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SQUASHFS 4.0 - A squashed read-only filesystem for Linux
Copyright 2002-2009 Phillip Lougher <>
Released under the GPL licence (version 2 or later).
Welcome to Squashfs 4.0. This is an initial tools only release to
support users of the 2.6.29 kernel, following the mainlining of Squashfs
earlier this year.
Later releases will probably contain kernel patches supporting 4.0
layouts for earlier kernels.
New Mksquashfs options
Mksquashfs now supports pseudo files, these allow fake directories, character
and block devices to be specified and added to the Squashfs filesystem being
built, rather than requiring them to be present in the source directories.
This, for example, allows device nodes to be added to the filesystem without
requiring root access.
Two options are supported, -p allows one pseudo file to be specified on the
command line, and -pf allows a pseudo file to be specified containing a
list of pseduo definitions, one per line.
Pseudo device nodes are specified using 7 arguments
Filename type mode uid gid major minor
Where type is either
b - for block devices, and
c - for character devices
mode is the octal mode specifier, similar to that expected by chmod.
Uid and gid can be either specified as a decimal number, or by name.
For example:
/dev/chr_dev c 666 root root 100 1
/dev/blk_dev b 444 0 0 200 200
Directories are specified using 5 arguments
Filename type mode uid gid
Where type is d.