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/* modrx.c -- wireless controller receiver for robots
Copyright 2004 Robotronics, Inc.
Author Jefferson Smith
This file is part of the Modular Robot Design.
#include "cpu.h"
#include <sys/ports.h>
#include <sys/interrupts.h>
void fatal_interrupt ()
/* Infinite loop for debugging
Returning would not help as it's necessary to clear the interrupt flag.
for (;;) cop_optional_reset();
/* NOTE: these ISR must be in non-banked memory (near) */
/* Manual context switch function. This is the SWI ISR. */
void ATTR_INT ATTR_NEAR vPortYield( void );
/* Tick context switch function. This is the timer ISR. */
void ATTR_INT ATTR_NEAR vPortTickInterrupt( void );
/* Interrupt vectors table.
Note: the `XXX_handler: foo' notation is a GNU extension which is
used here to ensure correct association of the handler in the struct.
This is why the order of handlers declared below does not follow
the MCU order. */
const struct interrupt_vectors __attribute__((section(".vectors"))) vectors =
pwm_shutdown_handler: fatal_interrupt,
ptpif_handler: fatal_interrupt,
can4_tx_handler: fatal_interrupt,
can4_rx_handler: fatal_interrupt,
can4_err_handler: fatal_interrupt,
can4_wake_handler: fatal_interrupt,
can3_tx_handler: fatal_interrupt,
can3_rx_handler: fatal_interrupt,
can3_err_handler: fatal_interrupt,
can3_wake_handler: fatal_interrupt,
can2_tx_handler: fatal_interrupt,
can2_rx_handler: fatal_interrupt,
can2_err_handler: fatal_interrupt,
can2_wake_handler: fatal_interrupt,
can1_tx_handler: fatal_interrupt,
can1_rx_handler: fatal_interrupt,
can1_err_handler: fatal_interrupt,
can1_wake_handler: fatal_interrupt,
can0_tx_handler: fatal_interrupt,
can0_rx_handler: fatal_interrupt,
can0_err_handler: fatal_interrupt,
can0_wake_handler: fatal_interrupt,
flash_handler: fatal_interrupt,
eeprom_handler: fatal_interrupt,
spi2_handler: fatal_interrupt,
spi1_handler: fatal_interrupt,
iic_handler: fatal_interrupt,
bdlc_handler: fatal_interrupt,
selfclk_mode_handler: fatal_interrupt,
pll_lock_handler: fatal_interrupt,
accb_overflow_handler: fatal_interrupt,
mccnt_underflow_handler: fatal_interrupt,
pthif_handler: fatal_interrupt,
ptjif_handler: fatal_interrupt,
atd1_handler: fatal_interrupt,
atd0_handler: fatal_interrupt,
sci1_handler: fatal_interrupt,
sci0_handler: fatal_interrupt,
spi0_handler: fatal_interrupt,
/** Timer and Accumulator */
acca_input_handler: fatal_interrupt,
acca_overflow_handler: fatal_interrupt,
timer_overflow_handler: fatal_interrupt,
/** Input capture / Output compare Timers */
tc7_handler: fatal_interrupt,
tc6_handler: fatal_interrupt,
tc5_handler: fatal_interrupt,
tc4_handler: fatal_interrupt,
tc3_handler: fatal_interrupt,
tc2_handler: fatal_interrupt,
tc1_handler: fatal_interrupt,
tc0_handler: fatal_interrupt,
/** External Interrupts */
rtii_handler: fatal_interrupt,
irq_handler: fatal_interrupt,
xirq_handler: fatal_interrupt,
illegal_handler: fatal_interrupt,
cop_fail_handler: fatal_interrupt,
cop_clock_handler: fatal_interrupt,
/** Vectors in use */
swi_handler: vPortYield,
rtii_handler: vPortTickInterrupt,
#if M6812_DEF_SCI==1
sci1_handler: vCOM_ISR,
sci0_handler: vCOM_ISR,
reset_handler: _start