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#include "Config.h"
#include <stdio.h>
#include <assert.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
#include "Bootstrap.h"
#include "Str.h"
* Str.c unity tests
int main(void) {
Bootstrap(); // Need to initialize library
printf("============> Start Str Tests\n\n");
printf("=> Test1: copy\n");
char s3[STRLEN];
printf("\tResult: %s\n", Str_copy(s3, "The abc house", 7));
assert(Str_isEqual(s3, "The abc"));
printf("\tTesting for NULL argument\n");
assert(!Str_copy(NULL, NULL, 7));
printf("=> Test1: OK\n\n");
printf("=> Test2: dup\n");
char *s4= Str_dup("abc123");
printf("\tResult: %s\n", s4);
assert(Str_isEqual(s4, "abc123"));
printf("\tTesting for NULL argument\n");
printf("=> Test2: OK\n\n");
printf("=> Test3: ndup\n");
char *s5= Str_ndup("abc123", 3);
printf("\tResult: %s\n", s5);
assert(Str_isEqual(s5, "abc"));
printf("\tTesting for NULL argument\n");
assert(!Str_ndup(NULL, 3));
printf("=> Test3: OK\n\n");
printf("=> Test4: Str_cat & Str_vcat\n");
char *s6;
s6= Str_cat("%s://%s%s?%s", "https", "",
"/uri", "abc=123");
printf("\tResult: %s\n", s6);
assert(Str_isEqual(s6, ""));
printf("\tTesting for NULL arguments\n");
s6= Str_cat(NULL);
printf("=> Test4: OK\n\n");
printf("=> Test5: chomp\n");
char s3[]= "abc\r\n123";
printf("\tResult: %s\n", Str_chomp(s3));
assert(Str_isEqual(s3, "abc"));
printf("\tTesting for NULL argument\n");
printf("=> Test5: OK\n\n");
printf("=> Test6: trim\n");
char e[] = " ";
char o[] = " a ";
char s[] = " abcdef";
char s4[] = " \t abc \r\n\t ";
assert(Str_isEqual(Str_ltrim(s), "abcdef"));
printf("\tResult: %s\n", Str_trim(s4));
assert(Str_isEqual(s4, "abc"));
printf("\tTesting for NULL argument\n");
assert(Str_isEqual(Str_ltrim(e), ""));
memcpy(e, " ", sizeof(" ") - 1);
assert(Str_isEqual(Str_rtrim(e), ""));
memcpy(e, " ", sizeof(" ") - 1);
assert(Str_isEqual(Str_trim(e), ""));
assert(Str_isEqual(Str_ltrim(o), "a "));
memcpy(o, " a ", sizeof(" a ") - 1);
assert(Str_isEqual(Str_rtrim(o), " a"));
memcpy(o, " a ", sizeof(" a ") - 1);
assert(Str_isEqual(Str_trim(o), "a"));
assert(Str_isEqual(Str_trim(o), "a"));
printf("=> Test6: OK\n\n");
printf("=> Test7: trim quotes\n");
char s5[]= "\"'abc'\"";
char s5a[]= "\"'abc";
char s5b[]= "abc'\"";
char s5c[]= "'\"";
char s5d[]= " \t abc def '\" ";
printf("\tResult: %s\n", Str_unquote(s5));
assert(Str_isEqual(s5, "abc"));
printf("\tResult: %s\n", Str_unquote(s5a));
assert(Str_isEqual(s5, "abc"));
printf("\tResult: %s\n", Str_unquote(s5b));
assert(Str_isEqual(s5, "abc"));
printf("\tResult: %s\n", Str_unquote(s5b));
assert(Str_isEqual(s5, "abc"));
printf("\tTesting for NULL argument\n");
printf("\tTesting for quotes-only argument\n");
assert(Str_isEqual("", Str_unquote(s5c)));
printf("\tTesting for quotes and white-space removal\n");
assert(Str_isEqual("abc def", Str_unquote(s5d)));
printf("=> Test7: OK\n\n");
printf("=> Test8: toLowerCase\n");
