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<title>libblkid Reference Manual</title>
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<title>libblkid Overview</title>
The libblkid library is used to identify block devices (disks) as to their
content (e.g. filesystem type, partitions) as well as extracting additional
information such as filesystem labels/volume names, partitions, unique
identifiers/serial numbers, etc. A common use is to allow use of LABEL= and
UUID= tags instead of hard-coding specific block device names into
configuration files.
The libblkid librray
was written by Andreas Dilger for the ext2 filesystem utilties, with input
from Ted Ts'o. The library was subsequently heavily modified by Ted Ts'o.
The low-level probing code, topology and partitions support was written
by Karel Zak. Currently, the library is mainatned by Karel Zak.
The library is part of the util-linux package since version 2.15 and is
available from
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<title>Common utils</title>
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<title>API Index</title>
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