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// Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
syntax = "proto2";
option optimize_for = LITE_RUNTIME;
package power_manager;
// Power supply status sent from powerd to Chrome.
message PowerSupplyProperties {
// For any of these power sources, the system may be consuming power at a high
// enough rate that the battery is discharging rather than charging; see
// BatteryState.
enum ExternalPower {
// AC/line/mains or USB PD power is connected. This is typically the
// highest-power source that can be attached to the system.
AC = 0;
// A low-power USB source (SDP, DCP, CDP, or ACA) is connected.
USB = 1;
// No external power source is connected.
// Next value to use: 4
enum BatteryState {
// The battery is full or close to full.
FULL = 0;
// The battery is being charged but is not yet full.
// The battery is discharging. Note that an external power source may be
// connected but not supplying enough power to offset the system's
// instantaneous power consumption. This state is also used if the battery
// is neither charging nor discharging (i.e. current is zero) in a non-full
// state, which may indicate a battery defect.
// The system doesn't have a battery.
// Next value to use: 4
// Details about a potential source of power to the system.
message PowerSource {
enum Port {
// The location of the port is unknown, or there's only one port.
// Various positions on the device. The first word describes the side of
// the device where the port is located while the second clarifies the
// position. For example, LEFT_BACK means the farthest-back port on the
// left side, while BACK_LEFT means the leftmost port on the back of the
// device.
LEFT = 1;
RIGHT = 2;
BACK = 3;
FRONT = 4;
// Next value to use: 11
// Opaque ID corresponding to the device; see |external_power_source_id|.
optional string id = 1;
// The charging port to which this power source is connected.
optional Port port = 7;
// Raw strings read from |manufacturer| and |model_name| files in sysfs.
optional string manufacturer_id = 4;
optional string model_id = 5;
// Maximum power this source is capable of delivering, in watts.
optional double max_power = 6;
// True if the power source will automatically deliver charge to the system
// when connected (assuming there isn't another |active_by_default| source
// doing so). If false, the source will not deliver charge unless requested
// to do so by the user.
optional bool active_by_default = 3;
// Next ID to use: 8
// Current state of the external power source.
optional ExternalPower external_power = 14;
// ID of the PowerSource that is currently providing power to the system.
optional string external_power_source_id = 17;
// Currently-connected external power sources.
repeated PowerSource available_external_power_source = 18;
// Current state of the battery.
optional BatteryState battery_state = 15;
// Estimated battery charge as a percent of its total capacity, in the
// range [0.0, 100.0].
optional double battery_percent = 7;
// Estimated time until the battery is empty, in seconds, or zero if the
// battery isn't discharging. -1 if the estimated time would be huge
// (e.g. because the current is zero or close to zero).
optional int64 battery_time_to_empty_sec = 5;
// Estimated time until the battery is full, in seconds, or zero if the
// battery isn't charging. -1 if the estimated time would be huge (e.g.
// because the current is zero or close to zero).
optional int64 battery_time_to_full_sec = 6;
// True when |battery_time_to_*| can't be trusted, e.g. because the power
// source just changed.
optional bool is_calculating_battery_time = 12 [default = false];
// The battery discharge rate measured in W. Positive if the battery is
// being discharged and negative if it's being charged.
optional double battery_discharge_rate = 16;
// True if it is possible for some connected devices to function as either
// sources or sinks (i.e. to either deliver or receive charge).
optional bool supports_dual_role_devices = 19;
// Next ID to use: 20