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.TH PCRE2_JIT_STACK_CREATE 3 "03 November 2014" "PCRE2 10.00"
PCRE2 - Perl-compatible regular expressions (revised API)
.B #include <pcre2.h>
.B pcre2_jit_stack *pcre2_jit_stack_create(PCRE2_SIZE \fIstartsize\fP,
.B " PCRE2_SIZE \fImaxsize\fP, pcre2_general_context *\fIgcontext\fP);"
This function is used to create a stack for use by the code compiled by the JIT
compiler. The first two arguments are a starting size for the stack, and a
maximum size to which it is allowed to grow. The final argument is a general
context, for memory allocation functions, or NULL for standard memory
allocation. The result can be passed to the JIT run-time code by calling
\fBpcre2_jit_stack_assign()\fP to associate the stack with a compiled pattern,
which can then be processed by \fBpcre2_match()\fP. If the "fast path" JIT
matcher, \fBpcre2_jit_match()\fP is used, the stack can be passed directly as
an argument. A maximum stack size of 512K to 1M should be more than enough for
any pattern. For more details, see the
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There is a complete description of the PCRE2 native API in the
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page and a description of the POSIX API in the
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