Overview of changes from GLib 2.37.0 to 2.37.1
* add support for installed tests:
* add a new g_test_trap_subprocess() that works on Windows as a
replacement for the (now deprecated) g_test_trap_fork()
* support for explicitly cancelling a gobject property binding
* performance improvements for signal argument handling
* stop using `quotes' in very many log messages generated by GLib, for
favour of 'this style'. This may cause testcases in other packages
to fail if they were matching on the previous text.
* improve manpages: add missing arguments and flags
Norwegian bokmål
Bugs fixed:
679683 replace g_test_trap_fork()
694380 Improve signal argument collection performance
695233 Strings require plural forms
697849 spelling fixes in cross.xml and running.xml
698877 GProxyAddressEnumerator calls g_network_address_parse_uri without port
698981 [PATCH] test /gdbus/connection/large_message could hang forever
699079 Prototype support for installed tests
699485 [PATCH] tests/mappedfile: Also handle ENOMEM
699493 SOCKS5 proxy code crashes if it cannot authenticate
699500 gbitlock: fix this to not unconditionally use futex emulation
699779 [PATCH] G_GNUC_FORMAT: documentation error
700263 m4macros/glib-gettext.m4: Don't use AC_HEADER_STDC
700714 [PATCH] gtestutils: Ensure test subprocesses don't dump core
700746 Use 'dumb quotes' rather than `really dumb quotes'
Overview of changes fron GLib 2.36.0 to 2.37.0
* The syntax for detailed action names has been documented,
and a parser API for them is now provided
* GApplication has gained a busy state. This feature is intended for
clients that want to signal a desktop shell their busy state, for
instance because a long-running operation is pending.
* GLib can now be built with the bionic C library
* GIcon can now be serialized to a GVariant
* Bugs fixed:
548353 Finish implementing GFile interface (mostly asynchron...
645881 Full port of glib-2.28.1 onto Android-ARM
665445 Glib mistakes nl_langinfo() from plibc for the real t...
672018 Need API to set global application state (busy, count...
687659 drop support for adding interfaces after class_init
688820 GIcon is a bad interface
688954 extend 'detailed action' syntax, provide parser
689223 Fix compilation on Android with the bionic C library
695156 Add support for arg0namespace matching in signal_subs...
696108 gdbus-codegen: avoid warnings in generated code
696629 fix sed(1) usage
696652 GTask won't free its error member variable on finalize
696857 GThreadedResolver: set an error if no records could b...
696973 Compiling 2.36.0 for win64 fails in gdbusmessage.c
697131 No --version
697160 [PATCH] gmacros: Mark G_UNAVAILABLE() functions as de...
697229 Custom Interface implementations will be broken with ...
697250 Documentation glitch of G_DEFINE_TYPE_EXTENDED causes...
697365 Fix usage of hasmntopt in gunixmounts.c
697367 Remove warning on gio/gunixmounts.c
697386 Except const argument with atomic is not lock free
697595 g_main_context_unref unlocks a mutex twice
697601 reduce GMenuModel D-Bus traffic
697626 Allow posix threads to be used on w32
697652 Help options generated even when help disabled
697771 fix a typo of "fo" to "of" in building.xml
697887 GVariant: fix transfer annotation
697942 fails on mips
698056 rewrite g_object_new()
698081 Pidgin hangs in g_spawn_command_line_sync
698455 GVariant: add new g_variant_new_take_string() API
698457 g_variant_get_data_as_bytes() always returns toplevel...
698478 gactionmap: don't require GActionGroup
698595 the valgrind/priv-before-instance bug
698655 desktop-app-info test relies on true being in /usr/bin/
698686 GUnixSocketAddress: fix construct parameter issue
698716 Use of g_mem_set_vtable() breaks after gobject automa...
698999 bytesicon: fix a memory leak
699001 bytesicon: don't use g_object_unref() on GBytes
699361 gio: fix small leak
* Translation updates:
Norwegian bokmål
Overview of changes fron GLib 2.35.9 to 2.36.0
This release contains only small bugfixes and translations updates.
- g_file_copy(): fix bug where attributes were not applied properly to
the destination file
- fix some 'available since' annotations
- fix gdbus-codegen to produce more pedantically-correct code
* Bugs fixed:
696108 gdbus-codegen: avoid warnings in generated code
696014 g_file_copy(): Ensure G_FILE_COPY_OVERWRITE preserves permissions
* Translations updated:
Overview of changes from GLib 2.35.8 to 2.35.9
This release drops the old codepage ABI from gutils.c. This is a
source-compatible change and only breaks ABI with respect to truly
ancient binaries (and those binaries are already broken for other
reasons). This change only affects Windows.
* Bugs fixed:
682896 glib doesn't build on mingw32
693204 split up g_get_{hostname,username,realname,home_dir} etc.
