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// hw_sysctl.h - Macros used when accessing the system control hardware.
// Copyright (c) 2005,2006 Luminary Micro, Inc. All rights reserved.
// Software License Agreement
// Luminary Micro, Inc. (LMI) is supplying this software for use solely and
// exclusively on LMI's Stellaris Family of microcontroller products.
// The software is owned by LMI and/or its suppliers, and is protected under
// applicable copyright laws. All rights are reserved. Any use in violation
// of the foregoing restrictions may subject the user to criminal sanctions
// under applicable laws, as well as to civil liability for the breach of the
// terms and conditions of this license.
// This is part of revision 523 of the Stellaris Driver Library.
#ifndef __HW_SYSCTL_H__
#define __HW_SYSCTL_H__
// The following define the offsets of the system control registers.
#define SYSCTL_DID0 0x400fe000 // Device identification register 0
#define SYSCTL_DID1 0x400fe004 // Device identification register 1
#define SYSCTL_DC0 0x400fe008 // Device capabilities register 0
#define SYSCTL_DC1 0x400fe010 // Device capabilities register 1
#define SYSCTL_DC2 0x400fe014 // Device capabilities register 2
#define SYSCTL_DC3 0x400fe018 // Device capabilities register 3
#define SYSCTL_DC4 0x400fe01C // Device capabilities register 4
#define SYSCTL_PBORCTL 0x400fe030 // POR/BOR reset control register
#define SYSCTL_LDOPCTL 0x400fe034 // LDO power control register
#define SYSCTL_SRCR0 0x400fe040 // Software reset control reg 0
#define SYSCTL_SRCR1 0x400fe044 // Software reset control reg 1
#define SYSCTL_SRCR2 0x400fe048 // Software reset control reg 2
#define SYSCTL_RIS 0x400fe050 // Raw interrupt status register
#define SYSCTL_IMC 0x400fe054 // Interrupt mask/control register
#define SYSCTL_MISC 0x400fe058 // Interrupt status register
#define SYSCTL_RESC 0x400fe05c // Reset cause register
#define SYSCTL_RCC 0x400fe060 // Run-mode clock config register
#define SYSCTL_PLLCFG 0x400fe064 // PLL configuration register
#define SYSCTL_RCGC0 0x400fe100 // Run-mode clock gating register 0
#define SYSCTL_RCGC1 0x400fe104 // Run-mode clock gating register 1
#define SYSCTL_RCGC2 0x400fe108 // Run-mode clock gating register 2
#define SYSCTL_SCGC0 0x400fe110 // Sleep-mode clock gating reg 0
#define SYSCTL_SCGC1 0x400fe114 // Sleep-mode clock gating reg 1
#define SYSCTL_SCGC2 0x400fe118 // Sleep-mode clock gating reg 2
#define SYSCTL_DCGC0 0x400fe120 // Deep Sleep-mode clock gate reg 0
#define SYSCTL_DCGC1 0x400fe124 // Deep Sleep-mode clock gate reg 1
#define SYSCTL_DCGC2 0x400fe128 // Deep Sleep-mode clock gate reg 2
#define SYSCTL_CLKVCLR 0x400fe150 // Clock verifcation clear register
#define SYSCTL_LDOARST 0x400fe160 // LDO reset control register
// The following define the bit fields in the SYSCTL_DID0 register.
#define SYSCTL_DID0_MAJ_MASK 0x0000FF00 // Major revision mask
#define SYSCTL_DID0_MAJ_A 0x00000000 // Major revision A
#define SYSCTL_DID0_MAJ_B 0x00000100 // Major revision B
#define SYSCTL_DID0_MIN_MASK 0x000000FF // Minor revision mask
#define SYSCTL_DID0_MIN_0 0x00000000 // Minor revision 0
#define SYSCTL_DID0_MIN_1 0x00000001 // Minor revision 1
// The following define the bit fields in the SYSCTL_DID1 register.
