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<title> uIP WEB server demo</title>
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<a href="index.shtml">Task Stats</a> <b>|</b> <a href="runtime.shtml">Run Time Stats</a> <b>|</b> <a href="stats.shtml">TCP Stats</a> <b>|</b> <a href="tcp.shtml">Connections</a> <b>|</b> <a href="">FreeRTOS Homepage</a> <b>|</b> <a href="io.shtml">IO</a> <b>|</b> <a href="logo.jpg">37K jpg</a>
<b>LED and LCD IO</b><br>
The check box and "Update IO" button can also be used to turn the yellow LED on and off.
<form name="aForm" action="/io.shtml" method="get">
%! led-io
<input type="submit" value="Update IO">