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// BrowseDialog.h
#include "../../../Common/MyString.h"
bool MyBrowseForFolder(HWND owner, LPCWSTR title, LPCWSTR path, UString &resultPath);
bool MyBrowseForFile(HWND owner, LPCWSTR title, LPCWSTR path, LPCWSTR filterDescription, LPCWSTR filter, UString &resultPath);
/* CorrectFsPath removes undesirable characters in names (dots and spaces at the end of file)
But it doesn't change "bad" name in any of the following caes:
- path is Super Path (with \\?\ prefix)
- path is relative and relBase is Super Path
- there is file or dir in filesystem with specified "bad" name */
bool CorrectFsPath(const UString &relBase, const UString &path, UString &result);
bool Dlg_CreateFolder(HWND wnd, UString &destName);