#define SYSCTL_DID1_VER_MASK 0xF0000000 // Register version mask
#define SYSCTL_DID1_FAM_MASK 0x0F000000 // Family mask
#define SYSCTL_DID1_FAM_S 0x00000000 // Stellaris family
#define SYSCTL_DID1_PRTNO_MASK 0x00FF0000 // Part number mask
#define SYSCTL_DID1_PRTNO_101 0x00010000 // LM3S101
#define SYSCTL_DID1_PRTNO_102 0x00020000 // LM3S102
#define SYSCTL_DID1_TEMP_MASK 0x000000E0 // Temperature range mask
#define SYSCTL_DID1_TEMP_C 0x00000000 // Commercial temp range (0..70C)
#define SYSCTL_DID1_TEMP_I 0x00000020 // Industrial temp range (-40..85C)
#define SYSCTL_DID1_PKG_MASK 0x00000018 // Package mask
#define SYSCTL_DID1_PKG_28SOIC 0x00000000 // 28-pin SOIC
#define SYSCTL_DID1_ROHS 0x00000004 // Part is RoHS compliant
#define SYSCTL_DID1_QUAL_MASK 0x00000003 // Qualification status mask
#define SYSCTL_DID1_QUAL_ES 0x00000000 // Engineering sample (unqualified)
#define SYSCTL_DID1_QUAL_PP 0x00000001 // Pilot production (unqualified)
#define SYSCTL_DID1_QUAL_FQ 0x00000002 // Fully qualified
// The following define the bit fields in the SYSCTL_DC0 register.
#define SYSCTL_DC0_SRAMSZ_MASK 0xFFFF0000 // SRAM size mask
#define SYSCTL_DC0_SRAMSZ_2KB 0x00070000 // 2kB of SRAM
#define SYSCTL_DC0_FLASHSZ_MASK 0x0000FFFF // Flash size mask
#define SYSCTL_DC0_FLASHSZ_8KB 0x00000003 // 8kB of flash
// The following define the bit fields in the SYSCTL_DC1 register.
#define SYSCTL_DC1_SYSDIV_MASK 0x0000F000 // Minimum system divider mask
#define SYSCTL_DC1_MPU 0x00000080 // Cortex-M3 MPU present
#define SYSCTL_DC1_PLL 0x00000010 // PLL present
#define SYSCTL_DC1_WDOG 0x00000008 // Watchdog present
#define SYSCTL_DC1_SWO 0x00000004 // Serial wire output present
#define SYSCTL_DC1_SWD 0x00000002 // Serial wire debug present
#define SYSCTL_DC1_JTAG 0x00000001 // JTAG debug present
// The following define the bit fields in the SYSCTL_DC2 register.
#define SYSCTL_DC2_COMP1 0x02000000 // Analog comparator 1 present
#define SYSCTL_DC2_COMP0 0x01000000 // Analog comparator 0 present
#define SYSCTL_DC2_TIMER1 0x00020000 // Timer 1 present
#define SYSCTL_DC2_TIMER0 0x00010000 // Timer 0 present
#define SYSCTL_DC2_I2C 0x00001000 // I2C present
#define SYSCTL_DC2_SSI 0x00000010 // SSI present
#define SYSCTL_DC2_UART0 0x00000001 // UART 0 present
// The following define the bit fields in the SYSCTL_DC3 register.
#define SYSCTL_DC3_32KHZ 0x80000000 // 32kHz pin present
#define SYSCTL_DC3_CCP1 0x02000000 // CCP1 pin present
#define SYSCTL_DC3_CCP0 0x01000000 // CCP0 pin present
#define SYSCTL_DC3_C1MINUS 0x00000200 // C1- pin present
#define SYSCTL_DC3_C0O 0x00000100 // C0o pin present
#define SYSCTL_DC3_C0PLUS 0x00000080 // C0+ pin present
#define SYSCTL_DC3_C0MINUS 0x00000040 // C0- pin present
// The following define the bit fields in the SYSCTL_DC4 register.
#define SYSCTL_DC4_GPIOC 0x00000004 // GPIO port C present
#define SYSCTL_DC4_GPIOB 0x00000002 // GPIO port B present
#define SYSCTL_DC4_GPIOA 0x00000001 // GPIO port A present
// The following define the bit fields in the SYSCTL_PBORCTL register.
#define SYSCTL_PBORCTL_BOR_MASK 0x0000FFFC // BOR wait timer
#define SYSCTL_PBORCTL_BORIOR 0x00000002 // BOR interrupt or reset
#define SYSCTL_PBORCTL_BORWT 0x00000001 // BOR wait and check for noise
// The following define the bit fields in the SYSCTL_LDOPCTL register.
