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* Copyright (C) 2008 Karel Zak <>
* Inspired by libvolume_id by
* Kay Sievers <>
* This file may be redistributed under the terms of the
* GNU Lesser General Public License.
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include "superblocks.h"
struct netware_super_block {
uint8_t SBH_Signature[4];
uint16_t SBH_VersionMajor;
uint16_t SBH_VersionMinor;
uint16_t SBH_VersionMediaMajor;
uint16_t SBH_VersionMediaMinor;
uint32_t SBH_ItemsMoved;
uint8_t SBH_InternalID[16];
uint32_t SBH_PackedSize;
uint32_t SBH_Checksum;
uint32_t supersyncid;
int64_t superlocation[4];
uint32_t physSizeUsed;
uint32_t sizeUsed;
uint32_t superTimeStamp;
uint32_t reserved0[1];
int64_t SBH_LoggedPoolDataBlk;
int64_t SBH_PoolDataBlk;
uint8_t SBH_OldInternalID[16];
uint32_t SBH_PoolToLVStartUTC;
uint32_t SBH_PoolToLVEndUTC;
uint16_t SBH_VersionMediaMajorCreate;
uint16_t SBH_VersionMediaMinorCreate;
uint32_t SBH_BlocksMoved;
uint32_t SBH_TempBTSpBlk;
uint32_t SBH_TempFTSpBlk;
uint32_t SBH_TempFTSpBlk1;
uint32_t SBH_TempFTSpBlk2;
uint32_t nssMagicNumber;
uint32_t poolClassID;
uint32_t poolID;
uint32_t createTime;
int64_t SBH_LoggedVolumeDataBlk;
int64_t SBH_VolumeDataBlk;
int64_t SBH_SystemBeastBlkNum;
uint64_t totalblocks;
uint16_t SBH_Name[64];
uint8_t SBH_VolumeID[16];
uint8_t SBH_PoolID[16];
uint8_t SBH_PoolInternalID[16];
uint64_t SBH_Lsn;
uint32_t SBH_SS_Enabled;
uint32_t SBH_SS_CreateTime;
uint8_t SBH_SS_OriginalPoolID[16];
uint8_t SBH_SS_OriginalVolumeID[16];
uint8_t SBH_SS_Guid[16];
uint16_t SBH_SS_OriginalName[64];
uint32_t reserved2[64-(2+46)];
} __attribute__((__packed__));
static int probe_netware(blkid_probe pr, const struct blkid_idmag *mag)
struct netware_super_block *nw;
nw = blkid_probe_get_sb(pr, mag, struct netware_super_block);
if (!nw)
return -1;
blkid_probe_set_uuid(pr, nw->SBH_PoolID);
blkid_probe_sprintf_version(pr, "%u.%02u",
return 0;
const struct blkid_idinfo netware_idinfo =
.name = "nss",
.probefunc = probe_netware,
.magics =
{ .magic = "SPB5", .len = 4, .kboff = 4 },
{ NULL }