694181 Handle GNetworkAddress better in g_network_monitor_base_...
694253 occasional /gdbus/unref-pending test failure
694350 Add type names to gsignal warnings
694757 Use separate GLIB_WARN_CFLAGS that can be overridden ext...
568405 Which is the correct replacement for g_strncasecmp, if...
630284 g_hash_table_get_keys docs
659428 docs: Small clean-up of howto subsection headers
675333 Cannot forget association in Open With dialog: program...
694669 consider unicode corrigendum #9
694843 g_base64_decode_step () produces invalid data
695147 Don't use PATH_MAX as it's not guaranteed to be defined
695191 Commit f641699 broke /appinfo/mime/api test case
695339 Swapped msgid plural forms for translation
695376 GDBusMethodInvocation leak and potential crash
695425 Untranslatable message in gsettings-tool
695887 Improvements to GObject API documentation
695925 GUINT32/64_SWAP_LE_BE macros do not enclose val argume...
696015 PATCH Add doc warning to g_base64_decode()
* Translation updates:
Brazilian Portuguese
Catalan (Valencian)
Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese
Overview of changes from GLib 2.35.7 to 2.35.8
This release contains one major change that may cause problems: type
modules are now never unloaded. This is implemented by (effectively)
leaking the last reference on dynamic types. Some testcases that check
for unloading of types have been observed to be broken by this change,
but we know of no actual cases of "real code" breaking. Please report
any problems.
Other changes:
* A couple of build fixes for Solaris
* Fix signal emission for GDBusObjectManagerClient
* annotations fixes
* new API: g_dbus_address_escape_value()
* GSocketClient: add proxy-resolver property
* GSimpleProxyResolver: new simple GProxyResolver class
* documentation fixes
* gnetworkaddress: preserve IPv6 scope ID in IP literals
Bugs fixed:
691105 Allow GSocketClient to override GProxyResolver for per client proxy settings.
692827 configure test fails for arpa_nameser.h
692829 new Btrfs support causes build failure on Solaris
693285 GDBusObjectManagerClient: won't emit object-added|removed if name-owner arrives later
693502 Cross-compiling documentation: typo (np -> no)
693673 add g_dbus_address_escape_value()
693694 gio: Fix annotations on g_[async_]initable_new() and friends
Overview of changes from GLib 2.35.6 to 2.35.7
This is a quick follow-up release with a few bug fixes.
* Fix the build on systems with strict linkers by adding -pthread back
to the LDFLAGS for a testcase.
* Re-enable native atomic operations on some buggy versions of clang
that ship as part of the MacOS X SDK.
* Make G_IO_FLAG_IS_WRITEABLE an enum again (the #define broke bindings)
* a small docs fix
* Bugs fixed:
* Translations:
Overview of changes from GLib 2.35.4 to 2.35.6
* GUnixFdSource is a new way to add file descriptors
to the mainloop
* g_source_set_ready_time lets you mark a source to become
ready at a specified monotonic time
* The internal visibility handling of GLib has been reworked
* GFileMonitor will now automatically use fam instead of inotify
if $HOME is on NFS
* The file monitor implementation can now be overridden with
the GIO_USE_FILE_MONITOR environment variable
* Bugs fixed:
570572 2 make check errors on
592211 No monitoring over NFS mounts
625552 wrong behaviour of GVolume GVolumeMonitor related func...
657729 modernise GMainLoop
658020 GSource for a single GPollFD
678223 g_mutex_free
682560 leak fixes
682819 EINTR-harden all the things
684404 When using g_network_address_address_enumerator_next()...
686853 new GSource fd API
688169 G_DISABLE_DEPRECATED doesn't cover deprecated/gthread....
688681 build: Make .symbols file canonical on all platforms
690118 Crash when closing last tab of a window using Ctrl-w
691624 glib/gtester.c: missing include
691812 gioinputstream - give task as callback_data not task_data
691866 fails out of source build directory - gnetwork.h not f...
692029 Add new API checking utility
692034 Install an invalidation notifier for GClosure in g_sou...
692058 Broken makefile for gio tests
692079 build failure in gmarkup.c when using gcc 4.8 and buil...
692201 inotify: fix a memleak
692202 gfile: don't report completion twice on g_file_load_co...
692229 Incorrect string formatters in a translation string
692332 GNetworkMonitorNetlink: make the netlink socket cloexec
692360 possibly non-threadsafe code in g_content_type_guess()?
692404 tester: Use FD_CLOEXEC when creating pipes
692408 nautilus SIGSEGV in g_file_info_get_size()
692544 [PATCH] gfile: Ensure we create internal pipe with FD_C...
692583 atomic get doesn't accept a const argument on architect...
692618 Use g_timeout_add_seconds
692815 Using g_hash_table_insert() when using a hash table as ...
692865 Invalid docbook generated by gdbus-codegen
692928 Document G_MENU_{ATTRIBUTE,LINK}_*
* Translation updates:
Norwegian bokmål
Overview of changes from GLib 2.35.3 to 2.35.4
* New features:
- New API: g_get_num_processors
- New API: g_application_command_line_get_stdin
- Parse more timezone offset formats
- Better timezone support on Windows
- Make GParamSpec constructors introspectable
* Removed or deprecated features:
- Disallow adding interfaces after class_init
* Bug fixes:
532815 gio + inotify support for hardlinks
614930 add g_get_num_processors (), return the max concurrent...
