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* IKEv2 initiator (RFC 4306) for EAP-IKEV2
* Copyright (c) 2007, Jouni Malinen <>
* This software may be distributed under the terms of the BSD license.
* See README for more details.
#ifndef IKEV2_H
#define IKEV2_H
#include "eap_common/ikev2_common.h"
struct ikev2_proposal_data {
u8 proposal_num;
int integ;
int prf;
int encr;
int dh;
struct ikev2_initiator_data {
enum { SA_INIT, SA_AUTH, CHILD_SA, IKEV2_DONE } state;
u8 i_spi[IKEV2_SPI_LEN];
u8 r_spi[IKEV2_SPI_LEN];
u8 i_nonce[IKEV2_NONCE_MAX_LEN];
size_t i_nonce_len;
u8 r_nonce[IKEV2_NONCE_MAX_LEN];
size_t r_nonce_len;
struct wpabuf *r_dh_public;
struct wpabuf *i_dh_private;
struct ikev2_proposal_data proposal;
const struct dh_group *dh;
struct ikev2_keys keys;
u8 *IDi;
size_t IDi_len;
u8 *IDr;
size_t IDr_len;
u8 IDr_type;
struct wpabuf *r_sign_msg;
struct wpabuf *i_sign_msg;
u8 *shared_secret;
size_t shared_secret_len;
enum { PEER_AUTH_CERT, PEER_AUTH_SECRET } peer_auth;
u8 *key_pad;
size_t key_pad_len;
const u8 * (*get_shared_secret)(void *ctx, const u8 *IDr,
size_t IDr_len, size_t *secret_len);
void *cb_ctx;
int unknown_user;
void ikev2_initiator_deinit(struct ikev2_initiator_data *data);
int ikev2_initiator_process(struct ikev2_initiator_data *data,
const struct wpabuf *buf);
struct wpabuf * ikev2_initiator_build(struct ikev2_initiator_data *data);
#endif /* IKEV2_H */