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* Copyright 2010-2012, The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include <cstdio>
#include <list>
#include <map>
#include <set>
#include <string>
#include <unordered_set>
#include <vector>
#include "clang/Lex/Preprocessor.h"
#include "clang/AST/Mangle.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/StringSet.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/StringMap.h"
#include "slang_pragma_list.h"
namespace llvm {
class LLVMContext;
class DataLayout;
} // namespace llvm
namespace clang {
class VarDecl;
class ASTContext;
class TargetInfo;
class FunctionDecl;
class QualType;
class SourceManager;
class TypeDecl;
class FunctionDecl;
} // namespace clang
namespace slang {
class Backend;
class RSExportable;
class RSExportVar;
class RSExportFunc;
class RSExportForEach;
class RSExportReduce;
class RSExportType;
class RSContext {
typedef llvm::StringSet<> NeedExportVarSet;
typedef llvm::StringSet<> NeedExportFuncSet;
typedef llvm::StringSet<> NeedExportTypeSet;
typedef std::list<RSExportable*> ExportableList;
typedef std::list<RSExportVar*> ExportVarList;
typedef std::list<RSExportFunc*> ExportFuncList;
typedef std::vector<RSExportForEach*> ExportForEachVector;
typedef std::list<RSExportReduce*> ExportReduceList;
// WARNING: Sorted by pointer value, resulting in unpredictable order
typedef std::unordered_set<RSExportType*> ExportReduceResultTypeSet;
typedef llvm::StringMap<RSExportType*> ExportTypeMap;
clang::Preprocessor &mPP;
clang::ASTContext &mCtx;
PragmaList *mPragmas;
// Precision specified via pragma, either rs_fp_full or rs_fp_relaxed. If
// empty, rs_fp_full is assumed.
std::string mPrecision;
unsigned int mTargetAPI;
bool mVerbose;
llvm::DataLayout *mDataLayout;
llvm::LLVMContext &mLLVMContext;
ExportableList mExportables;
NeedExportTypeSet mNeedExportTypes;
std::string *mLicenseNote;
std::string mReflectJavaPackageName;
std::string mReflectJavaPathName;
std::string mRSPackageName;
int version;
std::unique_ptr<clang::MangleContext> mMangleCtx;
bool mIs64Bit;
bool processExportVar(const clang::VarDecl *VD);
bool processExportFunc(const clang::FunctionDecl *FD);
bool processExportType(const llvm::StringRef &Name);
int getForEachSlotNumber(const clang::StringRef& funcName);
unsigned mNextSlot;
ExportVarList mExportVars;
ExportFuncList mExportFuncs;
std::map<llvm::StringRef, unsigned> mExportForEachMap;
ExportForEachVector mExportForEach;
ExportForEachVector::iterator mFirstOldStyleKernel;
ExportReduceList mExportReduce;
ExportReduceResultTypeSet mExportReduceResultType;
ExportTypeMap mExportTypes;
clang::QualType mAllocationType;
clang::QualType mScriptCallType;
std::set<const clang::FunctionDecl *> mUsedByReducePragmaFns;
// Populated by markUsedByReducePragma().
// Consumed by processReducePragmas().
std::vector<clang::VarDecl *> mUsedByReducePragmaDummyVars;
RSContext(clang::Preprocessor &PP,
clang::ASTContext &Ctx,
const clang::TargetInfo &Target,
PragmaList *Pragmas,
unsigned int TargetAPI,
bool Verbose);
enum CheckName { CheckNameNo, CheckNameYes };
static bool isSyntheticName(const llvm::StringRef Name) { return Name.startswith(".rs."); }
inline clang::Preprocessor &getPreprocessor() const { return mPP; }
inline clang::ASTContext &getASTContext() const { return mCtx; }
inline clang::MangleContext &getMangleContext() const {
return *mMangleCtx;
inline const llvm::DataLayout *getDataLayout() const { return mDataLayout; }
inline llvm::LLVMContext &getLLVMContext() const { return mLLVMContext; }
inline const clang::SourceManager *getSourceManager() const {
return &mPP.getSourceManager();
inline clang::DiagnosticsEngine *getDiagnostics() const {
return &mPP.getDiagnostics();
inline unsigned int getTargetAPI() const {
return mTargetAPI;
inline bool getVerbose() const {
return mVerbose;
inline bool is64Bit() const {
return mIs64Bit;
inline void setLicenseNote(const std::string &S) {
mLicenseNote = new std::string(S);
inline const std::string *getLicenseNote() const { return mLicenseNote; }
inline void addExportType(const std::string &S) {
inline void setReflectJavaPackageName(const std::string &S) {
mReflectJavaPackageName = S;
inline const std::string &getReflectJavaPackageName() const {
return mReflectJavaPackageName;
inline void setRSPackageName(const std::string &S) {
mRSPackageName = S;
inline const std::string &getRSPackageName() const { return mRSPackageName; }
void setAllocationType(const clang::TypeDecl* TD);
inline const clang::QualType& getAllocationType() const {
return mAllocationType;
void setScriptCallType(const clang::TypeDecl* TD);
inline const clang::QualType& getScriptCallType() const {
return mScriptCallType;
bool addForEach(const clang::FunctionDecl* FD);
bool processExports();
inline void newExportable(RSExportable *E) {
if (E != nullptr)
typedef ExportableList::iterator exportable_iterator;
exportable_iterator exportable_begin() {
return mExportables.begin();
exportable_iterator exportable_end() {
return mExportables.end();
typedef ExportVarList::const_iterator const_export_var_iterator;
const_export_var_iterator export_vars_begin() const {
return mExportVars.begin();
const_export_var_iterator export_vars_end() const {
return mExportVars.end();
inline bool hasExportVar() const {
return !mExportVars.empty();
typedef ExportFuncList::const_iterator const_export_func_iterator;
const_export_func_iterator export_funcs_begin() const {
return mExportFuncs.begin();
const_export_func_iterator export_funcs_end() const {
return mExportFuncs.end();
inline bool hasExportFunc() const { return !mExportFuncs.empty(); }
typedef ExportForEachVector::const_iterator const_export_foreach_iterator;
const_export_foreach_iterator export_foreach_begin() const {
return mExportForEach.begin();
const_export_foreach_iterator export_foreach_end() const {
return mExportForEach.end();
inline bool hasExportForEach() const { return !mExportForEach.empty(); }
int getForEachSlotNumber(const clang::FunctionDecl* FD);
typedef ExportReduceList::const_iterator const_export_reduce_iterator;
const_export_reduce_iterator export_reduce_begin() const {
return mExportReduce.begin();
const_export_reduce_iterator export_reduce_end() const {
return mExportReduce.end();
inline bool hasExportReduce() const { return !mExportReduce.empty(); }
void addExportReduce(RSExportReduce *Reduce) {
bool processReducePragmas(Backend *BE);
void markUsedByReducePragma(clang::FunctionDecl *FD, CheckName Check);
// If the type has already been inserted, has no effect.