626497 Btrfs clone/reflink ioctl support in g_local_file_copy
633117 glib fails stests if /etc/localtime is not properly set
661767 merge/improve various bits of run-in-thread functionality
668210 Add g_application_command_line_get_stdin()
675856 Use GDbus via gobject-introspection instead dbus-python
684103 make glib work with python3
684723 fails
686058 OpenBSD: disable ipv6_v4mapped test
686128 GTimeZone should be able to parse POSIX format for...
687223 cleverer GThreadPool management
687659 drop support for adding interfaces after class_init
687920 GCredentials should have an accessor for the process ID
688681 build: Make .symbols file canonical on all platforms
688829 Variable overflow in utils.c test on 32-bit machine
689324 Variable scoping in gunixmounts.c
689810 Include guard optimization
690043 Broken link for gsettings tutorial: gnome-utils in...
690084 gmarkup: Make GMarkupParseContext a boxed type
690388 Check if CMSG_FIRSTHDR() returns NULL when there is...
690538 gschema DTD is invalid
690543 Add test coverage for testing in-tree DBus services...
690670 local_command_line not introspectable/annotated
690902 G_END_DECLS needs to be at the end of gutils.h
690970 Unhelpful deprecation message for g_value_array_get_nth
691001 building docs is broken on master branch
691011 Automake-1.13 errors on obsolete AM_PROG_CC_STDC
691077 gio-querymodules crashes with SIGSEGV
691110 g_cond_wait() docs incomplete
691489 Crash in Oscars 2013 page
691558 Only check for .hidden files if standard::is-hidden...
691608 Support compilation with clang 3.2
* Translation updates:
Norwegian bokmål
Overview of changes from GLib 2.35.2 to 2.35.3
* This release contains an incompatible change to the g_get_home_dir()
function. Previously, this function would effectively ignore the HOME
environment variable and always return the value from /etc/password.
As of this version, the HOME variable is used if it is set and the
value from /etc/passwd is only used as a fallback.
* We now install a public "gnetworking.h" header that can be used to
include the relevant OS-dependent networking headers. This does not
really abstract away unix-vs-windows however; error codes, in
particular, are incompatible.
* Bugs fixed in this release:
142568 Allow $HOME to override passwd entry if the user really wants
587806 The file selector should honor .hidden files
602715 [GChecksum] Please add support for SHA512
623187 provide some support for arbitrary setsockopt()s?
629301 .goutputstream files left behind when cancelling I/O
652650 Optimize GDBusMessage serialization
664627 /gapplication/basic test intermittently fails: cmdline re-or...
675516 Win32: Don't start a DBus server when built as static library
679683 replace g_test_trap_fork()
684145 Current Git sources fails to cross-compile for Windows in Li...
686895 file-info: catch thumbnail files in large directory as well
687092 IPv6 <-> IPv4 mismatch when subscribing to multicast (send)
688180 GObject: Minor error in description of floating reference
688319 gthread: add missing AVAILABLE_IN_2_32 annotations
688377 configure: add missing square bracket in AS_IF for memmove
688419 gtask: source_object arguments and return values not annota...
688497 AppInfo: Add sufficient api to port gnome-session from Egg...
688681 build: Make .symbols file canonical on all platforms
688704 Add boxed GType for GThread
688886 Improve the i18n documentation
688931 GMemoryOutputStream: Add new _resizable() constructor usab...
689037 need helper for creating a GFile from a remote commandline...
689377 Fix a compiler warning in GDBus
689538 Source object tag set too late in gsocketlistener
689800 Treat lost+found directory as a hidden file
689847 Add fast repeated typename -> GType resolver
689982 Make GChecksum more fully introspectable
690069 g_unix_open_pipe: Add missing F_SETFD
690083 gfileenumerator: Add a g_file_enumerator_get_child method
690163 Add a pre-configured gio/gnetworking.h for Visual C++ builds
690346 Remove an unneeded escaping in NAMESER_COMPAT_INCLUDE
690348 Fix g_type_add_class_private() name in g_warning
* Translation updates:
Overview of changes from GLib 2.35.1 to 2.35.2
Note that the incompatible change to the ->constructed() vfunc that was
made in the last unstable release (2.35.1) has been reverted due to
causing regressions in applications.
A new incompatible change has been introduced in this version: it is no
longer permitted to add interfaces to a class after the first
instantiation (or more strictly: after g_type_class_ref()). Bug #687659
is tracking this.
Two private symbols (g_menu_{attribute,link}_hash_iter_get_type) which
were accidentally exported have also been properly hidden. This may
cause some tools to issue warnings about ABI mismatch.