#define SYSCTL_LDOPCTL_MASK 0x0000003F // Voltage adjust mask
#define SYSCTL_LDOPCTL_2_25V 0x00000005 // LDO output of 2.25V
#define SYSCTL_LDOPCTL_2_30V 0x00000004 // LDO output of 2.30V
#define SYSCTL_LDOPCTL_2_35V 0x00000003 // LDO output of 2.35V
#define SYSCTL_LDOPCTL_2_40V 0x00000002 // LDO output of 2.40V
#define SYSCTL_LDOPCTL_2_45V 0x00000001 // LDO output of 2.45V
#define SYSCTL_LDOPCTL_2_50V 0x00000000 // LDO output of 2.50V
#define SYSCTL_LDOPCTL_2_55V 0x0000001F // LDO output of 2.55V
#define SYSCTL_LDOPCTL_2_60V 0x0000001E // LDO output of 2.60V
#define SYSCTL_LDOPCTL_2_65V 0x0000001D // LDO output of 2.65V
#define SYSCTL_LDOPCTL_2_70V 0x0000001C // LDO output of 2.70V
#define SYSCTL_LDOPCTL_2_75V 0x0000001B // LDO output of 2.75V
// The following define the bit fields in the SYSCTL_SRCR0, SYSCTL_RCGC0,
// SYSCTL_SCGC0, and SYSCTL_DCGC0 registers.
#define SYSCTL_SET0_WDOG 0x00000008 // Watchdog module
// The following define the bit fields in the SYSCTL_SRCR1, SYSCTL_RCGC1,
// SYSCTL_SCGC1, and SYSCTL_DCGC1 registers.
#define SYSCTL_SET1_COMP1 0x02000000 // Analog comparator module 1
#define SYSCTL_SET1_COMP0 0x01000000 // Analog comparator module 0
#define SYSCTL_SET1_TIMER1 0x00020000 // Timer module 1
#define SYSCTL_SET1_TIMER0 0x00010000 // Timer module 0
#define SYSCTL_SET1_I2C 0x00001000 // I2C module
#define SYSCTL_SET1_SSI 0x00000010 // SSI module
#define SYSCTL_SET1_UART0 0x00000001 // UART module 0
// The following define the bit fields in the SYSCTL_SRCR2, SYSCTL_RCGC2,
// SYSCTL_SCGC2, and SYSCTL_DCGC2 registers.
#define SYSCTL_SET2_GPIOC 0x00000004 // GPIO C module
#define SYSCTL_SET2_GPIOB 0x00000002 // GPIO B module
#define SYSCTL_SET2_GPIOA 0x00000001 // GIPO A module
// The following define the bit fields in the SYSCTL_RIS, SYSCTL_IMC, and
// SYSCTL_IMS registers.
#define SYSCTL_INT_PLL_LOCK 0x00000040 // PLL lock interrupt
#define SYSCTL_INT_CUR_LIMIT 0x00000020 // Current limit interrupt
#define SYSCTL_INT_BOSC_FAIL 0x00000010 // Boot oscillator failure int
#define SYSCTL_INT_MOSC_FAIL 0x00000008 // Main oscillator failure int
#define SYSCTL_INT_POR 0x00000004 // Power on reset interrupt
#define SYSCTL_INT_BOR 0x00000002 // Brown out interrupt
#define SYSCTL_INT_PLL_FAIL 0x00000001 // PLL failure interrupt
// The following define the bit fields in the SYSCTL_RESC register.
#define SYSCTL_RESC_LDO 0x00000020 // LDO power OK lost reset
#define SYSCTL_RESC_SW 0x00000010 // Software reset
#define SYSCTL_RESC_WDOG 0x00000008 // Watchdog reset
#define SYSCTL_RESC_BOR 0x00000004 // Brown-out reset
#define SYSCTL_RESC_POR 0x00000002 // Power on reset
#define SYSCTL_RESC_EXT 0x00000001 // External reset
// The following define the bit fields in the SYSCTL_RCC register.