void insertExportReduceResultType(RSExportType *Type) { mExportReduceResultType.insert(Type); }
template <class FilterIn, class Compare>
std::vector<RSExportType *> getReduceResultTypes(FilterIn Filt, Compare Comp) const {
std::vector<RSExportType *> Return;
std::copy_if(mExportReduceResultType.begin(), mExportReduceResultType.end(), std::back_inserter(Return), Filt);
std::sort(Return.begin(), Return.end(), Comp);
auto ReturnNewEndIter = std::unique(Return.begin(), Return.end(),
[Comp](const RSExportType *a, const RSExportType *b) {
return !Comp(a, b) && !Comp(b, a);
Return.erase(ReturnNewEndIter, Return.end());
return Return;
typedef ExportTypeMap::iterator export_type_iterator;
typedef ExportTypeMap::const_iterator const_export_type_iterator;
export_type_iterator export_types_begin() { return mExportTypes.begin(); }
export_type_iterator export_types_end() { return mExportTypes.end(); }
const_export_type_iterator export_types_begin() const {
return mExportTypes.begin();
const_export_type_iterator export_types_end() const {
return mExportTypes.end();
inline bool hasExportType() const { return !mExportTypes.empty(); }
export_type_iterator findExportType(const llvm::StringRef &TypeName) {
return mExportTypes.find(TypeName);
const_export_type_iterator findExportType(const llvm::StringRef &TypeName)
const {
return mExportTypes.find(TypeName);
// Insert the specified Typename/Type pair into the map. If the key already
// exists in the map, return false and ignore the request, otherwise insert it
// and return true.
bool insertExportType(const llvm::StringRef &TypeName, RSExportType *Type);
int getVersion() const { return version; }
void setVersion(int v) {
version = v;
bool isCompatLib() const {
// If we are not targeting the actual Android Renderscript classes,
// we should reflect code that works with the compatibility library.
return ("android.renderscript") != 0);
void addPragma(const std::string &T, const std::string &V) {
mPragmas->push_back(make_pair(T, V));
void setPrecision(const std::string &P) { mPrecision = P; }
std::string getPrecision() { return mPrecision; }
// Report an error or a warning to the user.
template <unsigned N>
clang::DiagnosticBuilder Report(clang::DiagnosticsEngine::Level Level,
const char (&Message)[N]) {
clang::DiagnosticsEngine *DiagEngine = getDiagnostics();
return DiagEngine->Report(DiagEngine->getCustomDiagID(Level, Message));
template <unsigned N>
clang::DiagnosticBuilder Report(clang::DiagnosticsEngine::Level Level,
const clang::SourceLocation Loc,
const char (&Message)[N]) {
clang::DiagnosticsEngine *DiagEngine = getDiagnostics();
const clang::SourceManager *SM = getSourceManager();
return DiagEngine->Report(clang::FullSourceLoc(Loc, *SM),
DiagEngine->getCustomDiagID(Level, Message));
// Utility functions to report errors and warnings to make the calling code
// easier to read.
template <unsigned N>
clang::DiagnosticBuilder ReportError(const char (&Message)[N]) {
return Report<N>(clang::DiagnosticsEngine::Error, Message);
template <unsigned N>
clang::DiagnosticBuilder ReportError(const clang::SourceLocation Loc,
const char (&Message)[N]) {
return Report<N>(clang::DiagnosticsEngine::Error, Loc, Message);
template <unsigned N>
clang::DiagnosticBuilder ReportWarning(const char (&Message)[N]) {
return Report<N>(clang::DiagnosticsEngine::Warning, Message);
template <unsigned N>
clang::DiagnosticBuilder ReportWarning(const clang::SourceLocation Loc,
const char (&Message)[N]) {
return Report<N>(clang::DiagnosticsEngine::Warning, Loc, Message);
} // namespace slang