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<refentry id="libblkid-config">
<refentrytitle role="top_of_page" id="libblkid-config.top_of_page">Config file</refentrytitle>
<refmiscinfo>LIBBLKID Library</refmiscinfo>
<refname>Config file</refname>
<refpurpose>config file to control paths and basic library behavior</refpurpose>
<refsect1 id="libblkid-config.description" role="desc">
<title role="desc.title">Description</title>
The standard location of the
/etc/blkid.conf config file can be overridden by the environment variable
BLKID_CONF. The following options control the libblkid library:
<variablelist role="params">
Sends uevent when /dev/disk/by-{label,uuid}/
symlink does not match with LABEL or UUID on the device. Default is "yes".
Overrides the standard location of the cache file. This
setting can be overridden by the environment variable BLKID_FILE. Default is
Defines LABEL and UUID evaluation method(s). Currently,
the libblkid library supports "udev" and "scan" methods. More than one methods
may be specified in a comma separated list. Default is "udev,scan". The "udev"
method uses udev /dev/disk/by-* symlinks and the "scan" method scans all
block devices from the /proc/partitions file.