The remaining changes should be relatively harmless:
* GIO now has kqueue support for GFileMonitor (BSDs, Mac OS)
* New g_variant_new_from_bytes() API
* UNIX signal sources now allow watching SIGUSR1 and SIGUSR2
* Many pedantic cleanups to adhere to a higher level of -W use
* GTask changes to avoid a deadlock
* many cleanups/fixes for Windows
* Boxing for GPollFD, GIOChannel, GBytes, GByteArray
* Fix URL-encoding of trashed files
* Many other docs and annotations fixes
Bugs closed:
649302 Add support for GNU/FreeBSD
668842 [GSocket] Add caching for the sender address in g_socket_receive_from()
672924 Add annotations for g_filename_from_uri()
673229 glib: Use Returns:, not @returns
677062 (partial) GVariant: Make g_variant_new_from_bytes() public, add more GBytes API
686185 g_date_time_format Transcoding Fails on OSX
686191 g_mutex_get_impl() should use g_atomic_pointer_get()
686797 Box GPollFD to make it introspectable
686810 [regression] Infinite wait in g_task_run_in_thread_sync()
686822 possible dlopen()/dlclose() issue with automatic g_type_init()
686839 mkinstalldirs: Move to glib-mkinstalldirs
686895 file-info: catch thumbnail files in large directory as well
686898 g_unix_signal_source_new: Allow SIGUSR1 and SIGUSR2
686920 gdbus: Allow GDBusObjectManagerClient to work on peer connections
686921 Remove some of the repetition from gio/tests/
687075 g_spawn_sync diagnostic incorrectly complains about SIGCHLD
687089 g_dbus_connection_export_menu_model(): fix a crash
687098 Repeated g_timeout_add* use can lead to guint overflow
687385 Add some stricter CFLAGS, fix up the code
687441 ABI break in master: g_menu_attribute_hash_iter_get_type, g_menu_link_hash_iter_get_type removed
687516 typo in string: KB should be kB
687540 In Trash folder, Nautilus misinterprets "\n" in filename as a line break
687541 GSignalQuery param_types field needs array annotation
687600 gfileutils.c performs invalid cast of (varargs) open to non-vararg type
687698 plural forms needed
687700 ending spaces
687742 Add support for internal linkage to glib-compile-resources
687801 tests/buffered-input-stream: Fix size of parameter passed
688109 win32 warning/error fixes
688255 'make check' regressed in 138f4c1 because GMarkup error messages changed
688338 [PATCH] gobject/gtype.c: Fix spelling of »exceed«
688370 GDBusError documentation improvement for client-side
688378 g_socket_join_multicast_group not working
688518 gio-kqueue: use O_EVTONLY on MacOS
Overview of changes from GLib 2.34.0 to 2.35.1
These two changes in particular may be slightly incompatible. Please
give feedback if they cause trouble:
* Signal handlers connected with g_signal_connect_object() are now
automatically disconnected on target object destruction
* The ->constructed vfunc is now called after all properties are set
The remaining changes should not cause problems.
* g_type_init() is no longer necessary and has been deprecated
* GTask (the new GAsyncResult implementation) has landed
* GLib version macros updated
* Update to Unicode 6.2
* Thread safety fixes for GFileMonitor in non-default main contexts
* GTimeZone support for old-format zoneinfo database (as on Mac OS)
* g_settings_bind() now works with non-canonical property names
* Fix crashes related to NULL connection passed to
GBusNameVanishedCallback and document this situation
* Bugs fixed:
118536 Make g_signal_connect_object'ed handlers disconnect when the data object is destroyed
661767 merge/improve various bits of run-in-thread functionality
682950 GFileMonitor crashing on high event count when running in different thread
683642 Missing g_content_type_get_symbolic_icon
684882 Gsettings should spaw a warning when binding against a low_underscored_property
684909 codegen: Explicitly close output
684912 Update to Unicode 6.2
685037 g_strcmp0: Returns shall include values less and greater than zero
685069 Leak in glib-compile-resources
685208 missing g_return_if_fail
685608 [Patch] Port gio tests from pygobject to pygi
685697 Documentation typo in g_dbus_interface_skeleton_has_connection()
685733 Call ->constructed() after all properties are set
685787 gtestdbus: correct documentation typos
685995 Crash in g_menu_exporter_name_vanished
686091 Invalid reads in g_bytes_unref_to_data
686119 dtrace, gobject_probes.d, the last three probes - semicolon missing
686161 Deprecate g_type_init()
686231 GBusNameVanishedCallback: document NULL connection
686458 slightly increase poll duration in test_timed_wait
* Translations updated
Catalan (Valencian)
Norwegian bokmål
Overview of changes from GLib 2.33.14 to 2.34.0
* Bug fixes:
654239 g_type_init()'s docs have no statement about how to...
674620 Update GSettings migration guide for intltool updates
676034 Fix doc annotation for g_ptr_array_ref()
684278 Fix GIO build on Windows
* Translation updates:
Brazilian Portuguese
British English
Overview of changes from GLib 2.33.12 to 2.33.14
* CVE-2012-3524: don't run dbus-launch from setuid binaries
* g_content_type_get_generic_icon_name():
new API for getting the icon name for a mime type
* Introspection fixes:
- GDBusConnection nullability fixes
- give a box type to GTimeZone
* Add a new "Writing GLib Applications" section to the reference
documentation with general info on security, threads, etc.
