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--- What is AppArmor? ---
AppArmor is MAC style security extension for the Linux kernel. It implements
a task centered policy, with task "profiles" being created and loaded
from user space. Tasks on the system that do not have a profile defined for
them run in an unconfined state which is equivalent to standard Linux DAC
--- How to enable/disable ---
If AppArmor should be selected as the default security module then
Build the kernel
If AppArmor is not the default security module it can be enabled by passing
security=apparmor on the kernel's command line.
If AppArmor is the default security module it can be disabled by passing
apparmor=0, security=XXXX (where XXX is valid security module), on the
kernel's command line
For AppArmor to enforce any restrictions beyond standard Linux DAC permissions
policy must be loaded into the kernel from user space (see the Documentation
and tools links).
--- Documentation ---
Documentation can be found on the wiki.
--- Links ---
Mailing List -
Wiki -
User space tools -
Kernel module - git://