#define SYSCTL_RCC_ACG 0x08000000 // Automatic clock gating
#define SYSCTL_RCC_SYSDIV_MASK 0x07800000 // System clock divider
#define SYSCTL_RCC_SYSDIV_2 0x00800000 // System clock /2
#define SYSCTL_RCC_SYSDIV_3 0x01000000 // System clock /3
#define SYSCTL_RCC_SYSDIV_4 0x01800000 // System clock /4
#define SYSCTL_RCC_SYSDIV_5 0x02000000 // System clock /5
#define SYSCTL_RCC_SYSDIV_6 0x02800000 // System clock /6
#define SYSCTL_RCC_SYSDIV_7 0x03000000 // System clock /7
#define SYSCTL_RCC_SYSDIV_8 0x03800000 // System clock /8
#define SYSCTL_RCC_SYSDIV_9 0x04000000 // System clock /9
#define SYSCTL_RCC_SYSDIV_10 0x04800000 // System clock /10
#define SYSCTL_RCC_SYSDIV_11 0x05000000 // System clock /11
#define SYSCTL_RCC_SYSDIV_12 0x05800000 // System clock /12
#define SYSCTL_RCC_SYSDIV_13 0x06000000 // System clock /13
#define SYSCTL_RCC_SYSDIV_14 0x06800000 // System clock /14
#define SYSCTL_RCC_SYSDIV_15 0x07000000 // System clock /15
#define SYSCTL_RCC_SYSDIV_16 0x07800000 // System clock /16
#define SYSCTL_RCC_USE_SYSDIV 0x00400000 // Use sytem clock divider
#define SYSCTL_RCC_PWRDN 0x00002000 // PLL power down
#define SYSCTL_RCC_OE 0x00001000 // PLL output enable
#define SYSCTL_RCC_BYPASS 0x00000800 // PLL bypass
#define SYSCTL_RCC_PLLVER 0x00000400 // PLL verification timer enable
#define SYSCTL_RCC_XTAL_MASK 0x000003C0 // Crystal attached to main osc
#define SYSCTL_RCC_XTAL_3_57MHZ 0x00000100 // Using a 3.579545MHz crystal
#define SYSCTL_RCC_XTAL_3_68MHz 0x00000140 // Using a 3.6864MHz crystal
#define SYSCTL_RCC_XTAL_4MHz 0x00000180 // Using a 4MHz crystal
#define SYSCTL_RCC_XTAL_4_09MHZ 0x000001C0 // Using a 4.096MHz crystal
#define SYSCTL_RCC_XTAL_4_91MHZ 0x00000200 // Using a 4.9152MHz crystal
#define SYSCTL_RCC_XTAL_5MHZ 0x00000240 // Using a 5MHz crystal
#define SYSCTL_RCC_XTAL_5_12MHZ 0x00000280 // Using a 5.12MHz crystal
#define SYSCTL_RCC_XTAL_6MHZ 0x000002C0 // Using a 6MHz crystal
#define SYSCTL_RCC_XTAL_6_14MHZ 0x00000300 // Using a 6.144MHz crystal
#define SYSCTL_RCC_XTAL_7_37MHZ 0x00000340 // Using a 7.3728MHz crystal
#define SYSCTL_RCC_XTAL_8MHZ 0x00000380 // Using a 8MHz crystal
#define SYSCTL_RCC_XTAL_8_19MHZ 0x000003C0 // Using a 8.192MHz crystal
#define SYSCTL_RCC_OSCSRC_MASK 0x00000030 // Oscillator input select
#define SYSCTL_RCC_OSCSRC_MAIN 0x00000000 // Use the main oscillator
#define SYSCTL_RCC_OSCSRC_BOOT 0x00000010 // Use the boot oscillator
#define SYSCTL_RCC_OSCSRC_BOOT4 0x00000020 // Use the boot oscillator / 4
#define SYSCTL_RCC_BOSCVER 0x00000008 // Boot osc. verification timer en
#define SYSCTL_RCC_MOSCVER 0x00000004 // Main osc. verification timer en
#define SYSCTL_RCC_BOSCDIS 0x00000002 // Boot oscillator disable
#define SYSCTL_RCC_MOSCDIS 0x00000001 // Main oscillator disable
#define SYSCTL_RCC_SYSDIV_SHIFT 23 // Shift to the SYSDIV field
#define SYSCTL_RCC_XTAL_SHIFT 6 // Shift to the XTAL field
#define SYSCTL_RCC_OSCSRC_SHIFT 4 // Shift to the OSCSRC field
// The following define the bit fields in the SYSCTL_PLLCFG register.
#define SYSCTL_PLLCFG_OD_MASK 0x0000C000 // Output divider
#define SYSCTL_PLLCFG_OD_1 0x00000000 // Output divider is 1
#define SYSCTL_PLLCFG_OD_2 0x00004000 // Output divider is 2
#define SYSCTL_PLLCFG_OD_4 0x00008000 // Output divider is 4
#define SYSCTL_PLLCFG_F_MASK 0x00003FE0 // PLL multiplier
#define SYSCTL_PLLCFG_R_MASK 0x0000001F // Input predivider
// The following define the bit fields in the SYSCTL_CLKVCLR register.
#define SYSCTL_CLKVCLR_CLR 0x00000001 // Clear clock verification fault
// The following define the bit fields in the SYSCTL_LDOARST register.
#define SYSCTL_LDOARST_ARST 0x00000001 // Allow LDO to reset device
#endif // __HW_SYSCTL_H__