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* hostapd / EAP Full Authenticator state machine (RFC 4137)
* Copyright (c) 2004-2007, Jouni Malinen <>
* This software may be distributed under the terms of the BSD license.
* See README for more details.
#ifndef EAP_H
#define EAP_H
#include "common/defs.h"
#include "eap_common/eap_defs.h"
#include "eap_server/eap_methods.h"
#include "wpabuf.h"
struct eap_sm;
struct eap_user {
struct {
int vendor;
u32 method;
} methods[EAP_MAX_METHODS];
u8 *password;
size_t password_len;
int password_hash; /* whether password is hashed with
* nt_password_hash() */
int phase2;
int force_version;
int ttls_auth; /* bitfield of
struct eap_eapol_interface {
/* Lower layer to full authenticator variables */
Boolean eapResp; /* shared with EAPOL Backend Authentication */
struct wpabuf *eapRespData;
Boolean portEnabled;
int retransWhile;
Boolean eapRestart; /* shared with EAPOL Authenticator PAE */
int eapSRTT;
int eapRTTVAR;
/* Full authenticator to lower layer variables */
Boolean eapReq; /* shared with EAPOL Backend Authentication */
Boolean eapNoReq; /* shared with EAPOL Backend Authentication */
Boolean eapSuccess;
Boolean eapFail;
Boolean eapTimeout;
struct wpabuf *eapReqData;
u8 *eapKeyData;
size_t eapKeyDataLen;
Boolean eapKeyAvailable; /* called keyAvailable in IEEE 802.1X-2004 */
/* AAA interface to full authenticator variables */
Boolean aaaEapReq;
Boolean aaaEapNoReq;
Boolean aaaSuccess;
Boolean aaaFail;
struct wpabuf *aaaEapReqData;
u8 *aaaEapKeyData;
size_t aaaEapKeyDataLen;
Boolean aaaEapKeyAvailable;
int aaaMethodTimeout;
/* Full authenticator to AAA interface variables */
Boolean aaaEapResp;
struct wpabuf *aaaEapRespData;
/* aaaIdentity -> eap_get_identity() */
Boolean aaaTimeout;
struct eapol_callbacks {
int (*get_eap_user)(void *ctx, const u8 *identity, size_t identity_len,
int phase2, struct eap_user *user);
const char * (*get_eap_req_id_text)(void *ctx, size_t *len);
struct eap_config {
void *ssl_ctx;
void *msg_ctx;
void *eap_sim_db_priv;
Boolean backend_auth;
int eap_server;
u16 pwd_group;
u8 *pac_opaque_encr_key;
u8 *eap_fast_a_id;
size_t eap_fast_a_id_len;
char *eap_fast_a_id_info;
int eap_fast_prov;
int pac_key_lifetime;
int pac_key_refresh_time;
int eap_sim_aka_result_ind;
int tnc;
struct wps_context *wps;
const struct wpabuf *assoc_wps_ie;
const struct wpabuf *assoc_p2p_ie;
const u8 *peer_addr;
int fragment_size;
int pbc_in_m1;
struct eap_sm * eap_server_sm_init(void *eapol_ctx,
struct eapol_callbacks *eapol_cb,
struct eap_config *eap_conf);
void eap_server_sm_deinit(struct eap_sm *sm);
int eap_server_sm_step(struct eap_sm *sm);
void eap_sm_notify_cached(struct eap_sm *sm);
void eap_sm_pending_cb(struct eap_sm *sm);
int eap_sm_method_pending(struct eap_sm *sm);
const u8 * eap_get_identity(struct eap_sm *sm, size_t *len);
struct eap_eapol_interface * eap_get_interface(struct eap_sm *sm);
void eap_server_clear_identity(struct eap_sm *sm);
#endif /* EAP_H */