* gwin32mount.c: Fix syntax error
* gresource tests: srcdir != builddir fixes
* tests/gvariant: Fix test on big endian architectures
* Fix regression in g_shell_parse_argv()
Bugs fixed:
562907 g_shell_parse_argv() mishandles # (hash)
683167 g_time_zone_new not introspectable
683384 /gvariant/checksum-basic failure on big endian machines
683641 Typo in gwin32mount.c
683744 have a way to get the generic icon name for a mime type
Translation updates:
British English
Traditional Chinese
Overview of changes from GLib 2.33.10 to 2.33.12
* Add a G_DEFINE_QUARK macro
* Add symbolic icon support to drive, volume, and mount, file
and content types
* Add API to allow thread-safe access to the same qdata item
* Bugs fixed:
562907 g_shell_parse_argv() mishandles # (hash)
627240 add G_DEFINE_QUARK
672329 memory leaks in gutils.c and glib tests
673012 Stable byte-level specification for normal form
674805 gdbusproxy async test is broken
679835 gvariant format string parsing (and assertions)...
682075 gdbus: Fix double free and use after free of ob...
682101 Provide a way to get a symbolic icon for a device
682222 test_method_calls_on_proxy: assertion failed (e...
682284 mount-op: use gint64 instead of guint64 for tim...
682386 "make check" fails due to sys/resource.h not be...
682560 leak fixes
682586 gsettings-tool: make list-recursively really re...
682819 EINTR-harden all the things
682833 Handle EINTR for open()
682849 drop the global lock for g_object_weak_ref
682965 gdbus-tool: Check return value of strrchr()
683088 gdbus-codegen: fix error when wrong interface n...
Fix the build with gtk-doc-stub
Don't crash if set_app_info is called before ad...
* Translation updates
Norwegian bokmål
Traditional Chinese
Overview of changes from GLib 2.33.8 to 2.33.10
* New GTest API for testcases where log output is expected:
* GMenuItem now has 'get' accessors and a construct-from-GMenuModel API
* GVariant now has a function to check a format-string for type
* win32: We now use overlapped IO to support multiple asynchronous
operations (ie: reading and writing) at the same time.
* GMappedFile: Add g_mapped_file_get_bytes()
* The problems with g_file_make_directory_with_parents() should be
* The long-standing issues with placeholder generation of manpages are
now resolved.
* gtlscertificate: Add GBytes based certificate and private-key props
* build: Switch back to using AS_IF for conditionals
* test coverage improvements, documentation improvements, leak fixes
* Bugs fixed
326931 Better docs for G_GNUC_*
550433 g_test_init doesn't recognize --help
600751 GCompletion should better document if and how items memory is managed
628193 Miscellaneous string fixes
637460 man glib-genmarshal is hard to use
674483 broken configure results when cross-compiling with gcc >= 4.5
677065 GMappedFile: Add g_mapped_file_get_bytes()
679288 win32: use overlapped events for streams
679556 it's hard to use gtest when g_warning() is expected
680823 g_file_make_directory_with_parents: Fix error propagation
681319 gtlscertificate: Add certificate-bytes and private-key-bytes props
681336 man pages not built if --enable-gtk-doc not specified
681413 build: Switch back to using AS_IF for conditionals
681501 gmem: array only partially filled with memcpy
681854 Documentation fix for Howto compile a program with glib
682025 Documentation correction
682067 Fix problems with CLEANFILES and automake-1.11.1
* Translations updated:
Traditional Chinese
Overview of changes from GLib 2.33.6 to 2.33.8
* GIO now has a g_file_delete_async function
* The defaults for GThreadPools max_unused_threads
and max_idle_time values have been changed to
2 and 15*1000, respectively.
* Bugs fixed:
661767 merge/improve various bits of run-in-thread functionality
680074 undefined symbol "get_C_locale"
680121 g_cancellable_source_new: don't use a file descriptor
680148 gthread: check for definition of PR_SET_NAME
680310 Sorting of access points by strengh not working
680704 g_utf8_strup() crash
68076a0 GFile: Add g_file_delete_async()
680787 Add .dir-locals.el to tell Emacs users not to use tabs...
680823 g_file_make_directory_with_parents: Fix error propagation
680994 STATIC_ASSERT in GDBusError docs don't have much utility
681116 gtlscertificate: Add g_tls_certificate_equal() function
681118 gtlsdatabase: Don't complain if no callbacks for async...
