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There are configure scripts in this directory to generate the header files
used by the jemalloc library.
These scripts are named conf_<HOST_TYPE>.sh, where HOST_TYPE is one of
aarch64, arm, mips, x86, x86_64.
In order to build generate the header files for each supported HOST_TYPE,
follow these steps:
- source build/
- lunch <TARGET>
- mmma -jXX bionic
- cd external/jemalloc
- autoconf
- <Modify the configure script>
- android/conf_<HOST_TYPE>.sh
Follow these instructions to modify the configure script before running
any of the conf_<HOST_TYPE>.sh scripts.
In the code that looks similar to this:
case "${host}" in
Modify it to be:
case "${host}" in
$as_echo "#define JEMALLOC_HAS_ALLOCA_H 1" >>confdefs.h
$as_echo "#define JEMALLOC_PURGE_MADVISE_DONTNEED " >>confdefs.h
$as_echo "#define JEMALLOC_THREADED_INIT " >>confdefs.h