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[This file is cloned from VesaFB/matroxfb]
What is aty128fb?
This is a driver for a graphic framebuffer for ATI Rage128 based devices
on Intel and PPC boxes.
* It provides a nice large console (128 cols + 48 lines with 1024x768)
without using tiny, unreadable fonts.
* You can run XF68_FBDev on top of /dev/fb0
* Most important: boot logo :-)
* graphic mode is slower than text mode... but you should not notice
if you use same resolution as you used in textmode.
* still experimental.
How to use it?
Switching modes is done using the video=aty128fb:<resolution>... modedb
boot parameter or using `fbset' program.
See Documentation/fb/modedb.txt for more information on modedb
You should compile in both vgacon (to boot if you remove your Rage128 from
box) and aty128fb (for graphics mode). You should not compile-in vesafb
unless you have primary display on non-Rage128 VBE2.0 device (see
Documentation/fb/vesafb.txt for details).
XF68_FBDev should generally work fine, but it is non-accelerated. As of
this document, 8 and 32bpp works fine. There have been palette issues
when switching from X to console and back to X. You will have to restart
X to fix this.
You can pass kernel command line options to vesafb with
`video=aty128fb:option1,option2:value2,option3' (multiple options should
be separated by comma, values are separated from options by `:').
Accepted options:
noaccel - do not use acceleration engine. It is default.
accel - use acceleration engine. Not finished.
vmode:x - chooses PowerMacintosh video mode <x>. Deprecated.
cmode:x - chooses PowerMacintosh colour mode <x>. Deprecated.
<XxX@X> - selects startup videomode. See modedb.txt for detailed
explanation. Default is 640x480x8bpp.
There are known and unknown bugs, features and misfeatures.
Currently there are following known bugs:
+ This driver is still experimental and is not finished. Too many
bugs/errata to list here.
Brad Douglas <>