669331 try to get gio tests working a little better on win32
674314 Make gtk-doc not a hard dependency of GLib
674800 gclosure: generic marshaller leaks return value
675524 gsocket: FIONREAD undeclared (needs sys/filio.h)
679509 use after free in g_dbus_action_group_describe_all_done()
679996 gobject docs minor cleanup
680459 Extra newline char in local implementation of g_applic...
680505 object_path memory leak in gdbusobjectproxy.c
680831 Deprecate and remove g_slice_[sg]et_config.*
680912 gchecksum: Add g_compute_checksum_for_bytes()
681151 checksum: Use functions instead of macros when buildin...
681158 gtlscertificate: Don't confuse certificate and public ...
* Translation updates:
Norwegian bokmål
Overview of changes from GLib 2.33.4 to 2.33.6
* GAsyncInitable: partially revert the init_finish changes,
some applications were found to rely on behaviour that
was broken by these changes
* Bugs fixed:
679617 win32: fix g_get_environ()
679968 Add some annotations to GBytes, GVariantType...
680111 GIOScheduler assumes GCancellable "cancelled...
* Translation updates:
Overview of changes from GLib 2.33.3 to 2.33.4
* GMainContext: the source list has been reorganzied to
avoid O(n) behaviour
* GRegex: Update included PCRE to 8.31 and expose new
functionality in 8.x versions of PCRE
* GMountOperation gained a ::show-unmount-progress signal
which provides information about slow unmount operations
* Bugs fixed:
616892 gio: Add a boxed type for GFileAttributeMatcher
619329 g_source_attach() O(n) in number of sources
639771 g_dir_read_name() can also return NULL on error
661767 merge/improve various bits of run-in-thread fun...
667375 GAsyncInitable subclassing (and async subclassi...
671545 Constify collect and lcopy strings in GTypeValu...
674452 SEGFAULT in gio contenttype test
675504 Fix up GObject interface documentation
677064 GString: Tweak documentation, add g_string_free...
677578 error in PCRE error code conversion
677579 update GRegexError for newer PCRE error codes
678066 gdbus codegen does not work with python3
678273 unicode othercasing is wrong in gregex
678576 GIOScheduler performance enhancements
678758 GTlsInteraction unlocks an unlocked mutex
678808 GTestDBus issues
678881 Test failures in /socket/timed_wait in some cas...
678941 /contenttype/guess test case failure
678944 gio returns the wrong default applications for ...
678949 wrong definition of ulong_bool for 64 bit big e...
678959 /mainloop/timeouts race condition: assertion fa...
679193 update included pcre to 8.31
679258 The 'Since' tag for G_SOURCE_CONTINUE and G_SOU...
679473 Don't generate invalid property names
679691 Add g_spawn_check_exit_status()
679671 GDBusNodeInfo: the XML string must contain exac...
676111 mount-operation: add show-unmount-progress signal
679691 win32: fix build g_spawn_check_exit_status() wi...
679813 Documentation bug on
* Translation updates:
Norwegian bokmål
Traditional Chinese
Overview of changes from GLib 2.33.2 to 2.33.3
This release contains mostly bugfixes, cleanups and performance
improvements (including many fixes contributed by Colin on the advice of
Coverity). There are a few notable externally-visible changes:
* Thumbnails are now in XDG_CACHE_HOME
* new GDBus API: per-thread g_dbus_connection_get_last_serial()
* GUnixOutputStream now has a can_poll() implementation
* New deep copy APIs for G(S)List: g_(s)list_copy_deep
* Bugs fixed:
518309 Incorrect data*dir path in glib-gettextize output
566994 Safer passing of -framework flag
672889 GLib.utf8_validate does segfault
673253 Not strict enough autconf test for libelf
675024 adds g_list_copy_deep() and g_slist_copy_deep
675168 prepare for thumbnails to move to XDG_CACHE_HOME
675966 gresolver: More robust parsing of DNS responses
676594 [Patch] fix g_reload_user_special_dirs_cache
676825 Implement g_dbus_connection_get_last_serial ()
677235 Clarify the comment at the top of gmarshal.list
677527 OS X: gthread/spawn-async selftest failure
677718 GDBusProxy: treat org.freedesktop.systemd1.Masked error as non-fatal
677770 GUnixOutputStream does not implement can_poll
677782 Install bash completion files in /usr/share
677817 g_key_file_to_data adds extra blank lines in some cases
677952 Missing annotation for GDBusConnection signal "closed"
678052 g_wakeup_acknowledge is called too often.
678273 unicode othercasing is wrong in gregex
678333 gdbus-codegen code causes warnings under -Wfloat-equal
* Translations updated:
Overview of changes from GLib 2.33.1 to 2.33.2
* GLIB_VERSION_MIN_REQUIRED now defaults to the current stable version
* GIO input and output stream classes have grown GBytes-based methods
* GApplication now has hooks to register D-Bus objects before the bus
name is taken
* Bugs fixed:
605976 add g_type_ensure(), to ensure that a type has...
660851 Breakage of code due to changes in the GThread...
666386 Empathy doesn't open Redirect URI with particu...
671139 need (transfer async) for io stream buffers
672329 memory leaks in gutils.c and glib tests
672548 g_utf8_validate: @str shouldn't end up annotat...
