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CMSIS : Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard
CMSIS defines for a Cortex-M Microcontroller System:
* A common way to access peripheral registers and a
common way to define exception vectors.
* The register names of the Core Peripherals and the
names of the Core Exception Vectors.
* An device independent interface for RTOS Kernels
including a debug channel.
By using CMSIS compliant software components, the user can
easier re-use template code. CMSIS is intended to enable the
combination of software components from multiple middleware
This project contains appropriate files for this MCU family
taken from CMSIS. A full copy of the CMSIS files, together
with additional information on CMSIS can be found at:
The standard CMSIS documentation can be found within the
Code Red IDE help system, via:
Help -> Help Contents -> Code Red Product Documentation -> CMSIS
More information on the use of CMSIS within the Code Red IDE
can be found in the Support area of the Code Red website at
At the time of writing, the CMSIS FAQ can be found directly