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<!-- org.gtk.GDBus.Example.ObjectManager.Animal:
@short_description: Example docs generated by gdbus-codegen
@since: 2.30
This D-Bus interface is used to describe a simple animal.
<interface name="org.gtk.GDBus.Example.ObjectManager.Animal">
<!-- Mood: The mood of the animal.
@since: 2.30
Known values for this property include
<literal>Happy</literal> and <literal>Sad</literal>. Use the
org.gtk.GDBus.Example.ObjectManager.Animal.Poke() method to
change this property.
This property influences how often the animal jumps up and
down, see the
#org.gtk.GDBus.Example.ObjectManager.Animal::Jumped signal
for more details.
<property name="Mood" type="s" access="read"/>
@make_sad: Whether to make the animal sad.
@make_happy: Whether to make the animal happy.
@since: 2.30
Method used to changing the mood of the animal. See also the
#org.gtk.GDBus.Example.ObjectManager.Animal:Mood property.
<method name="Poke">
<arg direction="in" type="b" name="make_sad"/>
<arg direction="in" type="b" name="make_happy"/>
@height: Height, in meters, that the animal jumped.
@since: 2.30
Emitted when the animal decides to jump.
<signal name="Jumped">
<arg type="d" name="height"/>
Property with no <quote>since</quote> annotation (should inherit the 2.30 from its containing interface).
<property name="Foo" type="s" access="read"/>
@since: 2.36
Property with a later <quote>since</quote> annotation.
<property name="Bar" type="s" access="read"/>
<!-- org.gtk.GDBus.Example.ObjectManager.Cat:
@short_description: More example docs generated by gdbus-codegen
This D-Bus interface is used to describe a cat. Right now there
are no properties, methods or signals associated with this
interface so it is essentially a <ulink
Note that D-Bus objects implementing this interface also
implement the #org.gtk.GDBus.Example.ObjectManager.Animal
<interface name="org.gtk.GDBus.Example.ObjectManager.Cat">