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* Copyright 2012, The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include "slang_rs_reflect_utils.h"
#include <set>
#include <string>
#define RS_EXPORT_VAR_PREFIX "mExportVar_"
namespace slang {
class RSReflectionCpp {
RSReflectionCpp(const RSContext *Context, const std::string &OutputDirectory,
const std::string &RSSourceFileName,
const std::string &BitCodeFileName);
virtual ~RSReflectionCpp();
bool reflect();
struct Argument {
std::string Type;
std::string Name;
std::string DefaultValue;
Argument(std::string Type, std::string Name, std::string DefaultValue = "")
: Type(Type), Name(Name), DefaultValue(DefaultValue) {}
typedef std::vector<Argument> ArgumentList;
// Information coming from the compiler about the code we're reflecting.
const RSContext *mRSContext;
// Path to the *.rs file for which we're generating C++ code.
std::string mRSSourceFilePath;
// Path to the file that contains the byte code generated from the *.rs file.
std::string mBitCodeFilePath;
// The directory where we'll generate the C++ files.
std::string mOutputDirectory;
// A cleaned up version of the *.rs file name that can be used in generating
// C++ identifiers.
std::string mCleanedRSFileName;
// The name of the generated C++ class.
std::string mClassName;
// TODO document
unsigned int mNextExportVarSlot;
unsigned int mNextExportFuncSlot;
unsigned int mNextExportForEachSlot;
// Generated RS Elements for type-checking code.
std::set<std::string> mTypesToCheck;
inline void clear() {
mNextExportVarSlot = 0;
mNextExportFuncSlot = 0;
mNextExportForEachSlot = 0;
// The file we are currently generating, either the header or the
// implementation file.
GeneratedFile mOut;
void genInitValue(const clang::APValue &Val, bool asBool = false);
static const char *getVectorAccessor(unsigned index);
inline unsigned int getNextExportVarSlot() { return mNextExportVarSlot++; }
inline unsigned int getNextExportFuncSlot() { return mNextExportFuncSlot++; }
inline unsigned int getNextExportForEachSlot() {
return mNextExportForEachSlot++;
bool writeHeaderFile();
bool writeImplementationFile();
// Write out signatures both in the header and implementation.
void makeFunctionSignature(bool isDefinition, const RSExportFunc *ef);
bool genEncodedBitCode();
void genFieldsToStoreExportVariableValues();
void genTypeInstancesUsedInForEach();
void genFieldsForAllocationTypeVerification();
// Write out the code for the getters and setters.
void genExportVariablesGetterAndSetter();
// Write out the code for the declaration of the kernel entry points.
void genForEachDeclarations();
void genExportFunctionDeclarations();
// Write out code for the definitions of the kernel entry points.
void genExportForEachBodies();
void genExportFunctionBodies();
bool startScriptHeader();
// Write out code for an export variable initialization.
void genInitExportVariable(const RSExportType *ET, const std::string &VarName,
const clang::APValue &Val);
void genZeroInitExportVariable(const std::string &VarName);
void genInitBoolExportVariable(const std::string &VarName,
const clang::APValue &Val);
void genInitPrimitiveExportVariable(const std::string &VarName,
const clang::APValue &Val);
// Produce an argument string of the form "T1 t, T2 u, T3 v".
void genArguments(const ArgumentList &Args, int Offset);
void genPointerTypeExportVariable(const RSExportVar *EV);
void genMatrixTypeExportVariable(const RSExportVar *EV);
void genRecordTypeExportVariable(const RSExportVar *EV);
void genGetterAndSetter(const RSExportPrimitiveType *EPT, const RSExportVar* EV);
void genGetterAndSetter(const RSExportVectorType *EVT, const RSExportVar* EV);
void genGetterAndSetter(const RSExportConstantArrayType *AT, const RSExportVar* EV);
void genGetterAndSetter(const RSExportRecordType *ERT, const RSExportVar *EV);
// Write out a local FieldPacker (if necessary).
bool genCreateFieldPacker(const RSExportType *T, const char *FieldPackerName);
// Populate (write) the FieldPacker with add() operations.
void genPackVarOfType(const RSExportType *ET, const char *VarName,
const char *FieldPackerName);
// Generate a runtime type check for VarName.
void genTypeCheck(const RSExportType *ET, const char *VarName);
// Generate a type instance for a given type.
void genTypeInstanceFromPointer(const RSExportType *ET);
void genTypeInstance(const RSExportType *ET);
}; // class RSReflectionCpp
} // namespace slang