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ALSA Kernel Parameters
See Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt for general information on
specifying module parameters.
This document may not be entirely up to date and comprehensive. The command
"modinfo -p ${modulename}" shows a current list of all parameters of a loadable
module. Loadable modules, after being loaded into the running kernel, also
reveal their parameters in /sys/module/${modulename}/parameters/. Some of these
parameters may be changed at runtime by the command
"echo -n ${value} > /sys/module/${modulename}/parameters/${parm}".
snd-ad1816a= [HW,ALSA]
snd-ad1848= [HW,ALSA]
snd-ali5451= [HW,ALSA]
snd-als100= [HW,ALSA]
snd-als4000= [HW,ALSA]
snd-azt2320= [HW,ALSA]
snd-cmi8330= [HW,ALSA]
snd-cmipci= [HW,ALSA]
snd-cs4231= [HW,ALSA]
snd-cs4232= [HW,ALSA]
snd-cs4236= [HW,ALSA]
snd-cs4281= [HW,ALSA]
snd-cs46xx= [HW,ALSA]
snd-dt019x= [HW,ALSA]
snd-dummy= [HW,ALSA]
snd-emu10k1= [HW,ALSA]
snd-ens1370= [HW,ALSA]
snd-ens1371= [HW,ALSA]
snd-es968= [HW,ALSA]
snd-es1688= [HW,ALSA]
snd-es18xx= [HW,ALSA]
snd-es1938= [HW,ALSA]
snd-es1968= [HW,ALSA]
snd-fm801= [HW,ALSA]
snd-gusclassic= [HW,ALSA]
snd-gusextreme= [HW,ALSA]
snd-gusmax= [HW,ALSA]
snd-hdsp= [HW,ALSA]
snd-ice1712= [HW,ALSA]
snd-intel8x0= [HW,ALSA]
snd-interwave= [HW,ALSA]
snd-korg1212= [HW,ALSA]
snd-maestro3= [HW,ALSA]
snd-mpu401= [HW,ALSA]
snd-mtpav= [HW,ALSA]
snd-nm256= [HW,ALSA]
snd-opl3sa2= [HW,ALSA]
snd-opti93x= [HW,ALSA]
snd-pmac= [HW,ALSA]
snd-rme32= [HW,ALSA]
snd-rme96= [HW,ALSA]
snd-rme9652= [HW,ALSA]
snd-sb8= [HW,ALSA]
snd-sb16= [HW,ALSA]
snd-sbawe= [HW,ALSA]
snd-serial= [HW,ALSA]
snd-sgalaxy= [HW,ALSA]
snd-sonicvibes= [HW,ALSA]
snd-sun-cs4231= [HW,ALSA]
snd-trident= [HW,ALSA]
snd-usb-audio= [HW,ALSA,USB]
snd-via82xx= [HW,ALSA]
snd-virmidi= [HW,ALSA]
snd-wavefront= [HW,ALSA]
snd-ymfpci= [HW,ALSA]