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* blkid.h - Interface for libblkid, a library to identify block devices
* Copyright (C) 2001 Andreas Dilger
* Copyright (C) 2003 Theodore Ts'o
* Copyright (C) 2008 Karel Zak <>
* This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
* version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
* This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* Lesser General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
#ifndef _BLKID_BLKID_H
#define _BLKID_BLKID_H
#include <stdint.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
* blkid_dev:
* The device object keeps information about one device
typedef struct blkid_struct_dev *blkid_dev;
* blkid_cache:
* information about all system devices
typedef struct blkid_struct_cache *blkid_cache;
* blkid_probe:
* low-level probing setting
typedef struct blkid_struct_probe *blkid_probe;
* blkid_topology:
* device topology information
typedef struct blkid_struct_topology *blkid_topology;
* blkid_partlist
* list of all detected partitions and partitions tables
typedef struct blkid_struct_partlist *blkid_partlist;
* blkid_partition:
* information about a partition
typedef struct blkid_struct_partition *blkid_partition;
* blkid_parttable:
* information about a partition table
typedef struct blkid_struct_parttable *blkid_parttable;
* blkid_loff_t:
* 64-bit signed number for offsets and sizes
typedef int64_t blkid_loff_t;
* blkid_tag_iterate:
* tags iterator for high-level (blkid_cache) API
typedef struct blkid_struct_tag_iterate *blkid_tag_iterate;
* blkid_dev_iterate:
* devices iterator for high-level (blkid_cache) API
typedef struct blkid_struct_dev_iterate *blkid_dev_iterate;
* Flags for blkid_get_dev
* BLKID_DEV_CREATE Create an empty device structure if not found
* in the cache.
* BLKID_DEV_VERIFY Make sure the device structure corresponds
* with reality.
* BLKID_DEV_FIND Just look up a device entry, and return NULL
* if it is not found.
* BLKID_DEV_NORMAL Get a valid device structure, either from the
* cache or by probing the device.
#define BLKID_DEV_FIND 0x0000
#define BLKID_DEV_CREATE 0x0001
#define BLKID_DEV_VERIFY 0x0002
/* cache.c */
extern void blkid_put_cache(blkid_cache cache);
extern int blkid_get_cache(blkid_cache *cache, const char *filename);
extern void blkid_gc_cache(blkid_cache cache);
/* dev.c */
extern const char *blkid_dev_devname(blkid_dev dev);
extern blkid_dev_iterate blkid_dev_iterate_begin(blkid_cache cache);
extern int blkid_dev_set_search(blkid_dev_iterate iter,
char *search_type, char *search_value);
extern int blkid_dev_next(blkid_dev_iterate iterate, blkid_dev *dev);
extern void blkid_dev_iterate_end(blkid_dev_iterate iterate);
/* devno.c */
extern char *blkid_devno_to_devname(dev_t devno);
extern int blkid_devno_to_wholedisk(dev_t dev, char *diskname,
size_t len, dev_t *diskdevno);
/* devname.c */
extern int blkid_probe_all(blkid_cache cache);
extern int blkid_probe_all_new(blkid_cache cache);
extern int blkid_probe_all_removable(blkid_cache cache);
extern blkid_dev blkid_get_dev(blkid_cache cache, const char *devname,
int flags);
/* getsize.c */
extern blkid_loff_t blkid_get_dev_size(int fd);
/* verify.c */
extern blkid_dev blkid_verify(blkid_cache cache, blkid_dev dev);
/* read.c */
/* resolve.c */
extern char *blkid_get_tag_value(blkid_cache cache, const char *tagname,
const char *devname);
extern char *blkid_get_devname(blkid_cache cache, const char *token,
const char *value);
/* tag.c */
extern blkid_tag_iterate blkid_tag_iterate_begin(blkid_dev dev);
extern int blkid_tag_next(blkid_tag_iterate iterate,
const char **type, const char **value);
extern void blkid_tag_iterate_end(blkid_tag_iterate iterate);
extern int blkid_dev_has_tag(blkid_dev dev, const char *type,
const char *value);
extern blkid_dev blkid_find_dev_with_tag(blkid_cache cache,
const char *type,
const char *value);
extern int blkid_parse_tag_string(const char *token, char **ret_type,
char **ret_val);
/* version.c */
extern int blkid_parse_version_string(const char *ver_string);
extern int blkid_get_library_version(const char **ver_string,
const char **date_string);
/* encode.c */
extern int blkid_encode_string(const char *str, char *str_enc, size_t len);
extern int blkid_safe_string(const char *str, char *str_safe, size_t len);
/* evaluate.c */
extern int blkid_send_uevent(const char *devname, const char *action);
extern char *blkid_evaluate_tag(const char *token, const char *value,
blkid_cache *cache);
extern char *blkid_evaluate_spec(const char *spec, blkid_cache *cache);
/* probe.c */
extern blkid_probe blkid_new_probe(void);
extern blkid_probe blkid_new_probe_from_filename(const char *filename);
extern void blkid_free_probe(blkid_probe pr);
extern void blkid_reset_probe(blkid_probe pr);
extern int blkid_probe_set_device(blkid_probe pr, int fd,
blkid_loff_t off, blkid_loff_t size);
extern dev_t blkid_probe_get_devno(blkid_probe pr);
extern dev_t blkid_probe_get_wholedisk_devno(blkid_probe pr);
extern int blkid_probe_is_wholedisk(blkid_probe pr);
extern blkid_loff_t blkid_probe_get_size(blkid_probe pr);