char s6[]= "AbC";
printf("\tResult: %s\n", Str_toLower(s6));
assert(Str_isEqual(s6, "abc"));
printf("\tTesting for NULL argument\n");
printf("=> Test8: OK\n\n");
printf("=> Test9: toUpperCase\n");
char s7[]= "aBc";
printf("\tResult: %s\n", Str_toUpper(s7));
assert(Str_isEqual(s7, "ABC"));
printf("\tTesting for NULL argument\n");
printf("=> Test9: OK\n\n");
printf("=> Test10: parseInt, parseLLong, parseDouble\n");
char i[STRLEN]= " -2812 bla";
char ll[STRLEN]= " 2147483642 blabla";
char d[STRLEN]= " 2.718281828 this is e";
char de[STRLEN]= "1.495E+08 kilometer = An Astronomical Unit";
char ie[STRLEN]= " 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999";
printf("\tParsed int = %d\n", Str_parseInt(i));
printf("\tParsed long long = %lld\n", Str_parseLLong(ll));
printf("\tParsed double = %.9f\n", Str_parseDouble(d));
printf("\tParsed double exp = %.3e\n", Str_parseDouble(de));
printf("=> Test11: OK\n\n");
printf("=> Test10: OK\n\n");
printf("=> Test11: replace\n");
char s9[]= "abccba";
printf("\tResult: %s\n", Str_replaceChar(s9, 'b', 'X'));
assert(Str_isEqual(s9, "aXccXa"));
printf("\tTesting for NULL argument\n");
assert(!Str_replaceChar(NULL, 'b', 'X'));
printf("=> Test11: OK\n\n");
printf("=> Test12: startsWith\n");
char *a= "mysql://localhost:3306/zild?user=root&password=swordfish";
printf("\tResult: starts with mysql - %s\n",
Str_startsWith(a, "mysql")?"yes":"no");
assert(Str_startsWith(a, "mysql"));
assert(!Str_startsWith(a, "sqlite"));
assert(Str_startsWith("sqlite", "sqlite"));
printf("\tTesting for NULL and NUL argument\n");
assert(!Str_startsWith(a, NULL));
assert(!Str_startsWith(a, ""));
assert(!Str_startsWith(NULL, "mysql"));
assert(!Str_startsWith("", NULL));
assert(!Str_startsWith(NULL, NULL));
assert(Str_startsWith("", ""));
assert(!Str_startsWith("/", "/WEB-INF"));
printf("=> Test12: OK\n\n");
printf("=> Test13: endsWith\n");
char *a= "mysql://localhost:3306";
printf("\tResult: ends with 3306 - %s\n",
Str_endsWith(a, "3306")?"yes":"no");
assert(Str_endsWith(a, "3306"));
assert(!Str_endsWith(a, "sqlite"));
assert(Str_endsWith("sqlite", "sqlite"));
printf("\tTesting for NULL and NUL argument\n");
assert(!Str_endsWith(a, NULL));
assert(Str_endsWith(a, "")); // a ends with 0
assert(!Str_endsWith(NULL, "mysql"));
assert(!Str_endsWith("", NULL));
assert(!Str_endsWith(NULL, NULL));
assert(Str_endsWith("", ""));
assert(!Str_endsWith("abc", "defabc"));
printf("=> Test13: OK\n\n");
printf("=> Test14: isEqual\n");
char *a= "mysql://localhost:3306";
printf("\tResult: is equal - %s\n",
Str_isEqual(a, "mysql://localhost:3306")?"yes":"no");
assert(Str_isEqual("sqlite", "sqlite"));
printf("\tTesting for NULL and NUL argument\n");
assert(!Str_isEqual(a, NULL));
assert(!Str_isEqual(a, ""));
assert(!Str_isEqual(NULL, "mysql"));
assert(!Str_isEqual("", NULL));
assert(!Str_isEqual(NULL, NULL));
assert(Str_isEqual("", ""));
printf("=> Test14: OK\n\n");