674111 Provide an accessor for MimeType desktop entry...
674483 broken configure results when cross-compiling ...
674634 Add g_clear_pointer()
674777 What's the (transfer) of g_variant_lookup()?
675309 gkeyfile: Fix annotations for g_key_file_load_...
675446 gfile: Plug memory leak in g_file_make_directo...
675509 add extra dbus hooks
675832 Incomplete gsettings bash auto-completion
676208 The tmpl parameter to g_file_new_tmp can be NULL
676265 GNetworkMonitor leaks a lot of memory
676277 Document that g_app_info_create_from_commandli...
676397 g_environ_* should work with NULL envp
676398 g_spawn_* should take PATH from the passed env...
676478 Broken gzip decoding
676594 [Patch] fix g_reload_user_special_dirs_cache
676816 Add more GLIB_AVAILABLE_IN_*
676937 Document notify signal deduplication with free...
* Translation updates:
Overview of changes from GLib 2.32.1 to 2.33.1
* GApplication
- can now have a NULL application ID
- add accessors for determining dbus connection and object path
* g_clear_object: fix warnings when using it on C++ (due to lack of
ability to implicitly cast void*)
* add g_clear_pointer as a generic form of g_clear_object
* GDBus:
- add our own implementation of the message bus for use on Windows only
- fix up a few bugs that use of this bus uncovered in GDBus
- escape nonce files in dbus addressess (think 'c:\')
- support initial underscores in dbus codegen namespace (for private)
- add GTestDBus for bringing up a session bus for testing purposes
- gdbus-codegen: Avoid warnings in generated code
- GDBusAuthObserver: Add a way to control what authentication mechanisms to use
* Fix misdetection of GNUstep as Cocoa (for the MacOS GSettings backend)
* make sure configure fails if AC_CHECK_ALIGNOF cannot detect the alignment
* GAppInfo
- overwrite the DISPLAY only if it is set in the launch context
- add accessor for StartupWMClass
* glib/tests/date: force US locale running the GDateTime tests
* Resources:
- fix broken use of GVDB on big endian machines
- set a 'display name' so that pretty file names appear in Gtk CSS
warning messages
* GMainContext:
- block child sources when blocking the parent
- introduce more testcases for child sources
* GResolver: add support for MX, TXT, NS and SOA records
* GSocketControlMessage: Don't warn about unknown messages
* GIO:
- implement GSeekable for the data and buffered stream classes
- implement GPollable for many more classes as well
- fix GConverterInputStream infinite loop when fill_buffer returns an error
- fileinfo: document the correct type for trash::orig-path
* test coverage improvements and general fixes
* new 2.34 stuff: version macros, docs index section, etc.
* Build:
- add --disable-modular-tests build option
- don't require host binaries if tests are not enabled for cross-builds
* Translations updated
Brazilian Portuguese
Norwegian bokmål
Simplified Chinese
Overview of changes from GLib 2.32.0 to 2.32.1
* Bugs fixed:
670254 glib-2.30.2: Fails /GDateTime/new_from_unix test
672541 glib-compile-resources prepends --sourcedir to absolute paths
673139 URL to mailing lists in README incorrect
673174 g_input_stream_read[_finish]: document returning 0 on EOF
673191 glib/gchecksum.c warning: dereferencing type-punned pointer...
673216 [W32] gtestutils does not use path separators consistently
673439 Properly deprecate g_value_{set,get}_char
673612 Fails to decode dictionaries wrapped in two layers of array
673803 gclosure: Support return values of GVariants
669285 glib/tests/markup-parse fails under non-english locale
673911 gio-2.0.pc lists full path to executables, breaking cross com..
673762 gnextstepsettingsbackend.c:343: error: parse error before 'in'
* Updated translations:
British English
Norwegian bokmål
Overview of changes from GLib 2.31.22 to 2.32.0
* Bugs fixed:
671988 Quickly registering / unregistering objects on bus...
672095 glib needs stable sort function
672406 glib/tests/include.c fails to build on FreeBSD
* Updated translations:
Overview of changes from GLib 2.31.20 to 2.31.22
* Bugs fixed:
531901 Use __builtin_bswap* for GUINT*_SWAP_LE_BE if building...
653167 Out of tree build is broken on windows
668973 Test /gvariant/parser fails on Solaris 10
669797 gvfs now lists its fuse mounts
670846 deadlock: GStreamer-WARNING **: wrong STREAM_LOCK count 0
671664 gio-querymodules: unlink instead of writing empty cache
671676 Glib can't be cross-compiled any more after merge of...
671918 gnome-shell is inaccessible unless started while an AT...
671942 GSocketMsgFlags: annotate as a flags
671997 Unix signal handling assumes that volatile 1-byte writes...
672013 GSimpleAsyncResult: support reliable cancellation
672026 default log output should include pid and/or prgname
672095 glib needs stable sort function
672201 G_SPAWN_SEARCH_PATH should continue on ENODEV and ETIMEDOUT
672239 request NO_REPLY from g_dbus_connection_call() with no as...
