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REM This file should be executed from the command line prior to the first
REM build. It will be necessary to refresh the Eclipse project once the
REM .bat file has been executed (normally just press F5 to refresh).
REM Copies all the required files from their location within the standard
REM FreeRTOS directory structure to under the Eclipse project directory.
REM This permits the Eclipse project to be used in 'managed' mode and without
REM having to setup any linked resources.
REM Have the files already been copied?
REM Create the required directory structure.
MD RTOSDemo\FreeRTOS\include
MD RTOSDemo\FreeRTOS\portable\GCC\NiosII
MD RTOSDemo\FreeRTOS\portable\MemMang
MD "RTOSDemo\Common_Demo_Tasks"
MD "RTOSDemo\Common_Demo_Tasks\include"
REM Copy the core kernel files.
copy ..\..\Source\tasks.c RTOSDemo\FreeRTOS
copy ..\..\Source\queue.c RTOSDemo\FreeRTOS
copy ..\..\Source\list.c RTOSDemo\FreeRTOS
REM Copy the common header files
copy ..\..\Source\include\*.* RTOSDemo\FreeRTOS\include
REM Copy the portable layer files
copy ..\..\Source\portable\GCC\NiosII\*.* RTOSDemo\FreeRTOS\portable\GCC\NiosII
REM Copy the basic memory allocation files
copy ..\..\Source\portable\MemMang\heap_2.c RTOSDemo\FreeRTOS\portable\MemMang
REM Copy the files that define the Common_Demo_Tasks.
copy ..\Common\minimal\BlockQ.c "RTOSDemo\Common_Demo_Tasks"
copy ..\Common\minimal\blocktim.c "RTOSDemo\Common_Demo_Tasks"
copy ..\Common\minimal\comtest.c "RTOSDemo\Common_Demo_Tasks"
copy ..\Common\minimal\countsem.c "RTOSDemo\Common_Demo_Tasks"
copy ..\Common\minimal\death.c "RTOSDemo\Common_Demo_Tasks"
copy ..\Common\minimal\dynamic.c "RTOSDemo\Common_Demo_Tasks"
copy ..\Common\minimal\flash.c "RTOSDemo\Common_Demo_Tasks"
copy ..\Common\minimal\GenQTest.c "RTOSDemo\Common_Demo_Tasks"
copy ..\Common\minimal\integer.c "RTOSDemo\Common_Demo_Tasks"
copy ..\Common\minimal\PollQ.c "RTOSDemo\Common_Demo_Tasks"
copy ..\Common\minimal\QPeek.c "RTOSDemo\Common_Demo_Tasks"
copy ..\Common\minimal\recmutex.c "RTOSDemo\Common_Demo_Tasks"
copy ..\Common\minimal\semtest.c "RTOSDemo\Common_Demo_Tasks"
REM Copy the common demo file headers.
copy ..\Common\include\*.* "RTOSDemo\Common_Demo_Tasks\include"