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* Uploaded QE firmware
If a new firmware has been uploaded to the QE (usually by the
boot loader), then a 'firmware' child node should be added to the QE
node. This node provides information on the uploaded firmware that
device drivers may need.
Required properties:
- id: The string name of the firmware. This is taken from the 'id'
member of the qe_firmware structure of the uploaded firmware.
Device drivers can search this string to determine if the
firmware they want is already present.
- extended-modes: The Extended Modes bitfield, taken from the
firmware binary. It is a 64-bit number represented
as an array of two 32-bit numbers.
- virtual-traps: The virtual traps, taken from the firmware binary.
It is an array of 8 32-bit numbers.
firmware {
id = "Soft-UART";
extended-modes = <0 0>;
virtual-traps = <0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0>;