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# Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium OS Authors.
# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+
import re
# Separates a tag: at the beginning of the subject from the rest of it
re_subject_tag = re.compile('([^:\s]*):\s*(.*)')
class Commit:
"""Holds information about a single commit/patch in the series.
hash: Commit hash (as a string)
hash: Commit hash
subject: Subject line
tags: List of maintainer tag strings
changes: Dict containing a list of changes (single line strings).
The dict is indexed by change version (an integer)
cc_list: List of people to aliases/emails to cc on this commit
notes: List of lines in the commit (not series) notes
def __init__(self, hash):
self.hash = hash
self.subject = None
self.tags = []
self.changes = {}
self.cc_list = []
self.notes = []
def AddChange(self, version, info):
"""Add a new change line to the change list for a version.
version: Patch set version (integer: 1, 2, 3)
info: Description of change in this version
if not self.changes.get(version):
self.changes[version] = []
def CheckTags(self):
"""Create a list of subject tags in the commit
Subject tags look like this:
propounder: fort: Change the widget to propound correctly
Here the tags are propounder and fort. Multiple tags are supported.
The list is updated in self.tag.
None if ok, else the name of a tag with no email alias
str = self.subject
m = True
while m:
m = re_subject_tag.match(str)
if m:
tag =
str =
return None
def AddCc(self, cc_list):
"""Add a list of people to Cc when we send this patch.
cc_list: List of aliases or email addresses
self.cc_list += cc_list