Description: This folder consists of selected components from the nRF5 SDK, that are used in process of building the OpenThread's nRF52840 platform.

nRF5 SDKs used:

  • nRF5 SDK 12.2.0: URL
  • nRF5 SDK 13.0.0: URL

Directory consists of following folders:

  • /cmsis - Core Peripheral Access Layer Headers files (nRF5 SDK 12.2.0)
  • /device - MDK for the nRF52840 chip (nRF5 SDK 12.2.0)
  • /drivers - Drivers for the nRF52840 that are used in the platform (custom files)
  • /hal - Hardware Access Layer for the nRF52840 chip (nRF5 SDK 12.2.0)
  • /segger_rtt - Library for the RTT communication (nRF5 SDK 12.2.0)
  • /softdevice - SoftDevice s140 headers (nRF5 SDK 13.0.0)