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\begin{Name}{3}{unw\_is\_fpreg}{David Mosberger-Tang}{Programming Library}{unw\_is\_fpreg}unw\_is\_fpreg -- check if a register is a floating-point register
\File{\#include $<$libunwind.h$>$}\\
\Type{int} \Func{unw\_is\_fpreg}(\Type{unw\_regnum\_t} \Var{reg});\\
The \Func{unw\_is\_fpreg}() routine checks whether register number
\Var{reg} is a floating-point register.
This routine is normally implemented as a macro and applications
should not attempt to take its address.
\section{Return Value}
The \Func{unw\_is\_fpreg}() routine returns a non-zero value if
\Var{reg} is a floating-point register. Otherwise, it returns a value
of 0.
\section{Thread and Signal Safety}
\Func{unw\_is\_fpreg}() is thread-safe as well as safe to use
from a signal handler.
\section{See Also}
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