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Technology hierarchy
Service net.connman
Interface net.connman.Technology
Object path [variable prefix]/{technology0,technology1,...}
Methods dict GetProperties() [deprecated]
Returns properties for the technology object. See
the properties section for available properties.
Usage of this method is highly discouraged. Use
the Manager.GetTechnologies() method instead.
Possible Errors: [service].Error.InvalidArguments
void SetProperty(string name, variant value)
Changes the value of the specified property. Only
properties that are listed as read-write are
changeable. On success a PropertyChanged signal
will be emitted.
Possible Errors: [service].Error.InvalidArguments
void Scan()
Trigger a scan for this specific technology. The
method call will return when a scan has been
finished and results are available. So setting
a longer D-Bus timeout might be a really good
Results will be signaled via the ServicesChanged
signal from the manager interface.
Signals PropertyChanged(string name, variant value)
This signal indicates a changed value of the given
Properties boolean Powered [readwrite]
Boolean representing the power state of the
technology. False means that the technology is
off (and is available RF-Killed) while True means
that the technology is enabled.
boolean Connected [readonly]
Boolean representing if a technolgy is connected.
This is just a convience property for allowing the
UI to easily show if this technolgy has an active
connection or not.
If this property is True it means that at least one
service of this technology is in ready state.
string Name [readonly]
Name of this technology.
string Type [readonly]
The technology type (for example "ethernet" etc.)
This information should only be used to determine
advanced properties or showing the correct icon
to the user.
boolean Tethering [readwrite]
This option allows to enable or disable the support
for tethering. When tethering is enabled then the
default service is bridged to all clients connected
through the technology.
string TetheringIdentifier [readwrite]
The tethering broadcasted identifier.
This property is only valid for the WiFi technology,
and is then mapped to the WiFi AP SSID clients will
have to join in order to gain internet connectivity.
string TetheringPassphrase [readwrite]
The tethering connection passphrase.
This property is only valid for the WiFi technology,
and is then mapped to the WPA pre-shared key clients
will have to use in order to establish a connection.
uint32 IdleTimeout [readwrite] [experimental]
If the technology is idle for given period then it
will go offline if no Service with this technology
has AutoConnect set to True.
If the timeout is 0, this feature is disabled.