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* On i386, pt_regs and user_regs_struct are the same,
* but on 64 bit x86, user_regs_struct has six more fields:
* fs_base, gs_base, ds, es, fs, gs.
* PTRACE_GETREGS fills them too, so struct pt_regs would overflow.
struct i386_user_regs_struct {
uint32_t ebx;
uint32_t ecx;
uint32_t edx;
uint32_t esi;
uint32_t edi;
uint32_t ebp;
uint32_t eax;
uint32_t xds;
uint32_t xes;
uint32_t xfs;
uint32_t xgs;
uint32_t orig_eax;
uint32_t eip;
uint32_t xcs;
uint32_t eflags;
uint32_t esp;
uint32_t xss;
static union {
struct user_regs_struct x86_64_r;
struct i386_user_regs_struct i386_r;
} x86_regs_union;
#define x86_64_regs x86_regs_union.x86_64_r
#define i386_regs x86_regs_union.i386_r
uint32_t *const i386_esp_ptr = &i386_regs.esp;
uint64_t *const x86_64_rsp_ptr = (uint64_t *) &x86_64_regs.rsp;
static struct iovec x86_io = {
.iov_base = &x86_regs_union
#define ARCH_REGS_FOR_GETREGSET x86_regs_union
#define ARCH_PC_REG (x86_io.iov_len == sizeof(i386_regs) ? i386_regs.eip :