printf("=> Test15: trail\n");
char s[]= "This string will be trailed someplace";
assert(Str_trunc(NULL, 100) == NULL);
assert(Str_isEqual(Str_trunc("", 0), ""));
assert(Str_isEqual(Str_trunc(s, (int)strlen(s)), "This string will be trailed someplace"));
printf("\tResult: %s\n", Str_trunc(s, 27));
assert(Str_isEqual(s, "This string will be trailed..."));
printf("\tResult: %s\n", Str_trunc(s, 0));
assert(Str_isEqual(s, "..."));
printf("=> Test15: OK\n\n");
printf("=> Test16: hash\n");
char *x= "a";
char *y= "b";
char *a= "abc";
char *b= "bca";
char *c= "this is a long string";
char *d= "this is a longer string";
printf("\tResult: %s -> %d\n", x, Str_hash(x));
printf("\tResult: %s -> %d\n", y, Str_hash(y));
assert(Str_hash(x) != Str_hash(y));
assert(Str_hash(x) == Str_hash(x));
assert(Str_hash(y) == Str_hash(y));
printf("\tResult: %s -> %d\n", a, Str_hash(a));
printf("\tResult: %s -> %d\n", b, Str_hash(b));
assert(Str_hash(a) != Str_hash(b));
assert(Str_hash(a) == Str_hash(a));
assert(Str_hash(b) == Str_hash(b));
printf("\tResult: %s -> %d\n", c, Str_hash(c));
printf("\tResult: %s -> %d\n", d, Str_hash(d));
assert(Str_hash(c) != Str_hash(d));
assert(Str_hash(c) == Str_hash(c));
assert(Str_hash(d) == Str_hash(d));
printf("=> Test16: OK\n\n");
printf("=> Test17: regular expression match\n");
char *phone_pattern= "^[-0-9+( )]{7,40}$";
char *email_pattern= "^[^@ ]+@([-a-zA-Z0-9]+\\.)+[a-zA-Z]{2,}$";
char *valid_phone1= "+4797141255";
char *valid_phone2= "(47)-97-14-12-55";
char *invalid_phone1= "141255";
char *invalid_phone2= "(47)971412551234567890123456789012345678901234567890";
char *invalid_phone3= "";
char *invalid_phone4= "abc123";
char *valid_email1= "";
char *valid_email2= "";
char *invalid_email1= "";
char *invalid_email2= "";
char *invalid_email3= "hauk@tildeslashcom";
char *invalid_email4= "hauk@æøå";
printf("\tResult: match(%s, %s)\n",
phone_pattern, valid_phone1);
assert(Str_match(phone_pattern, valid_phone1));
printf("\tResult: match(%s, %s)\n",
phone_pattern, valid_phone2);
assert(Str_match(phone_pattern, valid_phone2));
printf("\tResult: match(%s, %s)\n",
phone_pattern, invalid_phone1);
assert(! Str_match(phone_pattern, invalid_phone1));
printf("\tResult: match(%s, %s)\n",
phone_pattern, invalid_phone2);
assert(! Str_match(phone_pattern, invalid_phone2));
printf("\tResult: match(%s, %s)\n",
phone_pattern, invalid_phone3);
assert(! Str_match(phone_pattern, invalid_phone3));
printf("\tResult: match(%s, %s)\n",
phone_pattern, invalid_phone4);
assert(! Str_match(phone_pattern, invalid_phone4));
printf("\tResult: match(%s, %s)\n",
email_pattern, valid_email1);
assert(Str_match(email_pattern, valid_email1));
printf("\tResult: match(%s, %s)\n",
email_pattern, valid_email2);
assert(Str_match(email_pattern, valid_email2));
printf("\tResult: match(%s, %s)\n",
email_pattern, invalid_email1);
assert(! Str_match(email_pattern, invalid_email1));
