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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium OS Authors.
# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+
"""See README for more information"""
from optparse import OptionParser
import os
import re
import sys
import unittest
# Our modules
import checkpatch
import command
import gitutil
import patchstream
import project
import settings
import terminal
import test
parser = OptionParser()
parser.add_option('-a', '--no-apply', action='store_false',
dest='apply_patches', default=True,
help="Don't test-apply patches with git am")
parser.add_option('-H', '--full-help', action='store_true', dest='full_help',
default=False, help='Display the README file')
parser.add_option('-c', '--count', dest='count', type='int',
default=-1, help='Automatically create patches from top n commits')
parser.add_option('-i', '--ignore-errors', action='store_true',
dest='ignore_errors', default=False,
help='Send patches email even if patch errors are found')
parser.add_option('-n', '--dry-run', action='store_true', dest='dry_run',
default=False, help="Do a dry run (create but don't email patches)")
parser.add_option('-p', '--project', default=project.DetectProject(),
help="Project name; affects default option values and "
"aliases [default: %default]")
parser.add_option('-r', '--in-reply-to', type='string', action='store',
help="Message ID that this series is in reply to")
parser.add_option('-s', '--start', dest='start', type='int',
default=0, help='Commit to start creating patches from (0 = HEAD)')
parser.add_option('-t', '--ignore-bad-tags', action='store_true',
default=False, help='Ignore bad tags / aliases')
parser.add_option('--test', action='store_true', dest='test',
default=False, help='run tests')
parser.add_option('-v', '--verbose', action='store_true', dest='verbose',
default=False, help='Verbose output of errors and warnings')
parser.add_option('--cc-cmd', dest='cc_cmd', type='string', action='store',
default=None, help='Output cc list for patch file (used by git)')
parser.add_option('--no-check', action='store_false', dest='check_patch',
help="Don't check for patch compliance")
parser.add_option('--no-tags', action='store_false', dest='process_tags',
default=True, help="Don't process subject tags as aliaes")
parser.usage = """patman [options]
Create patches from commits in a branch, check them and email them as
specified by tags you place in the commits. Use -n to do a dry run first."""
# Parse options twice: first to get the project and second to handle
# defaults properly (which depends on project).
(options, args) = parser.parse_args()
settings.Setup(parser, options.project, '')
(options, args) = parser.parse_args()
# Run our meagre tests
if options.test:
import doctest
sys.argv = [sys.argv[0]]
suite = unittest.TestLoader().loadTestsFromTestCase(test.TestPatch)
result = unittest.TestResult()
for module in ['gitutil', 'settings']:
suite = doctest.DocTestSuite(module)
# TODO: Surely we can just 'print' result?
print result
for test, err in result.errors:
print err
for test, err in result.failures:
print err
# Called from git with a patch filename as argument
# Printout a list of additional CC recipients for this patch
elif options.cc_cmd:
fd = open(options.cc_cmd, 'r')
re_line = re.compile('(\S*) (.*)')
for line in fd.readlines():
match = re_line.match(line)
if match and == args[0]:
for cc in', '):
cc = cc.strip()
if cc:
print cc
elif options.full_help:
pager = os.getenv('PAGER')
if not pager:
pager = 'more'
fname = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(sys.argv[0]), 'README')
command.Run(pager, fname)
# Process commits, produce patches files, check them, email them
if options.count == -1:
# Work out how many patches to send if we can
options.count = gitutil.CountCommitsToBranch() - options.start
col = terminal.Color()
if not options.count:
str = 'No commits found to process - please use -c flag'
print col.Color(col.RED, str)
# Read the metadata from the commits
if options.count:
series = patchstream.GetMetaData(options.start, options.count)
cover_fname, args = gitutil.CreatePatches(options.start, options.count,
# Fix up the patch files to our liking, and insert the cover letter
series = patchstream.FixPatches(series, args)
if series and cover_fname and series.get('cover'):
patchstream.InsertCoverLetter(cover_fname, series, options.count)
# Do a few checks on the series
# Check the patches, and run them through 'git am' just to be sure
if options.check_patch:
ok = checkpatch.CheckPatches(options.verbose, args)
ok = True
if options.apply_patches:
if not gitutil.ApplyPatches(options.verbose, args,
options.count + options.start):
ok = False
cc_file = series.MakeCcFile(options.process_tags, cover_fname,
not options.ignore_bad_tags)
# Email the patches out (giving the user time to check / cancel)
cmd = ''
if ok or options.ignore_errors:
cmd = gitutil.EmailPatches(series, cover_fname, args,
options.dry_run, not options.ignore_bad_tags, cc_file,
# For a dry run, just show our actions as a sanity check
if options.dry_run:
series.ShowActions(args, cmd, options.process_tags)