672249 gdbusproxy leaks asyncresult in an error case instead of...
* Translation updates:
British English
Catalan (Valencian)
Norwegian bokmål
Traditional Chinese
Overview of changes from GLib 2.31.18 to 2.31.20
* Update to Unicode 6.1
* Update PCRE to 8.30
* Deprecations are now versioned, and new API is
marked with the version it was introduced.
* The performance of signal emissions has been
improved for simple cases
* Bugs fixed:
529806 Cannot build in 64-bit Mac OS X due to libiconv
580873 Documentation of register type functions incomplete
592666 Document how to unset an attribute
597785 g_type_class_add_private code snippet is a bad example
621368 glib-2.24.1: FAIL: when updating...
622149 --disable-regex breaks glib2 build
639873 GBinding: Crash when binding two properties on the same...
640202 For GLIB v. 2.23.6 and above: impossibility to build mu...
668295 Need a way to classify GVolume instances
669670 gasyncqueue: don't use deprecated g_cond_timed_wait()
670542 Add version information for deprecations
670557 gvaluetransform: Fix an infinite loop with GFlagsValue...
670721 global variable for signal ID should be hidden
670751 IceWM build fails due to the G_DEPRECATED_FOR macro
670909 g_dbus_connection_call leaks when it receives an error...
670922 Include path to gdbus-codegen in the pkgconfig file
670969 GSequence lookup may fail if there was no sort prior to...
671025 Constants and identifiers starting with a number are no...
671270 make distclean failures
671281 glib-compile-resources.xml is missing from the dist tar...
* Translation updates:
Brazilian Portuguese
Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese
Overview of changes from GLib 2.31.16 to 2.31.18
which can be set to make GDBus automatically reload
changed properties even if the propertychanged signal
does not contain the new values.
* GApplication puts non-unique applications on the bus
* GApplication now has g_application_quit()
* g_async_queue_timed_pop has been deprecated in favor of
the new g_async_queue_timeout_pop, which uses relative
delays in microseconds instead of a GTimeVal.
* a huge number of API documentation fixes
* Bugs fixed:
647986 put non-unique apps on D-Bus
658484 vpn connection vs NetworkSecretDialog
664237 GDateTime falls back to UTC if TZ is set
669329 gthread-win32: update for g_get_monotonic_time() changes
669330 glocalfile: fix error code when opening a directory on win32
669372 glib/tests memory leaks.
669412 mem leak in g_environ_unsetenv
669538 Fix compilation of glib-compile-resources.c on Windows
669544 gdbus-codegen example introspection XML is not complete
669595 glib-mkenums: fix handling of forward enum declarations
669670 gasyncqueue: don't use deprecated g_cond_timed_wait()
669671 gobject: use #pragmas to avoid deprecated function warnings
669689 Retrieve cwd and environ in local GApplicationCommandLine
669810 socket/win32: flush pending read before signaling HUP
669865 g_regex_fetch()
670085 memory leak in g_output_stream_write_async
670138 gbytes.h is missing the G_BEGIN/END_DECL guards
670485 Simplify session API (shared bug with gtk+)
* Updated translations:
Overview of changes from GLib 2.31.14 to 2.31.16
* GResource:
- The resource compiler can now convert pngs into
pixel data that can be used without parsing at runtime
(requires gdk-pixbuf-pixdata to be present)
* Bugs fixed:
669123 resource compiler: failing to-pixdata should...
669173 resource: fix xml preprocess entity handling
669224 Cross-compilation broken by data-to-c
669253 gsettings set buggy on array values
669334 fix memory leak in bookmark file parser
* Translation updates:
Norwegian bokmål
Overview of changes from GLib 2.31.12 to 2.31.14
* GResource:
- GLib now includes a commandline utility, gresource,
to explore resources in ELF files
- The resource compiler can now optionally strip
ignorable whitespace from XML resources
- The resource compiler can now generate build dependencies
- The resource compiler will now autoselect output formats
* GApplication:
- The menu markup parser API has been dropped, the
menu XML support lives in GTK+ now
* GValueArray has been deprecated
* Bugs fixed:
626258 N-ary Trees - 'nodes' can be inserted before and after...
634232 Core Dump / Aborted using g_key_file_to_data
639099 schema compiler chokes on valid schema
667228 Deprecate GValueArray
667243 Add an element clear function to GArray
667929 glib-compile-resources: xml resources doesn't need to...
668250 g_date_time_format() produces a non-UTF8 string
668468 'IP_ADD_SOURCE_MEMBERSHIP' undeclared
668532 resources: add dependency generator to the resource compiler
668539 resources: compiler should autoselect output format...
668561 gresource-tool not internationalized
668572 glib_cv_g_atomic_lock_free config.cache setting not honored...
668650 GRealArray->clear_func should be initialized
668756 GKeyFile: allow loading from empty strings
668857 fix couple of typos in comments
669024 goption: implement platform_get_argv0() for OpenBSD
* Updated translations:
Norwegian bokmål