printf("\tResult: match(%s, %s)\n",
email_pattern, invalid_email2);
assert(! Str_match(email_pattern, invalid_email2));
printf("\tResult: match(%s, %s)\n",
email_pattern, invalid_email3);
assert(! Str_match(email_pattern, invalid_email3));
printf("\tResult: match(%s, %s)\n",
email_pattern, invalid_email4);
assert(! Str_match(email_pattern, invalid_email4));
printf("=> Test17: OK\n\n");
printf("=> Test18: lim\n");
char *zero = "";
char *one = "1";
char *ten = "1234567890";
assert(Str_lim(zero, 0));
assert(!Str_lim(zero, 1));
assert(Str_lim(one, 0));
assert(Str_lim(one, 1));
assert(!Str_lim(one, 2));
assert(Str_lim(ten, 0));
assert(Str_lim(ten, 5));
assert(Str_lim(ten, 9));
assert(Str_lim(ten, 10));
assert(! Str_lim(ten, 11));
assert(! Str_lim(ten, 100));
printf("=> Test18: OK\n\n");
printf("=> Test19: substring\n");
assert(Str_sub("foo bar baz", "bar"));
assert(! Str_sub("foo bar baz", "barx"));
assert(Str_isEqual(Str_sub("foo bar baz", "baz"), "baz"));
assert(Str_sub("foo bar baz", "foo bar baz"));
assert(Str_sub("a", "a"));
assert(! Str_sub("a", "b"));
assert(! Str_sub("", ""));
assert(! Str_sub("foo", ""));
assert(! Str_sub("abc", "abcdef"));
assert(! Str_sub("foo", "foo bar"));
assert(Str_isEqual(Str_sub("foo foo bar", "foo bar"), "foo bar"));
assert(Str_sub("foo foo bar foo bar baz fuu", "foo bar baz"));
assert(Str_isEqual(Str_sub("abcd abcc", "abcc"), "abcc"));
printf("=> Test19: OK\n\n");
printf("=> Test20: Str_join\n");
char *p = NULL;
char dest[10+1] = "xxxxxxxxx";
char a[] = "abc";
char *b = "def";
char *c = "xxx123";
assert(Str_isEqual(Str_join(dest, 10, a, b, "ghi"), "abcdefghi"));
assert(Str_isEqual(Str_join(dest, 10, p), ""));
assert(Str_isEqual(Str_join(dest, 10), ""));
assert(Str_isEqual(Str_join(dest, 10, "012", "3456789", "0123456789"), "0123456789"));
assert(Str_isEqual(Str_join(dest, 4, "a", "b", "cd", "ghi", "jklmnopq"), "abcd"));
assert(Str_isEqual(Str_join(dest, 10, a, c + 3), "abc123"));
Str_join(dest, 0);
printf("=> Test20: OK\n\n");
printf("=> Test21: Str_has\n");
char *foo = "'bar' (baz)";
assert(Str_has("(')", foo));
assert(! Str_has(",;", foo));
printf("=> Test21: OK\n\n");
printf("=> Test22: Str_curtail\n");
char s[]= "<text>Hello World</text>";
assert(Str_isByteEqual(Str_curtail(s, "</text>"), "<text>Hello World"));
assert(Str_isByteEqual(Str_curtail(s, ">"), "<text"));
assert(Str_isByteEqual(Str_curtail(s, "@"), "<text"));
printf("=> Test22: OK\n\n");
printf("=> Test23: Str_ton\n");
char str[43];
long l1 = 42, l2 = 0, l3 = -42, l4 = LONG_MAX, l5 = LONG_MIN;
assert(Str_isByteEqual("42", Str_ton(42, (char[43]){0})));
assert(Str_isByteEqual("42", Str_ton(l1, str)));
assert(Str_isByteEqual("0", Str_ton(l2, str)));
assert(Str_isByteEqual("-42", Str_ton(l3, str)));
assert(l4 == Str_parseLLong(Str_ton(l4, str)));
assert(l5 == Str_parseLLong(Str_ton(l5, str)));
printf("=> Test23: OK\n\n");
printf("============> Str Tests: OK\n\n");
return 0;