extern blkid_loff_t blkid_probe_get_offset(blkid_probe pr);
extern unsigned int blkid_probe_get_sectorsize(blkid_probe pr);
extern blkid_loff_t blkid_probe_get_sectors(blkid_probe pr);
extern int blkid_probe_get_fd(blkid_probe pr);
* superblocks probing
extern int blkid_known_fstype(const char *fstype);
extern int blkid_superblocks_get_name(size_t idx, const char **name, int *usage);
extern int blkid_probe_enable_superblocks(blkid_probe pr, int enable);
#define BLKID_SUBLKS_LABEL (1 << 1) /* read LABEL from superblock */
#define BLKID_SUBLKS_LABELRAW (1 << 2) /* read and define LABEL_RAW result value*/
#define BLKID_SUBLKS_UUID (1 << 3) /* read UUID from superblock */
#define BLKID_SUBLKS_UUIDRAW (1 << 4) /* read and define UUID_RAW result value */
#define BLKID_SUBLKS_TYPE (1 << 5) /* define TYPE result value */
#define BLKID_SUBLKS_SECTYPE (1 << 6) /* define compatible fs type (second type) */
#define BLKID_SUBLKS_USAGE (1 << 7) /* define USAGE result value */
#define BLKID_SUBLKS_VERSION (1 << 8) /* read FS type from superblock */
#define BLKID_SUBLKS_MAGIC (1 << 9) /* define SBMAGIC and SBMAGIC_OFFSET */
extern int blkid_probe_set_superblocks_flags(blkid_probe pr, int flags);
extern int blkid_probe_reset_superblocks_filter(blkid_probe pr);
extern int blkid_probe_invert_superblocks_filter(blkid_probe pr);
extern int blkid_probe_filter_superblocks_type(blkid_probe pr, int flag, char *names[]);
#define BLKID_USAGE_RAID (1 << 2)
#define BLKID_USAGE_CRYPTO (1 << 3)
#define BLKID_USAGE_OTHER (1 << 4)
extern int blkid_probe_filter_superblocks_usage(blkid_probe pr, int flag, int usage);
* topology probing
extern int blkid_probe_enable_topology(blkid_probe pr, int enable);
/* binary interface */
extern blkid_topology blkid_probe_get_topology(blkid_probe pr);
extern unsigned long blkid_topology_get_alignment_offset(blkid_topology tp);
extern unsigned long blkid_topology_get_minimum_io_size(blkid_topology tp);
extern unsigned long blkid_topology_get_optimal_io_size(blkid_topology tp);
extern unsigned long blkid_topology_get_logical_sector_size(blkid_topology tp);
extern unsigned long blkid_topology_get_physical_sector_size(blkid_topology tp);
* partitions probing
extern int blkid_known_pttype(const char *pttype);
extern int blkid_probe_enable_partitions(blkid_probe pr, int enable);
extern int blkid_probe_reset_partitions_filter(blkid_probe pr);
extern int blkid_probe_invert_partitions_filter(blkid_probe pr);
extern int blkid_probe_filter_partitions_type(blkid_probe pr, int flag, char *names[]);
/* partitions probing flags */
#define BLKID_PARTS_FORCE_GPT (1 << 1)
#define BLKID_PARTS_MAGIC (1 << 3)
extern int blkid_probe_set_partitions_flags(blkid_probe pr, int flags);
/* binary interface */
extern blkid_partlist blkid_probe_get_partitions(blkid_probe pr);
extern int blkid_partlist_numof_partitions(blkid_partlist ls);
extern blkid_parttable blkid_partlist_get_table(blkid_partlist ls);
extern blkid_partition blkid_partlist_get_partition(blkid_partlist ls, int n);
extern blkid_partition blkid_partlist_devno_to_partition(blkid_partlist ls, dev_t devno);
extern blkid_parttable blkid_partition_get_table(blkid_partition par);
extern const char *blkid_partition_get_name(blkid_partition par);
extern const char *blkid_partition_get_uuid(blkid_partition par);
extern int blkid_partition_get_partno(blkid_partition par);
extern blkid_loff_t blkid_partition_get_start(blkid_partition par);
extern blkid_loff_t blkid_partition_get_size(blkid_partition par);
extern int blkid_partition_get_type(blkid_partition par);
extern const char *blkid_partition_get_type_string(blkid_partition par);
extern unsigned long long blkid_partition_get_flags(blkid_partition par);
extern int blkid_partition_is_logical(blkid_partition par);
extern int blkid_partition_is_extended(blkid_partition par);
extern int blkid_partition_is_primary(blkid_partition par);
extern const char *blkid_parttable_get_type(blkid_parttable tab);
extern blkid_loff_t blkid_parttable_get_offset(blkid_parttable tab);
extern blkid_partition blkid_parttable_get_parent(blkid_parttable tab);
* NAME=value low-level interface
extern int blkid_do_probe(blkid_probe pr);
extern int blkid_do_safeprobe(blkid_probe pr);
extern int blkid_do_fullprobe(blkid_probe pr);
extern int blkid_probe_numof_values(blkid_probe pr);
extern int blkid_probe_get_value(blkid_probe pr, int num, const char **name,
const char **data, size_t *len);
extern int blkid_probe_lookup_value(blkid_probe pr, const char *name,
const char **data, size_t *len);
extern int blkid_probe_has_value(blkid_probe pr, const char *name);
extern int blkid_do_wipe(blkid_probe pr, int dryrun);
* Deprecated functions/macros
extern int blkid_probe_set_request(blkid_probe pr, int flags);
extern int blkid_probe_filter_usage(blkid_probe pr, int flag, int usage);
extern int blkid_probe_filter_types(blkid_probe pr, int flag, char *names[]);
extern int blkid_probe_invert_filter(blkid_probe pr);
extern int blkid_probe_reset_filter(blkid_probe pr);
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* _BLKID_BLKID_H */