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\begin{Name}{3}{unw\_strerror}{Thomas Hallgren}{Programming Library}{unw\_strerror}unw\_strerror -- get text corresponding to error code
\File{\#include $<$libunwind.h$>$}\\
\Type{const char *} \Func{unw\_strerror}(\Type{int} \Var{err\_code});\\
The \Func{unw\_strerror}() routine maps the (negative) \Var{err\_code}
to a corresponding text message and returns it.
\section{Return Value}
The message that corresponds to \Var{err\_code} or, if the
\Var{err\_code} has no corresponding message, the text "invalid error
\section{Thread and Signal Safety}
\Func{unw\_strerror}() is thread-safe as well as safe to use
from a signal handler.
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