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GConf has a a concept of a set of changes which can be applied or reverted
at once: <span class="type">GConfChangeSet</span> (GConf doesn't actually apply changes atomically,
which is one of its shortcomings).
Instead of a separate object to represent a change set, GSettings has a
'delayed-apply' mode, which can be turned on for a GSettings object by
calling <a class="link" href="GSettings.html#g-settings-delay" title="g_settings_delay ()"><code class="function">g_settings_delay()</code></a>. In this mode, changes done to the GSettings
object are not applied - they are still visible when calling <a class="link" href="GSettings.html#g-settings-get" title="g_settings_get ()"><code class="function">g_settings_get()</code></a>
<span class="emphasis"><em>on the same object</em></span>, but not to other GSettings instances
or even other processes.
To apply the pending changes all at once (GSettings <span class="emphasis"><em>does</em></span>
atomicity here), call <a class="link" href="GSettings.html#g-settings-apply" title="g_settings_apply ()"><code class="function">g_settings_apply()</code></a>. To revert the pending changes,
call <a class="link" href="GSettings.html#g-settings-revert" title="g_settings_revert ()"><code class="function">g_settings_revert()</code></a> or just drop the reference to the <a class="link" href="GSettings.html" title="GSettings"><span class="type">GSettings</span></a> object.
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