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* U S B - K e r n e l
* Name: cdcuser.h
* Purpose: USB Communication Device Class User module Definitions
* Version: V1.10
* This software is supplied "AS IS" without any warranties, express,
* implied or statutory, including but not limited to the implied
* warranties of fitness for purpose, satisfactory quality and
* noninfringement. Keil extends you a royalty-free right to reproduce
* and distribute executable files created using this software for use
* on NXP Semiconductors LPC microcontroller devices only. Nothing else
* gives you the right to use this software.
* Copyright (c) 2009 Keil - An ARM Company. All rights reserved.
#ifndef __CDCUSER_H__
#define __CDCUSER_H__
/* CDC buffer handling */
extern int CDC_RdOutBuf (char *buffer, const int *length);
extern int CDC_WrOutBuf (const char *buffer, int length);
extern int CDC_OutBufAvailChar (int *availChar);
extern void CDC_WaitNewData ( void );
/* CDC Data In/Out Endpoint Address */
#define CDC_DEP_IN 0x82
#define CDC_DEP_OUT 0x02
/* CDC Communication In Endpoint Address */
#define CDC_CEP_IN 0x81
/* CDC Requests Callback Functions */
extern uint32_t CDC_SendEncapsulatedCommand (void);
extern uint32_t CDC_GetEncapsulatedResponse (void);
extern uint32_t CDC_SetCommFeature (unsigned short wFeatureSelector);
extern uint32_t CDC_GetCommFeature (unsigned short wFeatureSelector);
extern uint32_t CDC_ClearCommFeature (unsigned short wFeatureSelector);
extern uint32_t CDC_GetLineCoding (void);
extern uint32_t CDC_SetLineCoding (void);
extern uint32_t CDC_SetControlLineState (unsigned short wControlSignalBitmap);
extern uint32_t CDC_SendBreak (unsigned short wDurationOfBreak);
/* CDC Bulk Callback Functions */
extern void CDC_BulkIn (void);
extern void CDC_BulkOut (void);
extern void CDC_BulkOutNak (void);
/* CDC Notification Callback Function */
extern void CDC_NotificationIn (void);
/* CDC Initializtion Function */
extern void CDC_Init (char portNum);
/* CDC prepare the SERAIAL_STATE */
extern unsigned short CDC_GetSerialState (void);
/* CDC New data Notification Function */
extern void vCDCNewDataNotify();
/* flow control */
extern unsigned short CDC_DepInEmpty; // DataEndPoint IN empty
#endif /* __CDCUSER_H__ */