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SQUASHFS 3.2 - A squashed read-only filesystem for Linux
Copyright 2002-2007 Phillip Lougher <>
Released under the GPL licence (version 2 or later).
Welcome to Squashfs version 3.2. Squashfs 3.2 has support for NFS exporting,
some improvements to the Squashfs tools (Mksquashfs and Unsquashfs), some
major bug fixes, new kernel patches, and various other smaller improvements
and bug fixes. Please see the CHANGES file for a detailed list.
New command line options:
Squashfs now supports NFS exports. By default the additional
information necessary is added to the filesystem by Mksquashfs. If you
do not wish this extra information, then this option can be specified.
This will save a couple of bytes per file, and the filesystem
will be identical to Squashfs 3.1.
Mksquashfs by default now displays a progress bar. This option disables
Unsquashfs now supports Squashfs 2.x filesystems.